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  1. If you don't keep any wet things in the closet like mops and stuff, it shouldn't be any more humid than outside. I actually thought about installing a fan before but honestly I haven't felt like I needed it during my 2 year stay here. Everything is nice and dry in there for me.
  2. Hi Emorcen! Congrats on your new home! Honestly I have personally not had any problem with humidity although I've had people tell me that that is the exception. I'm not sure if it's because I'm at a relatively high floor or something else. I find that I do turn on the AC quite a bit and the cool air tends to linger in there so maybe that helps. Do you find your shelter to be hotter/more humid when you walk in most of the time?
  3. I have 2 air conditioning units installed only because the price difference is not great between one unit and two. And it gets pretty warm in the gaming room as my computer gets going powering my games. But it gets quite cool in the evenings and the flat is small so it doesn't take much to cool it down even if you have one installed, especially if it's in the room that you sleep in.
  4. Hi hetvliegen, congrats on getting your new home! When I got my 2-rm flat, the only floor plan that I got was the one on HDB's website. Is your flat the Type 1 or Type 2? Not sure what additional information you are looking for but I will do what I can to help. Mine is the smaller Type 1. All 2 room flats are slightly differently though, depending on when they are built.
  5. A new addition to the Mancave. I found the old map a little small and underwhelming. This beautiful wooden map really turns this section of the living room into a feature wall, and reminds me that the world is a lot bigger than we are made to believe during this Covid travel restrictions. Stay safe everyone, and keep positive!
  6. Thanks for the suggestion pete! I had a look at their lineup and they look nice. The price range is a little out of my budget though. I got this table off carousel for about $100, sawed the legs short and I'm all set! Live within your means as they say!
  7. What mmoh said is correct. Dust will still settle somewhere, be it on the books or whatever you put on it. So it depends on your tolerance level with dust. I find that it’s not so bad for me if I keep all the windows closed when I’m not home. A quick dusting once in a while should do the trick. If I remember correctly, this was my second or third attempt at balloting before I got an invitation to select a flat. I really wanted this unit as it is really close to my girlfriend’s place and it is working out really well. There’s a huge luck element in the equation though. So keep trying!
  8. Hi Guna, thanks for your feedback! My Fxxk it attitude is because I'm poor and need to save money, and also because sometimes if you want something done right the way you want, you gotta do it yourself lol. Yes I find that sometimes my place can look a little cluttered if I don't curate and tidy my things. It's always a compromise between form and function. Especially since I am using an open shelf concept. I'll do my best to answer your questions. 1. Did you choose type 1...or were the type 2s fully booked? I would have of course wanted the Type 2. I have been to the showrooms and I find that 45sqm seems just right for 1 person. But when it was my turn to choose a flat at my estate, all the good Type 2s have been taken. There was one type 2 avail but it was at level 3 and was looking out at the rubbish dump. I seriously thought about taking it, figuring that if I kept the windows closed I can still enjoy the larger space of a Type 2. But I'm glad I didn't - the place I'm at now is at a high floor with a great unblocked view and I don't regret it one bit. 2. I understand the bath/toilet comes with tiling but you mentioned overlaying kitchen tiles? can we opt out of wall tiles for kitchen? I don't believe you can, because both the kitchen and bathroom are tiled as they have to be certified waterproof to HDB standards before handover. Reason being that if it's not waterproof, the water may seep into the concrete and down to your neighbours below and is a huge liability issue. 3.again regarding the toilet...from the floor plans the walls look like they are non-structural so does that mean it is possible to hack the walls away to reconfigure the toilet after 3 years(maciam my attached pic)? Ya so for the same reason mentioned, you cannot hack any part of the toilet wall. There are also water and sewage pipes running inside and along the structure and you don't want to mess with those. the Only thing I think is hackable for the Type 1 is the false wall with the sliding door.
  9. Looks like it could just be siliconed on the walls and tiles. Is there a way for you to see the inside of it? Bear in mind though that if you were to remove it, there may be a 'shadow' of the shelf on the walls and tiles from the difference in discoloration, so you probably need to do some touch up.
  10. Do you have a picture of it? Maybe that will help us evaluate the sitauation better.
  11. I think your configuration is just a little different from mine. My kitchen is squarish. I think your bedroom and living room may be more spacious than mine, although the lines are different. Will PM you my contractor details.
  12. The latest addition/change in my living room is to get rid of my coffee table and to use a permanent dining table instead. It's a smallish table from IKEA, very minimalist that I like. Also changed a single seater couch to a 2 seat Muji living/dining chair configuration. Since the Muji chairs are a little lower, I had to saw about 10 cm off the legs of the table to make the combo more comfortable. I like the configuration a lot. It gives me a place to eat, work and entertain guests without having to wheel the expandable table out every time. The Muji chairs also tuck nicely underneath when not in use. So far the house is holding up well after about 1.5 years. Some little repairs and upkeep needed, nothing major. Hope it stays that way! Hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy during this trying COVID times. As you can see I got a little companion to ease the pain a little haha.
  13. It was only about a hundred something dollars, shipped from Amazon US when they did international shipping for free. Sadly no longer.
  14. Hi Lov8, thanks for the compliments. The jigsaw I use is from the Milwaukee line, like the rest of my tools. I got the WorkX Pegasus Work Table to use it on. It was avilable from Amazon some time back. The Work Table was from Amazon, I believe. The jigsaw was from eBay since I think it's impossible to find in Singapore. Hope this helps!
  15. They are throws from IKEA. You can find them here https://www.ikea.com/sg/en/cat/blankets-throws-20528/ They help a bunch as you can just remove them for washing and they protect the original fabric of the furniture.