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  1. Bought a 3 seater sofa, 2 manual recliners from Tradehub21 showroom. Service was good. Was given discount as friend recommended me there. Given freebies too. I like the firmness of the sofa. Hope the quality of the sofa delivered will be good and lasting. Looking forward to my new sofa.
  2. Yours is top load? I intend to get front load. Current home is front load too. Previously using top load. Hehehe... Maybe I'll get 8kg, same as my current place's. Just enough for me to wash my comforter and bedsheets. Noted of the PUB bills.
  3. Hmm... strange then. Bath towel also not very big right? Or yours is the hotel type that's very thick? We are using Samsung too for our current house. It's a 8kg washer. My mom washes our towels with our clothes as well. No issues. But when we are washing comforters, cannot mix with bedsheets. The washer gets jammed up and washing machine couldn't move. We had to call for the technician to come and take a look for us what had gone wrong So far how much is the total monthly electricity and water bills that you all incur monthly? Includes gas?
  4. Oh... what brand is your washing machine? It's still under warranty right? Maybe can call the technician to come down and have a look? When would your new place be ready? Have you collected the keys? My friend is moving in to her new place, a resale 4 room flat. She's sourcing for items and at times would ask me to accompany her go shopping. I'd also look out for any items that's suitable for my new home. Of course it's still too early for me to see those things, by then when I collect my keys in 2022, new models or technology would have emerged!
  5. So I can probably still get the same size TV as my parents' home, about 47". I was still worried with that small unit, I can only get a small TV which I may not be used to it For the fridge, now I have an idea of how big I should get. I'm not a cooking person as well, so probably will just get one below 350L. How about the washing machine? What is the capacity you all buy? Did you all buy dryer as well? 2-in-1 with the washing machine or separate one? I am thinking of getting the laundry rack with the solar function. Can also sterilise the clothes. Anyone bought this? How's the review?
  6. For those who have moved in, may I ask what size TV did you all buy? How about the fridge? What capacity did you all get? TIA!
  7. I have chosen the top floor unit. My unit will only be ready in 2022. I also intend to put a ceiling fan for my living room. So far I have not heard anything about ceiling fans causing vibrations which can make the ceiling cave in faster. Update me again if it really happens! My current bedroom wardrobe has a mirror on its door. But it is on the inner side. You need to open wardrobe door in order to see yourself in it. It is about 3/4 length. Maybe it is okay if it is on the inner side of the wardrobe door. I am afraid of looking into the mirror at night in case I see 'extra thing" behind me other than myself in the mirror. Staying alone can be scary at times at night, especially in those hotel rooms!
  8. I wrote an email to HDB on 14 Aug and they responded on 20 Aug, saying they were still in the midst of processing my application for AHG and SHG. I wonder if they had forgotten to process mine. Does it really need to take so long to process? Then today 2 Sep, they sent me another email asking me to go down to HDB to sign the lease agreement on 7 Oct (Sun). Finally can sign the lease agreement! Yes!! I'm so excited! LOL!!
  9. Hi all May I ask how long did it take for you all to sign the agreement after the first appointment of the unit selection? I selected my unit on 27 Feb this year but till now they have not sent me any notifications to go sign the agreement. My HLE has also expired in June. On the last appointment on 27 Feb, I asked the HDB staff who was doing the documentation for me if I need to apply a new HLE, she told me don't have to as they will extend the expiry date of the HLE. Did it work the same for you all as well? Many thanks in advance.
  10. Saw this in Facebook, the layout looks like that of a 2 room flat
  11. @ryanyth Oops... really? My mum asks me to handwash cos else every few months my jeans loosen and not that fitting anymore, looks ugly when I wear it. Haha...
  12. Yes, @fiqa denny Lim Those slim tapered jeans. Should be normal denim? I think it's still manageable. One shot only wash one or two pairs of jeans.
  13. Thanks @mmoh This diagram is very useful for me! Haha... Ya, I handwash my jeans if not they seem to get loose faster when machine-washed.
  14. @fiqa denny Lim Ya, usually I handwash my jeans and some work wear clothes, undergarments etc. So would probably continue doing so.