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  1. If you're a Singapore homeowner with a house in Johor and considering a kitchen upgrade, I've got a great tip for you. Finding reliable cabinet and countertop specialists in Johor can be a headache, but I recently discovered AmpQuartz and had an amazing experience. Let me tell you why I recommend AmpQuartz: Singapore Sensibilities: They get what Singapore homeowners want. Their designs are on-trend and they focus on quality and functionality. Reliable and Organized: Unlike many Johor contractors, these guys have a very systemized approach. No missed deadlines or unexpected hiccups – everything was smooth sailing. Factory-Direct with a Showroom: You get the best of both worlds – competitive pricing since they're a direct factory, but the kind of customer experience you expect from a retail showroom. Customer-Centric: AmpQuartz genuinely cares about making the renovation process as stress-free as possible. This matters a lot when you're dealing with a project in a different country! I know a lot of us here have properties in Johor. If you want the look and quality of a Singapore kitchen renovation without the hassle, give AmpQuartz a try. They showroom: https://www.waze.com/live-map/directions/my/johor/ulu-tiram/ampquartz-kitchen-cabinet-johor?to=place.ChIJ664CAr1u2jERQMPtTgdE6Tg Contact them directly: https://wa.link/ampquartz Anyone else have experience with AmpQuartz or other Johor-based kitchen specialists that cater well to Singaporeans? Let's share our tips and recommendations!
  2. Recently i bought my kitchen appliances from rely.sg i paid over installment Anyone knows about any other place i can buy items and pay over installment? I don't have credit card
  3. Renotalk experts please help.. My 1 week old kitchen cabinet laminate looks horrible! The tiny piece on the catalogue is so different when it's place on the cabinets itself... What can I do? Can i paint over the laminates? Can I just re-laminate it myself? Any recommendation on carpenters to do re lamination at a good price? on a tight budget now. Very very upset :_ (
  4. Hi all: From what I saw, almost every kitchen in Singapore made the cement base(around 50mm) for Kitchen cabinet. Then just left the cabinet on top. I went to Ikea and I noticed Ikea kitchen cabinets were designed with legs & cover plate. The cabinet sits on the legs so below cabinet is empty. And install cover plate around the outer side below. So you won't seen the legs. Obviously, I know the cement base will prevent water to damage the cabinet, and prevent dust so cleaning will be easy. But the design with leg and plate can do the same thing. The cover will prevent dust and it can be sealed also. I am doing renovation for kitchen. Currently I am thinking if it is possible to tile floor all flat without the cabinet base. Then my cabinet will use legs and cover plate. This will allows me to have more options in future. Such as if I want to change cabinet or want to relocated something in my kitchen. There is no need to replace all floor tiles. I went to Guang Zhou and some places have high humidity and have similar bugs like Singapore. I saw all the kitchen never make the cement base. For my thinking, the base seems not necessary. Is there any bad effects if don't make the base? Please share about you opinion.
  5. Hi Everyone!!! I want to apply for renovation loan but I don't know if I am eligible. 1) Basic Salary: $2600 Gross $6k-$9k per month. 2) I just work with the current company for 9 months only. Before I join this company I worked as a freelance(no payslip). Cpf contribution only show 9 months. 3) I had checked my credit bureau report it shows GX. No outstanding loan with any banks. 4) Will the bank need 12 month payslip? 5) My gross pay for 9 months of work already reach $58k My ID quote me $40k to renovate the whole 5 room house. Anyone knows how the bank calculate or any chance bank will approved my renovation loan? Thank-you. 31/07/2020
  6. Hi all! I have recently purchased a resale HDB and I’m starting renovation soon with a contractor. Everything about the house is perfect for me except the kitchen that is odd shape. Does anyone have the same shape of kitchen? If yes, how did you design it (can share some photos)? I have seen some designs where owners just built carpentry along the longer side of the kitchen (circled in red), however the space will not be sufficient for me as I have quite a lot of appliances such as oven and microwave etc. Would like to hear some suggestions from people who have odd shape kitchen similar to mine. Thank you!
  7. The Definitive Kitchen Guide 2018; A biblical guide on kitchen design and renovation! Everything from DIY to immaculate self centered design choices, we’ve got you covered. Check out our roundup on all the “HOW-TOs” to your kitchen curiosities. HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST STONE FOR YOUR KITCHEN Which natural stone is actually the best option for the kitchen countertop? Check out this to know 8 Pros and Cons of materials used in making the countertop. Choosing installations for your kitchen that could give rise to a contemporary aura has always been a challenge. In fact, the most significant elements in the kitchen are the ones easily neglected. Back in the days, the kitchen was always designed to be a confined and isolated space. Today, people want a spacious and comfortable kitchen not only for cooking, but to allow a better flow in spatial change between the rooms of the house. Contemporary kitchens are the trend to follow and it is what the world is looking at right now. A minimalist layout with the simplicity of the color choices for the room defines a contemporary room. But to create a functional and modern kitchen is not as easy as it sound. Here are a few essential elements to emphasize while designing your desired contemporary kitchen. COUNTERTOPS Your countertop covers most of the surfaces in your kitchen. So it plays a big role in the overall design and the functionality of the kitchen. A high quality of countertop will not only make your kitchen chores more enjoyable, but also liven up your kitchen with style. Great countertop surfaces such as the high density quartz stones also possess intrinsic characteristics of being non-porous (thus resistant to harmful bacteria), making it a safe hygienic choice for your family, especially if you have small children. Credits: Tedid.com.sg WALLS The walls contribute the base color of the room. So the choice of color is critical, a slight change in color will leave the room with a totally different visual impact. Light colors are typically used as the base color to provide the simplicity and minimalism. But there are people who prefer to give some sophistication to the walls with the choice of wood series walls. Aside from the visual aspect, the qualities we find in kitchen walls are their resistance to stains and moisture. It is important to choose walls with a warm, appealing ambiance while being sustainable. FLOORING Like other elements in the kitchen, the qualities we desire for the flooring are also its resistance to moisture, scratches, and stains. The practical usage of the floor is important but it does not have to be dull and boring. With the right pattern and color of flooring, it will give your kitchen a refreshing and clean look. The color of the floor decides the mood of the room. Darker colors prompt a more classic presence while lighter colors achieve the effect of minimalism. In addition, the right flooring allows a smoother interconnection between the rooms in your home. Credits: Decorpad.com CABINETS Both cabinets and countertops act as the highlights of the room, bringing a strong visual impact. The choice of colors for the cabinets and countertops are usually countered to further strengthen the visual shock and create the contemporary atmosphere. Black and white are mostly preferred, but the combination of gray or dark brown wooden series and white also produces an impressive yet welcoming ambiance. Practically speaking, storage is the main purpose of installing cabinets. Although some might neglect the usage of the cabinets and care only for the appearance, but they will soon realize its importance when they want some basic parameters to separate wines from knives. SINK Any chef or home cook will know that the pre and post cooking take most of the time. So a practically designed sink will really come in handy during food preparation and cleaning. The maintenance aspect is what we should be considering while choosing a sink for your kitchen. The sink must be easy to clean and does not retain moisture, hindering the growth of algae and clotting of dirt in hard to reach spots. The appearance of the sink must also be modern to match with the whole room. A coupled marble or quartz countertop for the sink will be a perfect choice for a contemporary kitchen. Overall, the sink has to be spic and span, as well as stylish and sophisticated at all times. Before designing your kitchen, the first thing you should do is budgeting. Fridge and cabinets are what you really need. But if you cook very often, go for the best installations, and take that as an investment in yourself and your family. A feature wall or an accent wall is a wall that’s made to look unique from the rest of the house. Through the use of a wide range of materials, feature walls are an amazing way of making a space feel truly special, embodying the persona of the homeowner that few other ways can. HOW TO GET THE RIGHT WALLS FOR YOUR KITCHEN & HOME 1. WOOD VENEERS FEATURE WALL Made from thin slices of wood glued onto a core panel, wood veneers have always been a favorite with homeowners looking for a warm and natural look. The quality and durability of wood veneers vary a lot depending on the material used. Some individuals prefer wood veneers because of its low ecological impact and non-toxicity (unless treated). Credits: Wood veneer feature wall, 27estore.com 2. WALLPAPERS FEATURE WALL The most inexpensive option on our list, wallpapers are highly customizable and can be used to fit a wide variety of styles. Some wallpapers even come with textures and do a decent job at mimicking more expensive materials. Wallpapers today are made using a number of techniques including gravure printing, surface printing, rotary printing and digital printing. Exceptionally high-quality prints, sometimes called graphic panels, can look really impressive. There are a few downsides to wallpaper, however. Fancy as they are, wallpapers look pretty dull compared to other materials. To make matters worse, wallpapers don’t stand up well to moisture and hot climates and will start peeling or fading quickly. 3. MARBLE FEATURE WALL Elegant and classy, thin slabs or bricks of marble are the perfect feature wall material for kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms. Marble gives off a clean but dramatic look that’s impossible to achieve through any other way. The catch? High-quality marble is expensive and requires special maintenance to keep its shine going. Goes well with ceramic bathrooms. 4. SLATE/STONE VENEER FEATURE WALL Stone veneers are made by either pouring a lightweight concrete into a polymer base which is then coloured to look like real stone, or manufactured by layering a thin piece of stone onto a composite base. They are relatively inexpensive compared to natural stone and come in a variety of designs and colours. The disadvantages? Stone veneers aren’t as tough as natural stone, and eco-conscious individuals will not be happy with the amount of waste that’s associated with its production. 5. FIBER METAL FEATURE WALL Typically made by bonding metal layers to a composite base, fiber metal panel laminates combine high durability into a shiny package and are highly resistant to metal fatigue, impact, corrosion and fire. Fiber metal panels are also lightweight which helps them stay attached to the walls better. 6. SOLID PHENOLIC PANELS Made from paper soaked in heat-resistant resins and reinforced with cellulose fibres under high pressure, solid phenolic panels are a solid choice that will not disappoint. Non-porous and resistant to damage from moisture and heat exposure and affordable, solid phenolic panels are the go-to choice for practicality. In addition, solid phenolic panels are excellent noise barriers and provide a decent level of noise reduction in closely packed apartment spaces. 7. FABRIC FEATURE WALL Often overlooked by the average homeowner, fabrics are another highly customizable option that can be super personalized. Sharing some similarities to wallpaper, fabrics vary greatly in cost, aesthetics and durability depending on its type. Keep in mind that fabrics, however, that fabrics can be difficult to clean if they get dirty and have a tendency to grow moldy if exposed to moisture and humidity (the number one reason why it’s not too popular here). 8. VENETIAN PLASTER FINISH Made from a mixture of slaked lime and marble dust, Venetian plaster finishes, when done right, look absolutely stunning. The material attaches itself well to drywall, wood, tile, cement or brick walls and dries to a solid hardness. It is also easy to maintain: plaster dries quickly and its color comes from the pigments mixed into itwhich doesn’t fade like paint does. Non-toxic and all-natural, plaster is also eco-friendly choice that’s naturally insulating and anti-bacterial with its high pH. Feel free to give us a call or email for any inquiries! Visit SevenKonzept to get services and tips of Interior Designs. HOW TO ARRANGE YOUR KITCHEN NEATLY You’ve gone through the hassle of hunting, designing, and bargaining for the perfect kitchen top. You enjoy cooking and baking for your family every day, and showing off your gorgeous kitchen to your friends and relatives during their short visits and special occasions. But we both know there’s the other side of the coin… the tiring housekeeping to keep your luxury kitchen top in perfect condition always. Well, if you’ve been spending too much time and energy daily trying to keep your kitchen spick-and-span, here are 13 nifty storage hacks to keep your kitchen top tidy and beautiful always… 1. SPICE SHELVES UNDER YOUR UPPER CABINETS If you cook frequently, one of the biggest sources of clutter on your kitchen top would be the spices. Instead of scattering them around, or just chucking them into a drawer, you can actually have a simple shelving to store them right under your upper cabinets. This way, you’re making full use of the empty space between the upper kitchen cabinets and your kitchen top. It is so much easier to reach them while you’re busy cooking — and in fact, when placed nicely, they’ll become part of your “kitchen decoration” too. 2. CURTAIN ROD WITH HOOKS FOR KITCHEN UTENSILS Now, this is a handy kitchen storage hack we love. You can DIY this very easily by repurposing an old curtain rod and some simple hooks to hang your arsenal of kitchen utensils, and even some mini pots and pans. It’s a great way to save space on your kitchen top and make full use of your kitchen backsplash. Plus, it’s definitely easier to grab the utensils you want from the hooks – than from a messy bunch in a dish basket (whether it is to rush a quick meal, to fend off a villain – or to intimidate your mischievous kids). 3. FLOATING SHELVES AT THE SIDE OF YOUR KITCHEN CABINETS This is one mini kitchen storage hack that most homeowners would not think of — the simple additions offloating shelves at the side of your lovely kitchen cabinets, whether you have a minimalist or luxury kitchen cabinet set. In fact, when done properly, these floating shelves can truly beautify your kitchen cabinet. While giving you highly useful storage space, whether it’s for your cooking pots and pans, spices, recipe books. Or even just for you to place some pots of greenery for a soothing ambience (or even some art pieces to give your kitchen more character). Now, if you’re renovating or remodeling your kitchen soon, be sure to include this in your design… and let your friends and loved ones marvel at your ingenuity! 4. PULL-OUT UTENSIL BIN Know that awkward and irritating space at the corner of your L-shape cabinet? Well, you can actually make good use of this pesky corner by building a pull-out utensil bin. No more blood-boiling moments of struggling to reach for your stuff in the dark corner, no more accumulation of dust and infestation of cockroaches… because now you’ll be happy to keep your frequently-used utensils there. 5. KITCHEN CABINET LAZY SUSAN Another alternative of fully utilizing your pesky L-shape kitchen cabinet corner is to use the Lazy Susan there to store your cookware for easy retrieval. We’ve known a number of homeowners who prefer to hide their cookware than displaying them, whether it’s placing them on the kitchen top or hanging them on hooks. Of course, instead of storing your cookware, you can choose to keep other stuff like your dry goods here (but no tidbits, please — you wouldn’t want to risk the invasion by rodents, insects… and of course, your sneaky little kids). 6. THE HANDY WIDE SHALLOW BASKET Well, sometimes keeping things stupid and simple is the best way to go. No need for fancy ideas to show your organizational prowess, or European designer racks to show off your taste for great style. That said, having a simple rattan or bamboo wide shallow basket on your kitchen top allows to you chuck your frequently-used utensils, spices, and garnishing all in one place. Besides being a quick and easy storage, this nifty basket can also add a rustic feel to your kitchen. 7. OVER-THE-SINK DISH RACKS This next kitchen storage hack can literally save your time (and your family’s lives). Besides saving you prep space on your kitchen countertop, these elegant over-the-sink dish racks can eliminate the hassle of wiping the dishes and ,of course, you’ll have fewer chances of breaking any dishes. More importantly, (now this is the life-saving part) you wouldn’t have a mosquito infestation problem (compared to chucking your dishes in a regular rack on your countertop). 8. KITCHEN WINDOW SHELVES This next storage hack is another mini ingenuity. But use this only if you have another window or a back door for fire escape ya… Because it involves installing a few shelves inside your kitchen windows to provide extra storage spacefor your cookware and dishes. This hack alone can save you tons of space on your kitchen countertop — you’ll love this if you’re a minimalist. In fact, it is a splendid addition if you have some beautiful china or fancy European cookware you wish to flaunt. If you have little kids, these simple shelves can drastically reduce the chances of them playing with your fragile dishes and causing a havoc when you’re not looking. 9. KITCHEN ISLAND WITH OPEN STORAGE If you are planning to have a kitchen island, make full use of the space by installing shelves inside the island — so you can stash your cookware, recipe books, and other kitchen items easily. You can even place your favorite tropical fruits like bananas, pineapples, watermelons, or dragon fruits there, to encourage your kids to love fruits more and also add a touch of nature (and splashes of colors) to liven up your kitchen. 10. KITCHEN APPLIANCE GARAGE If you have quite a few appliances such as the coffee maker, blender, mixer, or toaster, then you should consider installing an appliance garage. Because this mini garage will help keep your kitchen top clutter-free in no time, and it’s always wise to keep these dangerous appliances from your kids. You can choose to conceal them entirely — or if you have a small kitchen, go for the classy translucent design which will make your kitchen look more spacious. 11. OVER-THE-SINK CHOPPING BOARD This is a no-brainer for savvy housewives, but it’s worth a mention since it’s a great hack to expand your countertop space, albeit temporarily. There are a variety of designs for this type of large over-the-sink chopping board, and you can get them easily (and cheaply) online from Amazon or Aliexpress. 12. ADDITIONAL SHELVING FOR MICROWAVE OVEN This is another useful hack to free up more space on your kitchen top… the perfect placement of something that you don’t use that much (though some may say it’s something they can’t live without) – the microwave oven. As most of us rarely fill up our upper cabinets, it’s a wise move to allocate a small portion of it for the microwave oven. It looks great, you get to look smart for using this hack, and your little kids won’t have the chance to put any metal cutlers inside and blow up your kitchen! 13. MAGNETIC KNIFE STRIP Ok, we’re down to the final kitchen storage hack here – the magnetic knife strip. This is a great way to avoid bacteria infestation (compared to keeping your knives in a wooden knife block). Plus, it’ll look super cool on your gorgeous kitchen backsplash. And best of all, it’s so much easier to grab (and return) your knives. Just make sure you place them at asafe height where your children cannot reach them. Alright then, we hope you’ve enjoyed (and will be using) some of these hacks to free up more space on your kitchen top and in your kitchen cabinets. Now you can keep your kitchen clutter-free and beautiful always with much less effort (and frustrations). That means more time and energy for tender loving care ya! If you need any super cool advice on home improvement, kitchen renovation, countertop selection, marble polishing, or anything at all… feel free to contact our friendly kitchen top consultants at Stone Amperor. We’re always here for you ya! We are excited to announce the launch of our customer loyalty program that comes with some awesome perks you’ll love. Hit us up at +65 8816 4404, or visit us at Primz Bizhub #02-06 to find out more today
  8. Are you looking for a medium type grill machine? Even though it is small in size, but its efficiency is tremendous? Then you have come to the right place. Today We are discussing two such grill machines. One is the Broil king baron 420, and the other is the Weber Spirit E-310. Both are grand for you. Broil king baron 420 vs weber Spirit II E-310 are both the best outdoor grills because they cook the meat minutely. However, these are not the largest or fastest heating grills. However, these allow you to retain heat for a long time. They evaporate the drippings for a great barbecue flavor. This grill has a Flavor-R-Wave cooking system that protects your burners and gives your cooking an incredible taste. These are made of stainless steel, which is very easy to clean. You can use their dual-tube burners for cooking evenly from front to back. Broil king baron 420 vs weber Spirit II E-310 are highly efficient grill machines, and users love every moment spent with them. There is a complete explanation about these affordable and reasonable quality grills. If you are interested in this, your journey can end with a good quality durable grill. Is Broil King Baron 420 Better Than Weber Spirit II E – 310? Although the Broil King Baron 420 Vs Weber Spirit II E-310 comes with two almost identical features, some exclusive features of the Baron 420 distinguish between the two. Although it is small to look at, it has come up with an extraordinary performance. There are negligible differences between the two in terms of BTUs, heat supply across the region and operational aspects. But the advanced technology of Broil king Baron 420 is leading us towards this. So most users prefer Weber Spirit E – 310 to Broil King Baron 420. · One of the features of Broil King Baron 420 is that it brings Flav – R – Wave Cook System. Which protects the burners and evaporates any juice very quickly, and gives your cooking a great taste. · It comes with a linear – flow valve – gives you the perfect temperature for whatever you cook and BBQing. · It also brings 180 degrees Sensi – Touch System – which gives you unparalleled control over temperature. · With these features, it has a cast iron grill Great – which is notched, and it helps you hold the juice of a juicer product. · It also has 4 stainless steel dual burners that give you 40,000 BTUs. What Are The Difference Between Broil King Baron 420 Vs Weber Spirit II E – 310? Dimensions Although there are some similarities between broil king baron 420 vs weber spirit e 310 grills, they also have some structural differences. For example, Baron 420 has dimension 57 “L x 24” W x 45.5 “H and Spirit E – 310 has dimension 52” L x 27 “W x 44.5” H. Although they are small in size, their performance is impressive. Flav-R-Wave Cook System You only get this great feature on the Broil King Baron 420 grill. It brings incredible taste to your food. This system protects your burners. Moreover, the juice that falls during the cooking of meat immediately evaporates. And that makes your food more appealing. Linear-flow valve and 160-sense touch system You get Linear-flow valve and 160-sense touch system on the Baron 420 grill, but you don’t get it on the Spirit E – 310 grill. This way, you will basically get the perfect temperature in your cooking and get unparalleled control to keep the temperature. Frequently Asked Questions About Broil King Baron 420 Vs Weber Spirit II E – 310 Q: Can Baron 420 grill cook the front and back equally? A: Of course, because with their burners, you can cook evenly from front to back. You can also get fully cooked food. Q: Does Weber Spirit II E – 310supply heat throughout the region? A: Of course, it has a stainless steel cooking system. Which distributes heat evenly over the entire surface of the grill. Q: Will the grills be durable? A: You will be happy to know that you get a 10-year limited warranty with the grills. They are also made of stainless steel and cast iron grid which helps to keep your grill durable for a long time. Q: Can broil King Baron 420 heat food faster? A: Negotiable though it is not a quick heating grill. However, it gives you the advantage of retaining heat for a long time. Final Thoughts Every user wants a handsome and long lasting product. Both broil King Baron 420 Vs weber Spirit E – 310 give you longer lasting material than the rest. They will give you the best class cooking and impressive temperature control. Through these burners you can cook evenly from front to back so that you can get fully cooked food. Although they are small in size, their efficiency is super severe. Its compact design is enchanting, it saves space and is great for your counter. Their 10 year warranty has made them treasurable. So these may be the best value for your money.
  9. We met up with Field on June 12 to discuss works for kitchen carpentry, bed frames, room doors and book shelf. He appeared professional and led the conversation efficiently. At wrap-up, he said he is very busy at the moment and will need two weeks to prepare the quotation, which we agreed. As a follow-up, I also sent him a picture of our preferred bed frame a day after our meeting, to which he did not reply. Three weeks later, I sent him a message and asked if the quotation is ready. He did not reply. At the end of the week, I sent him another message and asked if he is still interested with our business, and requested him to give me an answer either way. Both messages were written with good tone. He did not reply. The next week, after calling him multiple times to no avail, I called his sister, Lane for help. She gave a weak apology and said will check with her brother. For the whole day, I did not receive any reply from him and he did not answer any of my calls. I got upset only when my calls started to go to voice mail. Thinking he might have blocked my call, I asked my sister to call him on her mobile as it is unknown to him. Amazingly, he answered and even agreed to an appointment on the same evening under the impression that this is a new business prospect. He was surprised when we showed up at the door but he immediately gave an apology as he perfectly understand his lack of service. During our conversation, I explained my disappointment to him and said I had expected him to have professionalism, take responsibility and maintain communication. We were perfectly fine if he could not take our request but all we want is a word from him. Although he apologized, it was insincere as he put it very clearly to us that we should not expect any of the "common manners" from him as other contractors are other contractors. He is himself. He works alone. He is overworked. He can't meet our timeline. Current customers whom have exchanged money with him are the most important and we are not. We should not expect professionalism or maintaining of contact with him as it is what other people do. He has his own style. So basically the message is, he has already apologized to us. What else do we want from him? This is exactly the millennial mindset and attitude that is utterly frustrating these days. Do not expect them taking responsibility as customers should pity them instead. Remember! If you did not exchange money with them, you are not important.
  10. Brand New Sealed Philips Airfryer Premium XXL Model: HD9654 Digital control, 5 preset, keep warm function, quick control Price: $350 Self collect @ Jurong West Street 64 or Boon Lay MRT
  11. Dear all.. I wanted to have a kitchen door but the kitchen entrance is round at the top and look something like the picture. Will the frame all look like this, I saw this pic from the web. Can anyone share picture if your kitchen door look like that? https://ibb.co/0YXn2bP Thank you.
  12. Hi!!! Anyone has good recommendations for contractors? I’m planning to do some minor renovations for 4 room bto. Please share with me here cos girl needs some help for the first time 🤗 Thank you!!!
  13. For those considering direct Contractors vs ID, you may want to consider my contractor who has done a great job for me at very good contractor prices. The designs as shown which I asked a few IDs and they say it cannot be done. I was a bit hesitant at first, even at the last moment till I saw his other job sites. Look at the pictures for my house and his other job sites. Wow!
  14. You’ve probably heard a million things about the pros and cons of Quartz countertops. Some praise its virtues as if they were the physical manifestation of everything right about the world. However, on the other end of the spectrum you’ll hear enough of how bad it is that it’d paint anyone as a fool for even considering. Well, business propaganda and marketing bias aside, the truth, as always, is somewhere in between. Whether it’s quartz, granite or solid surface, choosing the right material depends on your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences, so it’s prudent to understand both the ups and downs” THE PROS Although its name might lead you to think of natural stone, the quartz we’re talking about here is really an engineered composite. It combines a high percentage of crushed quartz (about 90 to 94 percent) with a binding polymer resin to create something that has the best of natural stone and synthetics (e.g. solid surface, laminates). With that in mind, let’s explore the primary pros and cons of quartz countertops: 1. NON-POROUS – HYGIENIC, STAIN RESISTANT AND EASY TO CLEAN. Unlike natural stones that contain microscopic pores over its entire surface, the resin in between the crushed quartz bits evenly fill out the gaps and surface.This makes quartz countertops very resistant to stains as liquids and pigments won’t seep in and cause a mess, unlike natural stone. It also makes cleaning easier since any mess or spills simply glide off the surface. More important, however, is that non-porous quartz countertops are highly anti-microbial, a desirable characteristic where hygiene is a concern. Without gaps or spaces (pores) for microorganisms to latch on, it significantly inhibits their ability to grow and form colonies. Many common bacteria, such as staphylococcus aureus (which you can find living on your own skin!) produce dangerous toxins that are difficult to destroy. Therefore it is DEFINITELY in your best interest to not let them breed in the first place. In the worst case scenarios, pores can trap liquids in between a solid surface – making it the perfect place for many common types of bacteria to start building biofilms. This is a real problem since biofilms protect the bacteria and can make getting rid of them a gazillion times harder than it should. 2. HEAT-RESISTANT (~204 DEGREES CELSIUS). Compared to other synthetic-based options, such as solid surface and laminate, quartz will not bend and warp if it were to come into contact with hot objects. In addition, burn marks on quartz countertops can be repaired by sanding down the surface. This isn’t possible with solid surface or laminated countertops, which would’ve popped and sizzled into an unsalvageable mess and must be replaced. 3. SCRATCH RESISTANT. Composed almost entirely of hard quartz mineral, quartz countertops will blunt knives and other sharp metal objects before it scratches. But while the resin is soft and susceptible, very little of it is exposed on the surface, and is unlikely to scratch except in the most severe cases. Still, it’s far more durable than solid surface countertops are, which scratch and cut easily. 4. IMPACT RESISTANT. Quartz countertops exhibit greater durability to cracking due to impact compared to granite, thanks to the polymer resin in between the crushed quartz. Flexible and elastic, the resin serve as shock absorbers that disperses the energy from an impact before it reaches the hard but brittle stone – the same properties that makes Kevlar so resistant to high-speed projectiles. In addition, the granules of crushed quartz in the flexible resin polymer matrix provides even more “give” that further helps disperse high energy impulses which would otherwise be destructive to the surface. THE CONS If there is one often recurring theme in everything is that there’s always some give and take. While the polymer resin filling in quartz countertops contributes to many of its advantages, it is also the cause of most of the failings. Below are the main disadvantages of quartz countertops: 1. EXPENSIVE Probably the first thing anyone will notice is the price tag. Costing just a little less than granite (18% less), and significantly more expensive than solid surfaces (54% more) or laminate (270% more), quartz countertops are quite expensive. Nevertheless, its durability, ease of maintenance and hygiene benefits makes up for its price. 2. NOT SUITED FOR OUTDOOR USE. Although great at holding up in a kitchen environment, quartz countertops aren’t the best choice for outdoor use. Prolonged exposure to the elements will quickly fade as the polymer resin and colour pigments react to sunlight and chemicals in the rain and air. It is also more likely to get scratched as conditions are a little less controlled outside of an indoor environment. While that isn’t to say that quartz cannot be used outdoors, there are simply better options to choose from, such as granite, stainless steel or even concrete. 3. NOT PERFECTLY HEAT RESISTANT. While it will not melt and warp like solid surfaces countertops would, placing a hot object directly on quartz is probably going to leave burn marks or obvious discolouration. Using a pad or trivet will completely circumvent this problem, but there are times when you might just forget to use them. Also, what if your little kid started climbing out the window? There won’t be time to look for trivet… So, if you want/need AFFORDABLE quartz for your house countertop, the you should really look for STONE AMPEROR!
  15. Choosing a surface type for your new kitchen countertop is something that, for many of us, could be lifelong decision. What are the different types of surface materials available? How do they differ? Which surface type would suit your needs? Solid Surface Solid surface countertops are made from synthetic materials, usually out of acrylic or polyester. From a practical point-of-view, solid surface materials make a lot of sense and are popular choice for new homes especially in Asia. These surfaces are synthesized specifically to address major concerns regarding durability, hygiene and design in mind. Solid surfaces are a great alternative to natural stone and typically come in acrylic and polyester. Non-porous Pores are tiny openings over a surface which can be conducive spots for bacteria and other microorganisms to grow. Being non-porous means that solid surfaces are easier to keep clean and hygienic. The absence of pores also do not trap stains and is easy to clean with soap, water and cloth. Versatile in design Solid surfaces can be sanded and shaped into a wide variety of designs. Solid surfaces can be cut and joined in various configurations, which is a designer’s dream. Can be built in different orientations; horizontally or vertically. Durability More durable to impacts compared to natural stone due to its flexibility. Its softer surface is susceptible to cuts from knives. Granite stone is more resistant to heat and chemicals than marble. Ease of repair Light scratching and surface damage can be fixed with fillers. Entire portions can be cut out and replaced with new parts, and its uniform look (unlike irregular features of natural stone) makes it easy to blend in the replacement parts. Cost Expensive and comparable to natural stone. Aesthetics Many regard solid surfaces as lacking in the looks department compared to natural stone. Natural Stone Natural stone are heavy, slabs of rock cut and fashioned from large blocks from stone quarries. Natural stone is regarded for its beauty and have traditionally been used to build solid and long-lasting countertops. Notable examples of natural stone include marble and granite. Images of the Parthenon come to mind when we think of marble works and its association with grandeur. Porous Natural stone contains small pores that, if not treated with sealant, are a hygiene hazard as it traps bacteria and dirt. It is easy to clean when properly treated with sealant. Sealant needs to be reapplied every few years, or sooner as needed. Less versatile Solid blocks of stone are, as it is, set in stone. Seams will be very noticeable where two pieces of stone come together. Durability While very hard, natural stone is inflexible and brittle making it vulnerable to impacts and massive temperature fluctuations. Its hard surface, however, makes it very resistant to cuts and scratching from knives. Ease of repair Again, set in stone, natural stone is nearly impossible to repair. Depending on the severity of the damage, entire pieces may need to be replaced. The harder the stone is, the more difficult it is to repair. Cost Expensive. More so if repairs are ever needed. Aesthetics Widely regarded for its beauty. Aside from its patterns, cool look and glow, each slab of natural stone is unique and no two pieces are ever alike. Quartz Stone Not to be confused with its naturally occurring relative, quartz in countertop design are fabricated, yet retaining some of the aesthetics and durability that we associate with natural stone, with a few minor differences. Quartz stone shares many similarities to natural stone. For one, it boasts a hardness of 7 on the Mohs Hardness scale (granite is 6-7, depending on its minerology) making it very resistant to cuts or scratching with sharp metal implements. In fact it might dull your knives instead! Quartz has a melting point of 1670°C (granite is 1215 – 1260°C) and is non-porous. Quartz does discolour when exposed to sunlight. However, with darker colours, quartz stone can be put together in such a way that the seams are minimally visible. After reading this article, YOU should know WHICH COUNTERTOP MATERIAL IS FOR YOU!
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  20. Have you ever thought of doing some countertop replacement? Well, as strong as your countertop is, it will show some aging eventually. The surface may not be as smooth as when you bought it, scratches will show, burn marks will be left from burning pots, and so on. Furthermore, scratches will make your kitchen top prone to bacteria, so it’s not safe for foods and of course your children. Rather than risk your family safety, countertop replacement is one of the options that you can consider. However, before you replace your kitchen top there are some things that you need to take a note of. 1. CHECK FLOORING AND CABINET Before you start installing the new countertop, check your current cabinet and flooring whether it can hold the additional weight. Especially if your previous top is a plastic laminate countertop and you want to change to stone material. You can also consider to change or upgrade your cabinet as well when you decide to do countertop replacement. Better starts to replace it now and saves a lot of trouble in the future. https://www.renotalk.sg/kitchen-backsplash-material-glass-tile-cement-screed/ 2. CHANGE THE BACKSPLASH One aspect that some people forget when they want to do countertop replacement is changing the backsplash as it generally mounted on top of the countertop. You can try to find the backsplash that matches or have the same material with your countertop to make it look seamless. There are a lot of materials and ideas that you can choose from here, to help you create your perfect kitchen. 3. PLUMBING REPLACEMENT When you want to replace your countertops, take note of the sink as most of the time you need to replace the sink too, unless you have an under-mount sink. You need to change the faucet as well as it’s connected to the sink. So you need to take this into a consideration while replacing your old countertop. 4. YOUR OLD APPLIANCES If you care about aesthetics, which I believe you do, you might want to change your old appliances. However, if your appliances are quite new and still in good condition, you can still use that with your new tops. Only replace the one that not useable and not fitting the style of your kitchen. 5. SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE The last and most important thing is shopping with confidence with your trusted seller. Not every shop provides service for countertop replacement, or even if they provide, it may not the best service that you can get. Well, I can assure you that we here at Stone Amperor will be able to replace your old countertop and install the new one effortlessly. We also have a wide selection of countertop material and brands that you can choose according to your needs. You can contact +65 88163033 or email us at sales@stoneamperor.com.sg for more information. Our consultant will be more than happy to help you choose your perfect countertop.
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  24. Hi I would like to install termite-resistant kitchen cabinets. What kind of materials should I be looking for?
  25. We were established in 2017, we specialise in kitchen hood ducting system for residential in Singapore. We had also sought HDB consent and they had confirmed we DO NOT NEED their permission to build our ducting system. But we are to ensure that Charcoal(remove odour) and grease filtration of the output must be sufficiently done and certain area must also be taken into consideration to prevent causing any unhappiness to our neighbours. Cooking with a hood that is ducted out is really the way, In Europe, US, China and so many other countries to name were doing this but surprisingly we Singaporean are not! Most folks do not know we can use filtrations and of course “kia COMPLAINS”? which we think is really a big misconception. We had summited our lab grease output to HDB, through our experiments. Conclusion: Using this system is far more effective than none as most grease that passed through filtration is trapped on the grease filter (97+ percent). Smell of Fume that passes through Charcoal filter (active carbon) will also significantly reduce as compare to using none. Our experiment: -45 mins of hot plate BBQ of some meats, to capture the grease level at 2 points(the input of the hood and the output of the duct) with high absorbance grease papers. Results: We send the 2 samples to a Laboratory to read the level of grease captured. HDB had confirmed with us that we do not need their permission to install this system, were very concern about the health issue that we had brought up. Health Issues caused by cooking fume inhalation There are numerous studies and cases that has pointed Lung Cancer, asthma, and other respiratory illness closely related to cooking fume inhalation. Numerous reports have indicated that cooking is linked to health issues like Lung Cancer and Asthma ETC Below is a Reference report extracted from: http://www.tnp.sg/news/singapore/cancer-cooking-wok National University of Singapore's Professor Koh Woon Puay, with a team of researchers from the US, spent two years gathering and putting together data from 328 Singaporean Chinese female non-smokers. Each provided a urine sample and answered questions about her cooking habits and other factors. The result: Frequent cooking with a wok leads to "significantly increased levels" of the toxicants Acrolein and Crotonaldehyde, substances which can attack a person's DNA. This is due to the large amount of oil fumes created during stir-frying with a wok. Says Prof Koh: "The problem for many of them is that the diagnosis is usually made at the late stage of disease, as this is not a diagnosis that they would expect." Cigarette smoking is the main cause of lung cancer, which is the No.2 killer of men and No.3 killer of women here. Between 2010 and 2014, there was an average of 1,370 people in Singapore diagnosed with lung cancer yearly. But three in 10 lung cancer patients here have never smoked before, a study by the National Cancer Centre Singapore found. Of these "never-smokers" with lung cancer, 70 per cent are women. "We chose to conduct the study among Chinese female non-smokers because the incidence of lung cancer is disproportionately high relative to the very low rate of smoking in this population," says Prof Koh, a professor at Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health and the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School. We were very fortunate to had received some valuable reports from the tests that Professor Koh and her team had conducted. We had Attached the documents for your reading. Depiction of our currently Scenario Cooking using a recirculating hood 1. Increase in C02 (When u felt breathless the last time u cooked in this kind of kitchen) 2. Increase in temperature (The sweat from the sauna like kitchen the last time u cooked) 3. Carcinogen(Cancer causing agent) that cooking from frying food 4. Who knows what burning LPG emits (u inhaling them all!)(Please note that charcoal filter is to reduce/trap/eliminate smell, not chemicals) A well-ventilated kitchen should look like that The reality looks like that: WE have much more completed projects images at our FB page https://www.facebook.com/sg.better.home/ BTO 1 BTO 2 Condo 1 Condo 2 HDB resale 1 (Existing cabinet external build) HDB resale 2 (Build with cabinets conceal duct) BTO 3 (existing cabinets cutting through interior of cabinets) BTO 4 (existing cabinets cutting through interior of cabinets) Landed 1 Landed 2 Please continue at at FB page, i had max out space for image posting here! https://www.facebook.com/sg.better.home/ Keith 91153853