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  1. Workmanship is good - we bought our own marble tiles from a local supplier and his tiler was meticulous in his work. Didn't ask his name but he's a Malaysian Chinese with over 20 years experience.
  2. Hi forumers Am not a blogger or writer by any means but I do believe in giving back to the community of renotalk who have provided great insights and advice. Also, to give credit where it is due - hence the short shout out to Alan Design who has done a great job doing up my place. Alan is a contractor with 20 years experience and it shows. His professionalism is commendable e.g. short notice meetings on Sundays, late night replies, patience and understanding. While his strengths lie in contracting (vis a vis Design), his workmanship and pricing is one of the best I have seen. What impressed me the most is his insistence on doing things right despite us constantly rushing him (we were doing marble flooring among many others). For those who have clarity of design and are looking for responsible and capable contractors, I cannot recommend him enough. Am in the final stages of touch up and I have no complaints (thus far). Hopefully i can upload some photos once the house is fully done up. In any case, his mobile is 9889 XXXX. Cheers and best to those who are embarking on their renos.
  3. Hi Harriette Hope you are well and that you're well settled in. Not sure if you still log into renotalk, but am hoping that you'd be able to share the design fees of butter papaer studios and quotation from Mr Yeak. Your home is uber lovely and homely! Thanks so much in advance!
  4. Awesome thanks so much! We were also thinking of putting the fridge where it is in the drawing. And the subway tiles too! The drawings will give us some idea of how it will look like. Look forward to more photos and updates!
  5. Ya lor Space super small! Dunno where to put double fridge and double sink. We were thinking of hacking the service yard walls too but then have to hack or overlay the floors because the service yard floor slopes down = more m$$$lah. After we shift the door inwards then we have a long wall that we can put a long dining table since we like to have family over so the grandparents all have space to eat together. No worries lah if and when you have time can post the pictures, am sure you're super busy with the renovation. All the best and congratulations once again!
  6. Yup we've gotten our keys and we're shocked at how small it is! We are in Clementi, where is yours? We're really taking our time and to save money, liaising with individual contractors. Right now only the air con trunking is done. Haha For the kitchen we are planning to shift the opening to the kitchen to beside the adjoining common toilet wall so there is some hacking to be done. Still.looking for ideas on how to place the double door fridge and sink. Sigh Look forward to photos of your kitchen works!
  7. Your layout is the same as mine! How are you doing up the kitchen? We're still looking for ideas as the bomb shelter makes the kitchen small
  8. Hi All Does anyone know any experienced and reliable installer for Marble flooring? I've purchased the marble but the supplier does not do installation. Grateful for any help!
  9. Madseason21


    Hiya, did you manage to tile your place on your own? Also where did you source for the granite tiles? TIA