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  1. Thanks for sharing with us @studioflatter, must be really stressful to have engage a wrong person.
  2. Thanks for the updates on your T-blog @ryanyth. Wow!!! Been a year already, so glad that you and @mmoh and @andotang are still active in this forum and sharing. Wondering how's @RuFus58 doing ? How's her Reno, etc...
  3. Wow!!! So many defects spotted, guess you must have applied much medicated oil upon checking all these. Hope future projects will have much improvements. Po bi Po bi Arh ... (HDB contractors please take note) ... rush keys collection also must do swee swee. (BCA approval also can steady poon pipi)* Thanks @greenbunny , I would also like to add shelves to the DB-Box cabinet with some modifications.
  4. Thanks @FrancisTay, please show more photos if possible. Hi @greenbunny, are there many defects when you first collected keys? Your DB-Box cabinet modification cost S$580 only for the mirror doors or includes other carpentry inside? BTW, congrats to you, future Tengah Park MRT (JRL) near to your estate.
  5. Hi @greenbunny, thanks for sharing the photos, see liao really swee swee. Create Moments is Eat & Work Area = Swee. Smile is Relax one corner watch TV, play game, etc. = Swee. Dream is having appointment with Grandpa_Zhou = No horse run. Much appreciated.
  6. Beautiful bathroom @greenbunny, got a peek at the living room sofa plus carpet too. Please share more photos like what @mmoh mentioned. Thanks.
  7. Hi @vinzho, for 2-Room Flexi (Type 2), sliding door will be install with or without OCS. Only different are those "Type 1" either 2 panels door with wall or 3 panels door without wall. As for swing door, older BTO have it, nowadays mostly sliding unless upon key collection then we can find out because HDB have the options* as stated in most brochures. Sewage pipe is different from normal water drainage pipe, mine also toilet bowl facing toilet door, just too bad it was designed as such.
  8. Thanks for sharing, really appreciates the way you present all the details in your blog. From my sinkie POV, ...... BERI BERI GOOD ARH !!!
  9. Hi Francis, nice living room . Can share what's your approx reno cost? Thanks.
  10. Thanks & appreciates @mmoh, indeed your living room's fan coil unit very clean layout, basically only the bathroom and bedroom areas can see the air-con trunking. Cool & Neat .
  11. Haha, no worries @spikeling, just wanna check out more options if possible as we've different floor plan. Thank you.
  12. Ya lor, gotta plan how to run the Air-Con Trunking so as won't affect the wardrobe area too.
  13. Hi @spikeling, thanks for sharing your nice renovation photos, may I check with you how did you run your Air-Con Trunking? (Example: from Air-Con Ledge to bathroom, then Bedroom to Living Room?) Can share more photos please? Thanks.