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  1. didnt measure but should be about 4 cm bah. mine got no kerb at the door cos is slope down
  2. this is at west edge? just went there to view a member's unit yesterday. if you install u-shaped curtain then how to do kerb? u-shaped kerb too? with curtain, although water will flow to other parts outside curtain, but you can just mop it dry after shower. not advisable for u-shaped kerb. aluminium kitchen cabinet... no idea. my parents house only have aluminium cabinet doors for the kitchen, on the sink and stove portion. still using these sliding doors after almost 30 years.
  3. no no no, will never remove the metal gate. I just want a simple design metal gate so that it is easier to clean...
  4. I notice the way you hang your clothes, with the hanger's opening facing out, which is the total opposite of what I have been doing. Isn't it easier to hang it the opposite way? I like that once shelter door open will block the way for privacy, for better ventilation in the shelter too. We share the same metal gate design... which I find it troublesome to clean... >_< btw, your kitchen is bigger than mine...
  5. u can buy the tiles used by the BTO from the BSC. Of cos you can buy your own tiles too. If you did not choose flooring, it should be a slope. I level up mine with tiles so no more slope. deliver furniture and electrical appliances after your reno completed.
  6. I lay tiles in between main door and gate worrying that the washing will have water seep inside the vinyl. but i do not observed that water got splash onto my tiles. but then maybe because my tiles are higher than the door gap instead of the previous slope.
  7. Hello another 2 roomer! Glad you had a smooth reno process and happy end result!
  8. Mine was 7 / 7.5kg. normal bath towel. I wash my super single bedsheet + quilt cover + pillow cases ok. My bill not accurate cos I dun stay there. every month $20+
  9. Samsung. More than 2 yrs liao. Just washed bath towel and few others. No issue this time. So i guess bath towel + regular load is over the capacity thats why couldnt spin dry.
  10. bought the smallest capacity of 7kg and regretted it. not sure if it is due to the small capacity or specifically this machine, it always got problem whenever i wash clothes + bath towel at the spin dry part. i gotta remove my towel so that it can continue to spin dry while i do a separate spin dry just for the towel. if just clothes without bath towel, no such problem. strangely no issue when I wash my bedsheets or curtains. prefer sun dried clothes so no dryer. my living room got lots of morning sun.
  11. no tv, but there are members getting 55" and they love it but i personally felt it is too big. If u r considering the distance between sofa vs size of tv, you google tv distance guide should give u the answer. my fridge is 321L iirc and I felt it is too big, cos i m not a heavy cooking person.
  12. You can use the shower room in the swimming pools or sports hall. this is to conceal the big piping. You can remove it if you want.
  13. if BSC is still around, get them to rectify.
  14. I have a not exactly full length but long mirror on the inside of my wardrobe door, kind of old fashion. Full length mirror can be quite heavy if it is really full length. Cant remember is it greenbunny or who, who had full length mirror installed on the db box door. full length mirror installed at the right position will make your room looks bigger. but then any dirt or thumbprint will be obvious so u need to wipe often. More of at night wake up dark dark and sleepy head suddenly saw reflection in the mirror will give u quite a scare...