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  1. $28K just renovation cost. https://renotalk.sg/inspirations/inspiration-styles/warm-minimalist/?fbclid=IwAR0X8CKOfGyjD02dDWl8fZUMI1l5fh2UeEafh1snljorfIFr2bGub-V3iv8
  2. Hi hi, The total cost for my renovation is closed to $28K and my ID is from Starry Homestead. https://renotalk.sg/inspirations/inspiration-styles/warm-minimalist/?fbclid=IwAR3x55vU-gbjjKpj_EB3xTX300k_6zK5CQTD4e1PkgC8dL-FI0PJ2FU4Ii8
  3. Should sit on the comfy sofa...unless you working at your study table, then office chair is a better option. ?
  4. @JOYWALKER, nice comfy sofa and cute penguin. We need coat rack since we dun have normal bedroom door to hang our clothes. ?
  5. Hi @apperceive My shoe size is 10. If you feet is bigger than mine, than it might have a problem.
  6. My ID didn't charge me for shifting the lan point. If you intend to sign up, better do it fast. Because the installation of the device will depend on their availability. As for the price, there's a few packages, so its also depends what kind of channel you like to watch. I took the Family Starter package ($34.9/mth)
  7. Hi @JOYWALKER Oh, neighbour....great. hope you get your keys soon. So that you can start your renovation. You have found your ID/contractors? ?...yaya from Diaso.
  8. I didn't shift my TV point, as I don't need it. I have signed up Singtel TV, so just need to shift my Lan point. The Plaza beside my block still not ready, so need to travel a bit for now.
  9. Hi @Lov8 My door way reduced due to my full length wardrobe + the platform bed. You might want to think twice if you going to do it. I don't need a big walkway, I need storage more. ?
  10. HI @Cranberries Yes, moving in on 8 Aug, still unpacking and organising my stuff. Oh, once the carpentry complete, the rest will be very fast.
  11. 7 Aug 2020, completion of my renovation Hi Everyone, so sorry for not updating my blog for super long time. I didn't manage to take any picture for my renovation (due to CB). So, here's my completed renovation pictures. A new chapter of my life have start on 8 Aug 2020. Stay Healthy, Stay Safe & Stay Positive everyone. Living Room Dining Area Bedroom Kitchen Toilet Previous Topic Back to Content Page
  12. Hi @Cranberries Oic, all from Italy. Think might need to wait for quite a fair bit before they can start their normal work-life to do shipment. Yup, I also trying to keep my chill and just see what other alternative option available for me to deal with all the issues. Let’s hope that infected cases will reduced before end Apr and MCO and CB will be lifted by 4 May. ? #staysafe #stayhome #stayhealthy #letsdoourpart #sgunited ?