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Found 2 results

  1. We had spend approximately 4 month to complete the entire house renovation. And alot of unpleasant stuff happens and we encounter many of unhappy issue. Hence, we have wrote the email to the management. Below is the email we sent. Problem 1: Delayed handover - Entire projects have been delay due, from first met the ID told us might complete end of the Feb based on the renovation plan. - After CNY,(1st Feb 2017) we was deliberately ask him for the completion date as we need to move in for good date(Some Chinese believe), and the ID told us that’s is a chances to move in without making effort to make it happens(never see his plan or action to expedite it). Only after we double and double confirm with the ID then told us not possible to complete as the carpentry work at least need 2-3weeks. - But at first before we met the carpentry contractor, we already questioning the ID why cant we met before CNY, so that we can speed up the whole process.. but the ID told us can only met after CNY(but there a week before CNY, just wonder why we cant met and discuss first as the meeting confirm more than once) because all the carpenter worker is going Malaysia holidays… - The ID only inform us after we met carpenter that the carpentry can only ready after another 3 weeks….which causing us a lot of problem for this delay as we was planned to move in early of March as we still need to pay the rental fee if we delay until March(at the end we have to paid extra 1.5 month rental fee)… and the good date we choose is also over due to this delay. Problem 2: Poor project management - The ID have never show up onsite frequently to supervise the worker onsite.(but i see your fb is telling everyone that your ID is proactive and will update the progress to the owner very constantly) Maybe less than 10 time onsite for overall projects with 4 month projects. - Not update or feedback to us on the project schedule or progress. We need to chase the ID every day for the update or project progress.Because of that, we have to go onsite to check and see the work quality.(and we catch plenty of problem, just imagine we are not onsite and only check after a week). - Due to lack of supervise, the ID not even know the worker mistake onsite. Like for example….our floor material is wrongly choose, Kitchen wall tiles size is wrong, painting is wrong for many places like our kitchen yard piling, main gate door, door frame color wrong, and so on. - Carpentry worker mistake like our kitchen and shoe cabinet strike light is not install property(very ugly but no choice we have to accept it) due to communication issue. We have no choice but have to accept the mistake as the ID not even supervise and delivery the correct message to them as a designer. (many of time he only deliver the msg via phone...) - One of our bedroom platform have to redo 3 time only match with our design.(the platform is totally different from our requirement, and very big different from the 3D drawing also. Every time we insist to redo the platform, but he trying to smoke us and convince us to avoid the redo troublesome work....) - We have emphasis a few time about the flooring covering to protect our floor from scratch. In fact, we need to cover it by ourselves(at least tell him 5 time from first our meet up until final touch up). Our kitchen and living room floor is scratch and very obvious reflection when we turn on the down light. - Never see any proactive action plan: like for example the gas installation, the ID only notice us when we questioning him. He never ever take his initial to arrange or at least inform us as we are the first time owner who doing the kitchen renovation. Just imagine the carpenter cannot install the kitchen cabinet because of the gas installer haven't come? He only arrange it after we question when is the gas installation come..... Problem 3: Onsite worker behavior - Worker are smoking in the house, common toilet very dirty and smelly, and trash is everywhere in the house not even bother to take down to the dumpster at the end of the day. - Painter Worker are rude to us when we are requesting to cover up the hole on the wall. Never put the painter tools properly and just left at outside of our house, we need to shift the tools and paint ourselves. - Floor washing worker trying to be rude to us when we are standing inside the house, they trying to pour the water to chase us go out. And shout at us for the windows key, and questioning us why we arrange on weekend as they need to rush to finish the work, and work is not completed properly as after they left we need to clean it by ourselves and the all the windows is not even clean properly, wasted our time whole day just to clean it all. - After the washing worker cleaning the floor, and just dump the all the rubbish outside of our house, this causing us a complaint from our neighbour. All of this supposed to well communicate by ID not us. Problem 4: Unsatisfactory workmanship - Our main door is faulty after the floor hacking. Toilet walls is crack and after that become our issue when we request the ID to touch up, he said not their issue as it at toilet outdoor, but obviously it happen only after the toilet hacking. - Master bath room water not as good as before compare to the first installation. - Store room door is keep on popping out, we have to press it there and hold for 20min to make it flat ourselves every 2 days. (We have requested to touch up and door replaced, we only move in less than 2 weeks) - Both common and master bath room lower cabinet is not install with the cover at the back, it seem like a big hole behind the cabinet. (been told its normal, but its very ugly and seem like jerry-build偷工减料。 - The toilet touch up worker is not done properly as we need to double check and stop them back to redo for the touch up. (the supervise or communication not suppose to handle by us, but then we have to handle and face it ourselves..) The both toilet cabinet table top quality is very lousy as we only use water to clean, and it look like pole and white....we only stay less than 2 week.) - Painter are not even bother to taking care our floor, and door frame. After the painter left, we have to clean the floor ourselves and the door frame is so ugly after the final painting. ( we spend money ourself to repaint our bedroom door and doorframe after that.) Problem 5: Hidden cost - Charges us for our 神台 that mirror glass. The glass mirror is FOC at first when he first met us.(We insist to waive it) - Intend to charge us $280 per inch instead of $240 for cabinet. ( initial quotation is offering us $240, but told us material cost increase $280) (We insist to remain the same cost at first quote) - Charges us for our false ceiling curves and telling us its different cost for the design. The initial quotation is not cover all, although the quotation stated 'cover all". - Kitchen and toilet piping cost incurred, the ID told us charge by a piping connection…..but the initial contract is stated including “all water piping”. But still charges us for the hot water piping cost us $500 per piping. (We insist to waive all the additional piping cost, only allow him to charge us $500 for the hot water pipe) - Charges us for the walking wardrobe sliding door. Telling us because of the mirror causing cost. (FOC at first when we ask him, and we insist to waive it.) - Charges us for store room tip-top door about $900 per door instead of per inch. Ended up we cancel as the cost is unreasonable.(He said tip top door is more expensive, but we found out that the actual cost for tip top just a few dollar per piece maybe).. - 3D drawing is chargeable after 10 pieces of design, never ever mentioned this during the meeting.(I think that is the reason why he keep on dragging us for our request 3D drawing, we chase him for 2-3weeks for our cabinet 3D drawing.)
  2. Hi Fellow forum members, I would just like to feedback on my experience with Best Tech and Midea system 4. In Dec 2014, my wife and I went shopping around for air conditioner at a consumer fair. We chanced upon best tech booth and went in to take a look and was served by one of the salesperson. We were looking at a system 4 and he recommended Midea, as he was using it as well. Tempted by the price (mistake of my life) and the insulation material and 2 times installation thrown in, I signed on the paper (The Start of my nightmare) The aircon finished the installatin in March 2015 and we began using it. Before this, I placed great faith in my choice due to the confidence and branding sales talk done by the salesperson from Best Tech. On the first night, aircon was not cold!! (We had a 22K btu compressor and our room is only 12K btu). We had patience and told ourselves, the aircon was breaking in. Using the aircon for a week, my wife and I felt like a clown each night, when we have to turn on our fan at full power, coupled with the aircon at 17 degree celcius. The living room aircon is even worse. Literally, one fan at full power is more powerful than my aircon at 17 degree celcius. (I am literally typing in sweat now) Called in to Best Tech several time, each time they will request that you leave number and never got back. I have to standby the phone and insist that someone attend to me immediately, before they allowed a booking of aircon appointment (So this is singapore no. 1 company in Air Con). Cut the long story short: 1st Best Tech visit to home 5th June 2015: A pair of chinese and indian technician came. The indian technician was a second fiddle to the more experienced Chinese Technician. The indian technician keep on insisting that aircon was cold and I have to challenge him to bring a thermometer and prove to me. Chinese technician was better, he said that the aircon was not cold and check the compressor with findings that the gas was a bit low and cited that his company did not check it before installation ( , what is this?? SIngapore most trusted aircon partner). He proceed to top up, the situation did not get better. He told me to monitor and went back. During this time, the indian technian climbed my drying yard wall (dirtied my new paint!!), even though I provided the chair. 1st Best Tech visit to home 4th July 2015: Really did not get better, I called them again. The same scenario of calling and waiting and transferring happened. Fast forward -> The same pair of technicians visited us, chinese technician literally tell us that there is nothing much he can do and can only refer back to Midea (come on, as if I need you to come to my house and tell me this). At this moment, the indian technician went to check my compressor and done nothing to it, as all the gas level was right. They were here for 10 mins and decided to leave. (#&@(*^(*#&) Wasted my time to wait. Subsequently, I have to keep chasing Best Tech to make my appointment with Midea! This is a painful process, apparently they don't do emails and communicate between the principal and reseller via fax (welcome to the 21st century). Finally i got my appointment on 25th July 2015. Midea visit to home 25th July 2015: Midea technician came, measured the aircon gas, said that pressure too high because pumped too much gas inside ( ). He released the gas and set it to normal. Next he checked the cooling coil and measure it with the thermometer. He mentioned that the cooling coil is doing the work of blowing air but not efficient (i.e not strong enough), however the cold air is absence and takes a long time to feel cold air. (Yeah, I experienced that right from the start). He mentioned there is a problem with the compressor and will inform his company to send down rectification solution. ** wait ** and wait** and wait ** and more waiting !** MIDEA DON"T CALL and when i called the customer service, they told me they have reflected the problem as compressor low aircon gas, I was like WTH! OH COME ON! Seriously, come to my house and enjoy the aircon suana!!. This customer service guy is call jason.He said he has faxed to BEST Tech and they need to come back to my house and top up the gas ( ). I called twice and still waiting..... Today is 7th of Sep 2015 and I am still waiting for MIDEA OR BEST TECH to GET BACK TO ME! My advise to fellow homeowner Go for a established brand like mistubishi and also reseller. I am humbled by my experience and will continue to wait. Anyone who reads, constructive help will be good. If the operation manager of BEST TECH is reading, I am still waiting for your guys and soaked in my sweaty T shirt!! CONTACT ME to fix my problem! if not, offer my to trade up to a Mistubishi aircon.