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  1. Selection of the unit was kinda fast. It only took me 1 day of viewing to decide on the flat. (I think the property agent must be thinking this client is easy earned commission). Actually the property agent was recommended by one of my colleague. I contact the agent and he arrange for flat viewing. On that particular day, he arrange for 7 unit around the area I told him I would preferred. The first 6 was really not to my liking. The last unit, it was the only one that is situated at high floor and its a corner unit. Although the unit was not in a tip top condition, it did not really bother me much cause I have already intended to do a entire overhaul of the flat before moving in. The moment I step into the house, there is just this feeling that this is the one. To cut the story short, I put up an offer to the seller on the same night and he agreed. 5 Months later I am the owner of this house. During the 5 months (1st appointment and completion date), I have been to 7 Interior Design company and to be frank, I did not know that renovation can be so costly. To hack walls, rebuild walls, change the entire unit flooring (Living, bedrooms, kitchen, toilet), rerun entire water piping, rewiring the entire house electrical wiring.
  2. Hi all, My renovated home was recently handed over to me. I noticed that my floor tiles in the common toilet looks very dark. Like there is some kind of stain or grout haze around it. Has anyone faced similar problems? I'm hesitant to use acid wash since the accessories have been installed. Thanks.
  3. Table of Contents M O O D B O A R D 3 D P L A N C O N T R A C T O R S E L E C T I O N T A O B A O B U Y S B A R E U N I T A P P L I A N C E S H A C K I N G M A S O N R Y A I R C O N T R U N K I N G P A I N T I N G P A R Q U E T R E F I N I S H C A R P E N T R Y C A R P E N T R Y ( F I N A L ) L I G H T I N G G L A S S B A C K S P L A S H P L U M B I N G T A O B A O B U Y S 2 C O M P L E T E D L O O K ( L I V I N G, D R E S S I N G, Y A R D ) R E V I E W O F C O N T R A C T O R ( R E N O G U Y Z ) L A T E S T U P D A T E 1 L A T E S T U P D A T E 2 hi guys, so this is the start of my reno journey! pretty excited to have my own thread as i've always been awed by many beautiful homes here. for starters, floor plan! the wait for our 3 room BTO has been very long (5 years). i'm not exactly happy with the size as i've seen a couple of 3 room btos here and they all have way bigger living room and kitchen than i have. i probably have bigger toilets and maybe slightly bigger master bedroom but whats the point? i bake so i need an island this time round. will be very challenging but mostly likely it will be where the dining area is, and there will be no space for a proper dining table.
  4. Hello everyone! Having seen the various blogs and excitement over home ownership and renovation, I decided to start this blog to account my own journey towards a place my wife and I would soon call 'home'. Ours is a cosy one bedroom condo unit measuring 527 sq ft or 49 sqm. Yeps, you read it right! It's small! But, with just the both of us and a little bundle of joy coming our way, it should be sufficient and easy to maintain for now! Below is the floor plan of our unit! We thank God that it's squarish and therefore easy to conceptualise in accordance to what we have in mind. The theme in mind we have is Modern English/French Classic. We didn't want it to be too Victorian or Baroque as those requires bigger spaces. Hence, we opted for a simpler touch with a mix blend of black and white as our main colors, thus invoking colonial style in mind as well. We were lucky to come across an exact same size junior suite when we stayed in Fairmont Le Montreux Palace in Switzerland for our honeymoon! We immediately fell in love with the whole mood, design and layout that we decided to replicate much of what we see there here in our own home. Below are pictures of the suite: As you can see, one of the practical thing about this layout is that the TV is able to swivel from the living room to the master bedroom. The other functionality about this is that the other part of the TV is a glass mirror. Hence, it can be used both ways - as a decorative piece in the living room if you do not wish to have your guests engaged in watching the TV or use it as a dressing mirror in the bedroom. We also love the white-washed wall beadings and cornices. No false ceiling either but just a central chandelier. Simple and elegant. What we intend to do different however is to have the cornices in black just as the picture below: Will leave all of you with that for now! Next up would be furniture inspirations!
  5. Hi, am looking for black (matte if possible) toilet fittings, in particular, toilet roll holder. Anyone knows where to buy in Singapore? Thanks!
  6. Hi all, My renovated home was recently handed over to me. I noticed that my floor tiles in the common toilet looks very dark. Like there is some kind of stain or grout haze around it. Has anyone faced similar problems? I'm hesitant to use acid wash since the accessories have been installed. Thanks.
  7. Hi Forumers, My common toilet renovation has been completed. The tiles in the shower area look stained and no matter how much I scrub, I can't remove the stain. I don't know if its a grout haze or a grout stain that leeched into my tiles. All of my bathroom accessories are up and I really don't want to do an acid wash and create more damage. Has anyone faced the same problem before?. Also, I think my contractor threw some acid wash remnants down the dry area of the toilet. Some of the grout was out, which I made him touch up. But I don't know why my tiles look so dark and wierd
  8. Selling just the side table - black in color (chair not included). Have a rubberized placemat on top. Used, hence have slight paint chipping in certain areas but doesn't affect usability. Dimensions are: 40cm (L) x 31cm (D) x 62cm (H) Purchased a few years back at $329, selling at just $150. Self pick up only (at Tampines area), can fit car boot.
  9. <<<<FURNITURE CAN ALL BE USED FOR RENTAL HOUSE TOO!!>>>> A. <Black Glass Dining Table> COST: $400 (fast deal will consider discount) - Negotiable Condition: Use - 8.5/10 Size: (W) 90cm x (L)160cm x (H)70cm Self-Collection @ Tampines, No Transportation Provided Collection strictly on 12th or 13th October 2016. B. <46 inch Hitachi LCD Flat Panel HDTV Television> COST: $400 (fast deal will consider discount) - Negotiable Condition: Use - 9/10 (Still in excellent condition) All Parts are made in Japan (stand included - brand new) Model No: L46S603 (For Specs, can refer to online for the full specifications of the TV) Self-Collection @ Tampines, No Transportation Provided Collection strictly on 12th or 13th October 2016. Negotiable. C. <Black Leather Sofa> COST: $350 (fast deal will consider discount) - Negotiable Contemporary Black Pull-out Sofa with Silver Steel Based Trimming - Come with Cushion Pillows too! Condition: Use - 7/10 Size: (L) 216cm x (H) 97cm x (W) 64cm Note: Left side sofa seat area is WARP but overall still fine. Can refer to 5th photo. Self-Collection @ Tampines, No Transportation Provided Collection strictly on 12th or 13th October 2016. Negotiable. D. <Outdoor Patio Furniture comes with Table and Chairs> COST: $150 (fast deal will consider discount) - Negotiable Patio Set for SALE! Comes with a set of 3 pieces of furniture [1 x Coffee Table with one opaque glass top & 2 x Rest Chairs] Condition: Used - 7/10 Note: Opaque glass on coffee table top is not cleaned and looked dusty but once cleaned it will look pristine! Self-Collection @ Tampines, No Transportation Provided Collection strictly on 12th or 13th October 2016. Negotiable. E. <IKEA White Office Chair> COST: $40 (fast deal will consider discount) - Negotiable White IKEA Office Chair with Black Rollers Condition: Used - 4/10 Note: The seat area has turned yellowish. Can either replace with another seat cushion or put a cushion on top. Self-Collection @ Tampines, No Transportation Provided Collection strictly on 12th or 13th October 2016. Negotiable. F. <Super SIngle Mattress> COST: $60 (fast deal will consider discount) - Negotiable Condition: Used - 9/10 Note: Only bought a few months ago. Self-Collection @ Tampines, No Transportation Provided Collection strictly on 12th or 13th October 2016. Negotiable. E. <Chandelier from Italy> COST: $500 (fast deal will consider discount) - Negotiable Condition: Used - 8/10 Transparent & Black Crystal Beads Self-Collection @ Tampines, No Transportation Provided Collection strictly on 12th or 13th October 2016. Negotiable.
  10. Hello renotalkers! I have benefited from this forum immensely and it's about time for me to pay it forward. I bought a resale apartment and obtained the keys only in late July. It's a 1 BR, only 52 sq metres (560 sq ft) in size. I was drawn to this space as it was relatively square-ish, not many bay-windows, no balcony, 2.9m ceiling height and floor to ceiling windows in the living room. Knowing that size was a limitation, my challenge is to make the space feel bigger than it is. The original floor plan (ignore the PES - the apartment does not have any PES) This was how I envisioned the new layout Red lines indicate the walls which I wanted to knock-down Blue line is where I would like the new wall to be erected Yellow lines is where I envisioned a concrete plaster appearance Besides the challenge of opening up the space, I wanted to keep the budget low and time-line relatively short, yet achieve a specific industrial look. I'll be dedicating quite a bit of my blog on how I kept costs low while maintaining decent quality. That means I will describe my thought process for contractor selection, material selection, purchasing from taobao etc Hope new home owners that plan to renovate will benefit from my blog. I shall post the before pics soon and some interim pics as reno is currently on-going. Happy reno-talking! EDIT: I realise that it is very cumbersome to go through an entire thread without a contents page. So I have compiled the links here 1. My thoughts on ID vs contractor. All home owners struggle with this question and meeting IDs/contractors can consume a lot of time and effort. 2. How I shortlisted and chose a contractor. The key considerations which led me to chose among the shortlisted contractors. 3. My taobao shopping list. With all the links from taobao sellers which I bought from. 4. My before pics. Demolition pics if you're into that sort of thing. 5. General Info on shipment of bulky taobao items to Singapore. 6. Since it's very difficult to estimate how many cubic metres each item is and the shipping charge is based on cubic metre, I came up with a way to estimate total cost of the bulky taobao item based on my first shipment when I purchase through peeka. 7. Some chinese keywords for shopping on taobao. Although taobao is cheap and therefore tempting, there may be instances of dissatisfaction. To provide a balanced view, Another poster's negative experience with taobao items. How I minimize risk of purchasing low quality items on taobao. 8. Info on the fibreglass concrete panels in my living room. 9. A guide on choosing paint colours for your wall. 10. Kompactop final pics 11. Info on artificial turf for balconies/planter/baywindows 12. Final pics - after 6 months of living in my place, this is more or less the final look of my place, though it tends to evolve with time (and clutter). To be included at some point.
  11. Hi all! I just moved in to my new home at CCK in June and I wish to share my experience on how my renovation process went about. Before getting our keys, me and my hubby started to source for a reliable IDs and contractors in Dec 2015 Everything comes with a price tag. So we set our priority. For us we are not very particular but must be reasonable and practical. It is our 1st HDB but most importantly it should be comfortable and yet not burn a big big hole in our pocket. 1st - We draft what we looking for and what are our NEEDS and WANTS. and the hunting began. We got friends who are ID, Recommended ID/Contractor in the forum, Pic we love from the Facebook and hunt the ID company down and neighborhood ID . Our budget is around 28K for all the reno. We finally meet with 4 shortlisted ID/Contractor and some only thru email correspondence to get quotation. Most of them are package selling and to top up with the whatever you want. As you meet with more of them you can tell what to ask and go straight to the point. There are some who say this cannot that cannot yet some say everything can. For us we try to keep what HDB have already provide and just enhance to suit our need with as minimum $$ as possible. Very budget ah . We were hunting for the perfect match from Jan till Feb and during the CNY and come across this Contractor in the forum with good workmanship and layman pricing haha. We actually Message him thru Facebook and try our luck to see if he is online. We ask for a quote if any package,and an immediate reply was he only do ala cart and after 1 hr of FB messaging an appointment was fix for the NEXT DAY Not even our floor plan was given, he say he will do on the spot just bring the plan when we see him. By the way it was the 4th day of CNY which most renov company are still holidaying. We are surprise and although the review of him was not the 100% star type branded, with his response time we decided to make our way down to see him. We are his 1st customer after the CNY and YES, he is the way the forum have written, sloppy looking. Ah beng looking, direct to the point "No use do this" "don't waste $$", no smooth talking but very efficient. All his reply is reasonable and practical. We are impress when he draw free hand of what we wanted and show us some ideas and a price list was out in the same meeting *he only see our floor plan on that day. which so far no other Reno company did it. His price and another ID is almost the same but as he is a contractor and the other is an ID. Drum roll ----- we choose the contractor as he is will be more on hands and play real time we call it if any hiccup. He ask us for the time line and if can wait longer he will get an experience elderly man who will "bao ga liao" for the carpentry with great workmanship. Since we are not in a hurry we say we are fine with it as long as it is not 6 mths lar. We got the date of key collection in the morning and have our door opening event in the morning. As we invited a Feng Shui master to come on the same morning for the door opening and also to see what is the feng shui expect for the house we invited the contractor to come as well so that we no need to repeat. Don't be surprise when he sit on the floor in the house and just look around. "HE is feeling the surrounding and feel the house" hahah that's what he say when we say so dirty why sit there and stone. After the door opening which we have finish by earlier noon and ask if we can chop chop go select the colours and material and he can start the work. He say no problem and drove us back to his office that day we finish all the selection by evening. Colour/material selection is really a chore and we are really not very good at it. so we just point and choose and look at his face hahah, he jus nod or shake his head. I should say that this contractor is very passionate about his job as I ask how he earn his profit and he say he just want to be proud of his work and work as near to our budget as possible. The thing we were impressed was the workmanship especially when all the visitor come and say it is really good and with the price. All my Taobao buys was install by his sub-contractors as well some FOC and some with a token fee. We are very much satisfied that the amount was well spent and here we got our dream homeJ. We wanted to share our experiences here because we are really very satisfied with this contractor’s workmanship and reliability. We are sure that some of you will be confuse as to which IDs/contractors to choose from. It’s not a matter of whether the contractors are popular in the market, eventually, it’s the satisfaction and the workmanship that will put you to peaceful sleep. We hope that others will benefit as much as we do and if anyone is interested to engage this contractor, do let me know and I would gladly share his contact details with youJ Photos will be upload shortly of our humble residence!!!!
  12. Hi all! Just want to say a big THANK YOU to all T-bloggers who have shared your designs /ideas /pictures /information & experience here. It has been a great help, especially to us newbies who know next to nothing about renovating, & I truly enjoyed reading all the posts. Now's my turn to start my own T-blog, hope you enjoy it^^ Standard BTO 4-room plan:
  13. Selling a set of pre-loved Cellini stainless steel dining table with black glass top and 6 black leather chairs. Dimension: 170cm (L) x 85cm (W) x 75cm (H) Condition: 9/10 Selling $1,000. Item available after 27 July 2016 Self collect at Bishan. Interested party can email me at laurence_yap@hotmail.com
  14. Hello, I have a L-shaped glass top table for sale. The table itself is very much sturdy as the day it was first assembled. The glass top is clean and is rather pristine, albeit the table legs has some superficial marks here and there. The table can also be separated into 2, where the larger of the two is a standalone and the smaller one can be made into another separate table with a bit of creative engineering. Please arrange for your own delivery, location is in the east area. Please do text/ whatsapp me @ 9010ZERO8FIVE6 for viewings. Price is $150.
  15. For pictures: http://carousell.com/p/49326800/ The Ikea sofa is in very good condition. Used for 1 year. Original receipt available. Product Dimensions: Length - Queen Size : 180 cm, Depth - 88 cm, Height - 66 cm Key Features: The cover is easy to keep clean as it is removable and can be machine washed. Link to Ikea SG : http://www.ikea.com/sg/en/catalog/products/S89886138/ Reason for Selling: We are moving out to a new apartment which is fully furnished. Please Note : Product is already assembled. Person buying the sofa needs to arrange the pick-up. Price is negotiable.
  16. My way overdue first entry ... and im finally on the journey to share my renovation experiences We collected our keys a few months back in DEC 2015, but decided to postpone our renovation due to CNY. Sadly due to personal reasons, we had to drop our first contractor/designer just a week before our scheduled start of renovations. YESSSS MADNESSSSS ... so we had no choice but to scurry around trying to get another new contractor to handle our renovations! All in all, we met another 2 contractors before our decision! 1. Mr K (very popular here in Renotalk) - Speaks/messages only Chinese, very quick and fast guy, chop chop curry pok kind. We met him only once at our house to tell him about our ideas and what we wanted, waited for his quote which came in pretty fast like within a week. 2. Mr R (recommended by my colleague) - Replies to messages fast, friendly and easy going to discuss with. Also met him once at our house, and waited for the quote ....... and the final decision we decided on him! We just felt the chemistry and we could click better with him *fingers cross, let's hope everything goes well! xoxo, C
  17. Selling sofa in excellent condition. Looking at $800. Bought about a year ago at close to 2k. Please WhatsApp me at 91782788 for pictures. Thanks.
  18. Patsy Minimalist Black Dining Chair 55sgd/pc -Very Lightly Used -Comfortable & spacious -Stackable. Can be used for outdoors as well. -Made of Moulded PP 80 pcs available
  19. Freb

    Pendent Dining light

    From the album: Freb

  20. Hello, I'm selling off my 1.5 year old dining table and chair set. We're looking to get a smaller dining set to claim back some floor space in my house. Both the dining table and the 4 dining chairs were purchased from Comfort Furniture If you're willing to purchase the full set, I'm willing to let go of all the pieces for $300 Junko Dining Table Bean - Price $150 Original purchase price - $439 Product photo from website: Dimensions: W1500 x D800 x H730 Color: Black Material: (Table top) MDF, (table legs) Steel Website link: http://www.comfortfurniture.com.sg/products/tables/junko-dining-table/ Photo taken at showroom with dining chair: Plug Dining Chairs (2 black, 2 Avocado Green) - Price $50 per chair Original purchase price $159 per chair Product photo from website: Dimensions: W470 x D400 x H785 Colors: Avocado Green and Black Website link: http://www.comfortfurniture.com.sg/products/chairs/plug/ Photo of dining set in my house Self Collection at Sengkang West Way Interested parties please sms me at 9-873-8972.. no calls please Thank you!!
  21. Selling the 4 chairs below for $80 each (nego if taking more than one). Bought in Feb 2014 and used only for 1 month then decided to change to white dining chairs instead. Condition 9/10. Collect from Tampines. Please sms if keen to nine seven four 3 four 3 six eight.
  22. I am selling a brand new LG G3 Beat (not G3) which is collected today (29 Nov 2014) from M1. Other than putting in the SIM card to do a test, nothing else was done to the phone. Selling for $300 flat. Come with full box content, LG flip plastic cover plus 16GB microSDHC UHS-I card. Prefer to deal in Bukit Batok area but other places can negotiate. My contact is 9321 3677. Regards.
  23. Just finished home renovation and selling off black TV console. In excellent condition. Length : 200cm Width : 40cm Height : 47cm Bought for $700. Letting go for $200 (negotiable). Has drawers @ the sides. Buyer will have to arrange own transport. Please WhatsApp @ 94508412 for more details.
  24. Bought a year back at $1k+. Selling it off at $700/-. Well maintained and used mainly for decor purposes. Sofa can be separated and transformed into a single and 2-seater sofa. Self-collection.
  25. Selling this unit of almost new sideboard. Can be used as extra storage, shoe cabinet etc. Slight chip at the right hand side but hardly visible. To arrange self transport and collection at Yishun if interested. SMS/ Watsapp 93370714 if keen.