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  1. Hello, @TerryS! You're welcome (replying to your post at BunniBoi's Topic) ☺️ You did not receive hdb email to update your particulars? Congratulations on your pending key collection!
  2. Hello @TerryS! Before hdb inform you for key collection (about 2 months before) hdb will email you informing you to update particulars, excerpt from the hdb email as below: "Prior to keys collection, you will need to update your particulars, such as marital status, family composition, citizenship, income and property ownership, via My HDBPage. You can login anytime from your home PC using your SingPass and complete the "Submission of Further Particulars" within 10 days of this email. " Well, I missed out the email and exceeded the 10 days time frame, I emailed hdb for advice and they emailed me pdf form instead, but the the pdf form did not require update of income, I don't know how it's like if you update via hdb portal since I missed it. 🙄
  3. Hello neighbour @Xiaoyang! Hmm, also hoping to find ways to dispose/trade the rack for good returns 😁. The electronic rack I intend to purchase does provide trade in for $20. I shall see how, maybe I'll check with my ID to see if he has "lobang" 🙄
  4. Hello @mmoh! I never thought that the sample layout idea provided by hdb is important, now I know 😅🙄 Oh, the rack can fetch $100+, mmm now I have an idea how much the rack can worth.
  5. Hello @Xiaoyang! I am at Eastcreek too. I also felt that the laundry rack is very big for the kitchen and the position is inconvenient. Interestingly I am also considering to position the rack parallel to the window. But the hdb laundry rack may be too long for parallel position, I intend to remove it and install a smaller sized electronic laundry rack parallel to window.
  6. Hello @Xiaoyang! Being curious where is your new home located, type 1 or 2? Actually, I face the same problem. I had planned to place sink and stove on the same side, washing machine (WM) on the opposite but for my case the drainage for sink and WM are all on the right side of the kitchen. After checking with my ID, although drainage piping can be routed to the other side but it will be ugly and troublesome. So I forgo my previous plan, now my sink and WM will be on the same side while stove will have to be on the opposite. Airing my thoughts about squarish kitchen. Most of the earlier layouts have rectangular kitchen allowing only one row of cabinets. One can kind of guess where the drainage pipes for sink and WM will be located. For squarish kitchen, there are 2 rows of cabinets, you won't know which side will hdb designate the drainage pipes. Now that I look back, I think the Sample Layout Ideas in hdb sales brochure gives a good hint where the drainage pipes for sink and WM are located. Otherwise, the flat interior photos released during hdb roadshow for your new home will give a concrete answer as to where are the drainage pipes. I saw the roadshow pics from HDB website dedicated for roadshows and noticed the positioning but I just brush aside without giving much thoughts until I went to my unit, and then I realise the designated positioning of drainage pipes by hdb will jeopardise my kitchen layout plan! 😔😓 Like what Ryanyth mentioned changes are common, thus got to learn to keep an open mind when dealing with home planning and renovation😅
  7. Hello @mmoh! I actually engaged the service of Defect Inspector, and the first thing the Inspector did when he saw that I was annoyed by the auto closing door, was to take a pile of complimentary tiles from my bomb shelter, and tucked it between the door and frame. It did hold the door stationary at a certain angle.
  8. Hello @SuperZ! I hope I am not raising false alarm here😅😅! I was initially rather upset at the measurements but after a few days of "calming" down I felt I might have been too uptight over the matter, afterall I did not use a proper measuring tape!! 😁🙄 I will take measurements properly with correct tools and post my results here. But it will be some weeks later till I pop over to my new home. Happy Holidays to all! 🎄🎉
  9. Hello @snoozee! Indeed I was initially expecting to lose about 15 to 25cm, even went up to 30cm. Nevertheless, I will definitely measure with proper measuring tape.
  10. Thanks @BunniBoi, I'll look out for its bundle pricing and make a purchase. 🤣Indeed I was really hoping I had a door stopper when I was at my new home for the first time but later it came across to me that a door stopper will come into use provided you have opted for HDB to do your flooring. For my case I opted out so the floor is bare and the floor level is lower than usual thus a usual door stopper is not thick enough. If you opted for hdb flooring, a door stopper will come in handy☺️
  11. Hello, @ryanyth! I did not know there is such door stopper mechanism till I read your blog. Would have chosen the magnet, but magnet will turn rusty after some years (that's the case for my current home) and for usual rubber door stopper, I foresee asking myself "where is that door stopper ?!" when I need it 🤣😅. So a door stopping mechanism installed above the door shall be best choice😁
  12. Hello @BunniBoi! Noticed you bought Yale digital lock from lazada. If I'm not wrong they will only deliver on the date of installation. So how did you make your purchase? I am also interested in getting yale digital locks for my new home.
  13. Hello @ryanyth! I was following your blog 2 years ago and now I re-visit your blog to refresh my memory as I prepare for renovation. Thanks for sharing your experience! One thing I wanted to point out is I finally understood why there is a need to install the SlideArm. When I read your blog I thought I do not need that as I do not like to leave my main door open. Yesterday I went to open my bto door and I had ENOUGH of that soft closing door! I did not prepare a door stopper and it was such a fuss going through the door with it always moving towards shutting. Immediately I remembered reading in your blog that you have installed something above the door as a door stopper and I made up my mind to install that too!
  14. Hello to all! I had collected my keys few days back and I went to open the door yesterday. On the whole I am happy with my new home but was disappointed at the measurements of the the rooms. I know the measurements on the floor plan cannot be taken as it is because we need to take into account the thickness of the walls, but I have underestimated the wall thickness. For example a wall in my living room shows 4750mm on the floor plan, I guessed the wall would be around 4500mm but it turn out to be about 4000mm. I just used my feet to measure, so it was an approximate measurement but it was obvious it is definitely no where near 4500 and definitely not 4750 as in the floor plan. Hiakz, I think I was too enthusiastic and optimistic to plan out the measurements of the cabinets without having a clearer idea of what to expect of the actual unit measurements. Now I have to adjust the widths of the cabinets compartments to fit them in the smaller space.