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  1. As in neater. The edges are not really nice with uneven gaps. It's as if anyhow do lol. But i heard from friends that carpentery nowadays are like that... mostly lacking workmanship...
  2. Thanks for sharing .... mine is almost like this ... though i wished that the carpentery could be more precised...
  3. can share what have you convert your DB box into? Show some photos?
  4. Post your query. There will be someone who can help advise if they have experienced .
  5. Thanks for the information ... i think my contractor created quite a big hole but after your description i think it's correct to have some cement blockage in the middle ...
  6. Anyone has to create a hole along the kerb due to the sewage position? Can show close up pictures of the hole? I wanna see how different contractors will create such thing. Will it be raw inside without tiles and can see cement. Will it become difficult to maintain?
  7. Normally paint two coats, one coat is not enough.
  8. If you wanna create wet and dry area in the toilet without hassle, choose one. I did a lot of work on my toilet just to create wet and dry area. Format similar to second layout.
  9. I realised that when we have problem with tiles, losing end is always the customers. The tile company thought that we are layman so we cant do anything about whatever tiles they give us. My problem with the tiles are from lian seng hin. The thickness is inconsistent in one tile causing difficulties in installing and lippage. My tiling area is small so every tiles counts and each lippage is an eyesore and dangerous to create trip accident as they smack right in the middle of the living room and bedroom. What my contractor told me is that many tiles are like that so even if i choose to hack and retile, it's not guaranteed that the next tile i choose will not have the same problem. They assured me it's not workmanship problem, it's the tiles problem and many are like that. In other words, it's a heng sway thing. There is nothing we can do about it. I wonder did @deathero83 resolve his problem ...
  10. Hi hi, May I know what height are your kerbs in the toilet? Are the ones dividing the wet and dry area same height as the ones at the door? TYIA.
  11. Your house is so nice! Creative DIY and deco.... I am thinking of learning baking but still cannot decide if I should buy a built in oven or a conventional oven which I will place on top of my WM .... your afternoon tea looks so yummy.... Thanks for sharing your journey ...