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  1. i'm also doing resort theme for my place
  2. can i have the link for your rainshower?
  3. just want to check, you're not installing washing machine? because there's one water outlet and i can see you're using it for your laundry sink
  4. Firstly discuss with wife what exactly you want, and then find an ID to do for you? there's a few quite popular in RT
  5. Bearjjj, someone is selling xiaomi TV in SG. Saw in at one of those expo IT fairs. Personally, I've got some experience playing with the xiaomi TV, personally I feel its a good buy for entertainment room or in your bedroom.
  6. DeadEnd, hows the water pressure from Rinnai?
  7. bearjjj LG 7.5kg Front load Washing Machine WD-1475TDT - Newer Model iirc Heater - how about City Gas heater?
  8. Hi guys, i'm intending to sell this kitchen tap as it doesn't fit my sink. Bought it from Taobao for about $60+. Selling it for $50. PM me if you're interested. NOT genuine Kohler FYI. Selling Yale digital lock YDR 3110 that I've placed a deposit from Hoho Engineering and Renovation Works Retailing at $299. Paid deposit of $150. Selling off at $130 so you just need to pay the remaining of $149 to get the lock @ $279 Comes with 4 RF Cards.
  9. Need some opinions, my ID suggested that we use designer hollow blocks to make a bar counter. Anyone have any experience with such blocks?