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Found 10 results

  1. Balinese Teak Resort style. All well maintained. Mint condition. Self Collection. Price negotiable if buying more than 1 item. [Item #1] Teak wood TV console- SOLD $350 ; 160 cm (L) X 45 cm (W) x 59 cm (H); Original price around $900 [Item #2] Teak wood Dining set $1200 ; Quality teak wood; Rustic style; Table + 2 chairs + 1 bench ; Original price around $2000 Table Dimension - 120 cm (L) X 90 cm (W) x 79 cm (H) Bench Dimension - 120 cm (L) X 35 cm (W) x 47 cm (H) [Item #3] Table & Chairs $180 ; Quality teak wood; Table + 2 UU chairs ; Original price around $300++; I may be able to help deliver depending on your location otherwise self collection. [Item #4] Coffee Table - SOLD $300 ; Water Hyacinth; Chemical treated; Original price around $700 [Item #5] Sofa - SOLD $200 ; Water Hyacinth; Chemical treated; 205 cm (L) x 90 cm (W) x 70 cm (H); Original price around $1700 [Item #6] 4 poster bed frame $400 ; Quality teak wood; Fits king size mattress; Mattress in picture not included; Thin line crack but can be fixed easily by Teak furniture specialist (This is due to the nature of teak); Original price around $2000 [Item #7] Pinewood Open Bookcase - SOLD $250 ; Quality pinewood; Items displayed on shelves not included; Original price around $800++; Bookcase with 4 shelves - 190cm (H) x 50cm (L) x 35cm (W); Bookcase with 3 shelves - 145cm (H) x 50cm (L) x 35cm (W); [Item #8] Shelves - SOLD $25 ; Good for storing accessories; 40cm (H) x 30cm (L) x 18cm (W); Original price around $50; I may be able to help deliver depending on your location otherwise self collection. [Item #8] Bedside Cabinet $60 ; Quality teak wood; Original price around $200++ [Item #9] Muji Sofa - SOLD $200 ; Quality Muji 2 seater Sofa; Original price around $500; 130cm (L) x 75cm (W) x 70cm (H); Washable cover; Good for bedroom; Self collection @ Punggol [Item #10] Candles $40; 13 candles in total; Used once for my wedding aisle; Original price around $500; Self collection @ Punggol; Tall Candle - 20cm (H) x 10cm (W) Short Candle - 15cm (H) x 10cm (W) Seashell Candle - 12cm (H) x 10cm (W)
  2. Hi Renotalkers, I am finally able to start on my own reno blog journey after reading many many renotalk t-blogs and to share about my excitement about building a new home together. Finally we are getting our keys for our new home soon in an area that many new young couples are going for! We actually look for an ID or Contractor almost one year in advance before getting our keys because this is our first home and we wanted it to be swee swee. I guess we are the kan cheong and kiasu type and also the type whereby I-see-I-like-I-buy. Not very good for our pockets unfortunately. Judging from now our theme for our home is actually quite jiak ba lang, in other words rojak because we wanted and like different themes and feel for different parts of the house. So as usual, first thing first, here is our floor plan - a typical 4-Room BTO...
  3. Hi everyone! My hubby and I are so excited to share with you the journey of our renovation. It may be different from the usual space planning and decorative styles, but who knows if some of these quirky ideas could be useful for you Our home is about showing personalities and being ourselves. We want beach resort feeling with outdoors sittings and palm tree, yet modern and comfortable living room and kitchen. Pretty tough to combine both in a 900sqf HDB ya? Not to mention that our flat is an old model, more than 40 years old. Yes, you heard it right, 43 years old to be exact!! As you guys all know, the pros of an old HDB flat is squarish and relatively good size. The cons is, in our case, the two tiny toilets in the common area – one for WC and one for shower. I’m not sure if you have seen such configuration before. I remember coming across only a handful of threads here with a similar toilet arrangement. Here you go, this is our original floor plan:
  4. Finally a chance for a breather after most of the works are done and a bit of time to share some good lobangs here. Hubby and i had to rush our ID as we hope to complete everything before cny, fortunately, he did not fail us. More on him later. First the story. Unit is about 1200sf and we predicted quite a bit of work done as the previous owner's design taste didnt fit us at all. We decided to source for contractors as we thought the cost was lower. After getting a few quotes from contractors and an Id, we were not too sure whether to still use a contractor as they are no frilles and generally we are on our own when it comes to any extra design elements. Somehow just didnt click. The ID was professional but we also felt the chemistry just wasnt there. Quite headache as we were trying to rush our reno before cny and it was already Nov.
  5. After reading through some of the posts here, my partner and I have decided to add in our experience too. Just a little background, I am in my mid 20s while my fiancee is in her early 20s so we have a tight budget to get our family life started. Not gonna be easy but it would be an enjoyable journey! How It All Started Early 2015, we applied for the sale of balance flats in Choa Chu Kang/Bukit Panjang and the number was pretty crappy so we scrapped the idea of trying for BTO/Balance of Sales since the units are smaller and lesser grants. Factoring in our CPF and savings, we decided to hit the nail and go for resale flats instead since the market is somewhat bottoming now. Flat viewing started around Sept/Oct 2015 and we have already decided on the location which was Bukit Panjang. Simply went to PropertyGuru and shortlisted a few units, arranged with the agent for a viewing and off we went. Yes, plenty of our friends were wondering where on earth is Bukit Panjang but having stayed in Bukit Panjang for 10 over years, it is actually a very convenient location with the upcoming Downtown Line and buses. 20 minutes to Orchard via 972 or 190, seriously?! House Hunting Our fruitful yet tiring house hunting journey took us about 2 months. We started off by viewing flats randomly within the area and realised it was leading us nowhere as none of the units was to our liking. We then decided to view 2 to 3 units per area and once the units were not to our liking, we eliminated that area out of our choices as the units within that area were usually within the same batch so layout and design wise would be similar. We had a few requirements: 1) Corner Unit (For privacy) 2) High Floor (Feels good to be up there ) 3) Squarish layout (Easy to manage in terms of design) 4) Bright and airy (Good for health to have ample natural light! ) Simple requirements yet it was a nightmare just trying to find the right unit. Finally, we found one to our liking but the owner was reluctant to sell at our price and the agent told us that the house was previously sold at $465k but the buyer screwed up so the deal didn't go through. Considering how bad the market condition was, we decided to go ahead and offer a price of $435k which kinda shocked the seller I guess. The agent told us that he could try for $460k but we had no interest in paying over the market for the unit considering there was quite a bit of renovation to be done. Credits to my fiancee for being firm by telling the agent that we would settle for $450k, take it or leave it. To cut the story short, we finally settled for $450k and valuation came about to $450k so there was no COV on our part either. Gotta give the credit to my fiancee as I was pretty alright with paying $460k which was $10k more but we really liked the unit and the house hunting was really tiring. I just wanted to get it over and done with! DIY Procedures We decided that it was pointless to engage an agent since he will just be doing the paperwork for us when we could do it ourselves which saved us at least a few thousand since buyer's agent usually go for 1% of the selling price as commission! Seriously, pay them $4k plus just to do paperwork for us? Nah! Signed the OTP and exercised it with a total of $5k as deposit. First appointment scheduled in Feb 2016 and keys collection in March 2016. We decided to take up all the grants available to us which summed up to $50k from HDB and ROM was not an issue since we would be solemnized before our second appointment. The procedures are pretty simple as it is all documented in the HDB website, I spent about an hour digesting the website and we were good to go. The seller's agent even told us not to bother with engaging an agent to save on the fees and we could approach him if we needed help, just that he could not represent both sides. Well, if we screwed up and the deal falls through, he will be on the losing end too. Feel free to call up HDB if you are unsure of certain things and they are pretty helpful I would say. Tadah! Here is the floorplan of our house. The house has minimal renovation except for wall cornice and floor skirting since it was the first owner. Flat is about 18 years old so a major renovation was in the plans with a budget of $30k and another $5k odd for furnishings & furnitures. Original Floorplan Modified Floorplan (After hacking of walls)
  6. Why we built a Tropical Lifestyle Home with 3 Tips. It was just by chance that Jude, my wife and I stumbled upon this piece of land 2500 sq.feet on which a double storey intermediate terrace house of about 40 to 50 years old stood on. It sat on highland and dropped at the rear to a lower level, which actually formed a "natural basement." We had enough experience in this arena, as we had done this many a time and this looked like a, "Diamond In The Ruff" and it clicked almost simultaneously that this was it. We wanted to build our home and the challenge, as it was an intermediate terrace and to encompass the elements of a Lifestyle Home. Lifestyle Home - What's That? In our own terms, a Home is where families unite, congregate and find comfort and safety in. And to add the Lifestyle elements in, is to create features that would make this more than a house but one that would create additional pull factors that would give us all the more of a reason to stay and enjoy our home. The excitement began and within one night, a draft blueprint of our home was formed. Jude who has a keen attraction to beautiful homes and possesses a natural flair in decoration had set her sight to bring this home and nature close to us and to also provide a very open concept for the added ventilation so challenging especially inherent in intermediate terrace homes. This led us to creating Our Tropical Resort Home. The lure of Bali and the getaway feel got us thinking of creating a Resort Home, after all, Live A Perpetual Holiday Lifestyle. So the hybrid was born i.e. One that would encompass the open resort elements and our Singapore lifestyle put us on the road to creating our home, "Villa Gila Bali." Tip 1 : If you are redesigning or rebuilding, put in as much thought as you can to enjoy this place you create called, Home. This is a special place that families bond and memories are created and it is beyond sheer dollar and sense. I am a little embarrassed to confess that it took us 1 year 9 months to complete our home. However, I take full responsibility for the delay as it was a tough one to build and even tougher when the woman of the house, is the project manager. Haha - but totally worth the wait as it turned out as one unusual Inter Terrace Home that we so love and enjoy. Some features that we created, within the constraints : Driveway that parks 2 cars. Open concept Living & Dining Area. Integrated Wet/Dry Kitchen. Existing house connected to a 3 storey New Annex by a bridge - This created the open feel especially lacking in an inter-terrace home. A Large Airwell that spans the Basement to the 2nd Storey Basement - 2 rooms separated by Swimming Pool c/w Water Feature - that wakes us up to the sound of a running stream. Mini - Home Theater Room for Entertainment of our Kids and Grown Ups as well. A Gym Room that cuts out my excuses especially on rainy or hazy conditions. Open Sky Terrace Garden c/w an Attached Guest Room. We thought that we were being over adventurous at first but we finally made it happen. This was going to be our home and was our chance to break some minor barriers. Tip 2 : Costs have mostly been the primary consideration in rebuilding homes however, value - real and perceived play a sometimes intangible or priceless role, that sometimes gets lost in the budget process. Time, we spend at least 40% or more of our livable time in this abode, design it well with tailored facilities and the better the tailoring, the more you spend your time enjoying this place you call Home. I really do not know how our home will be valued but I do know, if you could make it functionally different, you could possibly get a functionally different valuation. It's 5 years now and we look back, we keep asking ourselves how could we make this any better and have set our sights on further enhancements to create maybe what could be called, "The Lifestyle Landed Condo" encompassing all the facilities you could imagine in a Home. Land Costs is expensive, no doubt and it is about optimizing the use and creating the added value that drove us to make the best of what we had. Tip 3 : Beautiful Homes do not necessarily cost, "An Arm and A Leg." It's about good practical design, space planning and then aesthetics that fit each of our individual needs that creates added value within the household. It's a lot about finding the common connection that pulls us back and brings the family together, be it a Movie/Entertainment/Game Room or just chilling together, that makes this more than a House but that of a Home. Food for Thought : Landed Property makes up less than 6% of the current residential homes in Singapore. Is this % getting higher or lower? Enjoy Your Home. Brian Kow http://youtu.be/JqiB3R0ppIc
  7. Hi there! Decided to start this t-blog to share my renovation progress with everyone as I have been actively scouring many forums for advice and have benefited a lot from fellow T-bloggers! As I embark on this Bali-Resort themed home, I hope all the tips and tricks as well as contacts I've learnt or known would contribute to those who are renovating their home or getting keys to their new place! For a start, choosing this theme was a rather big decision for my wife and I as this is not a popular theme and I found out that it's not the cheapest as well! How we got the idea to do this theme is because my wife and I love the sun, sand and sea! Thus, when we took our pre-wedding photos, we chose Bali. We immediately fell in love with the place because it's so beautiful and so happening! There are so many things you can do and there's always some hidden gems that you haven't heard of everytime you talk to someone about Bali! After we got our ballot ticket to choose our flat, I immediately consult my fengshui master, Master Tong to help me in choosing the ideal flat. Unfortunately, the best unit in my new BTO estate is a corridor unit but thankfully HDB had changed the design where there's no more windows by the corridors to prevent theft. Fast forward to today, I've already collected my keys and have inspected my place. Now waiting for them to finish up on the defects and Master Tong to audit my place in Early March! Here's my original floor plan! Content Page: Choosing your ID Choosing your Hob & Hood
  8. Finally starting my own t-Blog! Have learnt a lot from fellow renotalkers and enjoyed reading abt all the reno journeys! Hope to get some suggestions/opinions for my reno as well! Home is a 5I flat in Jurong West. Bought it 6 yrs ago and did minimal furnishing so now we're ready to do a major overhaul! So excited!! We do not have a specific theme.. Initially wanted a modern resort look but we felt like we have some decor items which may look out of place so we started leaning towards: industrial / rustic / mid-century ... Simply put: ROJAK! Lol Thankfully, my other half and I have similar tastes so it's not so bad.. Both of us love ethnic decor stuff hence the title of this blog.. Ethnic Chic. Will be having some balinese, indian, peranakan touches and we also have some antiques like the gramophone, steel trunk, some vintage posters.. So we just have to see what fits. Most importantly, we want the house to look spacious and bright, has to feel cozy, giving us the feeling like we're relaxing in a villa. Okay now on IDs/contractors. We have approached at least TEN of them. Will comment on some: 1) Chew Interior Too ex! I don't need my home to look like a showroom! The ID was also quite reluctant to give ideas and had the yaya papaya attitude.. Maybe we looked like we couldnt afford his services?! -.- 2) Add S p a c e (met at expo) A lady attended to us and kept pushing to sign up a package as there were only "3 slots left". BS! 3) Unimax Creative (met at expo) We spoke to a lady then halfway a guy joined her and started giving "creative" ideas. But they never got back to us on the quote. Waste time! 4) Rezt & Relax (met at expo) Spoke to a soft-spoken lady. Never got back to us too. Waste time again! 5) Ciseern (expo) Asked us our budget. Told him 35k. "Oh not possible". ?!@@@? We walked off. 6) Inspire by D'Trenzo (recommended by friend) Quote was not bad but we felt that they are more specialized in modern designs and would not be able to achieve the look we want for our place so.. Dropped. 7) D'zign Station Met up few times and even went to check out ID's other completed projects. Quote was not bad too. Almost wanted to sign up till we saw the 3D drawing. Felt that ID either did not understand what we want or he forgot. Dropped. We got tired of sourcing for IDs but thank God there's Renotalk! Quite interested to go for the famous Alan or K but was afraid they might be too busy and hiccups will arise. Then I came across June's and Stinz' blogs.. Love what the ID did and met up with him. My other half was not comfortable with the fact that this ID works from home and he's quite young.. But when we stepped into his house and started discussing, the other half was impressed! I just gave the "I told u so" look. LOL Alrightey then! Sorry for the long story. Let me figure out how to post pix then I can post my floor plan on the next post.
  9. Hi Everyone, Before our home keys collections, we always view through RenoTalk and designs which my bf and me will mind mapping this and that. We have crazy ideas like having Bath tubs with Transparent Mirror, etc! The day of Keys Collections and we visited our 4 Room flat at Sengkang, I was totally turned off as IT WAS SO SMALL. OMG.... All plans and design needs to be revised!! See the initial Floor Plan... The First View of Kitchen and Living room. (we opt out for flooring & door) We have been quoted of the design we wanted at estimated 35K to 40K. It was quite COSTLY, so we intended to source each from different Supplier/Contractors and coordinate by ourselves
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