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  1. Hi Congrats to your new home. Nice reno. 1) Could you kindly take the front view of the above photo. Just to know how big is the gap between the top cabinet to the side shelving(previously glass panel window) 2)Can give me the contact for the contractor for tiling and carpentry work. 3)Cost of Per foot run for the marble solid top. Thanks
  2. May i know the name of your living room floor tile ? Thanks
  3. Hi Can PM me your contractor and the cost of your reno include electrical if u doin't mind . Thanks
  4. Jas28

    Please PM to me your catalogue (KDK and crestar fans , track lightings and LED lightings) and supply and install pricing to:


  5. Hi pikachuuu Enjoy reading your post , it is funny ...haha.. Do you mind share your reno contractor and air con contractor . Thanks.
  6. Nice , May i know 1) The length of the table 2)Tv size 3)Cabinet width x depth Lastly can i have your ID contact and company. Thanks