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  1. Great! I'm glad you like it. Anyway, I also got the idea from an ice-cream cafe near my house. And since sooooo many ppl have PM me or interested in this glass wall. I shall share the quote here. It's Tempered Glass btw. Cost : $400
  2. purchased from Amazon: digital door bell. the sound is really realistic like traditional door bell, yet not like China type of wireless doorbell. if u go see on Amazon website, it actually have the sample sounds. it can even pair with Honeywell movement sensor (sold seperately)
  3. Hi Blackie, it's actually polyester material. so for cleaning wise, you can clean it using a wet cloth or just vacuum it. do also note that the material is only 'dim-out' and not 'black-out'. but its good enough to block afternoon sun and provides privacy for changing. the link is here : http://list.qoo10.sg/item/ROLLER-BLIND-BLACKOUT-ROMAN-VENETIAN/406118278
  4. Hi Blackie, I ordered my blinds from Qoo10 in fact. I believe all of us know Qoo10 is. It's actually not real wooden blinds. But it has a wood look. Search 'Blinds' under Qoo10 mobile app, it's the 2nd seller - named 'FOIRE'. My blind is actually the WOODLOOK - Walnut Colour. Total cost is actually $550. I stay in 5 room flat, so I have a total of 5 windows. I order a total of 8 pcs of blinds. (Living room - 2pcs, Study - 1pcs, 2 bedrooms - 4pcs, MBR - 1pcs) Hope this will help those in budget to save some cost. Those who need help with installation, I don't mind doing some sideline freelance. Haha, but I won't charge $1000! Haha!
  5. Just my thoughts... Material cost -$550, installation (just brackets, not rocket science) - $1000! (x2 of material cost), and I did the installation is less than 1 hour. Hmmmm...mobile phone - $950, warranty - $1500, does that ring a bell, Mobile Air..is that consider conned or just doing business for a living?) If the installation price is about $300-400 or 50-100% of material cost, I would say it's making a living. But $1000 is 200% of material cost price..you all do the maths. I still think a made a right choice.
  6. My father is a freelance and do traditional butterfly curtain sewing. He usually charge worksmanship only if you provide your own cloth. He has a booklet of samples if you want. But it's European cloth, so don't expect the cloth to be cheap. Those interested in budget curtain, do PM me. Admin, if this post is inappropriate, do let me know. I remove. Don't banned me, please!
  7. Updates: Installation of Korean Blinds: went to various curtain/blinds shops asking for quotes. was quoted from a range of $1500 - $1700 for whole house except for service yard. not convinced, went online. found cheaper options. ordered direct from online and self install. Results: Left blind is at half close mode, where u can let light in. Right blind is at close mode, block all sunlight Closer look to see the texture and pattern. total damage : $500+ including shipping. So i advise those who are more hands-on to order themselves and install themselves. its just a bracket.(they will provide) almost got conned by those EXPO fair shops...luckily i spot online quickly enough.
  8. Hi Yogi07, Yes, it's tempered glass. Cost is roughly $400. You can use acrylic as alternative but it will have scratches over time. Glass will be a harder material. For cleaning, just use whiteboard duster.
  9. haha..my house is still in a mess. no face to post photo. actually this model is : http://www.ikea.com/sg/en/catalog/products/20161756/ you might want to go and take a look at IKEA. have feel of the table too, so you know what you are buying.
  10. Woah! something in your purchase caught my attention! Obutto Ozone! Wicked!
  11. Remember to tell customs it's for PERSONAL use if you are buying a few. Else they will tax you. Rember yr "RECEIPT" also! Haha
  12. Oh yah, Reno took about 1.5months. Some delay due to HDB permit..approval..blah blah. Citygas also have some delay.
  13. Hi sobeckscxl, Thank you for the comments. Yes, we love this glass wall very much! My daughter loves to doodle on the glass wall very much. I use this to write simple sentences for her to learn every few days. Actually I got this idea from those ice cream cafes..haha
  14. Hi Binzz, Let me share a few tips for those shifting their fridge. Preparation: 1) try to finish your food from yr fridge 2 weeks prior to Big Move 2) stop buying tidbits 2 weeks prior to Big Move 3) source for friends or parents who can longbang some space in their fridge Few days before: 1) throw those expire food away 2) get ice box and make lots of ice Move day: 1) off electricity 1hr before movers come 2) long bang food items with friends/family 3) put freezer items into ice box with lots of ice 4) let mover move the fridge 5) ONLY ON THE FRIDGE AFTER 2 HOURS AFTER THE MOVE (this is to let the chemical/coolant settle down first) 6) put items into fridge after about 3-4hrs when ur fridge is cold enough