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  1. hi, can pm the contact details of ur contractor pls? thank you.
  2. Hi, pls pm contractor info. If possible can also share how much u spent and ur quotation? Thank you.
  3. Yah lah... My ID I think never go down personally to check.. anyway I've moved in! Thanks ya
  4. I think I'm going to settle for L-shaped rack... without the pole in the middle one.. but the load bearing weight is less la.. We thought about it.. also likely that won't put heavy stuff (difficult to carry up & down) so will probably go for the L-shaped one!
  5. Moved in liao but till now haven't unpack finish haha.. Finally gotten around to asking for prices for store room racks.. thinking of doing a L-shaped rack but the load bearing weight is less than traditional racks.. thinking hard, do I need 400kg per tier? Any suggestions?
  6. lol.. looking forward to see how your house comes together! congrats ah! btw the budget for reno & furniture/appliances etc very achievable!
  7. yes on target to move in this week! moved most stuff over liao left a bit stuff and the delivery of bed, shoe cabinet, dining chairs and bedside tables. delivery would be on the same day as our moving date hope it wont be delayed!
  8. good choice! I chose this colour too for my 2 bedrooms hehe! do drop by my t-blog haha! I posted it there
  9. Although cannot see from the pictures, these two bedrooms have the same type of curtains - colour & fabric.. lol, goes to show how lighting can make a difference hor BR 3 in white light, BR 2 in the warm white + white combo light if you get what I mean... lol
  10. Flooring issues fixed.. The cement was uneven, a slight dent. Curtains up! Vincent was professional and the material used was of pretty good quality. Find it very worth. Good decision made. Only have a pic.. Sofa & dining table delivered. Slowly starting to bring some items over liao.. moving in next week! When post picture after cleaning up haha!
  11. Update Found some problems!! Our bedrooms skirting had dents, which were like equal distance away. So the ID got his workers to come fix it (patch only not replace x.x) And our MBR floor had a little uneven part. Which the worker removed the vinyl flooring that area, to find that the cement screen was uneven in that area. So now we gotta postpone our bed delivery cos they're coming down to patch that little dent with cement on Saturday before fixing back the vinyl on Monday. My curtains are to be fixed tomorrow. Like this, I cannot get Vincent to hang up the curtains in the MBR tomorrow liao lah, need to hang it up myself when it's done cos I'm sure it's gonna be dirty with the cement screed. The bedroom door frames were not painted and had gotten our ID to fix it. Painter will come on Saturday. These may affect our moving schedule.. sigh. Well, to be honest, it may be our fault for not checking enough, but I feel that the ID didn't do a proper check in the first place!! SIAN