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  1. Im thinking of installing a sliding door to 'circled' (green highlight), door sliding to green dot instead of keeping the existing (red highlight). Then I realised the master bedroom door & master bedroom toilet door will be at 90degrees, is it bad? Also realised that I will see the master bedroom toilet once I stepped into master bedroom, is it bad? Is it bad?
  2. hi, Prior to my house layout, I realised my master bedroom door rested on a wall shared by master bedroom toilet & common toilet when the door is opened, is it bad? Please advise. Thanks & Regards
  3. hi, Please advise. Prior to my house layout, is it bad for bedroom door to rest open sharing the same wall with toilet? If it is bad, what remedy would you advise? Thanks & Regards
  4. Want to view all types of door, e.g. alumimium acrylic sliding door, upvc folding door etcs Just few popped up upon my google search -_-
  5. hi, Does anyone has difficulties in managing your rubbish with the centralized chute in BTO?
  6. hi, Anyone replace new hdb doors to other type doors after getting keys? Mind to share your experience?
  7. hi Erwinong, Who did you engaged for your window film and blinds/curtains? How was the after-sale service from them? Am looking for a reliable one. Hope to hear from you via pm. Thanks & Regards
  8. space n living: Quotation never come.. despite calling twice. heard that space n living and city design are related companies.. dont waste time..
  9. hi Smjas, Referring to your post ('How is the workmanship of the installer for Best Industrial Pte Ltd?') Did you engage Best Industrial Pte Ltd in the end? Hope to hear from you. Thanks & Regards.
  10. hi Momiji, Referring to your post ('Anyone has engaged this company for their bi-fold doors? Any review? Thanks') Did you engage Ministry of Doors in the end? How was the experience with them? Hope to hear from you. Thanks & Regards.
  11. hi Which ID did you decided in the end? Am looking for a reliable ID. Hope to hear from you. Thanks & Regards
  12. hi Bianzi, Saw your post ('Hello.. I need to wait till after CNY if I got Yon Tat to come. I have decided to get Doctor doors to come and take the measurement for my bedroom doors. Is there any feedback from anyone who used them before?') How was your overall experience with Doctor Doors? Do you mind to share the pictures of the doors installed by them? Hope to hear from you. Thanks & Regards
  13. hi AngelButterfly, Saw your post ('Anyone tried doctorsdoor? They hv the colour I want for the doors So I considering.. Their bi-fold doors, glass n windows prices r very attractive.. But pls share if the quality is gd???') How was your experience with doctorsdoor? Hope to hear from you. Thanks & Regards.
  14. hi, Which renovation firm did you engaged in the end for your house renovation? Am looking for a reliable ID. Hope to hear from you. Thanks & Regards.