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  1. PMed. He don't have a catalog. I believe as long as you are buying a common model he should have no problem getting. You can try browsing malaysia website for their ceiling fan. My KDK just passed 2 years and so far so good with high usage.
  2. I didn't go with storage platform as i need a ceiling fan, don't want to wake up and stand up and got my head chop off by the fan blade. And all the extra cost for storage platform bed is too much for me to absorb, and i am guessing i will not be able to use the HERF tiles from evorich. Ryanyth made a beautiful storage platform which you can steal idea from. I just chunk them close to the wall which line up along my ikea wardrobe. No regret paying extra to make my slanting bedhead which makes it comfortable to sit around it too. Still pretty big open space you can open up in a smaller 2 room flat by lifting up the mattress.
  3. Nope. It was done by the carpentry work team. I did those 2 pillars just for 1 reason, to conceal the electrical wiring to the 2 pendant lights, I do not want any exposed wire trucking. Same goes to the 2 big pillar on the ceiling in my living room, to conceal lighting wire. The wire goes under the platform and up from those 2 pillars. Did platform bed so that i could free up space when i remove those mattress its big open space.
  4. Awesome idea to hang clothes to dry there isn't it. but I wanted to be able to close the curtain even if the clothes is still hanging there so i have to ceiling mount the rod. And until now I hardly keep my windows open as too much dust comes in when I open. Can feel a layer of dust on the floor in very short time. Lately I notice renotalk like very quiet and not much new tblog, is there a new forum out there u can tell me of?
  5. Clothes Dryer I did some upgrading to improve my hanger to dry my laundry. Been always wanted to remove this floor standing dryer as it takes up floor space, very troublesome whenever I want to mop the floor and put my mobile bed there. So the only way to go is wall mount and ceiling mount. So i bought these 2 racks. About total $150. Then another $60 for installation. Thus removing the floor standing dryer into the bomb shelter and free up floor space. Comes with 2 level of elevation. But I doubt I will ever use the half way elevation, that is probably useful if i mounted this rack high high. Of these 2 i will probably keep the left side one up 100% of the time. Got the same installer to installed these 2 ceiling hook. Which I then buy a hanging rod and some string to make this hanger to hang my shirt to dry. When no shirt is there I will put our towel there. It was unsighting but it was hanging on the floor standing rack before I moved it airborne. That's a little sacrifice to free up floor space. So now this is the final result after removing the floor standing dryer. A more comfortable floor area to move things around. A lot easier to clean and mop my floor while moving the chair around. And clothes drying capacity increased. Together with my hanging bar in the kitchen for long clothing and 3 suction hook at the kitchen window, I guess I have plenty of drying space for me to use.
  6. I hope you also check out the usual place they displayed this, this was the promotion corner they put this for this offer, but they have stock over at the regular place where they permanently display these when this offer is over. I saw the regular spot they didn't put all these discount price but stock is there, i picked a few from regular spot then when I saw the promo price, I picked even more.
  7. After reminded by mmoh that some of my cheapo suction hook also will drop, I decided to change all to the "will never drop" version. Checked lazada price and planned what I need to get. Went NTUC and saw the price nearly 50% cheaper then lazada. So I decided to buy more and replace what ever I can. Specifically the 3 hook in kitchen to dry my laundry which sometime drop due to wet clothing weight. Saw this from NTUC. This store special price. Offer until End Aug 2018. Single hook was 8.70 from lazada, 6.90 from NTUC normal price. Now offer 3.77. Soap dish from 9.90 become 5.41 These are the 3 hooks which I hang wet heavy clothing as near windows, good sunlight. I hope I no need to do maintenance to them anymore. Replaced these soap dish too cos they are on offer. My old double hook in the background to hold my glass wiper cos need to wipe off water on shower screen after every shower, over 2 years haven't drop. That's why I trust Garbath. Also bought a 2 cup holder and a mirror in the shower area. Never think I would put a mirror right in the shower cubicle. Power of Garbath promotion. Not full range of Garbath items can be found at NTUC so there is one item i couldn't get. What a pity.
  8. I managed to squeeze it under my bomb shelter rack. does take up floor space but not much for me as i have rack as shoe rack at ankle level. it will be hard to get your same tile for replacement if you happened to damage it. I did chipped and replaced a tile during renovation. heavy equipment dropped and chipped the tiles. So i think if possible just keep it.
  9. I have 2 garbath. one is hairdryer holder and another single hook for some toilet brush. Fixed for over 2 yrs never drop even once yet. My Kitchen hook in the pic never once dropped. My bath towel dropped once every 4 months probably due to wet towel weight. Overall not a bad experience, now that you mentioned, I gonna change those simple single hook to a garbath one and no need to worry it will ever drop. Just that garbath single hook very bulky, but it stick on forever.
  10. Depending on your layout, for mine I would say I can fit 2 x 48 into my living room if i want to. 56 can do too if you ignore the minimum distance to wall thingy. Ceiling fan need clearance from wall so putting too near might not be a good idea. If you are thinking to put one over your dining table then probably I would go for a 48 or 56 on sofa and 36 on dining table.
  11. I bought the suction hook from NTUC at that time. don't know if they still carry it. however many brand have this. https://iprice.sg/lec/kitchen-dining/ https://www.qoo10.sg/s/STRONG-SUCTION-HOOK?keyword=strong+suction+hook I used suction cup bath towel hanger too so I don't have to drill to damage the wall. My rack is U shape, so the left and right is 4 pole rack, then they join the middle by 4 bolt and screw underneath it. Hardly move. Rack is powder coated and mega thin but strong. I dropped by Blum showroom yesterday and saw this worktop and sink blend in together with nice workmanship. Sharing my new find. When my stainless steel sink spoil, gonna change to this as they can just build the sink into my current cut out, so i not need worry where to find the same size sink. I just love how clean the tabletop blend into the sink, my current one got silicon which I hate, it looks ugly.
  12. Hi there..if you dun mind,can i get the malaysian guy installer number..?

    Thank you.:)

  13. My First Tao Bao Purchase - Ceiling Fan After moving in about 3 years, I finally proceed to install a toilet ceiling fan which I have been planning for a long time. Why I want to install a ceiling fan, I sweat easily and prefer to do business with comfort and I feel the fan will move the air in the toilet to make the air fresher and dry faster after each shower. The problem I face taking so long to proceed is there is no small ceiling fan locally, smallest is 36" which is too big for my toilet, it can actually fit in but might not have enough room to draw air and fan blade will wobble. I have no experience in taobao purchase. The ceiling fan must have lighting option as it is in the center of the toilet and I have to remove my existing lighting. So one day I took the time to find the model which i can use and read up on taobao handler in singapore who can help me to do the purchase. And I confirmed my order for 2 pieces of 26" ceiling fan with remote control function. I used sgshop to handle the purchase and sea shipment. 2 weeks later I received the fan. Then I arranged with the malaysian guy again to help me install this fan into my existing toilet. The lighting box in the middle of the toilet have to remove to make way for the fan. I have 2 led tube bulb in the false ceiling which is not very bright. Removing the main lighting is a difficult decision. When malaysian guy arrived, we discussed and can actually move the main lighthing to the side. So this is after installation. I also asked him to install a E27 holder into the false ceiling cos I thought I will lose my main lighting. Installed right above my toilet bowl. Another close up of the E27 holder (which cost me $2.50). There is no securing the holder, it just hang in there by the wire which is fine for me. So i have been using this ceiling fan for almost 2 weeks now, and i totally love it. No wobbling issue in a small confine area. And wind is pretty strong. It helps to dry up the toilet a lot faster. It does smell better now. When showering with the fan on, you will feel a little cold, like getting out of swimming pool and a strong wind blow at you. I also have hair dryer in the toilet so now with the ceiling fan, I don't feel so hot when drying my hair with hair dryer, works good when leave the toilet door open. It comes with default warm led bulb which i intend to go sim lim tower to get it change to day light led. I also learned I cannot use the draw string and remote control together. Can only choose 1, becos have to install the remote receiver in the fan which will take over the control. Meaning everytime you turn on the fan it is at default max speed and light on. Which i don't like, If don't install the remote and use the draw string, it will be at the last remembered setting. So if I keep fan speed 2 and light off. Everytime i on the main switch outside toilet door, it will be at speed 2 no light. So basically now I just turn on to use as ceiling fan only and all lighting is turned on using another switch. I have to mention here my toilet comes default with 2 gang 2 way switch from kitchen and master bedroom So i linked the 2 led tube bulb, main lighting and the new e27 holder onto the other switch. My toilet now have too many lights. As for the cost, I bought 2 fan for $240.90 with remote, if i know I will buy non remote model and save about $20. Sea shipment and GST and delivery to my house $105.15. It will work out to $173 per ceiling fan cost. Then I paid $40 for malaysian guy to install the fan, move the main lighting to the side, installed a e27 holder, he also patched the hole on ceiling becos I have to reposition it a little. Total cost per fan with installation. $213. The other fan I bought was installed by him at my mum house. For those who sweat a lot or want to dry your toilet faster can consider. Next thing on my list to do is to get the new Dyson V10 once my V8 spoil. These thing are awesome and I use it everyday. Zapping away all the hair on the floor.