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  1. what i did was bought a metal pole, cut to size at the hardware shop and a pair of V-bracket, get my contractor to drill and install for me to hang my laundry.
  2. Nice! Does the water splash alot? Cos tap height seems abit high.
  3. recently went to a friend's newly renovated house and saw this magicseal which is a net that is installed at the window to prevent insects from entering. it is basically strong magnet on the side of the window pane. quite good i would say.
  4. the siren would be loud enough to be heard even if you close your bedroom door. I did a check at etiqa website and it does not cost that much. if you ask me, i would not recommend installing additional partition in the living room. the living room is already very small to begin with. messy - this is up to you to design storage cabinets and keep it tidy and proper privacy - you are staying alone so what privacy? you need to think through the items you have and where to keep them / hide them away from guests.
  5. there are some fire which can only put out by chemical fire extinguisher, eg. electric short kind. if you pour water, it will get worst. it is still better to use the chemical fire extinguisher to put out the fire before it spread, right? home insurance with content and reno is not that expensive. unless you buy very high coverage. more likely is $100+ per year. If your neighbour unit got fire and you are affected, his insurance should compensate for your lost. smoke detector gives out siren to alert people. so it will alert who ever is nearby. i dont mean to be directly above the stove. so it can be install near to the kitchen door? I dont do heavy cooking so no idea that heavy cooking can cause so much smoke that will activate the smoke detector.
  6. if u have gas stove, i guess a more common location to install the smoke detector will be in the kitchen? or if u have electronic mobility device, to install one near its charging station? lol :x
  7. Your contractor is going to use the toilet. No choice.
  8. think HLE not required during the appt but no harm to call HDB and check it out.