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  1. @Langrisser Wah, even Ikea need to pay so much for the kitchen cabinet. 😅 I'm not sure if you have seen my kitchen cabinet posting before, but here's the link: I was lucky to get a promotional package at that point of time: $4,088 (Quartz table top ) including, installation of sink/stove (those were purchased separately) .
  2. Wah....so much more! But, then again, my quotation was given to me last year Dec and Pre-Covid days. Did you seek other quotations for the flooring price?
  3. 😊 Thank you! The place looks more like a home now, less like a showroom flat! Bought more stuff from Shopee/ Lazada/ Daiso to decorate: I didn’t have a coffee table. Instead, bought this C table (with wheels) so I can eat infront of the TV if needed.😬
  4. Honestly , I have yet to shower in my bathroom!! I'm quite small built so, thinking, with the shower spray pointing down at this angle, I might splash a little onto the dry area but not too much, I hope. Will let you know, once I've tried it!
  5. Great! Do post the pics once you are ready! So exciting!!
  6. Hi @Cranberries! Yes, I do love cats!🐈😍 I had the shelves delivered and assembled by IKEA ppl. Now the shelves are done, gonna buy their storage boxes to store my stuff liao!😬 oh 11.11 is coming so, I’m eyeing those extendable laundry poles as well!😎
  7. Hi @Phillip, PM you liao but not sure did my message reached you. Perhaps you can PM me so I can reply you.
  8. Very fast one. I had to wait for 5 years for my BTO, but on the other hand, I was also happy that I was given more time to save up for renovation! ok more pics on my decorating ! 😬
  9. For those who need simple shelvings for your Bomb shelter, I bought these IKEA Omar shelves (x4 pcs, stack them up to get 2 high shelves) and they fit nicely. 😬
  10. Thanks! Still decorating here and there, trying to make it more cosy.
  11. Yes, I’ve been looking at options on how to hang my jeans and coat rack is the best solution! Once again, thank you for the recommendation!!😬 This two seater sofa is one that I can sit and my feet can still touch the floor! Comfy and not too deep. But I suspect I will spend more time in my office chair rather than the sofa!😎
  12. Yay!! My sofa has arrived!! And many thanks to @BunniBoi, I've gotten the same beautiful coat rack for my home too!
  13. Received my office chair today!! 😬 One last furniture, the sofa, then it will be done!😎
  14. Done! PM you liao. 😬 The trunking is done by the Gain City guys and they were very good at their job. My camera sucks. Here are the better pics of my bathroom (sent to me by my ID):
  15. @apperceive Here are the pics of the aircon trunking. The left corner of the 2nd pic is where they drilled the hole for my living room aircon.