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  1. Hi @Cranberries Oic, all from Italy. Think might need to wait for quite a fair bit before they can start their normal work-life to do shipment. Yup, I also trying to keep my chill and just see what other alternative option available for me to deal with all the issues. Let’s hope that infected cases will reduced before end Apr and MCO and CB will be lifted by 4 May. 🙏 #staysafe #stayhome #stayhealthy #letsdoourpart #sgunited 💪
  2. @Cranberries Oic. Paper work? Haven signed the contract with your ID har? All the materials and colours all choose liao? If you not rushing can take your time to reno.
  3. Hi @Cranberries I hope can complete by Mid Apr or within Apr. I got a lot of carpentry works that worried me the most. When you reno starting or started liao?
  4. 13 Mar to 22 Mar – Hacking, Masonry and Piping works On 13 Mar, my renovation officially starts. The wall that separate my bedroom and living was hacked away to make room for my TV cabinet. The aircon piping done and toilet door sealed up. 50mm kitchen cabinet plinth and shower kerb done too. One bad news is, my ID told me that my project will be delayed due to the current situation (COVID-19 + Malaysia lockdown). As their carpenters are all Malaysian and their carpentry work are all done in Malaysia before they bring it out to install. Currently there’s only 14 carpenters are here to support 60-ish IDs and their projects. Will have to see how things goes and plan along the way. 😟 Before / After Wall between my room and living room hacked and the toilet entrance from my bedroom sealed. Aircon piping position for living room and bedroom. I have decided to group my toilet bowl and the shower together as my wet area. Shower kerb created to split them apart and tiles for toilet done. Kitchen cabinet plinth erected. Previous Topic Next Topic Back to Content Page
  5. Defect checks and City Gas Piping Defect Checking I have arranged with my ID to do the defect check on 27 Feb. I believe she will know what and where to lookout for potential defects. At the same time, she can do some actual measurement of the physical place to finalise the dimension for the carpentry works. I have also arranged City Gas to do their site recce on 27 Feb as well. Trying to kill 2 birds with one stone (limited annual leave so must fully maximise the it). After my ID done with the defect checking and measured the actual space for the carpentry works, she told me that the carpentry, furniture and appliances position are according to what she has planned. There isn’t any major defect/modification require, except for the carpentry work at my living room and shower screen for bathroom, which I’m thinking of changing the door for my bedroom and re-position the shower screen in my toilet. Running of Gas pipes for Hob and Dryer After we have identified the location for the Hob and the Dryer, we have agreed that the pipes should run downwards, as we have cabinet that able to cover the pipes away. To run the gas pipes, I must arrange another appointment with City Gas. This is how it look like after the pipes are put in-place for my Hob and Dryer. Before / After Hob Area Dryer Area Previous Topic Next Topic Back to Content Page
  6. Ello @Cranberries Thank you. My reno will start on 13 Mar. 🤣 I think is the camera lar. Using wide angle camera, that why look spacious. 😬
  7. I not very sure wo, I sign-up online de. Maybe when they sign-up at HDB hub, they might given the option.
  8. So far don't have any major issue. Ya....is big enough for the air-con technician to go out to fix/maintain the air-con.
  9. Thanks @SuperZ. Hope will have nice wind too. will post my progress when my renovation start.
  10. Key Collection OMG! This is what I have been waiting for! Excited!🤩 After numerous tries of balloting (cannot remember how many times I tried, should be more than 10x) and waited close to 5 years. Finally, I’m collecting my Keys on 24/02/2020. YAY~✌️ The following documents you need to prepare during Key Collection Day (KCD) and only the first 3 items below applicable to me. NRIC (Original) A working Singpass with 2FA Completed HDB Appointment Letter A copy of your Certificate of HDB Fire Insurance (if taking HDB loan) Original Marriage Certificate (if applicable) If you want to reduce the time spent at HDB Hub. The following two things I would prefer or recommend new homeowners to do before KCD. Key Collection Day (KCD -1) Apply for HDB Fire Insurance. If you are taking HDB loan, you will need to purchase a mandatory fire insurance from HDB’s appointed insurer (FWD Insurance). There is two ways to do it, you can choose to do it at the HDB hub during Key Collection or do it online. For two rooms it cost $2.71 for a 5 years premium (Do note that it does not covers home contents such as furniture, renovations and personal belonging). Sign up and Activate your SP service account If you intend to do the defect checks right after you have collected your keys, do activate your SP account 1 day before. This will allow you do the following checks when you head down to your unit. Check if the flushing works well Pour water in the toilet to ensure water flows towards the drainage Charge your mobile device or power-bank to ensure all the electrical point is functional Since I am using my CPF to pay the remaining amount in full, purchasing of Fire Insurance from FWD is not required. That does not mean that I do not need Home Insurance. Fire hazard can be easily triggered by the electronic gadgets/appliances, so to protect my unit and home content. I have bought my Home Insurance from Income ($156.28 for 3 years) and as for the activation of my SP account (Electric & Water) I have scheduled it on 27 Feb. Key Collection Day (KCD) My appointment was at 4:15 PM and I was there by 3 PM. Guess I’m too excited and I have been waiting for this day for so long and I can’t wait to get it done asap. I proceed to self-service kiosk to get my queue number and sit at the waiting area to wait for my queue number to be called. Since I was there very early, I thought I must wait for until 4:15 pm for my number to be call. To my surprise, my queue number was called around 3:45 pm and it took less than 20 mins to complete all the necessary paper work and payment. Glad that I’m there early and have done my homework prior to the appointment. After I collected my keys, I went down to my unit to do a simple Door Opening Ceremony and I have taken some pictures of my unit before my renovation start. Living room and Dining area Bedroom Kitchen Toilet Previous Topic Next Topic Back to Content Page
  11. Morning @ryanyth Happy Lunar New to you too. I have replied your questions within your post. 😁
  12. Will need to see the actual dimensions of the toilet to determine if this layout will work. 😬
  13. Haha...that only based on the floor plan. The layout not confirm for the bathroom. I born in the year of bunny.🐰