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  1. congrats! so fast this Sat! show pics! white on white? everything white white? I would love white + 1 soothing colour
  2. congrats! Do share your reno journey with us! cheers!
  3. btw, this is complimentary.
  4. Sorry, didnt went over to my place last week. here you go. u r welcome
  5. just realised i didnt take any pic of my db box. next week ya.
  6. my top part remains, just lower part contractor put in a few shelves for storage. @coolbunny converted hers into shoe rack, width just nice for ladies shoes.
  7. where is the showerhead location? what ankle and greenbunny did were to exchange the location of shower and basin but that depends on the exact location of the piping and floor trap. alternative and easier way, if your shower head location is not right in the middle, is to have a divider right in the middle to split wet and dry with either WC or basin inside the wet area, like what i did to mine.
  8. the hole is very small. dont think they put tiles inside cos really small. now that you have mention, i think is time to use toothbrush to clean it... :x what my contractor did was to create a squarish hole and provide 2 small pieces of tiles that can be used to cover the 2 holes. and inside, they create some cement blockage so that the pathway inside the hole is not a straight one. according to the contractor, this is to prevent water from the wet area to flow too easily to the dry area. yes you need. cos HDB didnt use paint to paint but they use 灰水 only. if you can read chinese. recommend to select those anti mold type of paint. pls show floorplan. or you can read back to refer to ankle, greenbunny and a few member's posts and replies on that.
  9. I would choose the first one: 1. Living room - bigger space, 2nd design you will have the area beside household shelter under utilised. 2. Bedroom - 3450 will allow you to put wardrobe + bedside table + queen size bed 3. Bathroom - allow you to separate wet and dry area although door opens to living room / dining area 4. Kitchen - more counter top space if you do 2 rows of cabinets The 2nd design, I like the household shelter door open towards the kitchen but then the first design still win. Having said all, it all depends on your lifestyle and preference. Taking into consideration which part of the house where you spent the most time in and your hobby, you have to choose the one that suits you most. Oh, and not to forget the amenities and travel convenience of each location and the East / West facing of the units.
  10. didnt measure but should be about 4 cm bah. mine got no kerb at the door cos is slope down
  11. this is at west edge? just went there to view a member's unit yesterday. if you install u-shaped curtain then how to do kerb? u-shaped kerb too? with curtain, although water will flow to other parts outside curtain, but you can just mop it dry after shower. not advisable for u-shaped kerb. aluminium kitchen cabinet... no idea. my parents house only have aluminium cabinet doors for the kitchen, on the sink and stove portion. still using these sliding doors after almost 30 years.
  12. no no no, will never remove the metal gate. I just want a simple design metal gate so that it is easier to clean...
  13. I notice the way you hang your clothes, with the hanger's opening facing out, which is the total opposite of what I have been doing. Isn't it easier to hang it the opposite way? I like that once shelter door open will block the way for privacy, for better ventilation in the shelter too. We share the same metal gate design... which I find it troublesome to clean... >_< btw, your kitchen is bigger than mine...
  14. u can buy the tiles used by the BTO from the BSC. Of cos you can buy your own tiles too. If you did not choose flooring, it should be a slope. I level up mine with tiles so no more slope. deliver furniture and electrical appliances after your reno completed.