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  1. Hi all, I am new to this forums but has been browsing here since i was looking for a ID/Contractor to renovate my resale flat. We all understand the agony of finding a good responsive & responsible renovation contractor. I just want to share some of my experience renovating my kitchen which includes hacking + re-tiling works from this ID. To be frank, we are all afraid of cutting chopped due to us doing very little reno as compared to others doing their whole flat so we thought the cost might be slightly more pricey. Then we came upon this ID we saw on this forums posted with their promo package, we decided to give them a call. We talked and set an appointment the next day to share our ideas/concepts of our home. Like most of the people would say, most of the ID is only keen on making more money but instead he would actually explained specifically some of the more complicated design of how it will be constructed that might be costly. He would then suggest alternatively another similar concept but at a cheaper budget. We thought, “That was great!” We told them that we don’t really need any fancy design and proposed if they could come out with one based on our needs and budget. At the same time, we also choose our laminate and material in their office (which happen to be nearby our place also). With many variety to choose from, he will also offer different suggestion of which material will benefit and which is more of within our budget range. As much as we are concerned, it was really a pleasant meeting with him as he accommodate us without trying to upsell anything. However, end of the day, in fact we still thinks quotation is the last key factor if it is a scam or not. After a few days, to our surprised, it was actually within our budget and during our second meetup, he would explained in details of how each is being charged accordingly. We decided to go with them and proceed with the renovation work. Overall, he also provided us with a free rubbish chute which we are alarmingly surprised. We thanks him so much for the work done in this 2 weeks to help coordinate and keep the works on schedule. I will let the rest of the pic talks. BEFORE WORK IN PROGRESS AFTER FREE RUBBISH CHUTE FROM THE ID
  2. Post being removed for like the 3rd time Why renotalk why? can anyone let me know?????? @ChrisTanNK you have the same issue? i really wonder why i wanna help to bring in more business to a good contractor but the post keep get removed! Back to the topic, both @ChrisTanNK & I had the same contractor as i gotten the number from a friend that request for the contact from him. My parent's flat was renovated by this uncle called "chew". He is a down to earth & honest uncle such as that when i play joke on him, he get really nervous instead... uncle chew tag team with his daughter & actually gave honest opinion about some of my "hilarious" ideas. they are not those direct person that immediate oppose to your idea but they actually give u an other alternative way instead. they give me a "worryfree" renovation period & my parents is very pleased with him too! They will write their quote in details where we dont have worry if there is any hidden charge. They also provide us 3D drawings & different range of materials to choose. below will be some pics of my hse reno & some of other ppl's hse renovation which they send me. nowadays ID price are extraordinary high where i would really suggest to go for this contractor instead. in terms of PRICE, QUALITY & CHARACTERISTIC, i believe my contractor will win for sure:D:D:D:D
  3. Hello RenoTalkers! Hope you're all having a good day For those of you who have renovated your house (either recently or in the past), what are some traumatic events you experienced during the renovation process? Was it an ID from ****? Terrible contractor? Do share your thoughts with us!
  4. Blog Entry Date: 9th May 2017 Tuesday An Introduction. First of all, thank you very much for taking the time to check out my humble little blog, and i'd like to take this opportunity to share my renovation journey with you. I hope the information I put here may be useful to anyone (especially fellow 2 roomers) who is also starting on their renovation soon! As of the time of writing, I have not yet gotten my keys and according to HDB it'll be around Q3 2017. As time goes by, I will post whenever possible right from Concept 3D Design to ID selection up to Completion of Renovation. Hopefully, everything goes smoothly. This is also my first time writing a blog so please be gentle with me! Please note: I've also made a backup of this blog on Wordpress incase this post is taken down by Renotalk for any reason in the future. Other than a few slight formatting changes, the contents will be identical. (This is also a preferred link if you prefer reading the blog from beginning to end with no interruptions.) The Website is: https://hdb2roomrenovation.wordpress.com/ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= How to Use this Blog: I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to use the Table of Contents to navigate because it shows the correct sequence of events, without needing to go thru pages of comments to look for each Blog Entry. It is also easier for folks who want to instantly jump to which section they are more interested in. Whenever you need to jump back to the Table of Contents, simply click on this link: Click Here to go back to Page 1 - Table of Contents to instantly jump back to Page 1 of this Blog. This link will be available at the Top and Bottom of every Blog Entry that I add. Additional Addendum: I have now added direct links to the next blog entry at the end of every post. They look like this: (Click Here for the Next Blog Entry:) Found it abit silly and unfair to request for readers to always go back to Table of Contents just to go to the next entry. So sorry for the inconvenience, this blog should hopefully be less confusing and flow more smoothly. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Table of Contents: 01) HDB Floorplan and My 3D Design made with Planner 5D 02) The Search for an Interior Designer for my Project begins... 03) Tile Selection at Soon Bee Huat 04) Selection of Laminates 05) An RC Event I attended which showed for the first time how my apartment would look like! 06) My First Obstacle...one of my ID left without informing me! Oh Dear... 07) First look at the 3D Drawings from my ID! (Living Room excluded) 08) Voicing out my Concerns to ID, Schedule Check and some photos of selected Laminates and Quartztop 09) Revised 3D Drawings from ID (Living Room Included this time) 10) Pre-Key Collection Day!! What to prepare for Key Collection. 11) Key Collection Day!! Defect Checks and Buying all my Lightings! 12) Close Up Views of Bedroom Sliding Door and Living Room DB Box. 13) 1 week after Key Collection. BSC Defect Rectification in progress, Laying of Aircon Piping 14) 2nd week after Key Collection. BSC Defect Repair done. Hacking away False Wall and Bathroom Door, Electrical Wiring and a BIG BILL SHOCK. 15) 3rd week after Key Collection. Electrical Wiring in Progress, Ceiling L-Box and Aircon Trunking Box-Up done. Tiling starts for the Bathroom and Kitchen. 16) The Hunt for a Modular Pole Wardrobe system and something to keep the Main Door from closing 17) A quick update of Tiling done at the end of the 3rd Week. 18) 4th week after Key Collection. Tiling completed, Important Milestone reached. A Prepping Week for the next Milestone. 19) My Mid-Renovation Review of my Interior Designer 20) Kitchen / Bathroom Fittings Shopping at SaniQUO 21) Meeting with my Carpenter for Discussions 22) 5th week after Key Collection. Painting, Delivery of Lightings, Bathroom and Kitchen Fittings 23) Shopping for Furnitures and Electrical Appliances 24) 6th week after Key Collection. My Lightings are a Mess!! 25) A little Curtain Experiment - Part 1 / 3 26) A little Curtain Experiment - Part 2 / 3 27) End of 6th week after Key Collection. Lightings still being worked on, Bathroom Door is Replaced. 28) End of 7th week after Key Collection. Carpentry Works - Part 1 / 3 29) End of 7th week after Key Collection. Carpentry Works - Part 2 / 3 30) End of 7th week after Key Collection. Carpentry Works - Part 3 / 3 31) 8th Week after Key Collection - My_Quartz_Counter Tops are Up. Also Updated Schedule till End of Renovation 32) End of 8th Week after Key Collection – Glass Measurement, Plumbers installed Sanitary Fittings and More 33) End of 8th Week after Key Collection – Installed shelves for DB-Box, Solving Electrical Issues and a Special Look at the Completed Works so far!! 34) 9th Week after Key Collection - Ceiling Fan is Up 35) 9th Week after Key Collection - Electrical Issues are ALL FINALLY RESOLVED 36) 9th Week after Key Collection – Chemical Washing Done. Everything is SO CLEAN!! 37) End of 9th Week after Key Collection - Final Tasks: Aircon, Glass and Painting 38) Renovations Completed! – A Final Look just before Handover 39) Post Renovation – Furnitures and Appliances (Kitchen) 40) Post Renovation – Furnitures and Appliances (Living Room) 41) Post Renovation – Slidearm and HDB Bomb Shelter Walk-In Wardrobe 42) A little Curtain Experiment - Part 3 / 3 43) One Year Retrospective 1/5 - Walk-In Wardrobe 44) One Year Retrospective 2/5 - Kitchen 45) One Year Retrospective 3/5 - Bathroom 46) One Year Retrospective 4/5 - Living Room 47) One Year Retrospective 5/5 - Bedroom 48) Epilogue
  5. I hope this information will be useful to all homeowners who wish to save cost on home renovation works. Just as any other couples, we approached a few interior designers to build our dream home. To be frank, we were quite disappointed with their proposed ideas and design. Im proud to say we were the designers for our own home but of course with the help and advice from our contractor. Since we had to keep within our budget (arrival of our baby around the same time), we decided to do the renovation with a contractor after hearing from friends that it is possible to have a wow home makeover and save significant savings too. Information on renovation ideas are also readily available online. We were very much involved during the whole process. We invested our time on phone calls and checks to ensure evrything goes as plan such as the correct colours, design and layout as discussed with our contractors. Here are some of our house's photos in progress and the outcome. Im unable to upload all the completed photos due to size. All the best in planning your dream home!
  6. Hi all, I bought a 5-room resale flat at Sembawang. I want to share my experience on house renovation and I hope my sharing helpful for you. Few months before my renovation, I went to a few ID but most of the time they either respond slowly or very hard push. The quotation could be varied from one to another. When the time I feel quite lost, I am glad that I happen to know this reliable and responsible contractor from a hardware shop. To my surprise, the quotation is reasonable but most importantly is the great workmanship. My husband and I decided to engage this contractor because of his :- 1) Prompt reply and responsible. I remember the first time I texted him he replied me very fast. 2) Friendly attitude. At first, I told him that I have another carpentry contractor and he is willing to coordinate with him. I feel secured and comfortable to talk to him. At the end, we found is easier to let him do everything since the price he quote for carpentry work is similar to the contractor that I plan to engaged before. 3) Reasonable price
  7. Hi everyone, just wanted to share this small company with you guys that i happen to stumble upon looking for contractors to renovate my house. This company i found was referred to me by my friend. Which he find very reliable for doing their house not long ago too. From what i know its a family business and have been in this industry for over 30 years. I found their website but not much were stated. I was very impress by the way he gave their quotation. He will come to my house and show me the quote. Explained to me all the quoted items and how they are going to coordinate their project. Because i was living in the house during the course of renovation. I was very happy how they clean up my house and even mopped my house at the end of every work day. Every evening when i come back home, he would ask if there's any issue with the renovation before going off. Overall the coordination was very pleasant and satisfying that i came home everyday and there's progression done. Design of the house were mostly done by us. He will tell us if designs were impractical and give us a more practical design. He was very honest and not like others that will just say its impossible to be done without explanation. Overall i was really pleased with how the work turn out. I think that sometimes small company have more sincerity in doing stuff. I would love to post the pictures that they done here but my house is currently very untidy from all the stuff. Maybe once i have unpacked i will share it with everyone. Cheers Updates. Here are some of the photos for my house
  8. When moving to a new home I suppose a lot of people will fill in some space with things they already owned - and that includes your home phone number. I know some people who practice feng shui tend to be quite particular when it comes to picking a new phone number. I recently got introduced to this app that shows you how 'lucky' your phone number (it can also be use for mobile numbers apparently) and seemed quite on the spot in my case. https://goo.gl/eWc4zq Would be great to know if some of you can share your experience when it comes to picking phone numbers, and also if the app analysis is accurate (I'm a fengshui beginner). Do share your insights
  9. Greetings from Mugen Design, We provides services such as: -Interior Design -3D Visualizing -2D space planning -Renovation Our professional design team to ensure our services on time and with good quality. If there is anything you want to cooperate or interested with us, Feel free to contact us for further information 👍 Contact via: https://wa.me/message/MY2CVWY4PFUJD1 Check us via: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mugendesignjb Portfolio: https://www.rtist.com.my/MugenDesign
  10. Provide direct labour to Lay floor and wall tiles include hacking and plumbing, Licensed contractor, Offer reasonable price. Interested please call: 82008901 “Licensed contractor with offering a reasonable price.” Over a decade, Designer House Pte Ltd providing professional consultation, interior design & adaptation, decoration and fully turn-key services for all type of residential and commercial work. Specialized and direct labor for tiling work include hacking and plumbing. We continuously improve our service, quality and standard to make our customer happy and make their dream come true. do not click “Request to get contractor” button, it doesn’t link to us. You may direct email to me at ronald@designerhouse.com.sg
  11. Decided to write up a short blog on our renovation journey, hoping that it will help future home-owners with their reno process! First things first, contractors or interior designers? Probably the ever-famous topic for every one. Of course, contractors were our initial plan. Why? Advise from friends & relatives for being famously cheap (cheaper than ID that is). I guess that's one of the main reasons why people opt for contractors instead. As it was our first house, we didn't really have a concept/theme (which is a problem if we took contractors) other than the usual Scandinavian/Minimalist settings which I prefer not to have because everyone is doing it (don't have concept still want to be different). After probably months of debate (i think?), finally we decided to just go for an ID. Problems we faced? "Why so expensive, you all still take?" "Contractors also can do the exact same thing, but at a cheaper price" "Do you know that some IDs cannot be trusted?" I guess the very reason why we chose ID over contractors was not only because we didn't have a concept, but we were also worried about the liaising issues. Having contractors meant that, we have to liaise with them directly and telling them specifically what we want/do not want. So it still boils down to whether home-owners know what they REALLY want. (very obvious we don't, hence the choice of ID) After the first obstacle was done, next came the interesting/time-consuming part; finding an Interior Designer! We didn't really meet a lot of IDs mainly because we don't want to give ourselves too much choices to choose from. For me and my husband, being comfortable with the ID and s/he is able to understand what we really want is the essence of the whole process (of course also making sure that the firm is trustworthy, find reviews!). Finding the cheapest deal is definitely on everyone's list but then again, what's the catch? Make sure to run through the entire quotation(s) point by point, and please do not hesitate to raise any questions (we are talking about a huge sum here). End of the day, cheap doesn't entirely means good. We met about 4 IDs? End up, we decided to hand the trophy to Jade from The Local INN.terior! She was the first designer that we met. Quirky, genuine and very confident in what she delivers. She was very prompt in following up too, despite us not signing any deals with her yet and mind you, she was having a leisure trip at that point of time. Other than her quirkiness & funny laughter, probably one of the biggest reason we chose her was because, not only we felt that whatever she designed/proposed was aligned to what we wanted but she would also input her own designs for our references (if not what's the point of having an ID right?). In a nutshell, she's someone that we can talk cock to but yet serious at the right time. Proceeded to signing the treaty with her, and down to Hafary for tiles shopping! Kitchen Tiles with Kompacplus, Vinyl Flooring & Paint Color! Toilet tiles with Kompacplus & Carpentry Laminate! Of course we went together with Jade, and spent a good 2-3 hours walking around choosing the best tiles for our nest! Never did she once rushed to choose the tiles or attempt to brush us off by just choosing those "common never go wrong" tiles. Hanging out with her was never an issue, below is an example of what she posted; Asked us to pose with the tiles so she's able to visualise how it will look like (where to find this type of ID!) What comes after tiles shopping? Everyone's favourite; 3D Drawings! (from entrance of the house - living room - kitchen - toilet - bedroom) It was amazeballssssss!! Even though these were the final set of 3D drawings where she conceptualise the actual tiles and materials to the drawings , prior to it Jade had already sent us a draft 3D drawings of our house. Fast forward to taking our keys and house renovation is already on the way (it's only less than 2 months!). Got myself some 'before' pictures of our house! Slipped our mind to snap pictures of the house before any work is done But yay to emoticons! 'Before' works! Hacking away the room adjacent to the living room for our Glass Room in the 3D drawings! Open concept kitchen! Back-splash for our kitchen! So prettzzzz! Master bathroom! (i thought the toilet was big.. ) If any of you homeowners opted for Vinyl flooring, you guys might have to go through cement screeding. However, homeowners are now required to pay for this service from HDB. Luckily, our appeal was successful as we applied for the flat before this rule was implemented. My advice? PLEASE APPEAL! Or at least try even if you apply the flat after they implemented the rule. I have to admit that ID charges a skyrocket high price for this service, hence Jade told us to send in our appeal letter upon getting our keys. She was the one that told us about HDB's new implementation and also advise us on when/how to send the appeal letter to HDB! Honestly, why wouldn't I entrust my house to her? Although our appeal was successful, but we were required to wait almost 8 weeks for their contractors to schedule a timing for the cement screed. Thus we thought that nothing could be done or at least until the screeding was done, but sometimes Jade seems to be more.. excited/worried about the progression of the house than us. In a short span of 2 weeks or 2.5 max, she did almost everything she could, like; hacking, air-con piping, electrical points, false ceilings, tiling for master bathroom and kitchen! (kudos to her workers too) Both our families were equally shocked too. Spell impressive and efficiency Ready for some 'after' works? Back-splash for kitchen! I'm definitely gonna step into the kitchen much more often (oh and the plaster smooth of the walls were done in like 1-1.5 day?) Started works for our master bathroom! Opted for wall tiles in the wet area and cement screed for the dry! Close up of the wall tiles! Definitely hitting the resort style False ceiling was up too! Same goes for the master bedroom's. Cosy house here I come! Mortar base done up nicely in our service yard! What I really really love about Jade is, she's always making sure that we were kept informed of all the works that were on-going or any hiccups along the way. She even introduced us to an app which allows her to put in the entire schedule of the renovation process; what are we supposed to purchase (even state which is urgent) and what were done already. And yes, she did all these manually for every client of hers (not just us). That's what everyone likes right? Black & white all stated very clearly, and knowing what were the next steps going forward. Currently that's all I have to offer! Hope it helps someone! Will come back with more pictures once the screed & more works are done! Hola! Back here to update our renovations and can't wait to share the upcoming pictures! Counting our blessings as screeding was pushed forward by a week! Believe me when I say, they can finished the entire house's screeding by one day (or probably half a day). Another day to let it dry before Jade's tiler can measure our vinyl flooring. Enuff said, let the pictures do the talking! Finally it's screeding time! Had a crazy idea of just changing to cement screed for the entire house.. Since our screeding was brought forward, that just means that the remaining of our renovations schedule will be push forward too! Quickly settled our painting; wall, door & pipes' colours. Same goes for the measurement of doors and floor too! Till date, it made me realise how important it is to have a great rapport with your ID. S/He does not only need to be in the same frequency as us, but they also have to be genuinely looking forward to the completion of our house. The next best thing apart from getting our house, would be knowing Jade as a friend. Mushy-ness aside, anyone is excited to see our vinyl flooring (and painting)!? CAUSE I AM! Vinyl Flooring + Painting! In the midst of preparing! The amount of hard work that they put into each and every house. I. JUST. LOVE. IT. Everything is on point (thou there's nothing yet). View from Master Bedroom Finally I'm doing a minimal Before & After of our house! It's so pleasing to the eyes~ Didn't really paint a lot of colours, in fact we only painted a grey-ish tone on our TV wall and the rest was just cream white. I really adore neutral tones for houses hence the choice to keep it real simple without too much colours dancing around. Leave some of the painting decisions to Jade, of course I'm not disappointed and so was my husband! She chose grey for the service yard's pipes and white for the kitchen's. Once you found yourself a right ID, the amount of work we need to do is pretty minimal One big achievement unlocked, onto the next one; - Carpentry Discussion done - Measuring of Doors & Windows done - Measuring of Glass Works done Everything is done in a jiff! Probably that's all I have to update before the next major schedule which should be our carpentry. Am thinking of doing up a blog with our Taobao loots! Let me know if anyone is keen (if there is..)! Till then peepz! XO
  12. I know that the HDB guidelines state that you can only extend the bathroom by 600mm or 0.6msq, and only used as dry area. Later on, I saw a couple of floor plans that actually extended the boundary of the bathroom more than 600mm out. One person actually commented that "the HDB guideline technically means: 600mm is the distance of your wash basin's pipehole to the original bathroom boundary". Meaning to say, as long as the piping of the wash basin is within 600mm distance of the original bathroom boundary, you can build the new walls however big as you want. Can anybody confirm this? Attaching my floor plan for reference
  13. Hi everyone, in need of advice! I'm currently renovating my 30 year old resale flat and have a problem with the skirting done by my contractor. Before the renovation started, I went with his suggestion to have a tile skirting to match my floor (I wanted to go without skirting or have a white skirting but he said better to use the tiles). Now that the skirting is up, I'm unhappy with the outcome - the skirting looks thick, some parts look thicker than the rest and the finishes on top of the skirting are uneven/wavy. When I raised these concerns to my contractor, he said this is the tiler's technique (i.e. the skirting finishes with a slope upwards) and nothing more can be done as our walls are not straight. He said we can hack and redo with a flat finishing but it will be sharp at the edges (??) and he cannot promise it will look better. Basically, NOTHING CAN BE DONE. Can I seek forumners views: Is what my contractor said true - that nothing can be done? Is this kind of workmanship acceptable? See photos attached. Is it possible to hack away my skirting without damaging the floor tiles? At this point, is it possible to hack away and do without skirting OR replace with a skirting board? Thanks all in advance!
  14. The search for a home for my fiancé (S) and I began around 10 months ago. Knowing that we would be planning to get married sometime in 2017 and that we would want to move into our home right after our wedding, we wanted to get an early start on the house-hunt. Fast forward to July 2017, and as of two days ago, we are now officially (both on paper and in practice too – we just received our keys!) home-owners of an HDB executive maisonette in the west side of Singapore (: We’ll be doing some pretty extensive renovations (pretty much a complete makeover) – hacking, shifting layouts of the existing rooms, flooring, electrical works, a whole great deal of carpentry etc. The original floorplan: The 2 biggest changes to the layout will be: 1) Kitchen: As an avid baker, I know I'll be spending a great deal of my time here. So one of the prerequisites in our house hunt was to find a place that could accommodate a big kitchen. Thank God that HDB has approved our proposal to knock down the existing wall between the study and kitchen, so that we can convert the entire area into 1 giant kitchen (: 2) MBR: One of the first things we noticed when viewing the flat was that the existing corridor space outside Bedroom 2 is pretty much a dead space. So we decided to wall in the entire area, "reclaim" the dead space for a walk-in wardrobe, build a door from WC2 to Bedroom 2 and use that as our MBR instead. One more layout change is to make WC3 into a slightly more squarish layout, as this would improve the layout for the kitchen, and what will become the "corridor" to the yard area doesn't have to be quite so wide anyway. This is still pending HDB's approval though, but we're keeping our hopes up and praying hard!
  15. My HDB estate is currently undergoing Home Improvement Programme (HIP). HDB units (especially those just renovated their houses) who do not opt for toilet/bathroom upgrading must undergo a compulsory water proofing test. According to HDB, the toilet floor will be flooded to 2.5cm of water for 4 hours. If there is leak to the ceiling of the flat below then the water proofing test has failed. We all know HDB flats are strictly residential. I can't think of anybody who bathe for a continuous long period of 4 hours and able to flood the toilet floor to even 1cm of water. The diameter of drainage outlet is so much bigger than diameter of shower tap. Water outflow is anytime faster than water inflow. Is the criteria for HDB water proofing test a little too far fetched and UNREALISTIC. Also, are water proofing membrane done by HDB authorised contractors designed to withstand 2.5cm of water for 4 hours; because I never hear it mentioned when I talked to renovation contractors and it was never even in the terms and conditions. I have people in other forums insisting this is standard test. Since this criteria was never mentioned or noted in renovation contract, can we assume it is standard HDB requirement and so is IMPLICIT in the agreement. And suppose water test failed, can we get contractor to compensate/foot cost of repair ? I hope HDB, MND, URA, building professionals, and knowledgeable people can kindly contribute, comment, and advise on this matter. Thank you. PS: I am not so IT literate and my friend help me post this article. If there is a proper forum to raise this issue, kindly help me port this over or do advise. Thank you.
  16. Hi All, Just a average joe sharing my renovation journey. My 4rm HDB renovation is already near completion and i will post pictures from the start to the end at my pininterest webby. At the start of my renovation, i did alot of research on the internet and here in renotalk. Went for several meetings with IDs and contractors. Finally some good soul sent me a pm with a contact of a certain contractor. Why did i go for contractor and not a ID, mainly because i have my own design and also on a certain budget. Why did i finally settle for this contractor? His sincerity and honesty. He is of a certain age, so i will call him uncle contractor. He is your plain o uncle contractor that don't speak english and only mandarin. Through my many interaction with him, he is not hard selling, he is truly genuine and that is enough for me. He brought me to see his carpenter workmanship just to clear my doubts too. Anyway i actually got much more complete pictures as of now, but i rushing out to attend to my renovation evorich floor, so i will leave it as this. DISCLAMER: i am not a poser, i am just a average joe that fate bring me to this contractor, i feel its "just" for me to post his works. look even my papa is on the pictures pictures below, for now, i only manage to upload the starting portion of the reno as i am rushing out. https://www.pinterest.com/mmonz/ideas-for-the-house/ Rgds, Vayen
  17. Hi all, Chances are, as you look back on the last 12 months of 2020 you feel a raft of mixed emotions about it. But it has also been a year of learning and new opportunities! Gratitude we have made it through with the support and help from family and friends during this journey. In the last quarter of 2020, we decided to jump to the commitment of owning a slightly bigger place under HDB which is a EM (Executive Maisonette). I would say... the feelings are mixed with uncertainties which is both scary and hold excitement. The fear of renovation nightmares, the timeline, the budget... issues etc xxxxx... But mostly we are excited and hopeful of the potential to have a whole new experience in space and design of the new place. However, the questions is who and how we are going to do it? Save on cost? Go for Contractor (Which many suggested that...)? or will have to Spend or cost more...go for ID? From our experience and many others we have came across.. we decided to engage a ID and so the hunt began... one of our close friend helped us shortlist 3 IDs and visited and discuss on design and quotation within 3 weeks and we decided to move on with 1 which is not based on the lowest quotation cost nor design but based on the comfort of communication and the experience of the firm. The ID firm we engaged is Icon Interior. Timeline: When we took over the EM that was after mid of Dec 2020, the planning and design took about 3 weeks of discussion before that. We have shared with our ID that we are putting up at a temporary place with the whole family and ofcos its not comfortable. The expected renovation time is about 10-12 weeks ideally so meaning we will have our place completed in late Feb to March 2021...not much hope before CNY... (I hope to move in before CNY! Which i believe this is the normal request they received during that period 😅). The renovation work started off on the 3rd week of Dec, a planned schedule of work was given to us and it stated that it will be complete 3 days before CNY 2021! (We were very doubtful...but hopeful 🙏🏼😁) and during this period more discussion on 3D(this only gives you the idea and overall concept of how it will look and feel...!Don't waste too much time on having multiple changes after each discussion...and request a new revised 3D before commencing work.) , paint colour, material, electricity and carpentry elevation were also discussed. As per planned! The whole journey was a present and a good one 👍. The timeline and planned schedule was 95% carry out and with "5%" due to workers constrain, materials and some changes we have made last min... but we managed to moved into our new place with a 98% work completion 1week before CNY ! The renovation: The Workmanship of tiling work, carpentry, electricity and plumbing work are good, issues were resolved at the soonest time when we identified the problems. The communication with our ID is very responsive and effective. I have met the people during site visit doing the work on tiling, plumbing and carpentry, they are passionate and also patience in explaining to me some of the work and having the work done properly. 👍👍👍 Finally! I have to give credits to both gentlemen Wayne (The boss) and KhengWee (Project manager for us) Icon Interiors. A well planned execution of schedule and communication with workers/vendors for having our renovation journey result in a smooth ride was amazing and impressive. The design and space planning proposed by them doesn't compromise daily practicality and understanding our likes and don't s was also a factor in their proposal. This is our review and comment ! "A surprisingly good journey and experience with ICON INTERIOR! Thank you!" For more pictures and updates can visit at our reno IG @maisonettejournal (Picture paints a thousand words)
  18. Hi!!! Anyone has good recommendations for contractors? I’m planning to do some minor renovations for 4 room bto. Please share with me here cos girl needs some help for the first time 🤗 Thank you!!!
  19. My wife and I visited a long list of ID before we agreed for the renovation of our new home. This could be attributed to not only the quality and affordability offered to us but also the meticulous manner their staff, Ms. Selina, did her work. From the start, She was very professional and very accommodating to our ideas and suggested quality advice to match our ideas to our budget. She kept to her schedules without fail. Everyday updated me with what was taken place. I can say that renovation cannot just simply look at cost comparison because price somehow does dictate the quality of materials and workmanship. She was able to communicate and translate our ideas well to put into the design she had for us. She was ever-ready to advice us on the pros & cons of our ideas instead of outright dismissing our ideas regardless how extreme it might sound. And Selina was always patient to our ever-changing ideas and fickle mindedness in our decisions even to the simplest choice of paint colors. I must say Selina did a great job for our place to make our new haven be a beautiful yet simple abode that we always feel comfortable to come home. Ultimately, we felt safe and assured throughout the whole process. I will engage her services again if I ever need another reno in the future. Thanks Selina & Co. Pm me for her contact or email me at s0165793125@gmail.com
  20. has anyone heard of takeONE loans centre in bukit batok? i was referred by my ID as i am looking for a renovation loan. met up with a guy from the takeONE and the interest rate is very attractive at 2.553% p.a. for 5 years for a $40K loan. couples who took renovation loan from banks are aware that the maximum loan we can get is only $30K or 6x of your salary whichever is lower right? so i am very puzzled why he is able to loan me $40K at such attractive interest. their fees & charges(processing, disbursement, late payment, early repayment, cancellation fees are all similar to the banks. he is not willing to reveal more unless i signed with him. anyone has any idea if it is safe to take renovation loan from them? or will it be safer to take from the banks? my spouse is still studying and will be back in a few months' time. by the time he is back he still needs to find a job. that is why we are exploring other options other than the banks as my salary alone will not be able to get hold of the $30K loan.
  21. EXQsite Interior Design invites you to join us on a journey to transform houses into homes. We create the definition of ideal living from the perspectives of our homeowners. Giving life to houses, illuminating interior design with style. Our experts venture to enhance the quality of living with the objective of turning every house into something delicate, handcrafted and one-of-its-kind. Contact us today for a non-obligatory discussion on your "Project Dream Home" and let us give you a personalized proposal to design and transform your home into one that suits your lifestyle and budget perfectly --- and makes you the envy of all your neighbours and friends! ? Email us at: lawrencelee@exqsiteinterior.com Visit our website to see more: https://exqsiteinterior.com/ Call us to book an appointment: +65 6873 1800 WhatsApp us for more info: +65 9819 0705 Visit our showroom: 8 Boon Lay Way Tradehub21 #01-18, Singapore 609964
  22. Hi All My reno journey started about 3 months back when i sold my BTO and found a resale unit .. Life wasnt that simple as I had approx 5 weeks in between to shift The unit i bought was Cheap but badly maintained. I had a ridiculously low budget I was doing this reno solo as my hubby was out of town I researched countless IDs and contractors who told me that it was Impossible to do whatever i wanted ( Hacking , Tiling , Complete Kitchen and Bathroom reno , False Ceiling , Built in Carpentry , Replacement of Room Doors , Window and Grille replacements , Electrical and Plumbing works ) within 5 weeks. The shortest time line i had was 7 weeks and the bill was $48000 ( which was the average amongst most contractors) On a very late night in late August i happen to read to reno forum and got a contact of Mr Seah. I tried my luck and he said he wanted to see my lowest quote and he will try my best to help me. We met at about 9pm at the unit as i was delayed after work . He saw my lowest quote and through to his word offered me a much lower price. We signed the deal immediately as i had no time to waste if i need to move in by the 1st week of October. Needless to say i was a little worried and sceptical coz of the deal i got -- i was afraid i would be short changed or the quality would not be up to my expectation but Mr Seah never failed me. i went to several of his units just to be more reassured. Plus the fact that he owned his own carpentry factory was a plus point as he could offer direct carpentry prices. Right from choosing the tiles , to laminate colors and fabrics we worked together day and ( mostly nights due to my work schedule). He put in a 100% percent and hand to push me when i was too tired to make selections. He even gave me advise whenever i made wrong selections. After exactly 5 weeks and 2 days he handed over the house to me and i have no complains to date ( There is a reason i waited a lil longer to put up this post just in case his workmanship needed touch ups - but it is all good ) Renovating a home is definitely not an easy feat but if it definitely helpful to share if we have come across good contacts A little goes a long way **Pictures to be updated soon**
  23. Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum. Anyway, I would just like to share my experience with my contractor. I happen to like the concept of a plain and simple design for my house and apparently my contractor was able to do it and I like the outcome very much. It is a resale flat of more than 30 years by the way. Here are some pictures which I have taken in my house.
  24. Hi Everyone!!! I want to apply for renovation loan but I don't know if I am eligible. 1) Basic Salary: $2600 Gross $6k-$9k per month. 2) I just work with the current company for 9 months only. Before I join this company I worked as a freelance(no payslip). Cpf contribution only show 9 months. 3) I had checked my credit bureau report it shows GX. No outstanding loan with any banks. 4) Will the bank need 12 month payslip? 5) My gross pay for 9 months of work already reach $58k My ID quote me $40k to renovate the whole 5 room house. Anyone knows how the bank calculate or any chance bank will approved my renovation loan? Thank-you. 31/07/2020