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  1. Will need to see the actual dimensions of the toilet to determine if this layout will work. 😬
  2. Haha...that only based on the floor plan. The layout not confirm for the bathroom. I born in the year of bunny.🐰
  3. Yaya, there's a long list of things you will need to do and buy. I think @mmoh kept within her budget.
  4. Ya, nowadays the renovation cost quite high. I set at $25K but I think will go up more than $25K. 😫
  5. 3D Drawing of my house (version 1/3) Couple of days back, my ID informed me that the 3D drawing is ready. Yay! 😁 I’m quite excited and curious how my house will look like with the materials and color combination I chose. On the other hand, I’m quite worry it will turn out quite messy because I have selected quite a few colors (as what mmoh have mention earlier, our house not very big does not need so many colors). 😟 After looking at the 3D drawings individually, I think they all look great but just worried that when all put together in a small house, it might be a bit too much. To be on the safe side, I have decided to reduce my laminates to 2 colours. 😬 Just go with the combination of White with one Wood color for the whole house (I very good boi, listen to mmoh 😇). I shall see how the version 2 of the 3D drawing will look like with the new changes. Will update this post once I have received it. 😉 Living Room Version 1 Comment: Will extend the open shelve (above the TV) all the way to the other end, top cabinet will request to split it equally (OCD kicks in). Glass cabinet on the right side, I will request to change the glass door to a fixed glass panel and casement door open from bedroom. Kitchen Version 1 Comment: Tentatively there’s no changes for kitchen, quite happy with it. Bedroom Version 1 Comment: The open shelves on the right side of the wardrobe will move it down to the floor to put my dry box. Toilet Version 1 Comment: The color of the wall nearer to the bowl is incorrect (look like grey now), it should be slightly closer to the tone of the floor. Previous Topic Next Topic Back to Content Page
  6. My carpentry all white & wood (different tone), Gray only on one side of the wall near the dining area...I shall see how the 3D drawing turn out and make changes accordingly (will take your advise into consideration when I make changes). Thanks @mmoh 😊
  7. Ello @SuperZ I think is more of individual preference I guess. There's pros and cons for each type, so need to see which suit your needs more. For me, I chosen Vinyl over tiles is because; 1) I don't like the cold floor feeling. 2) Most of my carpentry are all built-in, so there shouldn't be much movement of furniture. 3) It is more comfortable to step on and also reduced the noise. 4) It won't cracked like tiles (will damaged by sharp object). 5) Maintenance is easier (tiles need to use cement, I don't like the gap in between 2 tiles to turn grey or black due to dirt). 6) I think tiles is more suitable in Kitchen and toilet as there's more moist and contact of water is higher. This is my preference for Vinyl, so it solely depend what your preference and which suit your need most. Yes, the material for my Countertop is quartz (from iQuartz - i-Series)
  8. Hi @hyungbaobao Slightly above 25K le and I believe the price will go up more when the renovation start. 😫
  9. Tiles, Counter Top, Laminates and Vinyl Selection Yay, finally on 19 December I received email from HDB to update my particulars and also notice that my PCD date changed to End Feb. 🥳 Hope HDB will notify the date to collect my keys (Early or Mid Feb, please) soon. 🙏 Oh well, at least now I have some light that I will be able to get my key in Feb. Just nice my ID also texted me few days back, to check when I’m free to meet her for materials selection (my ID more kanchiong than me, which is good). Today (29 December 2019), met my ID to do our first materials selection. It is important to know what theme you want your house to look like, so that you can narrow down and work with the theme colors (i.e. Industrial, Modern, Minimalist etc.). 😏 If you have not decided your theme, it might be difficult for you to decide the color combination and wonder will it turn-out the way that you want. 😵 So, decide the theme you want before you do your materials selection. 😀 My ID brought out many books/stacks of catalogue/materials for me to choose. Even though my theme is Scandinavian, the main colors basically is White and Wood (I added a bit of Gray to my theme). 😬 Only playing with 3 colors, there are so many different tones, shades, textures and materials to choose from. 🤯 Below is my first batch of selection I have done today. Kitchen Kitchen Backsplash (aka Glassbacking) Kitchen Carpentry color combi Kitchen Countertop Toilet Toilet Sink Countertop Toilet Carpentry color combi Toilet Wall feature wall (additional things I add today, new cost 😖) Living room Living room feature wall color TV and Cabinet Carpentry color combi Bedroom Wardrobe Carpentry color combi Platform bed Carpentry color Vinyl Floor So now will have to wait for the 3D drawing (2 weeks) to see how the color combination I selected will turn-out. 😝 Previous Topic Next Topic Back to Content Page
  10. Thanks @Cranberries. I did opted for flooring. So will bring along a door stopper.
  11. Morning @ryanyth, I also think so, all should be back to work by Feb. Looking forward to my key collection too. 😁 Oh, door stopper. Ok ok. I will add it to my to-bring list. 😉
  12. Ello @Cranberries Not really, the installation can hold till you ready. Just informed them 2 to 3 weeks ahead of the date that you wish to install.
  13. Thanks @Cranberries Yaya, good Xmas present. I hope I can get my keys by Feb 😂 but see how it goes ba. Aiyo, need to fill the same thing again. Hmm... 🤔 wonder why. Think I will just fill when asked. Haha... 😂
  14. @Cranberries I received HDB email to ask me to update my particulars and my PCD date updated to end Feb. I'm so close to my key collection. 😆✌️