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  1. Hello @mmoh! How I wish i could post pics but Hiakz.... Don't know when my renovation can resume😞😂 The sliding system is specially for such transformable dining table, so it has proper weight load and overall design to serve its purpose, but kind of pricey, I do hope it is a worthwhile expense.
  2. 😊 I will be having a hidden/pull out dining table in my living room. Another such table in my kitchen for extra worktop when needed.
  3. Hello @Magenta, Your living room would be enviously spacious (for a 2 room) if the bomb shelter do not get in the way in such a manner. Maybe you can consider space-saving transformable furniture at the area between bomb shelter wall and living room wall. Such as hidden/pull out table, bench or bed within built in wall shelves/cabinets.
  4. Hello @Humhum, I am not redoing bathroom and kitchen. But my idea is to make use of the complimentary tiles as much as possible. Using them to tile curbs/bases and concrete corner wall shelves. And then keep the remaining for just in case.
  5. Hello! @Humhum, I do need the complimentary tiles, may have some left after my flooring is done but I can't be sure since my floor tiling is half done and then got to stop work due to the circuit breaker.
  6. Hello! Neighbours! I think there is a "handful" of Eastcreek neighbours here 😁
  7. Hi @BunniBoi, Tiles already picked BUT just been notified that no stock. Choose another, again no stock because its from Italy...... Not rushing indeed because staying with parents, not that I need to hand over my current flat to new owner. Whatever pops up due to covid-19, I have to take a deep breath and then move on to deal with the issue, take an alternative route to resolve. Affects everyone... Press on... and wish all will be fine for everyone. Like mmoh mentions 'patiently', Patience and keep one's cool 😅
  8. Hello @BunniBoi, still doing paperwork for reno. I have to do flooring first, so other works got to wait. Previously was hoping to finish reno late April, but I don't think so now.
  9. Hi, @BunniBoi, you are making much progress, I bet you will finish reno before me with or without covid-19. Well, i am mentally prepared for delay too although my ID did not mention anything.
  10. Hi @Xiaoyang, Repositioning the rack like this, does make the kitchen look slightly spacious. I was contemplating this position, now I can be sure I'll do that too.
  11. Hello to all! Finally took measurements with a proper measuring tape. @snoozeewas right, the 4750mm wall on floor plan turn out to be very near 4600mm. So relieved that I don't have to adjust "drastically" the measurements of my planned cabinets to fit the actual space.
  12. Hello @BunniBoi! Ah, so you got your wish to collect in Feb after all, Congratulations! Although I got my keys last Dec, I am only going to start renovations next week 🙄. Probably your reno schedule will be very much in line with mine. Your living room is about the same size as mine, but the photo looks like your living room is very spacious, maybe yours is already tiled, mine not yet.
  13. Hello @TerryS! Before hdb inform you for key collection (about 2 months before) hdb will email you informing you to update particulars, excerpt from the hdb email as below: "Prior to keys collection, you will need to update your particulars, such as marital status, family composition, citizenship, income and property ownership, via My HDBPage. You can login anytime from your home PC using your SingPass and complete the "Submission of Further Particulars" within 10 days of this email. " Well, I missed out the email and exceeded the 10 days time frame, I emailed hdb for advice and they emailed me pdf form instead, but the the pdf form did not require update of income, I don't know how it's like if you update via hdb portal since I missed it. 🙄