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  1. is your house reno completed? would love to see the seat area my wife never get to have HAHAHA
  2. ah ya that one about $200 from Taobao. Already save $160 from Philips sales in Singapore not enough ah I am not so sure why that price, perhaps the many varied features, perhaps the remote control.. no ceiling fan, back will break ah wiping them. New estate si Bei dusty cannot lah. KDK stand fans good enough!
  3. Been a while since I m here We have finally paid up the last amounts and it all summed to $32,500 so far we are pretty happy with everything, there are cracked paints already but aiyah thats really HDB fault. Everything else works great so far! I would know because the wife made me mop this, iron that, cook this. All our appliances, and Taobao buys are also in good shape, nothing died yet yay. I supposed this is the end of our journey! Hope you guys had much fun reading as I did writing! kthxbye haha thank you hope it helps! er haven change yet LED are made to last haha yes, the living room light at Philips sale in SG already $360 the mbr one also about $200++ in SG but I don't know which Philips light u talking in your msg leh
  4. I think this might be my final post.. very sad to see me go right? We have started moving into and staying in the house (and wish that we can pretend the mess in our parents' houses do not exist...) The chosen one has done up the Kompacplus some time back and this is the final product with our stuff. He gifted us the metal sheet behind the stove and the thingy where we put our plates and bowls So far no scratches or whatever yet, just annoying water stains. See the tap over there? That's from Taobao. Can pull the head down if you want to clean the sink properly. Link: https://ezbuy.sg/product/20000002059403.html?src=10005 : P/S really awesome buy, even my MIL also want. And you know what they say... aunties know best. Our dining table! Paiseh, have not taken out the bubble wrap from the chairs, so dont need show la anyway same pattern. We saw this set (with different type of chairs) in SG and they were sold for a whopping $1.6k, maybe because of the ugly chairs lah. Siao man, so expensive hor? So we bought from taobao instead. https://ezbuy.sg/product/buyforme.html?url=https%3a%2f%2fitem.taobao.com%2fitem.htm%3fid%3d41199922248 cost us less than 1k (GST inclusive) The cons of buying from taobao is obviously that you need to assemble yourself (not that it is hard lah, just need a lot of strength) or keep winking at your contractor to help you. This table top is really very heavy because wife and I tried to move it into position after the chosen one helped us assemble. took this photo is not to hao lian the table again, but to show the light that. We bought a 22w Philips light and it was sufficiently bright. If your house same layout as us, you can consider lor. Again philips light. this one is 60w one. pls excuse the TV console area. 43" TV was just nice for us also! can watch from the dining table side and still can tell who is the actor. (also feeling very proud that we have zero connection to mediacorpse channels) We bought the 60w from https://ezbuy.sg/product/20000004337559.html?src=10005 but like sold out liao leh, so you find other links la hor. Remember to check the original site for reviews and legitness. Oh yes, the light can be remotely controlled, 5 different levels of brightness and can change the colour. Shiok sia. Can't seem to find the link for the 22W one... We shipped a 10W light during xmas and it cracked, so once again that's the risk of shipping stuff lah, but ok lah, the rest of the lights came intact. if you kia si then buy from Malaysia. This one is the 40W one. I cannot open the link from ezbuy but maybe you can: "Pre-sold" Heng Yi LED Philips led ceiling lamp round the living room bedroom lights remote control dimmer color lighting Beanbag chair a lot of links on ezbuy la, just pick one you song. Oh this KDK fan is not the one my wife fixed hor, i ALSO GOT FIXED, cuz she go n buy two more when there was sale on Qoo10 and this time she didn't have to carry home, so she very happy. One fan $84 i think. Ok la $10 also savings. Can jiak 2 meals leh. or 5 plates of $2 chicken rice if you can still find *sad laughter* Haier robot cleaner - obviously it is for light vacuuming. So if you want to use it to do your post-reno cleaning. then er good luck. Our version doesn't have memory - something my wife have been "reminding" me repeatedly. Tell me - is it married liao then women start to nag one?! I mean... remind... Anyway though it works nicely, I wouldn't share the link la because I would recommend one with memory. Also it comes with China plug, so need adaptor lah. Other misc buys: towel hanger. got a few la, just show you one cuz lazy. is just a metal rod?! also cannot find the link already. just search for stainless steel ones on ezbuy can already. shower head and the pole thingy from tb, tap from grohe because we jin smart buy the top forgot to help it wear pants. lan lan go hoe kee buy. heart painnnn sia. https://ezbuy.sg/product/20000003440871.html?src=10005 This is the link for the other shower head which I prefer (but lazy to take photo to show) this one is the very ah lian ah beng one la, got light one. but our water pressure and this ah lian/beng shower head dont match so we put this for the guests to use HAHA bidet at the side: https://ezbuy.sg/product/20000002067931.html?src=10005 (that time not that ex leh) this one is not the light one hor, quite heavy legit one hor. tap and sink from taobao https://ezbuy.sg/product/20000001321935.html?src=10005 https://ezbuy.sg/Product/Detail?url=https%3a%2f%2fitem.taobao.com%2fitem.htm%3fid%3d44408526870&src=10005 (i think) but uh oh out of stock. office chair from taobao: https://ezbuy.sg/product/20000001698259.html?src=10005 wife like never sit on it one, she always do work at the dining table sms (si mi sai) ok, I STILL DONT KNOW the final cost so when I know i tell you all ba. also ezbuy Prime has been really great for our reno/moving journey. so future homeowners don't niao the membership lah. use the trial version when you have a long list of things to buy lor if you are so niao. or ask my wife for help (for a small fee ) kthxbye
  5. hi everyone, thanks for visiting this t blog even though it has been left aside for a bit.my reno is more or less done as of apr 28. for those who have requested for contacts, i am so sorry,will get back to u guys when i m on my laptop! there are still some tiny stuff like, toilet door wrong color (wtf..) considering the length of reno from CNY period until end apr, it was pretty long, so i will NOT recommend the chosen one to people who need their reno done quickly. i have a higher threshold than my wife but the last straw came when they fixed the curtain poles and can make it look slanted, also not cleaning up after drilling is just poor manners to me. carpentry looks good, so i m having mixed feelings about the chosen one at times. like u know i m happy that despite the delay i still have a nice looking place and not like other people where the ID/contractor ran off with their money. but then again that felt like i m setting the bar too low lolol i also understand that when one gets a lot of projects to do, delays are inevitable... so HAI YA conflicted la. as it is, the curtain rods need to be fixed, the toilet doors need to change (still never give me estimated date yet -.-) is like u play some games, u r hitting the next level (99.9% exp already) and it still refuses to LEVEL UP that kind of feeling? but is ok, the house is liveable already and we can move in officially if we want now, so that's all that matters. i still do not have the final reno amount yet since it is 99.9% exp, so i will have to wait before i update u! i also don't have a lot of pictures to share since most of the stuff are already shared.maybe i can share my taobao loots next here's a pic of the stool (not **** hor) we found on tb! jus so i can wear my shoes before leaving for work!
  6. some random updates have started shifting some stuff into the house. reno is about 95% done, still left a couple of lights and the kitchen kompacplus yay! platform bed is done and here's our beanbag chair. wife fell asleep on it unbelievable tsk. oh yes aircon is up too that's why she can sleep so soundly. table from taobao (yay $2.99 shipping!) the chosen one is helping us to set up wife moved the two crates inside (she missed the delivery and the guy put the stuff outside). the delivery man was nice enough to come back n move the heavy marble top in. #shelikestoactstrong mirror also up! office chair from tb too! we assembled it ourselves. not the best of materials but is ok la, spoil lia can throw also not so heart pain wife also ownself carried this home and fixed it up. paiseh lah i sound like a slacker, but really because i working leh! finally a sidetrack, she also tried ofo bike because our place ulu like don't know what la. not very nice to cycle, needs a lot of effort, so if u feel like slimming down can try their bike. first ride free kthxbye
  7. we bought sinks from tb hahah no breakage heng ah love the marble,floor!
  8. thank u two we really had a hard time choosing heng the colours came out ok sorry sorry!! will pass u asap! rough quote is 31.5k for others, i have a tiny update in front!
  9. ya diff policies also i m sure. Mine came back this week, cannot wait to visit the house again ahahha