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  1. A remarkable plan of eatery Interior and bar with respectable seat table and roof makes see more practical and lovely. In different perspectives of private feasting an open roof looks more appealing with side divider and its frill. Modern, Rendering, Lounge, Bar, small, Restaurant, decoration, Interior, Ideas, picture, Stylish, bar and restaurant interior design ideas, simple restaurant interior design, bar interior, bar table design, bar counter design, bar design ideas, 3d interior designers, 3d interior rendering services, 3d interior modeling, restaurant interior design.
  2. Dear home owner, After doing my research online for some time, I noticed that the description is about the same. Things that they provided about the same. Those post online - 4299(all in kitchen package) / 3988(all in package) die die want to close me on the spot. Keep doing hard sales makes me walk away more. Until one day, I walked pass this ID firm at Ubi. The lady designer showed me this package and email me after I left. When I walk in, the drinks was served. I felt like I had returned home. I asked for any package and was presented this, by far this is the cheapest with everything I needed. I dont like the base in concrete, I dont need to do washing at kitchen. i do not cook at all. All i need is a sleek look for my kitchen. When I asked if I could install 15ft bottom / 5ft top to make it 20ft. They are able to provide and at a lower cost They rest die die need 10/10 I am happy with the service face to face. exp - Good! She understand her work very well. Explained the schedule & material used. CS- Superb, very friendly & nice. will definitely recommend to family / friends.
  3. Hi all just wanted to share that I had received pretty good service from Singapore Carpentry for the renovation of my company's offices, the quote they offered was far more economical than what other companies quoted. the quality and concept really exceeded my expectations, and project was completed much faster than expected. their team was really helpful and answered to queries efficiently, it was great working with them.
  4. Uncloud Productions is a interior photography service founded in 2015. We aim to provide quality interior photography at affordable rates for home owners and ID firms. You can find our work on our website at : https://www.uncloudproductions.com If you like the photos you see on our site, feel free to contact us for a quotation at: hello@uncloudproductions.com Feel free to reply to this thread or email us at the email above if you have any queries and we will respond to you shortly! Thank you!
  5. Hi There! We can customize the mattress size to your requirement. Do chat with us and we will see how we can assist to meet your needs. Applicable for both foam or spring mattress. Fast turnaround time of about 7 working days. Standard warranty still applies. Tolerance of +/- 0.5 inch for dimension. Full payment required upon confirmation, and no refund or cancellation once order is processed. OTHER BEDDING PRODUCTS AVAILABLE!! FREE DELIVERY. Monday to Saturday. $20 fee applies if required to climb stairs. Reach me at 92765951. www.savemoneylah.shop
  6. Recently, my husband and I got the keys to our new house and wanted to renovate it. After sourcing for many IDs, we went with Singapore Carpentry and overall it was a great experience. In my opinion, it was value for money as the whole process was smooth for first time owners like us so we had nothing much to worry about especially when we were working throughout the renovation period. Our interior designer was thoughtful and understanding to our requests, tried to personalise our design to our preference and made it special to us. We requested for a white colour theme, modern style and it turned out good, like imagined. The workmanship was commendable as we had many cabinets that was stylish yet still functional and able to store many of our items which made our house look bigger and neater. Super happy with the end results and felt that it was too good to not recommend to others. Even our friends and family who visited our home was impressed with how it looks. If I remember correctly, you can get a quotation from their website carpentry.sg
  7. hi, i'm new in this forum but actually i have been following for many month, just recently signed up to share my experience. i recently finished my home reno and i spent a long time looking for ID like you guys. i cam e across this ID by chance on instagram! there are too many IDs now so I was just randomly looking. then i immediately liked what they do (a bit modern raw+industrial but not too over). Actually its just 'she' and her husband, small company. they are very creative and really efficient in their work. i finished my reno (5-room bto) in less than 3 months (although its not alot of work la) i realise nowadys IDs in Singapore like to design alot of flashy and non-authentic things (especially those void deck ones) but i find my ID very original and very sincere in her ideas. for example my study corner sliding doors. most people will just go for aluminum, but its very thick and ugly and she refused to do it in alum, she found contacts to help me get it done in steel, i saw her drawings ver complicated for this part cus got alot of details but i really really loved how it turned out! super slim and sleek doesnt look like the usual HDB style! (picture below when it was just done) She does have a strong opinion in what she thinks is the best sometimes a bit stubborn but still willing to discuss and of course get my approval for everything before excecution. i have had very bad experienes before with ID so i just wanna share this very very positive experiecen with everyone. You can see my HDB on her instagram feed as well! the latest 2 pictures. (BELOW!) If anyone wish to know more I am happy to share her contact or pictures or whatever..
  8. TAOZ • “Lightings, Colours, Mirrors” This 3 play a very important role in Interior Design. In this home-design, it stick to a clean, neutral palette that ensures no one item appears out of place. Location: The Light Collection, Penang (Malaysia) Space Area: 1300sqft Year of Completion: 2018 JCW Design Gallery is an interior design firm establish in 2017 based in Singapore & Malaysia. We are expertise in interior design for both residential and commercial. At JCW Design Gallery, we value integrity & excellent, which is fundamental of our work. Look for more via http://www.jcwdesigngallery.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jcwdesigngallery/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jcwdesigngallery/ Kindly drop us email via email: info@jcwdesigngallery.com Contact : +65 83601588 (CW)
  9. Hi, we are from Kwix Solutions! Firstly, I would like to introduce us; we are a company that do natural stone and cementitious Resin Terrazzos right in our very own premises in Singapore! Below are some pictures of our samples from our collection. Do check out our FB and Instagram page for some of our works done! FB: Kwix Solutions Instagram: @kwixsolutions Do follow us on our pages for more latest updates and designs! PM me for any enquiries! Thanks!
  10. Hi, we are from Kwix Solutions! Firstly, I would like to introduce us; we are a company that do natural stone and cementitious resin Terrazzos right in our very own premises in Singapore! Below are some pictures of our samples from our collection. Do check our own FB and Instagram page for some of our works done! FB: Kwix Solutions Instagram: @kwixsolutions Do follow us our pages for more latest updates and designs! PM me for any enquiries, thanks!
  11. Hi, we are from Kwix Solutions! Firstly, I would like to introduce us; we are a company that do natural stone and cementitious resin Terrazzos right in our very own premises in Singapore! Below are some pictures of our samples from our collection. Do check out our FB and Instagra, page for some of our works done! FB: Kwix Solutions Instagram: @kwixsolutions Do follow us on our pages for more latest updates and designs! PM me for any enquiries, thanks!
  12. Hi, we are from Kwix Solutions! Firstly, I would like to introduce us; we are a company that do natural stone and cementitious Resin Terrazzos right in our very own premises in Singapore! Below are some pictures of our samples from our collection. Do check out our FB and Instagram page for some of our works done! FB: Kwix Solutions Instagram: @kwixsolutions Do follow us on our pages for more latest updates and designs! PM me for any enquiries, thanks!
  13. Hi everyone, Any one hear of this Renovation Portal? it is "ruhu.sg". Claimed to sign in directly to Sub-contractors' Bidding Panel for a cheaper, at least 15% cheaper, than from other Designers' price.
  14. Your One-Stop Sound Insulation Window Specialist Fortuna Soundproof Windows specialise in Singapore Residential Homes to provide quality premium Soundproof Windows and Doors Solutions. Ranging from double glazing, triple glazing, built in blind system, multiple locking system, tinted and low-e glass. Till date, we have more than 800 households with our premium windows and doors. Our starred window profile: UPVC (Unplasticised PolyVinyl Chloride) is widely used in Europe region because of its excellent soundproofing and heat reduction properties. Our product testing have records to show that our STC rating can attain 41STC and help our customers to reduce noise from 80decibels to an average of 40-50 decibel reading. Our premium product also comes with an extended warranty as compared to Aluminium Windows that are light-weight and less durable. How Soundproof Works? In a nutshell, a good soundproof windows requires UPVC window profile that has 4-6 chambers within ; double - triple glass glazing ; 3 to 5 point locking mechanism to keep the window gasket shut tightly when locked, premium accessories (handle, window arm, screws, gasket) that is more durable in warm and humid countries. Lastly, the team of dedicated installer that has more than 25 years of experience in installing windows and doors. What is uPVC uPVC is an Unplasticised Polyvinvyl Chloride and mainly used in doors and windows. The advantages of uPVC are far more superior to aluminium. What does it mean by having double, triple or more glazed windows? Window can come in number of glazed windows. An increased of panes glass can result in more effective and efficient purpose of removing noise and dispersing loss of heat. Right on time when we were done installing. Here's a video of our soundproof door doing its magic by cancelling the rain noise. Built in Blind Why do people want to soundproof their home? Because they want to get rid of these problems: 1) Unwanted noise 2) Insomnia 3) Sudden & loud noise 4) Bring adverse health issues Decibels (DB) is used to measure the intensity of a sound. Our humans’ ears are incredible sensitive and higher db can harm your ears. If you are staying at this area shown here, we recommend you soundproof your home as to have some peace and enjoyment. Each and every product is customized based on measurement and your personalization. They are all hand made in house that we take full pride for it. We guarantee quality and satisfaction. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can contact us through our: ⓕFB: https://www.facebook.com/FortunaWindow ?Website : http://www.fortunawindow.com/ ?Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fortunawind0w/ ?Email: Sales@fortunawindow.com ☎️Phone: 6453-5555 Or visit our showroom at 10 Kaki Bukit Road 1, KB Industrial Building #03-22 (Level 2). Please contact before coming to avoid disappointment. Example of the Installment done HDB Corridor Casement Open Inwards with Built in Blinds Condominium 3/4 Height UPVC Windows BTO Open Inwards Landed Property- Full Height Soundproof Windows Resale HDB Kitchen UPVC Windows HDB UPVC Double Glazed Casement Window Series
  15. Have just finished my home reno works recently, mine is a 5room resale. However before tht I have been spending about 3 months looking for ID with lowest quote and all. I happened to came across this ID Belle during a event at gain city. So we had a small discussion and she asked for my number to follow up with me. Infact I have forgotten to reply her for about a week as I was really busy with work. But she was really patience, a few ID that I have met didn't even bother to follow up with me. When I tell her about my requirements, she was v honest, she told me what is necessary to do and what is not. Honestly her quote wasn't the lowest one but during the discussion I felt that she was able to understand what I want, and it allows me to have a better understanding on which area to spent on. And for the v least she is v responsive. I was really comfortable with her and decided to go with her as my ID after doing some research on interior times. Everything went well during the reno, there are some Minor issues but Belle is v efficient with handling and getting back to me with either a solution or alternative, I really appreciate the hard work she have put in. Overall I'm glad that to have her as my ID, as there is no renovation night mare for me hahah.
  16. Hi all! i am new in the forum, but have been following for a few months now. Just recently signed up just to share my humble experience in my reno journey. My 4rm BTO flat have been completed. I was lucky to have chanced upon this ID through our friend's recommendation. We fall in love with their proposal concept for our home and they understood clearly on the things we required like being space-savy with the looks of alittle zen/ scandi themed. They are actually a small start up company with her and her few partners with years of experience in this field. They are very knowledgeable on the renovation details and are able to point out concerns before construction and to advise better alternatives for us to choose from. It has been 3 months since the renovation is completed. My ID is still very helpful whenever there are any minor issues. Just sharing this experience as it has been a positive experience with her. Do let me know if anyone here is interested! She is also providing free consultation and advises even if you are not engaging them.
  17. Designing your ultimate kitchen should be a rewarding experience. After you have gathered ideas for your kitchen from a variety of sources, the fun begins when you start to actually incorporate all the different design ideas into a coherent picture of your perfect kitchen. Furniture, interior design, modern residence, modern, house, sofa, table, kitchen, interview, modern home, modern design, 3d interior designers, 3d interior rendering services, offices interior designer, interior design studio, interior design firms, interior design for home, 3d interior modeling, interior concept drawings, architectural design home plans, residential interior design studio.
  18. Hi everyone, we have been following renotalk for a couple of months now, and would like to first of all thank everyone for being so gracious as to share their stories so we first-timers know what to expect. Which is why my hubby and I thought why not share our journey with others too! After reading about the ups and downs many couples face, we are honestly very worried about how this will turn out. We don't have exactly a huge budget also.... So we finally got our keys to our new place at Dawson! Love love love the estate and how the flat actually looks so much like an EC Anyway, back to topic of choosing our id. Think we've read a little bit too much over the past few months until the point where we got confused... so in the end, we decided to go with the safest choice which is with the id who did my bestfriend's house. Their house is so incredibly well-done and we're really hoping ours will turn out just as well! *cross fingers* Plus, it was pretty reasonable considering everything was handled for by our id! During our first consultation with the id, we were asked what kind of look and feel do we like. After doing some research on pinterest/ the internet, we showed our id what we are looking for and specifically told him we want something "artistic yet cosy" you know how some places are really chic looking and stuff but not comfortable? We thought that's not how a house is supposed to be, if it's not cosy, the house is not really a home right? Haha. Here are some of the pics we drew inspiration from! Of course we're not expecting it to come out exactly like that la. Got to work within the budget... People please feel free to share with us some tips ok, we are beginning reno phase v v v soon, so any tips are well appreciated! 10Q!
  19. I got to know this company :Country Concept through my friend's newly renovated house. Those photos are from her house, not mine. I was awed by such craftsmanship when i visited her house. As you can see, it was really well done therefore i decided to go down to the showroom at Tanjong Katong Complex to ask for a quotation. I told them I do not want the old country style and they assured me with their portfolio of recent projects which are mainly a fusion of modern and country style,( one example would be my friend's house) .They also explained to me and my wife the difference between them and others. Their pricing included everything from building of the cabinet doors from quality wood , carcass , painting , finishing which means the kitchen will be mostly completed by them rather than a plainly 'carcass look' by other firms. They studied our floor plan and accepted our custom designs for tables and chair and told us our quotation will be ready in three days. Cant' wait for them to get back to me ! Do check them out @ their facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/countryconcept/
  20. Renovation a room or space in your house? We want to help! Beach House Pictures is offering a very limited offer of Free Interior Design services and Free Labour/Contractors for all works - Potentially saving you thousands of dollars from your renovation. Interested? Email joe@beachhousepictures.com with a brief description of your renovation idea! Good Luck. Joe
  21. A beautifully designed room built around the conceptual idea of a black and white simplistic modern design which also reimburses itself in classical abstract lines. The contrast in lighting helps with bringing out the details of the room from the art pieces and interior decor material. Spotlights help bring out a gallery perspective on the elements of the room and can be seen to be a good way of completing the experience A stunning set of classical furniture flavored with artistic elements which are used to highlight the atmosphere of the room without taking too much away from the cleanliness aspect of the whole picture. Even the kitchen has an artistic feel to it that is thrown out of place with the floral-abstract wallpaper contrast and the use of a black fridge. The bunk bed is built in and non-removable with a hard thick design that matches the environment of the whole home. Opposing walls are textured or painted differently to bring out contra without much distraction from the main purity theme of the overall design. We can see here again that subtle black and white decor is the best preference to keep everything in line with the main theme of the design. Lastly, we have a slightly darker shade of wallpaper with a repeated square pattern housing abstract art and design cues from energy and nature.
  22. Decofest.in offers luxurious traditional and contemporary curtains. Made with natural fabrics such as cotton/linen blends, cotton, silk, jute, as well as faux silk, dressing your windows with Decofest window fashions has never been easier. These striking window treatments will enhance your room decor and provide both form and function that will suit your taste and practical needs. An online stop for your home decor. VISIT US @ http://www.decofest.in/ https://www.facebook.com/Decofest-1611787725508733/ https://twitter.com/decofestweb https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQSGIcx6ZM0&feature=youtu.be https://plus.google.com/u/0/112889744589083842678 https://medium.com/@rohitlakshmi/decofest-online-shopping-925cc0d99ded https://wordpress.com/view/decofestonlineshopping.wordpress.com https://decofestin.weebly.com/ https://decofest-online.jimdo.com/ https://decofestonlineshopping.yolasite.com/ https://rohitlakshmi.wixsite.com/decofest
  23. JoeBHP

    Renovating a Room?

    Renovation a room or space in your house? We want to help! Beach House Pictures is offering a very limited offer of Free Interior Design services and Free Labour/Contractors for all works - Potentially saving you thousands of dollars from your renovation. Interested? Email joe@beachhousepictures.com with a brief description of your renovation idea! Good Luck. Joe
  24. Dear Homeowner, You are cordially invited to our upcoming event in partnership with Mezel Galerie. Meet 5 interior designers and take part in our home makeover lucky draw worth up to $50,000*. So come on down with your family to Discover more on home renovations & products and have a fun time doing so! Event: RenoTalk Discover @ Mezel Galerie Dec 2017 Date: 16 - 17 Dec 2017 Time: 4pm - 8pm Location: Mezel Galerie 9 Scotts Road #02-17 Pacific Plaza, Singapore 208767 Admission Fee: FREE RSVP : Click to join us! Looking Forward, RenoTalk
  25. Now that finally my house is fully renovated, I can share my reno experience with many newlywed couples out there. To begin with, my house in Punggol is really small and doesnt seem to tally with the price i paid! Lighting Shopping Like many folks, I went to Balestier Rd and Jalan Sultan to shop for my lightings, and o yes, even JB. JB has slightly cheaper lighting but limited designs. There is a whole array of lighting, ranging from traditional no-design lights to designer lightings in Balestier and JS. But I would say the prices there are really steep. Thankfully, my designer friend recommended me a local online shop selling very beautiful lights. But the only bad thing is that I dont get to see the physical product myself. However, I was assured by my designer friend that the online shop sells exactly the same products as some of the shops along Balestier and the quality is not bad. The prices they offered are really much cheaper than the shops in Balestier, about 50-300 bucks less for same lighting! But, the online shop does not have many choices on ceiling lights. In the end, I got 2 lightings from the online shop and 3 ceiling lights from the shop in JS. Service. The shop in JS is big. But I feel it lacks of quality service. The shop salesperson refused to test the lights for me on the spot but told me that I could bring in to change if the lighting cannot work. On the day of installation, my contractor found that one of the ballasts was not working. Luckily, my kind contractor changed the ballast for me FOC, otherwise, I have to carry it back to get it repaired and carry back again! On the other hand, the online shop person assured me the day prior to delivery that all my lightings are working via pictures on whatapps. The quality of the products is good and I am thankful that I didnt get chopped by the bloodsuckers in Balestier! ID Firms Many ID firms are expensive especially those that advertise a lot. Personally, I find that the interior design of a home has to be thoroughly discussed with the contractor/designer. I heard some generalise the scope of work and demand for more money after work. So please be kiasu and be more specific with the scope. I am fortunate to have my close friend as a designer and we have many discussions together. Through her, I was able to get cheaper renovation works as compared to other ID firms (apparently she has her own contractors!). She knows exactly what I want and I am very satisfied with the job. All the best, home owners!