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  1. I'm glad it helped! Yes it is now totally smooth and amazing! I mean, it isn't perfect but we have come into terms with our flooring and learnt how to enjoy it as it is. Our flooring has hairline cracks all over and we have patches of the floor on the verge of flaking off but that can be easily solved with patching it up with cement again. During the wetter and more humid period, we noticed that some parts of our floor will feel damp and sometimes even wet. Other than that, we have no complaints so far. We are still loving that seamless look of our floor! I will pm you the contact in a sec!
  2. Hi, thank you for the compliment! Yes it is installed to hide the 'powerpoint boxes'. It's approximately 4cm thick. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the progression taken, sorry!
  3. Hi all, apologies for the late replies! I have PM-ed everyone the contacts requested
  4. Hi! It is from Admira. The darker tone used in the kitchen is QBK794W and the lighter tone used in the master bedroom is QBK793W. Sure, I'll pm you!
  5. Hi! Fortunately yes, it is now smooth and dry! I wasn't too worried about the dampness but more of the oily and sticky top layer that caused our cow hide to mould. We have decided to forgo the top epoxy layer in case the same problem comes back to haunt us! Sure, I will pm you shortly I am so surprised that you are still going for cement screed flooring for your next house!
  6. Thank you! ^^ No problem, I'll drop you a pm in a bit!
  7. Hi! Pm-ed you both contacts. Have fun with your Reno!
  8. Our cement screed floor has been very wet and sticky ever since it has been handed to us. About a day or two ago, we had one of the rooms set up as a trial room (so that we can test and monitor for unexpected changes of the floor). The top layer of epoxy was sanded down, it took a whole lot of sandpaper because it was so sticky that it clumps up on the sandpaper, as of now, it is ultra smooth and not sticky at all. Pictures below. We shall try Lauer's suggestion to do the moisture test tonight and see how it goes. Since we had to clear out everything in one of the rooms, I thought I will share the blinds we installed. All pictures were took in the day. It blocks out majority of the sunlight and our house feels much cooler. We love how convenient it is to adjust the brightness of the house (just roll it up slightly), and how clean it looks. We've got a good deal for our blinds, they do curtains too, pm me if you need the contact. I'll be glad to share. Living room: Charcoal Bedrooms: Stone Master Bedroom: Blackout Grey I'll share more pics of the blinds taken at night some other time. Just thinking about the hassle of emptying the house out for the sanding and epoxy is a huge nightmare. After moving all the itsy bitsy stuff, decor stuff and furniture out from one room, my arms ached for 2 days. Cannot imagine moving the rest.