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  1. Moved in on Thur, and both Tikimum & I were arranging and packing our things. There are still so much to do, but now the place is more livable. Today we sent our beloved chairs to have the rattan replaced @ Chun Mee Lee Rattan Furniture. I got to know this place cause my contractor saw them on a TV show recently aired.
  2. We finally have some time to check the kitchen cabinet. we advice those using my contractor to avoid using the same carpenter. He workmenship is TERRIBLE!!!! Luckily we only did the dry kitchen cabinets. Imagine the diaster is he did my rooms and mirror panel. I will be having a long discussion with my contractor.
  3. the catalogue does not show the beauty of some laminates. really need to go down to factory to see. Do note that this laminate is textured. Tikimu & I love yours too... lol
  4. Hi Khng, our laminate is Complique Etrange (AWR 7558RT) from arova.
  5. thanks. the laminate was from Arova. cannot remember the exact name, but it is in the online catalogue. I will strongly recommend anyone who is interested should go down to their warehouse and look at the whole piece. I have to thanks Vanessa who introduce me to this laminate company Her t-blog link http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/58122-our-new-home-executive-maisonette/ thanks. Instead of matching the color of the laminate for the edges, I used a bronze finish to give the whole cabinet an outline. Not so visible on the photo, but it does make a subtle difference.
  6. My dry kitchen cabinet is finally complete. The plumber came to install the sink and waterproofed the side with clear silicon.
  7. As tikihome dimension and specification may not be the same as your requirement, I suggest you approach Specs Decor https://www.facebook.com/specs.decor. Their workshop and showroom is at Block 9005, Tampines Street 93, Yang Kwang Manufacturing Pte Ltd.
  8. Thanks, Tikimum and I wanted a subtle flow from the grill to the floor, hence the design. I do not think there is any difference as there are also many different quality of wrought iron. thanks.
  9. Monday was a busy day. Several different team came to install stuff in our place. The carpenter were finishing up the cabinets, besglas to install mirror door for storeroom, bedroom and main door being installed, and Specs Décor installing our custom-made windows and door grillsThe team from Specs Décor was very professional. Tikimum and I came up with the design want it to be made out of mild steel.
  10. On Monday, Besglas came to install the sliding mirror door in the hall. The mirror was good with no warping. It made the hall looked even longer. The 3 guys that came to install did not finished the job properly. as they did not clean the silicon stains they made on the mirror. The guy wearing stripped t-shirt is the door installer. He was very careful with his work.
  11. Furniture from the storage have been moved into the house, and both Tikimum and I had roughly arranged them. This is our cozy area which consist mostly of old colonial stuff we got. As we do not like watching television, there is none in the house. The rose wood wardrobe housed the internet/wifi router/network printer and CDs. Our Bose Wave System III + Bluetooth will be the only entertainment in that area.
  12. thanks, they are Amasco DC fans.
  13. Yup we got a ground floor unit, that is why the ceiling is higher.
  14. thanks. The two pendant lights are art deco from the 1930s which I bought years back at a antique store overseas. I had to do some restoration & hacking to get them to work properly. The minimalist chandeliert is another diy hack job.
  15. It has been some time since we update anything on our reno blog. This is because both Tikimum and I took a short break. So here is an update. All the wet works are finally completed and lighting are up. 2 of our down lights started to flicker, so we had to get them change.... but ahhh... we lost the reciept. Have to call Sembawang Lighting House to sort it out with the boss lady. My water meter got crazy. My water bill is $90 even though I have not move in :jawdrop: . Called PUB previously when I notice something was wrong with the meter. They ping pong me around with town council. Now when the bill is this high, I am going to refuse to pay! After all my calls to them were logged. I see how they are going to wiggle their way out of this issue. This is my place take today.