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  1. This is more of a sharing post since my reno is over, but I wanted to talk about a type of flooring that I WISH I had known about earlier because it’s GORGEOUS! And ALSO a flooring guy I met that quite impressed me (maybe after my CMI contractor, everyone will impress me, lol). So awhile back, a friend of mine came over to my place to check out the reno. She wanted a similar look (industrial/scandinavian/rustic) so she got her flooring guy, Loon, to come over for a discussion. Heard from my friend that he is an actual designer himself. A lot of fine, aesthetic details that most contractors or IDs neglected to bring up, this floor guy actually nailed. This, to me is a value-added service that only someone with a strong design background would grasp. And then to my surprise, halfway during the discussion, the floor guy’s eagle eyes (occupational hazard?) spotted a cracked skirting that my previous contractor left behind, and he actually offered to fix it for me This cracked skirting had been bugging me for a long time and was such an eyesore. And now FINALLY it’s fixed Even though it was a minor job, I was really touched because he could have pretended not to see it, right? Props to him. My friend later reported that he did a pretty good job with her floor as well. Here are some pics of the gorgeous flooring that he shared with me. Wish I had known about this earlier. I would so totally have gone for it instead of my (now very boring) vinyl. So pretty right? Ok, maybe I’m just a sua gu. But I definitely would have gone for this if I had known beforehand. Nevermind, there’s always the next reno to look forward to. Although maybe by then, there would be a new type of flooring that will catch my attention Anyway, I won't be around here much anymore to check for pm's. If anyone is interested, here's his contact - Flooring contractor: Loon, 84991458 And for the rest of my recommendations that people have frequently asked me for: - Carpenter contractor: Carel, 97995666 - 3D designer: Zhi Long 92224562
  2. Sure. Most of my bathroomware and kitchen appliances are from at Hupfarri at Upper Changi road, near Eunos, and GainCity at Sungei Kadut Ok, will PM you
  3. hi, a tad new to reno talk, sand not sure where I should be posting.can I trouble you for the contacts of the IDs/contractors that you will recommend based on your research/meetings/experience pls..


    1. ddd01


      also wondering you can PM me the ID who does 3D designs pls? Thanks!! 

    2. owlNbear


      Hi, sorry for the late reply! 

      I won't recommend my contractor, you can read up on my posts for more details, but here are a few that I would recommend.

      1. Carel, carpenter - 9799 5666
      2. Alan, flooring contractor - 84991458
      3. Billy (Avant Garde Creative), contractor - 90298487
      4. Meiyi (3D Conceptwerke), ID - 97441387
      5. Zhilong, 3D design - 92224562

      Good luck with your reno!

  4. From the looks of it you're well on your way to a gorgeous home I'm enjoying it a lot! But being a first time home owner just realised that maintaining a house is very shag...no joke...hahah. Haha no prob!
  5. The doors, wainscotting and golden finishes look really awesome, like being transported to another era. Time to bring out the cigars and champagne
  6. Thank you so much! It's been 3 months since I moved in and so far, I'm really glad I made the decision to 'go concrete'. I can leave puddles of water all over the top and not worry a single bit about maintenance. Looks wise, I think it turned out fine, no 80's look (though I almost kenna-ed the 80's look no thanks to the contractor, luckily they managed to salvage it!) I think the crux is on the type of tiles used. As long as it's not the generic white HDB bathroom tiles, it'll be fine What kind of tiles / bathroom look do you have in mind? Share share! Here are some pics that I took. I hope this'll give you a clearer picture on how it works. Strictly speaking, it's not all concrete, because we have wooden doors and a shelf. After constructing and tiling up the sink support, the carpenter came along to install the doors and shelf. Btw, the door laminate doesn't really go with the sink (because it was so last minute, we had to choose in a hurry) but you can take your time to choose a nice matching laminate, or even a funky contrasting one...the possibilities are endless By 'leg kick', do you mean the space for your feet to go into? If so, there's none here. I wanted a suspended sink but the contractor said it would be to heavy, so we had to settle for this. Though for me (and my fiance) it's not a big issue. Not having that space to 'stick' your feet into is something I can live with Though maybe for extremely large feet (fiance already has quite big ones), it might be uncomfortable? Here are the hinges constructed by my carpenter. He made a wooden frame which actually goes inside the sink support, so it can't be seen on the outside. Very neat and tidy And here's the shelf that we installed, because we didn't want to waste the height space. Pardon the mess! You can see that the carpenter wrapped up the frame nicely so it blends in as well. Hope that helps. Keep me updated on what you've decided to go with, it would be really cool to see more concrete bathroom sink ideas
  7. Yeah, it's really a huge headache. But on the positive side, it's was a great learning experience, being so hands on with everything. The sense of achievement at the end is unbeatable!
  8. So glad I stopped by Renotalk to check for updates. Your progress looks fantastic! I'm super in love with the dark raw wooden look of the laminates. It adds a really classic vintage look and just transforms the entire place into a non-hdb look, haha. Also, with so many grains it's easy to go wrong but I think you nailed the look. So jealous that you're getting customised trays. My carpenter didn't want to do one for me, he said it would cost a lot. Boo. Hope things are picking up speed now. I totally feel you on rushing the contractors. Sometimes I think they just take it for granted if we don't apply any pressure on them.
  9. Hi blackliver! I don't think it's a bad choice as long as you engage the right one lol. The toilet door costs $470 as quoted by the contractor.
  10. Hello! Your ID has got excellent taste. And the second amendment looks event better with the black vinyl floor. Great choices you've made there
  11. Your layout is super intriguing! Very excited to see how you and your wifey will whip everything into shape. Great plans! You guys look like you've got a good handle on things. Oh, I used to have that aircon decades ago. Brings back memories
  12. No advice, but here's some moral support. Stay strong! And keep us updated on your progress. Hope everything turns out well.
  13. That's good, you still have lots of time to plan and research. I'll take more pics when more things are in Thanks for always stopping by my thread
  14. Haha! For sure I don't regret it. It's very handy to have a table top to place things on, and cabinets below to store all my cleaning solutions and equipment, rags, soap and shampoo bottles, toilet paper etc.