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Found 15 results

  1. We met up with Field on June 12 to discuss works for kitchen carpentry, bed frames, room doors and book shelf. He appeared professional and led the conversation efficiently. At wrap-up, he said he is very busy at the moment and will need two weeks to prepare the quotation, which we agreed. As a follow-up, I also sent him a picture of our preferred bed frame a day after our meeting, to which he did not reply. Three weeks later, I sent him a message and asked if the quotation is ready. He did not reply. At the end of the week, I sent him another message and asked if he is still interested with our business, and requested him to give me an answer either way. Both messages were written with good tone. He did not reply. The next week, after calling him multiple times to no avail, I called his sister, Lane for help. She gave a weak apology and said will check with her brother. For the whole day, I did not receive any reply from him and he did not answer any of my calls. I got upset only when my calls started to go to voice mail. Thinking he might have blocked my call, I asked my sister to call him on her mobile as it is unknown to him. Amazingly, he answered and even agreed to an appointment on the same evening under the impression that this is a new business prospect. He was surprised when we showed up at the door but he immediately gave an apology as he perfectly understand his lack of service. During our conversation, I explained my disappointment to him and said I had expected him to have professionalism, take responsibility and maintain communication. We were perfectly fine if he could not take our request but all we want is a word from him. Although he apologized, it was insincere as he put it very clearly to us that we should not expect any of the "common manners" from him as other contractors are other contractors. He is himself. He works alone. He is overworked. He can't meet our timeline. Current customers whom have exchanged money with him are the most important and we are not. We should not expect professionalism or maintaining of contact with him as it is what other people do. He has his own style. So basically the message is, he has already apologized to us. What else do we want from him? This is exactly the millennial mindset and attitude that is utterly frustrating these days. Do not expect them taking responsibility as customers should pity them instead. Remember! If you did not exchange money with them, you are not important.
  2. This is a late review but I see it as a confirmation of the quality of Field and Country Concept’s workmanship. I ordered a craft closet of sorts from Field almost 3 years ago, and recently contacted him again to do some touch ups and also changing of the wheels. (The wheels has stripped as it’s the nature of rubber.) However, what I am most delighted about Field’s professionalism is that even though the project has already ended after 3 years, he still made sure that the closet is up to standard, and asking me if I wanted anything to be fixed or adding more stuff like shelves etc. There was nothing to be fixed because everything worked perfectly for 3 years, despite constant abuse (I’m notorious for not taking good care of my stuff). I casually mentioned that I wanted more dowels to store more washi tapes, and Field immediately asked me to send him some photos, and arrived with a solution that was way better than I had anticipated. I wish I can add more photos or even videos regarding that, but if you’re interested in knowing more about this particular project, you can read about it here: https://dayre.me/doubleoxm/1CXbokKSRgThis craft closet is also something that Country Concept has attempted for the first time, and they made it wonderfully. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about other carpenters having shoddy workmanship, and this made me realise how lucky I am to even be able to find Field as the very first carpenter I work with to get this work done.If I have to make another craft closet, I will definitely go to Country Concept again, no questions ask.
  3. How much does it cost to make a 210cm study bench with drawers with top cabinets? With top cabinets, how much?
  4. Hi, I'm very new here. Seeking advice from experienced people here whether are we able to dismantle our existing cabinets our self in order to save cost? Or anyone ever dismantle theirs before by themselves maybe you could share with me some tips. TIA!
  5. Good day, anyone has any idea or recommendations for: 1. re-furburbishment and/or re-laminating of existing/used built in kitchen and bedrooms' cabinets, doors 2. what's the reasonable cost such workmanship (as i do not want to spend too much on removing and re-installing new ones) Thanks.
  6. Hi, I wonder if there is such thing as keeping the existing kitchen cabinets but just change the outer laminates only? The cabinet are all in good condition, but I just want to change the look only.
  7. Decide to hold a garage sale instead on 31 Oct 2015 from 9am to 11am. Lots of good quality furniture for sale. You may refer to my earlier posting to have an idea of the list of stuff I selling. Thank you.
  8. Hi guys, I just received a quote from an ID and the carpentry price seems high compared to the other quotes shared here. Does anyone have any input? Please note that this is for a landed house, so i’m not sure if the price difference is because of that? Just wondering what your opinions would be. This is the exact quote (only wrote the carpentry bits i’m wondering about here, and not the other lighting and hacking stuff etc) To design & construct est. L 17ft full height storage cabinet using solid-ply laminate $7650 To design & construct est. L 10ft suspended TV console using solid-ply laminate $1600 To design & construct est. L 10ft full height TV featured wall using solid-ply laminate $3200 To design & construct est. L 6ft full height mirror cabinet using solid-ply laminate $2200 To design & construct est. L 48ft top and 44ft btm kitchen cabinet using solid-ply laminate $12,880 To design & construct est. L 6ft suspended island counter using solid-ply laminate $1350 To design & construct est. L 5ft full height shoe cabinet using solid-ply laminate $2000 To supply & install est. L 44ft quartz top for kitchen work top $7040 To supply & install est. L 44ft quartz backing in between top & btw cabinet $7040 To supply & install est. L 6ft quartz top for island counter $1080 To supply & install a new main door with timbre door frame (double-leaf) $6000 Thanks in advance!
  9. 2 x Cabinets for A2 size documents. Images for reference. http://imgur.com/uKbPn9o http://imgur.com/7e52qPZ http://imgur.com/3YQE7Dx S$1200, negotiable. Sms
  10. Good quality kitchen cabinets and electronics made in Germany to sell. We have an extra set of kitchen cabinets which has been recently removed from our other property.Selling cheap and fast. Link to photos:http://my--little--family.blogspot.sg/2015/04/good-quality-kitchen-cabinets-and.html We are not a business owner or property agent. We are private owner of this kitchen. Please send a private message if you are interested.We are also contactable via mobile numbers: 83320934 / 82600586 Kitchen purchased in March 2013.Very good condition and well maintained.From animal-free, non-smoking household. Already dismantled. To self collect in west Singapore immediately. The set comes with seven individual cabinets that can easily be arranged/rearranged as you wish; the positioning, the height, the orientation, etc. They can also be repurposed as normal cupboards if you want to. Item 1: 60 x 60 x 200 cmNormal tall cupboard.We used it for the fridge, but can be repurposed as normal cupboard. Item 2: 50 x 60 x 72 cmCupboard with drawer on top. Item 3: 60 x 60 x 72 cmNormal cupboard with shelf and drawer on top. Item 4: 120 x 60 x 72 cmNormal cupboard with shelf and drawer on top. Item 5: 80 x 60 x 72 cmNormal cupboard with shelf. Item 6: 45 x 35 x 72 cmNormal cupboard with shelf.Metal rail inclusive, for hanging the cabinets on the wall. Item 7: 100 x 35 x 72 cmNormal cupboard with shelf.Metal rail inclusive, for hanging the cabinets on the wall. Stainless steel washing basin and water tap inclusive. Electronics inclusive: Glass ceramic hob: AEG Progress 6060Ehttp://www.progress-hausgeraete.de/products/kochen/kochfelder/kochfelder/pes6060e Oven: AEG Progress PHN1320Xhttp://www.progress-hausgeraete.de/Products/Kochen/Herde_und_Back%C3%B6fen/Einbau-Herde/PHN1320X Refrigerator: AEG Progress PKT1441http://www.progress-hausgeraete.de/products/k%C3%BChlen/k%C3%BChl-/gefrierger%C3%A4te/pkt1441 Exhaust: Faber APART S 60 IX Link to photos:http://my--little--family.blogspot.sg/2015/04/good-quality-kitchen-cabinets-and.html
  11. Hi. I have a two-piece office desks to sell. Condition is as good as new. 9/10. Cabinet below is removable. Comes with 2 drawers. Condition is as good as new. 9/10. Table specifications 1. Dark brown colour 2. L-shaped 3. 61 cm (shorter breadth) 4. 201 cm (top width) 5. 150 cm (vertical width) Smaller table 43cm by 56cm Dark Brown Transport and delivery not included. Got to find own arrangements. Interested please call 9424 5186.
  12. Hello, I really need HELP I am actually doing some minor works but totally hacking and re-doing the toilets. my husband and I have been going around looking for bathroom accessories and we came across many shops with seriously very differnt prices. Had we not compared enough, we could have been a few hundred dollars poorer! We finally settled for this shop called EZZE along Geylang road which had almost all we wanted for a relatively lower price compared to so many other shops that we went to. However, one problem we have is looking for bathroom vanity sets....those sinks with the cabinets below them. Either the prices are too high or if the prices are reasonable, there is very limited choices in the shops. Any recommendations where to get those bathroom vanity sets from?.....in case you chanced upon them when you went looking for your bathroom accessories.... Thank you in advance.
  13. Hi I need serious help here. Let me share some of my dream kitchen ideas for my 4rm Hougang BTO House, I love the sun, sea and the blue sky. So I'm settled with, TIFFANY BLUE BACK SPLASH / GLASS PACKBLUE SKY QUARTZ WORK TOP (CONSIDERING - NOT SURE IF IT WILL MATCH WELL WITH MY TIFFANY BLUE BACK SPLASH. I've did some researches about tiffany blue kitchen and got a lot of combination color that comes with white kitchen cabinets. Of course, the downside of having WHITE kitchen cabinets is the maintenance, cleaning (with heavy cooking like me) and also yellowish in 10-15 years down the road (not as if you gonna change your kitchen housing every 3 years right?) ... so! My question is, IS THERE ANY OTHER COLORS THAT COULD MATCH UP WITH MY TIFFANY BLUE BACK SPLASH / GLASS PACK OR BLUE SKY QUARTZ WORK TOP...OTHER THAN WHITE ? tiffany blue back splash - below blue sky quartz work top - below TIFFANY BLUE / TIFFANY GREEN BACK SPLASH
  14. Any idea where to get these spring-loaded push openers for cupboard doors in Singapore?
  15. Hi all, I need quote for hack, dismantle and disposal of old kitchen cabinets. Bottom cabinet (7m length x 0.85m height x 0.55 width) Top cabinet (8m length x 1m height x 0.3m width) Thank you. Best Regards, Gai