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  1. Hey, I’ve finally moved in last Oct and finally using my shower! Water do splash out to the floor (along the curb) but it wasn’t that much. I just mop it away or just let it dry on its own if I’m too lazy to mop. The area around the toilet bowl is still dry.😬
  2. @Rivervale shore Hi , sorry for the late reply. Yes, the bathroom tiles are overlay. As for the smart curtains, I hardly used them anymore. Only used it when my mom stayed over, to block the living room’s lightings when she sleeps. The electricity bills is surprisingly not that high when I switched on both Aircons every night, cooling the rooms before I sleep.😬 The company that did my curtains is called Unique Zone. They were introduced to me by my ID.😀
  3. Yes, that is true, about under utilizing but I was thinking, if I have close friends who stay late and wish to sleepover, at least I have a bed to offer! ( at least one other person, the rest have to sleep on the floor! LOL) I have my writing desk set in my living room (facing the windows) and that's why I have extra space in my bedroom for a Queen size bed. Guess it depends on how you would like to place your bed ,wardrobe and your desk then work from there on your storage shelvings. Do note carpentry works will put quite a hole in your pocket. 😅
  4. Hi @Melody2205, You have no plan to get a Queen size bed? It will fit into the space of your bedroom. My place looks spacious is probably due to me removing the wall between bedroom and my living room. 😬
  5. Hi @Melody2205 ! Same layout like mine! 1) I do have a round dining table (85cm) and a 2 seater sofa (1.42m) in my living room. Not big on entertaining, so didn't get larger dining table or sofa. But in case you need a longer sofa, you can ask the contractor to extend the wall here, so it will lined nicely. Do note that, by doing that, it will eat into yr dining table space. 2) Didn't build much storage shelf as I do not want my place to be too cramp. So, other than the left corner tall bookcase and lower drawers, I still have some storage space to store my stuff inside the TV console drawers. The rest? I just dump inside my bomb shelter! LOL Hope this helps.
  6. My ID never hacked anything. Think he just re-directed the pipe for the water flow from the basin. I've opted out everything so my toilet was bare. (But a toilet boil was there surprisingly when I got my keys. )
  7. I did move my basin and sealed up my kitchen toilet door, in order to have a shower/wet area. Guess you can do the same thing, but instead of sealing up the kitchen toilet door, you may have to seal up the bedroom toilet door. Doing that, it will also gives you more space to do a longer wardrobe in your bedroom too.
  8. They do. But every time when I tried posting the website link here, the post will be hidden due to the need for approval. So, if you want the ID details, just PM me and I'll reply.
  9. Err.. @ee11ee can I assume you are asking me? Please PM me so I can share you the ID details.
  10. @LangrisserPM me and I can give you my ID details. Then , you can check out with them if they just do Kitchen Cabinet package.
  11. @Langrisser Wah, even Ikea need to pay so much for the kitchen cabinet. ? I'm not sure if you have seen my kitchen cabinet posting before, but here's the link: I was lucky to get a promotional package at that point of time: $4,088 (Quartz table top ) including, installation of sink/stove (those were purchased separately) .
  12. Wah....so much more! But, then again, my quotation was given to me last year Dec and Pre-Covid days. Did you seek other quotations for the flooring price?
  13. ? Thank you! The place looks more like a home now, less like a showroom flat! Bought more stuff from Shopee/ Lazada/ Daiso to decorate: I didn’t have a coffee table. Instead, bought this C table (with wheels) so I can eat infront of the TV if needed.?
  14. Honestly , I have yet to shower in my bathroom!! I'm quite small built so, thinking, with the shower spray pointing down at this angle, I might splash a little onto the dry area but not too much, I hope. Will let you know, once I've tried it!