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  1. Wow I don't keep such detailed accounting of my spending, unfortunately. The flat itself is about 112k and the reno is about 14k. The furniture and other accessories I estimate to be about 15k. It's really hard to go a full cost analysis on what I spent since there are many small items and trips to IKEA, but that's a rough estimate
  2. Well also need to bear in mind that I did not engage an ID who will definitely jack up the price for their services. I did all the planning myself and just got the contractor to execute. Plus yes my carpentry is minimal and my I have not included the furniture, etc.
  3. Hi dandan, thanks for the kind words. Actually what I have already discussed are most of my major DIY works around the home. You can always start small with simpler projects and work your way up. Like a plant stand or something
  4. Hi dounts, yes there is an initial cost to get all the hardware tools, work bench and accessories associated with doing DIY. I cannot put a dollar value on the exact amount of money saved but what i found most useful was the ability to customize furniture to the exact specifications of the various nook and crannies around my flat. And yes it does take quite a lot of time, especially since I was such a novice when I started out. Sourcing for materials can be a pain too, so I used quite a few ready made IKEA furniture and just modded them. The DIY culture is definitely a lot more lively in other countries, where they have space to have a mini workshop in their garage or something. So definitely depends on your interest, I have modded some furniture to fit exactly my flat that are not available anywhere
  5. My woodworking experience is close to zero besides what I learnt in secondary school. I learnt most of what I know from YouTube All I got were some basic tools like a jigsaw, orbital sander and a power drill. Honestly most of my DIY stuff are simple mods and customizations to fit certain spaces in the flat. Like my kitchen pantry is basically an IKEA hack of the IVAR system. I combined the shallower 30cm IVAR shelves with the deeper 50cm shelves to make the pantry. I then painted the frame black and recolored the shelves with a waterproof almond varnish. 50cm is a little too deep for the upper shelves as you cannot reach deep inside, and I find 30cm is a too shallow and unstable. My customized pantry will also allow it to follow the shape of the kitchen windows as you can see. The arcade table is also customized, so that I can store the foldable dining table underneath. I have since also made a little planter ledge by the window frame for some greens Easy project, just have to cut a plank of pine and lay across the top of the kitchen counter and the pantry. It's also treated with the waterproof almond matte varnish since it's likely to get wet around there. A small fence along the length to finish the project. Another mod of the IKEA Elvarli system in the bomb shelter. Actually ryanyth, I wanted to get the vendor for your wardrobe setup - Smart Home I belive it was. But they response and communication is quite atrocious, to the point that I gave up and just found my own solution. I like the Elvarli system as you can adjust the shelves as needed. I found a way to install the corner shelves too, as the original Elvarli does not have the option for corner shelves (you can see from the photo). The left part of the system (the tools section) is customized with a length that fit that side of the room. The shelves are Ivar shelves cut to size. The right side where my clothes are are original Elvarli. The Elvarli bamboo shelves are expensive ($40 a shelf!), so I save quite a bit of money by using the pine shelves on the left side also. Some simple DIY allows you to accomplish little projects around the house without calling in the handyman. You also understand your home a little bit more, and most importantly it can be fun!
  6. Thanks aldo! Actually it was his blog that has helped me quite a bit because it really detailed the entire process. Yes I had a hard time finding references and inspiration for 2 room flats and it has been quite a learning experience along the way. I was already halfway through the reno when I thought of doing a blog myself to help other 2 roomers in my situation, so I just waited till everything is done to better organize my posts. One big advantage of a singles flat is that you don't have to argue with anyone about renovation, and so you have a free hand to fulfill your vision
  7. Wow thanks Ryan! I’m new to this blogging thing so am still trying to figure everything out. My thoughts still not very organized haha.
  8. My flight sim console is the centerpiece of my gaming space 😆 The components are made up of bits and bobs I have collected over the years. The table space is pretty much taken up as you can see, so I have installed the mouse and game pad platform from Obutto to play regular first person shooters or strategy games. And yes the seat is installed on a custom made platform that I cobbled together from IKEA stuff, and it included a side console on the left for my throttle quadrant and such. Draped over the seat is a vibrating cushion for haptic feedback from some flight sims so you can actually feel vibrations from touch downs and such. And of course the VR headset for immersion - very important! The seat can be uncomfortable for long gaming sessions so I’m looking into how to improve it lol. yes I bought a ship on Star Citizen also but not sure if it will see the light of day. The optimization is pretty bad at this point too. I have other games to keep me occupied I’m not really familiar with your avatar so i suspect we play different genres of games haha.
  9. Hey thanks man! Yes I’m into flight sims. Cannot be fighter pilot so I have to make believe haha. With virtual reality it is as close as you can get to real flying.
  10. Ya well I thought of doing that at the moment of anger and frustration but I don’t like the naming and shaming culture in the age of social media. To their credit they did do some things well. Their tiling is good but the flooring guys cannot make it. So my advice is just for everyone to stick by your guns and not accept substandard work. I must say I am also quite particular about the quality of work so they probably are saying I’m a nightmare client haha.
  11. Yes they are roller blinds from Spotlight. They are perfect size for the windows at 2.1m, and are essential to block out the light for me to be able use the projector during the day. They are not too heavy to pull up at all. The windows only look blue because I shot the photos in dawn and there are some light color balance issues with my warm light and the cool light outside Not tinted at all. By the way, I added quotes from my contractor above. Your place is already undergoing reno? 2rm type 1 also? Hi ryanyth, thank you for the compliments! Your blog helped immensely in the final execution
  12. Hi Reno2020, thank you for your kind words. The whole process is an evolution. Sometimes what I thought will work doesn’t feel right during renovation and I have to be flexible and change plans if need be. It’s different looking at the floor plans and actually being in the space getting a feel of it. My plants are relatively new, the oldest one I got is maybe 7 months old. I’m a very novice gardener and have killed many plants haha. It’s a learning process still for me. My windows are facing NW also and generally my place is pretty bright, even the kitchen and bathroom. It does get warm sometimes during the afternoons though. The hanging planters are from IKEA, although I think their original use is for the kitchen. I forget the name but they are only 90 cents each. As for the bathroom, I made sure that there’s enough room on both sides of the sink to clean the glass. I have about a 10cm gap for that purpose. I kept the size of the glass panel to a minimum - as long as the shower doesn’t splash onto the sink and vanity. It does splash a little but it’s a compromise I chose to make. I could have made a shower enclosure but it would just be too tight for such a small bathroom. The toilet is meant to take a little moisture anyways. The woodworking tools are a new hobby for me. I did assemble and DIY some furniture. It’s a good way to learn how things work. I managed to restore some old teak stools and they look brand new after. i will post my renovation quote a little later once I organize all my documents.