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  1. Hi diva79, you can use google chrome like i do! always translate chinese to english. that will do..
  2. Hi Kangeroo168, Thanks for your comment. When you mentioned black, tiffany blue and red.. I managed to google and came across the below kitchen image. It has the retro/vintage look of it. - ( My husband is going for scandi theme for our living area. so I guess i may need to find a scandi theme as well for our kitchen) But with having black cabinets, will it make my TINY KITCHEN even SMALLER? Lol.
  3. Hi I need serious help here. Let me share some of my dream kitchen ideas for my 4rm Hougang BTO House, I love the sun, sea and the blue sky. So I'm settled with, TIFFANY BLUE BACK SPLASH / GLASS PACKBLUE SKY QUARTZ WORK TOP (CONSIDERING - NOT SURE IF IT WILL MATCH WELL WITH MY TIFFANY BLUE BACK SPLASH. I've did some researches about tiffany blue kitchen and got a lot of combination color that comes with white kitchen cabinets. Of course, the downside of having WHITE kitchen cabinets is the maintenance, cleaning (with heavy cooking like me) and also yellowish in 10-15 years down the road (not as if you gonna change your kitchen housing every 3 years right?) ... so! My question is, IS THERE ANY OTHER COLORS THAT COULD MATCH UP WITH MY TIFFANY BLUE BACK SPLASH / GLASS PACK OR BLUE SKY QUARTZ WORK TOP...OTHER THAN WHITE ? tiffany blue back splash - below blue sky quartz work top - below TIFFANY BLUE / TIFFANY GREEN BACK SPLASH
  4. Hi All, This is my first post. I am curious and would like to find out if there are things that is better for us to go direct to contractors instead of using ID(s), to save cost. Please input your advises! Thanks, Moi