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  1. Hello... I have purchased our furniture pieces including the dresser and stool from JS Manhattan Interiors. Appended link for your easy ref - http://jsmanhattan.com/ Cheers
  2. Hey folks, I've PM-ed you the info you have requested. Hope the info is still useful since my delay in reply Have a great reno journey!
  3. Hi there, if you are still keen on my contractor's contact, can you PM me? I'm unable to send my message over. Wonder what's wrong.
  4. "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...At our Maison De Style Champêtre ~" Soon the bells will start, And the thing that will make them ring Is the carol that you sing Right within your heart......... As we countdown to Christmas, here's a toast to everyone who had made our t-Blogging journey such a memorable one! And we truly appreciate all of you who had shared with us your experience, insight and knowledge to help us in our renovation journey! Here's wishing all an advanced BLESSED Merry CHRISTMAS and Happy JOYFUL New Year! *CHEERS!*
  5. THANK YOU Also thanks to one of the forumers here who had recommended us to Cromly. If not, the feature will never had happened!
  6. Hi gerald85! We got our furniture pieces from JS Manhattan Interiors, link for your easy ref - http://jsmanhattan.com/ They usually hold private tea parties which items are priced at 50% off. Let me know if you need the contact, I can link you up with the friendly lady boss! Have fun furniture-shopping!
  7. Hi tweien89! Thanks for you kind words! Our beadboard wainscoting is made of MDF board, and grooves are cut to form the panel-like wainscot. I'm not sure how much was charged per feet but we paid about $1.2k for that entire length of wainscot as seen in my living hall. Anw, wainscoting can vary in designs and so are the costings. The more layers and panels used in your wainscoting, the more $_$ you will have to incur! Hope my info helps!
  8. Geez Babe! I really #enjoy catching up on your blog man! You are really sooo full of descriptions and exaggeration of that unspeakable joy and LURVE for your newly renovated! I CAN TOTALLY FEEL YOU. Am so happy and excited for you! Your kitchen counter top rocks! Doesn't look one bit like it's solid top - maybe from pictures, but from what I can see, those grey streaks sure look like the marble effect that you have been yearning all this while! Mine is more of the grinny granite design, different from yours but it looks cool as well Glad you managed to achieve what you wanted and save splurging from that burnt pocket! And I totally adore your faux fireplace mantel as well! How come I didn't think of something so classic when getting mine? LOL. But yes, that mantel sure is therapeutic! Love the puffs, YOUR SOFA #OMG and the mint door! Now, I'm SO TEMPTED to paint my main door as well! Gonna harass the Hubby tomight to do something about our main door! HEE YOU GO GIRL!! GREAT JOB on your LITTLE London!
  9. Hi Lazyfatcat007! Your nick always reminds me of Garfield in the James Bond pose Anw, have PM-ed you too! Cheers.