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Found 16 results

  1. Renotalk experts please help.. My 1 week old kitchen cabinet laminate looks horrible! The tiny piece on the catalogue is so different when it's place on the cabinets itself... What can I do? Can i paint over the laminates? Can I just re-laminate it myself? Any recommendation on carpenters to do re lamination at a good price? on a tight budget now. Very very upset :_ (
  2. Mooncake Festival Promotion ? Less $50 discount on Latest Digital Lock ? ?Kato Simplify Gate (Cartoon with Simple Line) 3x7 Feet $680 4x7 Feet $780 ?Kato 3D laser cut X (Full Design Laser Cut) 3x7 Feet $1180 4x7 Feet $1280 ?Kato Pet Friendly Mesh Gate (Anti Sharp Polishing) 3x7 feet $880 4x7 feet $980 ✅More than 100 design can choose ✅FREE Kato Anti Rust Colour Coating(18 colours) ✅FREE stainless steel handle (worth $200) ✅FREE on-side measurement and installation ✅Able to Customize ❌No GST ❌No Hidden Cost Wanna look unique??Just add $200 customize for your own design Add $599 for Epic 5G Korea Digital lock for gate (U.P $799)? Able to unlock using Wi-Fi or bluetooth? ?Five Greatest Features? 1. Unlock using Bluetooth (keywe app) 2. Unlock using Wi-Fi using bridge 3. 100 fingerprint 4. Up to 100 card, 4 given 5.Password 6.Remote control 7.Emergency Key ( 2 is given) ?Mobile app Features? A) Time attendance B) Invite guest give guest code C) Smart open when you walk near the digital lock ☑Able to unlock using Wi-Fi or bluetooth? ☑Able to delete individual fingerprint and card? ☑Further Discount if you just need 1 year warranty?? ☑Free Installation⚒ ☑With 1+2 years warranty?? ☑100% made in Korea?? Now you can unlock both lock with using 4G smartphone?? Order Now and get it today 96177025 Leon (24/7) speak English and Mandarin? Don't have transport?? Just Call our Mobile Showroom and we will drive to show you and demo for you ?? Free Taxi Rebate (Twice the amount) with Any Purchase ? ?: https://firerateddoor.com.sg/kato-simplify-gate/ ?: 10 arumugam road #08-10 , LTC building A ?: 96177025 Leon (24/7) #HDBDoor #Firerateddoor #laminatedoor #bedroomdoor #maindoor #condodoor #btodoor #veneerdoor #doorfactory #cheapestdoor #hdbgate#mildsteelgate #wroughtirongate #firerateddoor #digitallock#samsungdigitallock #epicdigitallock #keywedigitallock #gatemandigitallock#samsungdr708digitallock #Samsungdr738digitallock #cheapestdigitallock#digitaldoorlock #toiletdoor #koreadigitallock #homeautomation#latestdigitallock #MYDIGITALLOCK #gatedigitallock #pushpulldigitallock #locksmithdigitallock #breakdigitallock #installationservicesdigitallock
  3. During the HDB HIP the workers completely wrecked the laminate skirting just outside of my toilet - it's as if they soaked all the skirting in water! Now I need to find someone who to replace the skirting. I tried looking online but no luck finding a company who is willing to do this small job. Can anyone help?
  4. Hi, I know there are few threads here about ABS trimming, but I still don't seem to get the idea of it fully. One of the IDs we met told us ABS trimming is the small 1mm round thingie you see where two laminates meet. Another ID said ABS Trimming comes only in standard sizes like 23mm or 44mm. Which one is it? It can't be the small round thingie if it is 23mm right? Let us take the case of a door for the bottom kitchen cabinet. The top of the door has a 45 degree cut out that acts as a handle. I couldn't find a relevant picture with the 45 degrees cut for the handle, but something like that attached picture should help me with my questions: I know that the wood-looking surface on the outside of the door is laminate. How about the wood looking surface which is pasted on the small area which acts as the handle? I would assume it is also laminate since it has to match the same color as the outside laminate. Or is it part of the ABS trimming (i saw someone call it Edge band). What is that small 1mm gray looking material? Is that the ABS trimming? Sorry for such a noob question. It is because I, unfortunately, am a noob when it comes to all this. Any response would be great
  5. Hi all, Any existing home owners using white laminate (Gloss or Matt) on capentry and regret doing that down the road. Can you let me know which white you are using (gloss or matt) and your advice to take or not to take. Your comment will be helpful for me to decide on gloss or matt white, especially on kitchen capentry.
  6. Do consider printing your precious memories onto canvas, creating a more cosy and homely space for yourself. http://www.studiocanvassa.com Facebook: Studio Canvassa Our canvas prints are top studio grade quality. It's a vast difference compared with those usually sold in mass photo printing retail stores found in shopping centres, and cheaper as well as we are able to save on unnecessary overheads. Do give us a try! We have a 100% satisfaction record and high return rates Thank you for the kind support!
  7. Do consider printing your precious memories onto canvas, creating a more cosy and homely space for yourself. http://www.studiocanvassa.com Facebook: Studio Canvassa Our canvas prints are top studio grade quality. It's a vast difference compared with those usually sold in mass photo printing retail stores found in shopping centres, and cheaper as well as we are able to save on unnecessary overheads. Do give us a try! We have a 100% satisfaction record and high return rates Thank you for the kind support!
  8. Good day, anyone has any idea or recommendations for: 1. re-furburbishment and/or re-laminating of existing/used built in kitchen and bedrooms' cabinets, doors 2. what's the reasonable cost such workmanship (as i do not want to spend too much on removing and re-installing new ones) Thanks.
  9. Hi guys! I would like to introduce you a non slip floor treatment which I used for my toilet and really impressed me and my husband. I just want to share this to prevent and protect you and your family from the slippery tiles we have. My husband and I highly recommend their treatment especially for owners who have elderly and children at home! Any enquiries you may whatsapp/text Muhamad (8230 5886), regarding flooring that will be compatible to your area.
  10. Hi I am nearing the end of my renovation and realized that I have 2 tops by the bay window. Just leaving it like this - it's dusty, dirty and hard to clean. I asked my contractor for laminates for both the bay windows. He quoted me 1600 dollars just for laminates. I felt that he over quoted me. Need advise as to 1. Laminate is better or solid top is better? For the bay window? 2. Cost? thanks jazzy
  11. Hi all, Luxury vinyl flooring at 4.50/psf and high pressure laminate wood flooring at $3.20/psf *promotion till 31st oct 2014 *minimum of 300sqft *skirting included FACTS ABOUT VINYL FLOORING : *ANTI SLIP *ANTI SCRATCH >2.5KG *ANTI BACTERIA *100% WATERPROOF *30 YEARS PRODUCT WARRANTY FACTS ABOUT HIGH PRESSURE LAMINATE WOOD FLOORING *ANTI SLIP *REDUCE FALLING IMPACT *WARM NATURE WOOD FEEL DURING COLD WEATHER *EASY TO MAINTAIN , NO POLISH / VANISH REQUIRED Contact : nbl.express@gmail.com Facebook : www.facebook.com/nblexpress Website : www.nblexpress.com
  12. Hi, I recently bought a masionette at Tampines Court. It is 25 year old unit and needs some work done. A few questions: 1. The power sockets look old and this got me thinking if I should do a one time re wiring 2. I also want a plumber to come check all the pipes in the house in order to avoid a leakage in future 3. The owner has not installed any AC so I would need to install 5 units 4. Kitchen needs to be broken down and rebuilt 5. Need laminate flooring below and polishing of parquet on second floor 6. Toilet below and two toilets above needs to be broken down and rebuilt 7. Built in wardrobe for 3 rooms 8. Painting Where do I start? What should I do first? I know I can walk in and get quotations from an ID but some inputs for experienced owners who can guide me will be much appreciated. Thanks
  13. Hi all, My floor laminates are newly installed on cement screeded floor. When we walk on them, it creaks almost everywhere in the rooms. The ID said it will take time and usage of the floors for the sound to go away. I haven't been able to find anybody asking about this, so I'm wondering if this is such a well accepted fact that there's no need to ask about it, or is this a rare defect? Haha. Any help appreciated, thanks in advance!
  14. Hi Guys, was thinking of overlaying my HDB tiles with laminate flooring but seems like there are a number of companies selling/promoting the products in many different ways. 1) Evorich (HERF) 2) Woodculture (BERRY ALLOC | RIVIERA) 3) Floorrich (EGGER / PERGO) 4) Floordepot (4G WATERPROOF LAMINATE) 5) Kronotex Anybody has experience with the above..? Which will be the best recommendation for HDB BTO flat...? Thank you.
  15. Selling all kind of blum products with discounts from 5%-30% of retail price depending on item and quantity. Dealer for all laminates in Singapore. EDL, Jennings, Formica, Lam Chuan, Evershine, Admira(Seng Lee) , Greenlam, SnS and TAK. Laminates come with 5-25% discount off retail price. Looking for any home or furniture hardwares? or machinery or drills etc? For enquiries or quotation please contact 975O8OOO
  16. Dont know what to say..... just discover my room parquet was damaged from water moisture (near the toilet door). Total affect area about 2metre x 2 metre. Parquet is covered with carpet. As i am doing damage control now, wondering if i can DIY and chisel out the damage parquet, and than replace with waterproof laminate, WPC, decking or worst self lay some tiles with cement ? [The damage area is quite small and i have trouble getting contract to do the job]. Update : just got a contractor to access the damage. I was hoping the area can be repaired with new parquet. Was advised to hack out the whole room parquet (than means the built in cabinate got to go too !) and replaced with tiles as the source of water is unknown. Seow liao Any expert advise here appreciated. Thanks.