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Found 11 results

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  3. My turn, my turn to post finally! same here, has been browsing this forum since i got my unit till i got my keys. This is a hybrid flat. What hybrid? becoz its a mix btw a new house and old, having new and old features, best of all worlds..haha. 1) the unit is 123sqm (only older generation 5Rm flats have this size i guess.) --old 2) i have neighbours on the same level that is corridor unit (new BTO flats are all corner flats now) --old 3) i have a service yard! -- new 4) my rubbish chute is outside the house! (go away cockroaches!)-- new There you go, a Hybrid! haha...i named it myself....please don't go to HDB and say you wanna buy a Hybrid flat!!! no such thing...i made this up! ok, here goes. floor plan. http://
  4. The Alps Residences Condo is by popular programmer, MCC Land (Tampines) Pte Ltd, located carefully to the Tampines Regional Centre, it is situated in a personal property territory along Tampines 10 in District 18. The Alps Residences is a future innovative growth influenced by the Swiss Alps, the legendary horizon of The Alps Residences waterfalls downward with rich eco-friendly balconies. It is a conventional looking workshop dimension device with an open kitchen area, a charming living-room, a tiny veranda perfect for its dimension and also a large bedroom that is gotten in touch with the shower room which is more gotten in touch with the research study area. The living-room is fairly huge, with a plainly specified living location while a six-person table is fitted well in between the entryways to the primary door as well as the initial usual room. Call The Alps Residences Condo Showflat Hotline 6100 8806 for more information now.
  5. After months of lurking here (or maybe years, I was here back in 2007 when I was renovating my current unit too), I think it's time to start my t-blog! We plan to start the reno a month from now, and aim to complete by mid-October which is when I have to move out of my current place. The unit we purchased is a Tampines EM. It was actually our family home, but now that my siblings and I have moved out, my parents felt it was time for a downgrade and it was a good opportunity for us to upgrade from our current 4 room. Floorplan Having lived here for 20 over years, I kinda thought this layout was very normal. But both my ID and the HDB valuer said that they had not seen a unit like this. Renovation plan The last major renovation was done about 15 years ago, to the toilets and balcony. The kitchen, perhaps 10 years ago. But we wanted to make this OUR home, so it will be undergoing a major transformation, at least the downstairs, that is. Nothing major to bedrooms other than electrical and painting. Our target areas - balcony - kitchen - toilets - study room - dining room - living room We're playing mahjong with the downstairs rooms, shuffling the areas to fit our lifestyle. Design concept/theme Our main driving force in the design of our house is......practicality! Haha...I don't have a helper, my kids are still young, I don't like housework (other than laundry), so I wanted a house that would be easy to upkeep. First thing to go were the glass shower screens. No cove lights. Reduced storage to discourage hoarding and clutter, so no overhead cabinets in the kitchen. We also wanted a feature bookcase, because we love our books and want an area to display the various trinkets from our family holidays. Oddly enough, this bookcase will be open = dust collection = not practical? However, glass doors are a greater nemesis LOL. Some ideas: Must...have...blue...cabinets... Our initial idea for the study was shelved due to impracticality. But when I saw this....I thought it was beautifully done. *sends to ID* Our feature bookcase will occupy the long wall at the living room. Approx. 5 m kitchen barcounter...my ID's plan was to use kompacplus but I couldn't get over how thin it was. So my ID said, OK, we can make it a thicker countertop, but use laminate to cover. Then I saw this guy's counter and felt, well, it doesn't look too bad after all. ID selection When we renovated our current place, due to time constraints we just went with the first ID we met. What a big mistake. The guy was so immature. Lesson learnt! This time, ID hunting actually started in April. I submitted a request for quotations on Renotalk but didn't get any replies leh. In any case, I figured less is more, and heard that word of mouth is the best so we asked around for recommendations. We visited 4 IDs, and only received quotations from 2. However, Andrew from Designer Guys came highly recommended by twinklecloud and ricepapergirl who also had their EMs done by him, and when we met up with him, he came across as someone we could get along with so I guess you could say it was love at first sight, haha! Andrew was also a little older, more experienced, he was generous with his advice and life stories. Already we've met him 4 more times since our first meeting, 1 site visit, 2 trips to do tile shopping and 1 afternoon spent in his office choosing laminates (while my kids tore up his office/showroom!). Our current quotation is a little over $70k, which excludes the fittings and electricals. Can faint? Budgeting an additional 20% for the 'unexpected'. Everytime someone asks me where we are going for vacation, I tell them "Tampines lor".
  6. We started hunting for a HDB resale flat early this year and after a long process, we finally found a place that we love in Tampines. As we are starting our renovation, my husband (Tikiman) suggested that we should start a t-blog on renotalk. After all, we have gained a lot of information scouring through this forum, and it would be nice to share our own journey. The reasons we chose to buy a resale HDB unit : 1) Older units are bigger in floor space. 2) We dislike the bomb shelter because it is located in the middle of the unit like a sore thumb. 3) New HDB are built so close, neighbours can share salt/sugar via the kitchen/yard. In our search for a HDB apartment, we identified few requirements to fulfil: 1) Quiet and peaceful neighbourhood 2) Square layout without odd corners 3) No bomb shelter 4) Airy units with large windows / high ceiling 5) Corner unit 6) Last but not least, LOW COV haha... Tampines is a mature estate and individual neighbourhoods show unique characteristics. In the course of our search, we have walked the different neighbourhoods of Tampines at nights, off-days and on weekends to have a sense of the surrounding and to shortlist the neighbourhood that we like. Afterall, we can renovate the internal space of our apartment to fit our taste/requirement, but we usually have little control over the outside surrounding. Will share more details on our unit in the next post... Tikimum
  7. Hmm.. I've read some of the t-blogs here.. So its time for me to contribute.. To share our experiences in this home reno journey. We collected our keys on 11 March 2014.. Signed everything & there goes our CPF balances~ Here is our floor plan.. Here are some pictures of how our house looked before the check.. This the 3rd week since we collected our keys but we have not submitted our feedback form to the BSC. There are so much to check and I wondered how to complete checking within 7 days. With the help with an ID, we finished checking & will be submitting the form in today. Now my house is full of masking tapes to show the defects. Our project is the developer’s first HDB project. While checking, my id was shocked by the quality of the work being done. We have slanted switches, uneven & rough walls, lots of gaps between top & bottom of wood skirtings, badly filled grouting, leaking toilet bowl, cracked floor tiles, missing window screws, all the windows cannot be opened smoothly and dent window frames, chipped walls, and many more.. Will post some photos on the defects later.
  8. Hello everyone! So excited to finally start documenting my reno journey. It hasn't always been a smooth process. We are very happy in our current place in Punggol but with 2 kids and a temporary live-in helper, we need a bigger space. Kinda regret hacking the common to join with master bedroom in current place as we only have 2 bedrooms now. Kitchen is not very big but has served me well. Living room is large and roomy with no awkward spaces. Overall, very happy with the house and Punggol the neighborhood. But my parents and in-laws are staying in the East so decided to move so we could have a bigger space and be nearer to them. We picked a 5A unit in Tampines as the pricing is much lower than EM (our first choice) or EA, yet the floor area is similar to EA in Punggol. Too big also I will have problems cleaning it alone. Seller was asking for very high COV initially but hubby fell in love with it so we made a few counter-offers which is a poor negotiation strategy but managed to close at half the asking COV. Just collected the keys last Friday after my selling's first appointment as the sellers already have somewhere to stay so allow us to come in early to start reno. Hopefully all smooth from here on and will check in often to post progress updates and seek advice from fellow renotalkers! Below is my floor plan. Yes big floor area = big renovation cost as we are overhauling the 18-years old house to build a home for my husband, me and 2 little girls as well as my 2 ragamuffin cats!
  9. Hi all. I've been house-hunting for a month now (even though my current house haven't sold yet, lol). Target is a 4-bedroom HDB, high floor, windy, unblock, no west sun, the works lah. But of course trying to find the ideal house is next to impossible. I saw one which was nearly 95% there. A 'premium' EA in Tampines, very close to where TPE meets PIE, the blocks' facade are very distinctive (brick reddish-brown), if you are a Tampines dweller, you probably know which block I'm talking about. Anyway, this unit is on the top floor (check). It has high ceilings (check), it has a balcony with superb unblock views (check). It has simple reno (check, coz this time round I want an unrenovated house so I can do it to my taste). It has a service balcony (check), store room (check) and a good-sized kitchen (check). Location and price is also right (check) The only thing left on my checklist is the bedrooms. It has 3 good-sized bedrooms, all facing the unblock views. The 4th bedroom is actually the study room which they've turned into a bedroom. The only problem with this room is that the bedroom windows overlook the service balcony. Now, what architect design a study room such that it overlooks the place where you hang your clothes and keep your aircon compressor? smh. **** stupid, i tell u. Anyway, bo pian, the house lidat, what to do right? So, I'm quite willing to accept the house for what it is, but my hubby is not too keen because of this issue. So I'm trying to find ways on how I can do the ID such that the situation with the 4th bedroom is not so bad. Most likely my youngest daughter (12 y.o) will be using this room. I thought of extending the room into the service balcony but it's not possible coz the common toilet window is there. One way is to to decorate that part of the service balcony with lots of plants and greenery so that it's pleasant to look at if she looks out of the window. My hubby thought of sealing off the windows and making new ones near the ceiling, mainly for ventilation purposes, but it'll be quite depressing not to have windows in a bedroom right? Welcome any ideas from RT forummers on how they would fix the situation. Anyone have same problem of windows overlooking service balcony or something equally unpleasant? Our decision to make offer on this unit hinges on this issue. If we can find a creative way to fix it, I think my hubby is open to buying it.
  10. Hello All, I just signed the dotted lines for my property at Tampines Court. It is a maisonette and I need some serious renovation. Anyone here staying in Tampines Court who recently did renovation works? Any ID or contractors here who have carried out renovation work for Tampines Court? Please advise. Thanks
  11. tikiman

    5RI floor plan

    From the album: TikiHouse 01

    Floor Plan of original HDB 5 room improved.