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  1. Hi neigbour! I haven’t logged on in a while and the first time I did after so long, the first post I came across & was reading, I found the view very familiar^^ I really like your platform area with your plant rack, it’s like you created a mini balcony out of the room. It looks cosy & relaxing, great idea!
  2. hi, i was unable to send you the message, would you mind

    to share how much you have spend for your kitchen work

    as well as the contractor? thanks in advance :)

  3. I'm using a 90cm round table (seats 4) with the diamond-shaped pendant in the smallest size (38cm) paired with a single edison bulb 40W in yellow light, so far quite ok. I think the size of lamp doesn't matter, but the brightness & type of bulb you use?
  4. Some improvement for my playroom: Bought these pink cubes (1/2 price!) from Howard's Storage = increased storage space. One holds accessories & a lamp on top while the other became my manicure centre. Finally found a clock I like that fits my room. Can always tell time easily now. Bought the white cable box from TB. Very useful indeed! Can hardly see the wires now. Previously was a mess of tangled wires... Fave design from Ikea so far, the simple black & white: Loving our choice of window & doors^^
  5. Since we added on the air-fryer, there hasn't been much space on our countertop, so TB to the rescue again! Bought this simple stainless steel rack to maximize the space: So now we have the microwave + oven + pressure cooker + air-fryer placed neatly together: What we really liked about our place is that the windows are almost full-length, so we get alot of natural light in the day. Taken on a dark rainy day: very cosy to read on the sofa. Added a mini garden. Everything from Daiso^^
  6. Hi lianaalin, So far they are holding up ok. I guess it's cos we don't have alot of clothing. The thing is not to over-load them. Like what ricepapergirl mentioned, kids' clothing should be fine^^
  7. Very nice!! I love all the black & white. We got the same duvet, step ladder & Kallax, don't you just love Ikea?
  8. I like all your TB buys. My fave is definitely the bookshelf for your study room. It looks unique!
  9. Hi! Welcome to Kovan! Just read your blog & realized your layout is exactly the same as my parents' home. I used to occupy bedroom 2 until I got married & moved out hehe. The size is definitely much bigger than current BTOs. And very informative blog you have, I enjoyed reading it very much.
  10. I really like your light choice #6 & your clock #9, really has that Parisian feel!
  11. Found a nice metal bucket tin & with some roses, set up a mini garden in our MBR: Changed to new F21 x Kitty Antique Design bedspread & matching cushions: And finally put our oven to use by baking some Kitty pineapple tarts: They didn't look as nice after they baked to a brown tone, but still tastes yummy. Shall improve on them again. Happy New Year everyone!
  12. In view of CNY, have added a few decorations around the place. First up: a DIY shoe rack /mini garden for our main door assembled with items from Daiso: CNY Kitty deco for our MBR door: Matching deco for our playroom doors: Purchased a black step ladder from Ikea & it is designated as our orange area with a basket & a poster^^
  13. Hi! I'm intrigued by your theme of bohemian.& I like your lighting choices. Looking forward to see how everything turns out