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  1. Hey all, I'm just starting to look for a resale HDB flat for my own stay. I'm single now so its just me staying there. Don't think that's going to change for a while. 😁 Now having a bit of a dilenma. Not sure if I should look for 3rm or 4rm flats. I find 3 rm flats tend to be a tad small. and 4 rm flats tend to be a tad too big. (3 rm flats usually around 700sqft. and 4 rm flats usually around 1000sqft) Budget wise, both are manageable. So not an issue here. Here's roughly my plan for the new flat. - Have an open concept kitchen (I cook often so I need a spacious kitchen or at least well equipped) and probably an island maybe... - Expand living room space (I like a spacious living room) - Expand Master bedroom (in the case of a 4 rm flat, can hack one more room to combine with master bed room. This isn't really necessary but good to have) - No need for dining table except maybe a light one that can be set up and stashed away when friends and family come by. - might adopt a cat or dog some time down the road but thats still quite far away. I can probably do all the above with a 3 rm flat. but it would probably be just enough to do so with no extra space left. if I do the above with a 4 rm flat, there would be too much space left over. Means a lot more cleaning and tidying. Wanted to ask those who already bought their flats or staying in one. Especially those staying alone. What was your thought process in picking your flat sizing? Or am I just overthinking this?