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  1. I think stop. Reno is not classified as essential. Even construction site also stop.
  2. the rack can only go up and down. not useful for me so I have removed too.
  3. Love your unblock view, sea view and wind at the kitchen area! Really, can consider my suggestion on curtain to replace door. Can't wait to see your house after reno!
  4. ah boi guai lor! kitchen - should do more drawers then casement door. drawers are convenient but may cost more. can alternate wood white wood white for doors, not necessary have to do upper all white bottom all wood. Bedroom - again, drawers are useful if you have folded clothing.
  5. ah boi ah, my 2 cents of thoughts: dun need to choose too many different shades for carpentry laminates. our house is not that big anyway so even if you choose same laminates for kitchen and bathroom and living room and bedroom you will look consistent but not boring cos you are doing wood + white which is 2 colour already. If given another chance I would choose same laminates for my kitchen too although it is not obvious for me.
  6. Yes, the sample layout is important as it gives you an idea the positioning. Yes the screws are long and partially screwed into the ceiling. I removed my rack and contractor had to cut away the protruding part of the screw and then patch up to smoothen the ceiling surface. I just heard one 2 roomer selling his rack at $100+.
  7. OMG! so sad to see you had a bad contractor. Still Nick or new one that you engaged? Luckily you had so many good sub con helping you. Hope you can enjoy your peaceful home now.
  8. Ikea can customise to your height and length requirement leh, bring your floor plan and consult their ID. Just remember to choose good quality wood, do not use particle wood.
  9. very tight budget. there are contractors who loiter at the void deck for new bto and they are willing to do small project such as just kitchen cabinets and sink. 4 years ago i was quoted 3k for just doing the kitchen cabinet for a rough guide. 1. Painting - u can do it yourself or get a few friends to help out, just buy paint and brushes so this can limit to say $300? 2. Kitchen cabinet + sink - $3k? 3. Curtain - simple diy one you can refer to Ryan's thread. Instant heater < $200 but you may need to pay for installation, aircon if 2 units - $2k 4. HDB one also not that bad lah, I am using HDB one.
  10. I didnt lor, so wardrobe is 90 degree on the other wall, so downgrade to super single bed lor. Aiya, when u see it u will know. u want to seal 1 of the door?
  11. also the position of the bathroom door. for me, my bathroom door is in the middle of the wall so I cannot put wardrobe against the wall.