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  1. Yaya...will get to see it soon. Yes, I'm going to seal the toilet door at my bedroom.
  2. Unless you seal your bathroom door, then you will have place your wardrobe against the wall.
  3. ID Research Okay, before I do my research for the ID, I asked myself the following two questions. Will I be staying at this unit for long (my definition of long is more than 10 years)? How much I willing to spend on the renovation? If I'm not willing to spend too much, I can just do the bare minimal renovation (i.e. all those basic carpentry works and things I need not want). But if I have certain requirement/design/theme that I want to do, then I must be prepare to spend. nevertheless, I still need to find an ID that is trustworthy so I will have one less thing to worry about (i.e. Kena scammed or cheated). 😄 Anyway, there's many ways to do your own ID research, it can be from online, word-of-mouth, walk-in or exhibition. For me, I prefer to do it online (like most ppl do 🤔), so I can read their review from their official website & Facebook. It makes it easier for me to choose the ID firm I want to contact. Note : Do remember to check if they're CASE Trust and HDB Registered (very important to me) and if they have other awards or accreditation it will be a bonus. Below are the IDs I send my request to (very tiring, keep repeating my requirements to different ID 😵); GC GSID TTDA LS BRS SC SH Out of 7 IDs, I only meet 5 of them. LS didn't even bother to contact me and BRS I decided to drop after spoken to him on the phone (Coz he keep inject his idea and reject mine 😤). I also drop GSID after our 1st meet-up, coz he give me the feeling that he doesn't really interested in taking up my project. The remaining 4 IDs, I have given them my requirement and ask for their quotation. After review their quotations, I've shortlisted GC, SC & SH based on their service, price and responsiveness (drop TTDA coz too expensive). After much thinking and consideration, I finally decide the ID I want to engage is SH. Because three of them were equally good, I have to go down to small small details to eliminate one by one. So now need to wait for HDB to notify me when I can collect my keys (Praying hard🙏 that I can collect the keys in Nov or Dec 2019). That all for now. 😉 Back to Content Page
  4. Introduction Eco-Friendly Living Northshore Residence I are designed to fulfill the vision of establishing Punggol as Eco-Town. To support this vision, these developments have numerous eco-friendly features: Separate chutes for recyclable waste Regenerative lifts to reduce energy consumption Eco-pedestals in bathrooms to encourage water conservation Rainwater harvesting system to store rainwater for washing of common areas ABC Waters design features to clean rainwater and beautify the landscape Use of sustainable and recycled products in the development Smart Solutions Northshore Residences I will also feature Smart technologies to bring about a more live-able, efficient, sustainable and safe living environment. Smart-Enabled Homes with infrastructure to support easy installation of smart systems Smart Car Park Management System to adjust availability of lots for residents and visitors at different times of the day based on demand Smart Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System to optimise the deployment of resources for cleaner and fuss free waste deposal Smart Lighting which meet the needs of residents while reducing energy comsumption Smart Irrigation which saves water while maintaining the extensive landscaped areas for the enjoyment of the residents --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Northshore Residences I Northshore Residences Sites Plan Floor Plan My Unit Floor Plan Proposed Unit Layout by HDB Back to Content Page
  5. Northshore Residences I Content : Introduction ID Research Key Collection (Coming Soon)
  6. WOW! Very nice. Like the colour combi on the wall.
  7. Ya lor.... hope mine will end soon. Haha...
  8. Ok ok...nice.... does your platform come with drawers? I saw casement door, I assume shd have drawers at the side right?
  9. 😍Platform bed.... 👍. Space to walk ard the platform?
  10. Haha...yaya...super duper long didn't login here le. So far I have met 4 IDs liao.... very lazy to meet IDs....just want to quickly get it done and over with. HAHA....
  11. Wow, so many new members...and most of them starting/started renovation.... Envy dao~~