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  1. hello D3n, For the comfort design furniture, is there discount that you enjoyed for purchasing a substantial amt of furnitures from them?
  2. hello anyone knows whether the BTO flat nowadays are how many inches away from the wall (i.e the rough-in length), and whether isit p or s trap?
  3. wow Clarence, thank you for your detailed post on the lights. Im trying to find lights in the form of screwable E27 for easy maintainability. How many watts did you purchase for your COB and what is ur recommendation? Thank you.
  4. Hello TS, i mean the "Again philips light. this one is 60w one" the one in ur living room Oh because it can be remotely control, and thus the price! U don't use any ceiling fan?
  5. hello TS, could you share the links to the COB lights? isit LED? and isit easily replacable if they become spolit. May I also ask how about your lighting setup in your living room? Thank you!
  6. hello TS, possible to know hows the lights from Taobao after a year or so. For the bigger living room lights, if they are spolit, isit easily replaceable? How about the track lights?
  7. hello TS, can check hows the light from taobao thus far. For instance if the light (https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=42096873522&toSite=main&skuId=82071111395) spolit, do u need change the entire thing?
  8. hello TS, could u share about the lightings versus ceiling fan? Im not doing any false ceilings and wouldn't prefer 1 ceiling fan that has lights, and thus is having headache about the lights placement.
  9. hey TS, can check how much is the cost of your philips light. The link to ezbuy stats 200sing dollars?! Can also ask what if the lights spoil? Need change entire set? Thank u.
  10. Hello everyone, Can I request for your help to provide some ideas on the lightings if I do not want to have ceiling fans that come together with lights and I do not want any false ceiling in the house. Not sure how should I layout the living room.
  11. Hello, could you share where did you buy the lights?:) And if you have any taobao links for the ones if you had purchased off Taobao, such as the tracklights. Thank you very much. 6. Lights As mentioned in an earlier posts, most of our lights are from the Philips Hue series. We bought a combination of "normal" lights as well as "smart" lights. 1x Philip Hue Bridge 5x E27 Philip Hue Colour bulbs 8x E27 Philip Hue White/Warm bulbs 1x Philip Hue Go 4x Philip Hue Lightstrips 5x Ceiling lights for Living/Bedrooms 2x IP65 white lights for bathrooms 6x Philip T5 warm lights for bathrooms 6x E27 "Normal" Philips white bulbs 1x tracklights set from Taobao
  12. Hello can I have the contacts to aryclic pane and window & blinds grills? Thanks!!