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  1. Hi, I have been following renotalks since years ago when i applied for 2 room flexi. The probable completion date (PCD) is June 2020, i should be receiving my keys soon maybe in July or aug. But it might be delay due to covid 19. I have been playing with a online floor planner name floor planner. The floor plan is inclusive of wall space, i wonder what is the wall space dimension? maybe 10 cm?
  2. Hi there, I know it been years, could I have information for 1. Your Id and Company name 2. Aircon contact I am looking for reliable id and he seem to be the one. Cannot view any photo though Thank you and happy cny!
  3. Which defect inspector you engage? Can share the contact and charges?
  4. Oops I miss out the 25k. Thank you for pointing out! I just listed out list of renovation I want to do, list of items to buy. Seem a lot. Not easy.
  5. Hi, can I have the contact of your contractor m? Can share the quotation or pictures? Thank you! Please pm me
  6. Hi Bunnieboi, that awesome and thanks for sharing. I will be collecting my keys too in 2nd Quar. this year. Cant wait for HDB to inform me. Last year end, I went to road show, I was shocked to hear 2 room renovation that goes up above 30k.I felt that not many ID wanted to renovate project below 28K? May I know what is your budget you set? I set like 15k. I am only looking to add in kitchen and a built in wardrobe. I have opt in the option 1 and 2 that included flooring.
  7. Hi there, able to share with me the contact, quotation and any views?
  8. Hi , can share with me too on contact, quotation and review too. Thanks!