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  1. This is very true and all owners should take note and learn about this, usually, IDs or contractors wouldn't advise you against it as they prioritised design over serviceability.
  2. Hi, you should consider overlaying of tiles and you should choose non slip tiles that have rough surfaces. Hope this helps.
  3. That is what I thought so too. Tampines is a quite a nice place and the price will be attractive too.
  4. LEW is needed when major changes to the electrical works are carried out. Usually, when you want to add power point, add lighting points etc, you don't need LEW licensed electrician for the job.
  5. This is a very tricky situation where both parties are assumed at fault now. Try to negotiate a good price to settle the tiles once and for all.
  6. It is unfortunate to have such contractors in Singapore.
  7. This is a good price, you can take up the tiling works.
  8. HDB accredited companies doesn't mean they are 100% good. There are still some black sheep, you need to base on your judgement to assess the companies on how they handle your queries.
  9. Bad contractors usually can hide their bad works with good mouth, they can paint a fantastic pictures around you but end up with sub standard quality works. This cannot be avoided but just have to base on your best assessment with them. Best is to get reviews or recommendations from friends.
  10. Didn't really hear much about it, the best way is to meet them and talk to them. Assess how they answer and reply your queries, go with your feelings.
  11. Sharing contacts indeed help the contractor a long way especially when they did good jobs.
  12. Hi, congrats on getting a good contractors, indeed, good contractors are really hard to find. For those who have experienced good contractors must share the contacts and reward them with their good works.