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  1. Hi Dennis, thank you so much for sharing your reno process, really helpful. It's been awhile but i would like to ask you couple thing if you don't mind:

    1. Looking from the pic, your electrician actually concealed all the wiring inside the wall? Do you know if this is approved by HDB or you just do it. It looks much nicer though :)

    2. I have the same idea of using AOB Bath storage heater, do you mind sharing your experience after using it and who doing the installation? I see you installing the controller as well and may i know if the installer from AOS Bath will help to concealed the wiring or your electrician help you do it.

    Thank you!

  2. its included in my ID quotation for boxing up some areas of the house. there is an installer on fb that does this solely for $80 each iirc. https://www.facebook.com/SingaPlasterceil/
  3. u can periodically wechat him and check how much CBM u have used
  4. I bought mine from HT Lighting in permas jaya. so far no issue but got some slight knocking noise cos my ceiling not really totally flat evenly. they probably didn't balance the fan for you properly, may want to get your electrician to come down check.
  5. hi, basically it is connected this way: fibre bb port -> my asus router (1 of the LAN port) -> poe adaptor (2-LAN) -> poe adaptor (1-POE) -> unifi device. poe adaptor has power plug.
  6. U have to use wechat app to add... quite many forumers added him and managed to contact him.
  7. My sense of taste not good. But water looks clearer through glass cup under sunlight
  8. Yup need to be permanently on as you need to control the hue lights automatically. for me, 645pm auto on (relax scene lighting) 11pm (change to night scene lighting) 645am off lights.
  9. Hi, These cabinets are carpentry works by my ID. You can check back my earlier posts which laminate we chose.