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  1. Hot Sun = Hot Roof/wall Hot Roof/wall = Hot Room Hot Room = Aircon consume more energy = Higher bills Reduce heat entering your home with HeatAX Solar Reflective Coating!
  2. We are E³.Space - we create European grade living spaces at an affordable price without compromising the quality of our materials and services and also, a healthier living space through the use of our boards with low formaldehyde emission.So if you're looking to remodel the interiors of your house, we got you! Do have a look at our contact details below! Contact us through any of the following:*Click here for our Facebook page!*and click here for our Instagram!* 6367 7175 (T5 @ Tampines)* 6255 0365 (Northlink Building)* Email us at info@sunyu.com.sg* Or just drop us a message here!Showroom Location:(East)67 Tampines Industrial Ave 5T5 @ TampinesSingapore 528643(North)10 Admiralty Street#05-80, Northlink BuildingSingapore 757695Operating Hours:Mon-Fri (0830hrs – 1800hrs)Sat (0830hrs – 1230hrs)Any visits outside of our operating hours are strictly to be made via appointment only. Thank you for your cooperation!
  3. Hahaa... initially I had started a community blog but then decided a T-blog here seems more fun as the useful input from people (who are more experienced than I am when it comes to home renos) is more instantaneous and that would really help to guide me along in real life as I'm battling through my crazy renovations. So... here's the story. I had initially set out wanting to DIY my bathroom renovations. I had lofty ambitions of doing it as I'm in a 'transition' period at the moment so have some free time on my hands to, err, do something with my hands. Also, my budget is(was!) very small... I was only able to afford to comfortably fork out $3k max for these renovations, which I reckoned would mostly go towards the materials and only in the case of really needing the professionals to do stuff I really knew I could not do (i.e. plumbing and waterproofing) would I use part of that small budget I had squirreled away for engaging them. I am very confident in my own dexterity and my skills; on top of that, I am also someone who never ever thinks anything is beyond learning and doing. I was adamant I neither wanted to use an ID nor a contractor, as I have done some brickworks and other cementing work before in my life. Plus, I've been spending the last few months watching Youtube videos so am now suitably qualified as an armchair contractor! However, after several heated arguments with my parents (neither of whom was forking out a single cent for this reno), I gave up and was forced to engage 'professionals' for this job. I calculated, albeit naively, it would cost me 'a bit more' than my initial budget, probably in the region of $4k, which from my extensive research was a general estimate for most bathrooms. I thought that since I simply wanted a very SIMPLE and industrial theme, it was not at all like all those expensive showy bathrooms with gold taps and other such nonsense. I mean, my name doesn't start with TT Boy was I wrong. And stupid/naive/egotistic/narcissistic to not have seen this from the start! Sure, some of you are saying "If you don't have money, why waste it on something so useless and impractical as a bathroom renovation?". I know we don't spend most of our time in the bathroom, that not everyone who comes to the house will use the upstairs bathroom and besides, here's the funnier thing-- I don't even live in the house! But. Sadly, I have always hated my family house because the design, colours and funishings are so puke-worthy fugly. Every time I use the bathroom (and I don't even go back that often! Like once every 3months??) I am reminded of how it looks worse than the kampong toilets I've been to in my lifetime. Kampong toilets are actually decent looking, even though they aren't too hygienic. Anyway my bathroom is so fugly until I cannot stand it. I don't know what Keppel was thinking when they built the place-- was the designer a 5000yr old Englishman stuck in delusions of the 17th century? It's that bad. So, anyway. The fact that I was so adamant to do this is testament to my deep hatred for the bathroom, and to the fact that I'm not doing this to 'show off' to people but instead this is a real personal issue I have with the bathroom. I want to go in and feel "Ah...such a nice, clean, modern bathroom. I feel so relaxed, happy and peaceful...", not "OMG this place is so fuglyyyyyy, this would be the perfect place to hang myself in!". Basically too much of the spaces I do use when I go back are very shamefully fugly, and such an eyesore especially when nobody bothers to take care of anything. It's bad enough that fugly is not something you can wash away with bleach... imagine fugly and years of willful neglect. So I decided to take remedial action as soon as I had saved up enough. As a result, I am now almost $8k out of pocket as the cost of this g-**** reno keeps escalating by the day. And when I say I really, really, really cannot afford it, I mean it. I'm not one of those people who always claim they're broke but in their bank accounts there's enough money to feed the entire continent of Africa for a week. As an entrepreneur, I have no savings. Zero. The first time I saw more than 2 zeroes in my bank account was when I was 29, when I got a good project that paid well enough for me to save a little rather than live from hand to mouth. And now, because of this bathroom reno, I am back to square one
  4. Post being removed for like the 3rd time Why renotalk why? can anyone let me know?????? @ChrisTanNK you have the same issue? i really wonder why i wanna help to bring in more business to a good contractor but the post keep get removed! Back to the topic, both @ChrisTanNK & I had the same contractor as i gotten the number from a friend that request for the contact from him. My parent's flat was renovated by this uncle called "chew". He is a down to earth & honest uncle such as that when i play joke on him, he get really nervous instead... uncle chew tag team with his daughter & actually gave honest opinion about some of my "hilarious" ideas. they are not those direct person that immediate oppose to your idea but they actually give u an other alternative way instead. they give me a "worryfree" renovation period & my parents is very pleased with him too! They will write their quote in details where we dont have worry if there is any hidden charge. They also provide us 3D drawings & different range of materials to choose. below will be some pics of my hse reno & some of other ppl's hse renovation which they send me. nowadays ID price are extraordinary high where i would really suggest to go for this contractor instead. in terms of PRICE, QUALITY & CHARACTERISTIC, i believe my contractor will win for sure:D:D:D:D
  5. Hi all, I am in the process of closing my purchase of an interterrace and evaluating the cost it takes to make room for my family. We are looking to add a bedroom with ensuite bathroom on the second level as well as adding some build space to the 1st floor. We are trying to keep everything else in the house that are useable as is. Land size is approx 2070 and build in space is approx 1500. Suffice to say we are looking to add about 750-1000 sqf to build in. Our requirement is very basic and functional. No design required. I’m even open to reminder materials from Builders other projects. An archrect currently quote me me $400k for construction and estimate $80k for all fees (including his fee of $40k). He said adding a slab with piling at the back for the room extension would cost $200k already. can someone tell me this is reasonable? From what I read here, my first instinct is on the high side but not certain ( for about $500k to add 1000 sqf comes up to $500 psf). thanks.
  6. We finished our rather major renovations few months back but just found time to share some pictures. We engaged an ID but in the end, he was doing mainly the wet works (hacking, cementing, marble, tiles, electrical, plumbing etc) and playing more the role of a project co-ordinator. We engaged specialist contractors directly for many parts of the works (cabinets, kitchen, wardrobe, glass works, painting, landscape, pond etc) with my better half doing a lot of the "interior designing" herself! The result is not too bad. Learnt quite a number of things which we can share. This will also serve as a record of our renovation journey. Please excuse me if my posts are not in chronological order, "terbalik" or all over the place. TABLE OF CONTENTS Living Room, Vertical Garden, Indoor Koi Pond Ceiling Fans and Dining Area White Dry Kitchen Black Wet Kitchen Storeroom & Bomb Shelter Racks Yard Toilets Part 1 including Japanese washlet (bidet) Decking - Glass, Chengai & Accoya Roof Terrace Part 1 Useful Renovation Tips Auntie Painters Part 1 Web Cameras Part 1 Vertical Garden Wardrobes & Cabinets Burmese Green Vases Part 1 Wood Tiles for Kitchen & Yard Toilets Part 2 White Marble Selection & Laying Marble Polishing Not My Job Pole System Wardrobe Web Cameras Part 2 Roof Terrace Part 2 Water Outlets Pest Control Part 1 Koi Pond Part 1 Burmese Green Vases Part 2 DIY Tips DIY Sanding & Staining Wooden Bench DIY Lock Change LED Down Lights Cove Lights & LED Strip Lights LED Wall LIghts LED Track Lights LED Flood Lights LED Table Lamps DIY - Basic Tools for Every Home DIY - Drilling & Fixing Things on Walls DIY - Drilling into Tiles (Marble, Ceramic etc) Wall Art Wall Prints Brianform Sofa Philips Smart TV YouTube Karaoke Philips Sound Bar Naos Action Table Elan Dining Table Bubbles Mirror Arco Lamp Eileen Gray Side Table E1027 Barcelona Chair Ikea's Egg Chair Bubble Chair Horse Lamp Toto WC Auntie Painters Part 2 Air Conditioners Outdoor Furniture Laundry Area Nurseries @Jln Lekar (Lim Chu Kang) Frangipani Tree Network Cabling Part 1 Chinese New Year 2014 Side by Side Refrigerator Part 1 LED Lights Driver Ladders My Toys Steam Cleaners Buying Fans from JB Shower Area Kerb / Drop Removing Stains from Marble Side by Side Refrigerator Part 2 Broadband Speed Test Koi Pond Part 2 Bringing Frangipani Tree up to Roof Terrace Potted Plants Nurseries @Bedok South Road Water Pump Change Instant Water Heater v Storage Heater Types of Water Heaters Another Pump Bites the Dust Articulated TV Wall Mount Alkaline Water Potted Plants - Lechuza Sub-Irrigation System Posting to Blog with Pictures via Mobile Leaking Roofs Inter-Floor Water Seepage Spalling Concrete LPG Gas from Union Gas Sudden Storm Optical Glass Cracked Power Trips Water Leak in Hollow Polycarbonate Roof LPG Gas from Tan Brothers Little Giant LadderMulti Purpose & Telescopic Ladder Digital TV CATV Signal Amplifier Wall Mounted TV and Soundbar - Concealing the Wires Tiny House on Wheels Slow Juicers - Hurom, Kuvings, Hyundai Manual Slow Juicers Nurseries @Bah Soon Pah Rd (off Sembawang Rd) Recycling Chinese New Year 2015 Long Reach Prunner (Fruit Picker) Fire Extinguishers DIY Sub-Irrigation System (Self Watering/Draining) Tap Timer Hose Bib Fertilising System Smoke Detectors National Day (and Durian Party) 2015 Gas Detector Power Trip Mooncake Festival 2015 Cooker Hoods in Ventilation (Evacuation) Mode Cooker Hoods in Recycling Mode D-Link IP Cameras Electrical Overloading Ants, Ants, Ants Exercise Equipment Virtual Private Network (VPN) Network Cabling Part 2 Crimping RJ45 Connector Intruder Caught on Camera! Herb Garden Civet Cat Came Visiting Again Gas v Electric Water Heaters in Singapore Parrot came Visiting (subsequently established to be a Macaw) Changing Broken Window Handle or Lock Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Accoya Wood Flooring Problem iRobot Braava 380t Floor Mopping Robot Xiaomi Mi Robot Voice Packs (Including English) UPDATES FROM MARCH 2018 Vertical Garden Systems DIY Vertical Garden (Green Wall) with Automatic Irrrigation Xiaomi Roborock Robot Vacuum & Mop (Generation 2) 4 Versons of Xiaomi Mi Robot UPDATES FROM JUNE 2021 DIY Vertical Garden DIY Insect Screen for Mosquitoes and Other Insects
  7. Greetings from Mugen Design, We provides services such as: -Interior Design -3D Visualizing -2D space planning -Renovation Our professional design team to ensure our services on time and with good quality. If there is anything you want to cooperate or interested with us, Feel free to contact us for further information 👍 Contact via: https://wa.me/message/MY2CVWY4PFUJD1 Check us via: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mugendesignjb Portfolio: https://www.rtist.com.my/MugenDesign
  8. Hi Renotalk members, desperately looking for opinions on whether the quote that the contractor has give me is competitive. Just want to do a basic upgrade from 2 to 2.5 stories. The contractor seems like a really genuine so I am really keen on him if the price is right. 1 PELINIMARIES a) Q.P. endorsement for A&A submission only (Not include of government department fees). $ 14,000.00 b) Q.P. endorsement for Re-construction submission only (Not include of government department fees). $ 32,000.00 c) Soil test (drill hole at front garden with machinery) $ 3,500.00 d) Safety, noise motoring machine. $ 3,750.00 e) Surveyor (if require) $ 2,000.00 f) Insurance $ 1,300.00 g) Scaffolding $ 3,800.00 2 DEMOLISHING A) Hack existing attic room walls, floor finishing, existing 2nd storey concrete beam b) Dismantle existing false ceiling, part of railing & dispose away (for new staircase) $ 350.00 3 ROOF a) Fabricate & install new 150 x 50 x 5mm thk mild steel RHS (or equivalent) rafter, 50 x 25 x 3mm thk mild steel RHS batten. Install Parsec foil, German roof tile & necessary accessories for new roof works. $ 29,650.00 4 STRUCTURE a) Fabricate & install new attic floor using mild steel RHS support (200 x 100 x 5mm), bondeck sheet, layer of BRC mesh, 100mm concrete slab. $ 36,750.00 b) Fabricate & install new mild steel columns & beam from attic to roof using 100 x 100 x 5mm SHS. (if require to install down to 1st storey, separate quotation will be impose) $ 14,950.00 c) Fabricate & install new mild steel staircase from 2nd storey to new attic using 125 x 50 x 5mm thk RHS for frame, 4mm thk steel plate base. $ 7,220.00 5 BRICKWORKS a) Construct new brick walls for new attic area. $ 6,165.00 6 WALL FINISH a) Cement plaster to new brickwalls for internal & external (use non shrink cement) $ 9,360.00 7 CEILING a) Install 9mm thk gypsum plaster board ceiling for new attic area. $ 2,938.00 b) Make good 2nd storey ceiling due to new works. $ 1,230.00 8 WINDOWS a) Fabricate & install 2 Nos of new aluminium window 2000 x 1200mm for front façade. $ 1,550.00 9 FLOOR FINISH a) Install 20mm thk plywood base for mild steel staircase, installed normal parquet c/w skirting. $ 3,400.00 b) Install 250 x 50 x 12mm thk parquet c/w skirting for new attic area. $ 7,936.50 10 DOOR / DOOR FRAME a) Fabricate & install new nyatoh door & door frame c/w varnish finish. $ 650.00 11 PAINTING a) ICI emulsion painting to internal walls, white emulsion to ceiling & Nippon weatherbond for external walls. $ 2,300.00 12 RAILING a) Fabricate & install new mild steel railing from 2nd storey to new attic area. $ 1,500.00 13 TOILET a) New brick wall,wall & floor tiles, waterproofing, door & door frame, tempered glass shower screen (toilet size 1500 x 1800mm) Install new stach pipe, copper supply pipe & install sanitary wares. $ 9,200.00 14 BOOTER PUMP SYSTEM a) Install 1000 x 1000 x 1000mm PVC fiber tank, 2 Nos of horizontal multistage centrifugal pump, 1 No of pressure vessel tank c/w control panel. Install new incoming copper pipe (25mm) from main meter to new water tank area. Install new 20mm copper pipe outlet to existing 2nd storey toilets & new attic toilet. (1st storey remain unchanged) $ 13,890.00 15 Dismantle existing master & 2 bedrooms wardrobe, re-install after concrete beam been hack, make good external housing corner veneer. Including alter family hall book cupboard door. $ 980.00 16 NEW METER COMPARTMENT a) Construct new concrete footing, brick walls, cement plaster, new aluminium door, PVC pipe sleeve for external (under the drain) and internal (from new compartment to building external wall area) make good damage floor tile. Relocate existing water meter to new compartment area. $ 6,850.00 17 GATE & FENCING a) Fabricate & install new wrought iron swing gate and auto swing motor system. (Malaysian Made) $ 4,890.00 b) Fabricate & install new wrought iron fence to replace existing. $ 950.00 c) Cement plaster existing low wall & column. $ 990.00 18 WOODEN DECK FENCING & CEMENT SCREED a) Dismantle, demolish existing brick wall fence and dispose away. $ 450.00 b) Construct 95 x 95mm wooden column, 100 x 50mm truss and 95 x 28mm desk strip. $ 10,500.00 c) Construct 95 x 20mm, wooden strip fencing. $ 6,400.00 d) Cement screed & base to existing floor. $ 840.00 19 ELECTRICAL WORKS a) Install new teak wood panel for new meter compartment. $ 320.00 b) Install 10mm x 3 main cable + 10mm earth cable from new compartment to new DB area. $ 2,850.00 c) Install new DB c/w 48 ways + earth pit $ 2,930.00 d) Install 10mm x 3 main cable + 10mm earth cable from 1st storey DB to 2nd storey DB $ 2,350.00 e) Install new sub DB c/w 32 ways + earthling. $ 1,750.00 f) Install 3 Nos of cat 6 and 2 Nos of 2 core cable from new compartment to new DB area. $ 950.00 g) Install new RG6 cable from new compartment to new DB area. $ 620.00 h) Install PVC pipe sleeve for open Net cable from new compartment to new DB area. $ 300.00 i) Install lighting conductor aluminium strip c/w 2 Nos of copper earth pit & inspection box. Including PE endorsement $ 3,800.00 j) Install new light point @$60.00 k) Install new 1x13A socket @$80.00 l) Install new 2x13A socket @$90.00 m) Install new telephone point @$100.00 n) Install new LAN point @$100.00 o) Install new SCV point @$105.00 p) Install new 15A heater point @$180.00 q) Install new 15A heater point (2 ways) @$260.00 r) Install new 20A Isolator @$230.00 s) Install new 32A Isolator @$280.00 t) Install light fitting @$12.00 u) Install ceiling fan @$40.00
  9. MAG is a Shower Screen Specialist in Singapore. We supply and install high quality Tempered Glass shower screens for residential and commercial properties. Our shower screen comes in Framed or Frameless with the opportunity to be specifically customized to your bathroom measurements. Not all shower screens are the same, There are multiple options for shower screens: L-Shaped/Corner Entry Shower Screens, Sliding Shower Screens, Casement Shower Screens or Fixed Panels. These options depend on what look you're going for, how muuch space your bathroom has and your budget. Website: https://www.magworks.sg/collections/Shower-Screens Contact: 9851 4223 Instagram: Steelhomesg
  10. Hi everyone, My name is Puteri from MediaCorp Eaglevision. I urgently require a landed property for shoot between 19th November to end of December 2018. This is a paid production. The filming is for a Malay programme. Please contact me at 9168 5525. Thank you very much!
  11. After the success of my bathroom reno, I decided I should start another thread about Phase 2 of my reno to share ideas and experiences with other Renotalk kakis. This time, Phase 2 involves the overhaul of a 15yr old bedroom. The bedroom, that has not been lived in (except occasional visits on some weekends) for the last 6yrs, seemed to have been stuck in a time warp just like the bathroom previously was. It was a mishmash of nonsensical concepts that the room's original occupant neither liked nor wanted: - Parquet flooring - Purple/ psychadelic walls (omg) - Heavy solid wood European Da Vinci furniture - Peeling paint from roof leakage or something - Heavy solid wood wardrobe The decision to overhaul was conceived many years ago, but there had been simply no time nor resources before. Now that the opportunity has presented itself, the room is going to be turned into a chill out room for hanging out with friends over a movie or for working in. It will be designed with an underlying industrial concept, mixed with a bit of highbrow pop art concept (whatever that means LOL) The interior designer (me) is still in the process of making the furniture and buying whatever things that we are not making ourselves... so please bear with the slowness of the process. If you have any ideas or advice, please feel free to post them here! Kam sia..
  12. Place 8 @ Paya Lebar Crescent it comes with the closest train terminals such as Serangoon (CC13 NE12), Bartley (CC12), and also Kovan (NE13). Place 8 is positioned along Paya Lebar Crescent in Singapore District 19. Dimension for this property growth varies from 3175 to 3390 sqft. Traditional high-end & modern-day homeliness, devices will certainly include 4 roomy rooms, exclusive roof covering balcony, Interplay of plant, water & granite as well as 2 cellar personal parking area whole lots. Place 8 @ Paya Lebar Crescent This home is close to services like Giant (kovan Centre), NTUC FAIRPRICE (HOUGANG BLK 202), and also NTUC FAIRPRICE (HYPER NEX). View more at Place 8 @ Paya Lebar Crescent Showflat for more information on this Condominium Property | Call Hotline (+65) 6100 0877.
  13. Infinium @ Kovan citizens will certainly have the ability to appreciate usual leisure centers consisting of a 30m swimming pool that is connected to the specific system youngsters swimming pool, swimming pool deck, fitness center, BBQ pits as well as automotive vehicle gateway entry. A number of colleges such as Dimensions International College, Serangoon Junior College as well as Bowen Secondary School, HILLSIDE WORLD ACADEMY, DPS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, LYCEE FRANCAIS DE SINGAPOUR, XINMIN PRIMARY SCHOOL, XINGHUA PRIMARY SCHOOL and also ZHONGHUA PRIMARY SCHOOL are near to Infinium @ Kovan. Register your interest now! Call Infinium @ Kovan Singapore Showflat (+65) 6100 8806 for more information.
  14. The Springside most recent balcony real estate growth; Brooks Signature @ Springside positioned off Sembawang Road is a criterion of ever before introducing & progressing exclusive landed advancement given that its fertilization nearly 2 years back. As the last couple of stages of the growth, the basic style intent is to establish a brand-new standard in building layout for landed real estate in Singapore as the ending of the Springside advancement. Put in the extremely unique territory of the Springside area, Brooks Signature Springside supplies locals reprieve and also renewal from the hustle and also bustle of the city life. Brooks Signature @ Springside Educational organizations are never ever much with Presbyterian High School, CHIJ St, Nicholas Girls' School located at Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 and also Ang Mo Kio Street 13 specifically. Anderson JC as well as Nanyang Polytechnic are additionally positioned at close-by estate of Ang Mo Kio. Chung Cheng High School (Yishun) is comfortably situated at Yishun Street 61. Find out more about, Call Brooks Signature @ Springside Showflat Hotline: 6100 8806 for more information now.
  15. Hi I have an existing lift with lift shaft (around 1750mm x 1750mm) with lift pit depth (around 750mm) serving 3 stops. Anyone has recommendation of elevator company that can replace my existing lift or make use of existing fixture to re-construct a new one (i.e. lower the costs of lift replacement)? I am open to both hydraulic or traction lift.
  16. Hi! We’re looking for a HDB flat/Private Residence to film in for an upcoming commercial that will be aired in Singapore. Preferably a 1st floor (or low floor), 3-5 room flat which is empty. If it’s furnished, we would gladly move everything out to storage and put everything back when the shoot is done. The shoot will take place for about 2 weeks between mid June to early July. We will also provide a fee to use the apartment, up to $350 per day if selected. We will also be looking at Interior designers that could provide assistance in building props for the house. Interested parties, please feel free to drop me an email at jake.lee@smallshop.sg with details of the flat, and we’ll get in contact to arrange for viewing of the house. Should you require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you! Kind Regards, Jake Lee | Producer Smallshop Communications Pte Ltd 46 Kim Yam Road, #03-24 The Herencia Singapore 239351 O: +65 6385 8826 M: +65 9431 9661 E: jake.lee@smallshop.sg
  17. Why we built a Tropical Lifestyle Home with 3 Tips. It was just by chance that Jude, my wife and I stumbled upon this piece of land 2500 sq.feet on which a double storey intermediate terrace house of about 40 to 50 years old stood on. It sat on highland and dropped at the rear to a lower level, which actually formed a "natural basement." We had enough experience in this arena, as we had done this many a time and this looked like a, "Diamond In The Ruff" and it clicked almost simultaneously that this was it. We wanted to build our home and the challenge, as it was an intermediate terrace and to encompass the elements of a Lifestyle Home. Lifestyle Home - What's That? In our own terms, a Home is where families unite, congregate and find comfort and safety in. And to add the Lifestyle elements in, is to create features that would make this more than a house but one that would create additional pull factors that would give us all the more of a reason to stay and enjoy our home. The excitement began and within one night, a draft blueprint of our home was formed. Jude who has a keen attraction to beautiful homes and possesses a natural flair in decoration had set her sight to bring this home and nature close to us and to also provide a very open concept for the added ventilation so challenging especially inherent in intermediate terrace homes. This led us to creating Our Tropical Resort Home. The lure of Bali and the getaway feel got us thinking of creating a Resort Home, after all, Live A Perpetual Holiday Lifestyle. So the hybrid was born i.e. One that would encompass the open resort elements and our Singapore lifestyle put us on the road to creating our home, "Villa Gila Bali." Tip 1 : If you are redesigning or rebuilding, put in as much thought as you can to enjoy this place you create called, Home. This is a special place that families bond and memories are created and it is beyond sheer dollar and sense. I am a little embarrassed to confess that it took us 1 year 9 months to complete our home. However, I take full responsibility for the delay as it was a tough one to build and even tougher when the woman of the house, is the project manager. Haha - but totally worth the wait as it turned out as one unusual Inter Terrace Home that we so love and enjoy. Some features that we created, within the constraints : Driveway that parks 2 cars. Open concept Living & Dining Area. Integrated Wet/Dry Kitchen. Existing house connected to a 3 storey New Annex by a bridge - This created the open feel especially lacking in an inter-terrace home. A Large Airwell that spans the Basement to the 2nd Storey Basement - 2 rooms separated by Swimming Pool c/w Water Feature - that wakes us up to the sound of a running stream. Mini - Home Theater Room for Entertainment of our Kids and Grown Ups as well. A Gym Room that cuts out my excuses especially on rainy or hazy conditions. Open Sky Terrace Garden c/w an Attached Guest Room. We thought that we were being over adventurous at first but we finally made it happen. This was going to be our home and was our chance to break some minor barriers. Tip 2 : Costs have mostly been the primary consideration in rebuilding homes however, value - real and perceived play a sometimes intangible or priceless role, that sometimes gets lost in the budget process. Time, we spend at least 40% or more of our livable time in this abode, design it well with tailored facilities and the better the tailoring, the more you spend your time enjoying this place you call Home. I really do not know how our home will be valued but I do know, if you could make it functionally different, you could possibly get a functionally different valuation. It's 5 years now and we look back, we keep asking ourselves how could we make this any better and have set our sights on further enhancements to create maybe what could be called, "The Lifestyle Landed Condo" encompassing all the facilities you could imagine in a Home. Land Costs is expensive, no doubt and it is about optimizing the use and creating the added value that drove us to make the best of what we had. Tip 3 : Beautiful Homes do not necessarily cost, "An Arm and A Leg." It's about good practical design, space planning and then aesthetics that fit each of our individual needs that creates added value within the household. It's a lot about finding the common connection that pulls us back and brings the family together, be it a Movie/Entertainment/Game Room or just chilling together, that makes this more than a House but that of a Home. Food for Thought : Landed Property makes up less than 6% of the current residential homes in Singapore. Is this % getting higher or lower? Enjoy Your Home. Brian Kow http://youtu.be/JqiB3R0ppIc
  18. Hi all, currently looking for a contractor who is reliable to change my ceiling in my house (SemiD) hoping to find a good but cheap contractor to help me with this ! Please recommend if there is anyone you know who can do this for me at a reasonable price Would really appreciate your help ! Thank you