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  1. alamak! my typo! >_< I meant to ask since mattress is super single, then why not do super single size?.
  2. then why now do super single size? then u got more walking space though storage space lesser lol! understand perfectly, everyone of us been thru that stage. jiayou! soon u can have your own home le!
  3. platform bed! how much does that cost? super single?
  4. wow! Bunniboiboi happy to see you back again! how is your meetings with ID?
  5. smaller wardrobe --> no space --> buy lesser --> save money LOL! actually 5ft enough lah, mine also 5ft.
  6. u hack that wall ah? so what is the decision?
  7. Congrats! Do share more on your reno journey ya. I didnt buy any fixtures there. Only bought cushions household items carpet bean bag sofa etc. Need to consider shipping lead time. cos if u buy now high chance u get it like after 3 weeks or later.
  8. lol, cos think if got visitors, not very nice so still fall back to the conventional type lor... if given a chance I will do the switch. cos not really that many visitors, other than the initial house warming. So ownself comfort more important.
  9. then i guess no choice to put wardrobe at the other side of the wall in the living room. Actually I have thought of swapping the living room and bedroom b4... then i can get my queen size bed and big wardrobe and can convert the bedroom to a big walk in wardrobe. luxurious leh! lol!
  10. this view worth the $10k you paid for! it is so squeezy cos they put it the other way! but then they block the access?? Actually I really think very doable leh, my idea. you go measure measure.
  11. I guess it must be high floor with good view! lol! sealing door cost $$ & hacking too! your bedroom is slightly longer horizontally. I presume you want a queen size bed. what about putting the wardrobe at the right upper corner of your bedroom? and your bed headboard against the wall of the bathroom? ie. lying on bed will be looking out of the window. but then the door will be opening to the bed, not so good for fengshui i think. You plan to hack away that wall? any door? if no door, and putting a wardrobe is possible at that corner, you can extend it with a display cabinet / storage cabinet / book shelf on the side of the wardrobe extend until the living room wall so it looks like a L-shape cabinet, if you get what i mean... I always like the idea of having a lounge corner near the window. 1 seater lounge chair sounds good! or a bean bag sofa. nice layout of the bathroom, I presume that corner is for shower. can, replace the [dot] with . u can open liao
  12. hmm... interesting. ok, then you can do whatever you want.
  13. congrats! segar 2 room MOP over liao ah, later go and check their price. Mind to share how much you bought your unit? roll pineapple from what i understand, is when you first open door. there are quite a few website that shares about the ritual and iirc my page 1 also have link to that. main gate I am not sure cos I remember HDB has requirement to maintain same external look during the MOP period. You may want to revisit the T&C or check HDB website. Toilet no problem. bigger tiles got lesser grout and easier to clean. yup yup, no need for a TV too but will get a smart TV for bigger display when really moved in. btw, your bathroom door is it open to living room or you seal the one leading to the bedroom? can share pic of the bathroom? cos i think many members had / having headache with the bathroom.
  14. Nice! Simple layout makes the room looks spacious. 1. No TV, me too. 2. where is your wardrobe?
  15. congrats! so fast this Sat! show pics! white on white? everything white white? I would love white + 1 soothing colour