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  1. You are right that i design the bottom part of that cabinet to store our shoes thus the 5 tier shelving but end up didn't keep any shoes in there as got a lot of other stuff to keep so that cabinet ended up as storage space for all other stuff as that cabinet is the only space we can keep stuff. I also design the rack in the bomb shelter to be a shoes rack to keep our shoes in boxes and filled the rack with many pairs of shoes. I have a shoes rack outside my main door for common use slipper. My daily wearing shoes is kept under that cabinet u mentioned which is why i leave a space at the bottom. I also keep some slipper below my kitchen windows. My only advice to you is beware of dust, it is my biggest enemy. My place is windy and the amount of dust that comes into the house even though all my windows is shut 98% of the time. The dust goes into your aircon, your computer, your cabinet. So plan whether you are gonna keep windows opened a lot then you have to keep minimum item in your house that attract dust. Keep every surface easy for cleaning the dust in the air.
  2. For the living room of my size i would say it is more then sufficient, actually it is too bright that i don't turn on high for long time, the light on the fan have 3 settings and medium is preferred for me.
  3. I am guessing you are referring to noise on the expressway at night. It's very noisy. You can hear traffic noise even on morning peak hour. However my house is air tight, I closed all windows and only open to let some fresh air in if the inside air is too warm. Reason being the wind is so strong at my block and the dust level is too much for me to handle, if I open for long time, everything in my house get dusty, it gets into everywhere. So I closed all windows and used ceiling fan and bought a xiao mi air purifier. It's amazing to see how fast the air get dirty if you let outside air in from the air filter reading. The HDB windows is pretty good in blocking out noise, It block out 98 percent of noise for me and i cannot even hear anything even if heavy rain outside. The only place the outside air can leak into my house is from the gap under the main door, so I used a towel to block it and black dust formed on the towel after a week. In short, the answer to your question is, very noisy, closing windows solved it.
  4. I used rattan chair cos I have used ikea and leather chair which after few years gets so dirty with black patches probably due to sweat and dirt and leather seat will flake off or sweaty if don't turn on aircon. With rattan its more airy on my thigh. I sit with a pillow to support my back and it's the best option i have so far. Compared to those $600 computer chair which only last 2 years before leather start flaking.... my investment last longer on rattan.
  5. Got my chairs at Chun Mee Lee Rattan Furniture at bukit merah lane 1. U google will see.
  6. It's been quite some time since I last updated. I have to change the aircon drain pipe design, it was bad by default. Couldn't clean the area behind the pipe where it touches the floor, black bacterial start building and climbing around the pvc cover, you can see those black bacterial lines on the left and right of the pvc cover. Paid $90 to modify this. Lesson learned is not to allow the pipe to go all the way down to your shower floor. I also custom made 2 new rattan chair. The dark brown version was retail version which I feel a white one would make my living room brighter and nicer. Also another reason to custom make so that I can make it lower so i can push the chair under my sitoca table. Unfortunately the maker still make it too high which I think is too trousblesome for him to shave of 1.5cm off the 4 leg base. So I accept it. Do you feel white is better? Another reason to custom is this binding rattan which cut my trousers, so I had him replace with mini nails. So now I have 4 rattan chair in my mini house. 2 lives in the bombshelter stacked up. Do you mind if your opposite neighbour throw their rubbish out at night and only clear it 9am when they go to work? I was quite mindful about ants and cockroach will come.....as long as no food material I think is ok, still I feel one should take the effort just throw it down the chute immediately. I have my first light bulb spoil after 4 years. I have a total of 13 Philips hue bulb, one finally failed, it still can work, just not able to show white light, so it become pink light by default when i turn it on. I have all Gen 1 bulb, will replace it with Gen 3 as long as they start failing. Philips hue bulb was suppose to last a long time, well I will see how long the other 12 bulb can last. I wonder how often you guys need to change your led bulb after you moved in? Does anyone have your led light fail within 5 years?
  7. PMed. He don't have a catalog. I believe as long as you are buying a common model he should have no problem getting. You can try browsing malaysia website for their ceiling fan. My KDK just passed 2 years and so far so good with high usage.
  8. I didn't go with storage platform as i need a ceiling fan, don't want to wake up and stand up and got my head chop off by the fan blade. And all the extra cost for storage platform bed is too much for me to absorb, and i am guessing i will not be able to use the HERF tiles from evorich. Ryanyth made a beautiful storage platform which you can steal idea from. I just chunk them close to the wall which line up along my ikea wardrobe. No regret paying extra to make my slanting bedhead which makes it comfortable to sit around it too. Still pretty big open space you can open up in a smaller 2 room flat by lifting up the mattress.
  9. Nope. It was done by the carpentry work team. I did those 2 pillars just for 1 reason, to conceal the electrical wiring to the 2 pendant lights, I do not want any exposed wire trucking. Same goes to the 2 big pillar on the ceiling in my living room, to conceal lighting wire. The wire goes under the platform and up from those 2 pillars. Did platform bed so that i could free up space when i remove those mattress its big open space.
  10. Awesome idea to hang clothes to dry there isn't it. but I wanted to be able to close the curtain even if the clothes is still hanging there so i have to ceiling mount the rod. And until now I hardly keep my windows open as too much dust comes in when I open. Can feel a layer of dust on the floor in very short time. Lately I notice renotalk like very quiet and not much new tblog, is there a new forum out there u can tell me of?
  11. Clothes Dryer I did some upgrading to improve my hanger to dry my laundry. Been always wanted to remove this floor standing dryer as it takes up floor space, very troublesome whenever I want to mop the floor and put my mobile bed there. So the only way to go is wall mount and ceiling mount. So i bought these 2 racks. About total $150. Then another $60 for installation. Thus removing the floor standing dryer into the bomb shelter and free up floor space. Comes with 2 level of elevation. But I doubt I will ever use the half way elevation, that is probably useful if i mounted this rack high high. Of these 2 i will probably keep the left side one up 100% of the time. Got the same installer to installed these 2 ceiling hook. Which I then buy a hanging rod and some string to make this hanger to hang my shirt to dry. When no shirt is there I will put our towel there. It was unsighting but it was hanging on the floor standing rack before I moved it airborne. That's a little sacrifice to free up floor space. So now this is the final result after removing the floor standing dryer. A more comfortable floor area to move things around. A lot easier to clean and mop my floor while moving the chair around. And clothes drying capacity increased. Together with my hanging bar in the kitchen for long clothing and 3 suction hook at the kitchen window, I guess I have plenty of drying space for me to use.
  12. I hope you also check out the usual place they displayed this, this was the promotion corner they put this for this offer, but they have stock over at the regular place where they permanently display these when this offer is over. I saw the regular spot they didn't put all these discount price but stock is there, i picked a few from regular spot then when I saw the promo price, I picked even more.