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  1. I don't think you can hack that but I think you can hack the wall in between the 2 bedrooms. But it is strange to leave that "pole" there if you hack the wall. So best to confirm with HDB / ID. Good that HDB improved on their layout planning.
  2. Hello everyone! Just gotten back my forgotten password so come in to day hi Sorry to have missed the earlier questions and pm. Those were > 1 year ago so I guess answers are not required anymore. Do ask if you still need.
  3. I think this is a better idea. Aircon trunking hiding behind carpentry is a no no for me. yup, bought a resale, reno~ing
  4. hello cranberries. Yes, I was searching around for 2 room bto design and pictures but couldnt found much, back then. hence stated this thread to seek more advice. I am lucky. Get to know a few 2 roomers whom we still keep close contact and visited each other's unit, before and after reno. lol. not sure why the b4. probably because when I collected keys in Oct 2015, there were very little 2 room bto around and the others are all very keen to view the unit, even if it was pre-reno and bare. and hence set the trend to visit each other's b4 and after reno, to give suggestions and feedback. Not to worry, this thread will still be around and any questions will be answered by the now big group of 2 roomers, until the day renotalk close shop :x
  5. About 6.5 years after I started this thread, exactly 6 years 4 days after I had collected my keys to my first house, I am handing out the same set of keys to its new owner. Hope the new owner will take good care of the house. I will definitely miss this unit, which I had spent hours and hours to research and decided how I wanted the unit to be. Time to say good bye. 😢
  6. Look at your own life style and do what you think most fit. You are living there, not your friends.
  7. HH shelter = 1700 I think it is safe to assume 20cm on the bold HH shelter wall. so you left with about 1500. It should fit a 1400 length dining table. You need to look at your own life style. Some think sofa important so forego dining table. While some think that dining table is important while sofa can be forego. And how frequent you host guests? So up to you to plan. Oh ya, my dining table is 120 cm x 70 cm. I have storage cabinets in the living room but then my layout is different so cannot compare. Choose what you think is more important and forgo the not so important. Just like I dont have TV console as I dont watch TV.
  8. hello Ryan, when u 1st bought the aircon, did you request for a stronger compressor? If not, why does it comes with a system 5 compressor? I have never heard of this happening before and I always thought the system what compressor always comes with the same number of blower unit. On the piping, cant the technician remove the cover and replace the piping? As I understand, the trunking always comes with a base and a cover. so the technician can remove the cover to check if there is any leaking on the piping. I read before somewhere that your should set your aircon to blow high and that will cool the room faster.
  9. delay means you got more time to research and more money for reno fridge - raised platform not necessary for me. If you are the type to use water to wash and scrub kitchen, then maybe good to have raised platform. wardrobe in HH - I am not sure and will not do so. to reduce mold or moisture, you can use hippo / charcoal or put a dehumidifier.
  10. I think you can overlay tiles on vinyl. only issue is when you do that, you have a height gap between living room and kitchen, unless you also overlay your kitchen and bathroom. Vinyl is not that difficult to clean. But then I dont use robot so no idea on how easy it is. There is pre-built gas pipe in your kitchen, if you dont need it, it will just stay there. It is bright yellow. I dont see any issue with overlaying tiles over existing bathroom tiles. You can get a main contractor who can liaise with various contractor for you. other contractor means plumber, electrician, painter, carpenter and etc. I think 15k should be able to cover those you mentioned, depends the cost of tiles you select. Cant comment on wall hung toilet. barn door - dont think it will be good for sound insulation. glass door yes, but cleaning and risk or breaking higher. what about PD door with glass in the middle? You can ask around your friends and colleagues for referral. Or if you see some tblog who the threadstarter highly recommend their contractor, you can PM them and ask for contacts. But some contractor will want to see the physical unit to provide quote. no worries, ask whatever you have. that will be andotang.
  11. personally, I dont like mesh cos difficult to clean, much easier to wipe a flat surface right? During key collection, you will be given a defect form and you are supposed to fill up any defect and submit to the BCA at your estate within 7 days. But they will still help if you spot more issues later. BCA will be at the estate for the 1st year. Most importantly, the defects must be submitted and rectified before renovation. If not BCA may not rectify it cos the defect may be created during reno.
  12. I do nothing, Didn't even pick a day. LOL! but that is just me. you got the new layout with additional room! Since you are not using that room as a room, do you want to consider hacking the wall and make your bedroom bigger and more spacious? In the kitchen, in between the island and window, suggest you extend cabinet or low shelve there cos it is useful to have counter top space, make sure there is electricity supply too. Personally, I don't like the bed headboard right beside the window. I would arrange the bed in the other direction. head of the left and foot on the right. Also troublesome to open close windows. my 2 cents.