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  1. Thanks, thanks. I am thinking of the lighting issue as well. Cannot decide whether to buy the battery type or the wired one. The former will look nicer and neater but the latter will be more convenient, just switch on, no need to charge or change batt. I also worry the light will be too close/strong for comfort. So still trying to figure what to buy and where to place it.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion abt the hook. I bought the hooks but cannot decide where to put them. So will wait a bit till I m more used the plc first to find the right spot.
  3. My reno is completed. Only did kitchen, painting n other small fixtures.
  4. Mine measures abt 26cm by 74cm. But there r 4 protruding corners. So shorter in length for shelving area.
  5. I asked and they did with cement but not the painting. Bcos I d this b4 starting reno, so ID got painter to do it up nicely.
  6. Hi, hi, u started reno? Cranberries is also from Eastcreek.
  7. Yes. Not sure how practical though. Imagine jus finish washing the dishes, the plates will be dripping water, and I try to fill the kettle, then the water droplets will all drip into the kettle. ?
  8. The only good thing out of this is I got more time to do the shopping. Bought 1. 7 pcs of light:$212 2. A Boshini sink $250, 575x450, 1.2mm stainless steel 3. A Sim Siang Choon stainless steel tap $72 4. One Champs Sylphy instant heater $102.80 5. A glass shelf $25, a mirror $28. 6. 6 pcs of curtain brackets $4+ 7. 2 Ikea curtain rods $9.90 each 8 EF 60cm hood and hob from Hoe Kee at $540. (EF and Mayer are the only brands that have 2 yrs warranty fr what I can find. EF has a longer history than Mayer.)
  9. Another delay to my reno. Started a few days before the Malaysia lock down. The carpenter team from Malaysia could not come in. ID jus found a Singapore team to take over last week, have not even started work. Now, back to square one. ?
  10. BTW, I realised that a lot pple avoid posting names of ID, company and px directly on renotalk I m also following this norm. Is there a rule agst it or a reason for doing so?
  11. 100 plus GST. I called the company which supply the rack to HDB. Cos the IDs/contractor who did not want to take it on were worried that the rack mechanism may be damaged in the removal process. But they have not issue me receipt till now. Everything is through phone in case u r not comfortable with the arrangement.
  12. I m considering a over the sink rack or smaller ones that can be kept in the cabinet below when the dishes are dry.
  13. 3D drawing of my kitchen. Looks bigger than actual. Won't b seeing it take shape any time soon. Workers r stuck in Malaysia.