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  1. Dear Gemini, Thanks for your input. It has been very helpful. I will raise this up with the ID/contractor.
  2. Dear Gemini, Thank you so much for your input. I now have an idea how to go about. Thanks!
  3. Hello All, I just signed the dotted lines for my property at Tampines Court. It is a maisonette and I need some serious renovation. Anyone here staying in Tampines Court who recently did renovation works? Any ID or contractors here who have carried out renovation work for Tampines Court? Please advise. Thanks
  4. Hi, I recently bought a masionette at Tampines Court. It is 25 year old unit and needs some work done. A few questions: 1. The power sockets look old and this got me thinking if I should do a one time re wiring 2. I also want a plumber to come check all the pipes in the house in order to avoid a leakage in future 3. The owner has not installed any AC so I would need to install 5 units 4. Kitchen needs to be broken down and rebuilt 5. Need laminate flooring below and polishing of parquet on second floor 6. Toilet below and two toilets above needs to be broken down and rebuilt 7. Built in wardrobe for 3 rooms 8. Painting Where do I start? What should I do first? I know I can walk in and get quotations from an ID but some inputs for experienced owners who can guide me will be much appreciated. Thanks