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  1. A remarkable plan of eatery Interior and bar with respectable seat table and roof makes see more practical and lovely. In different perspectives of private feasting an open roof looks more appealing with side divider and its frill. Modern, Rendering, Lounge, Bar, small, Restaurant, decoration, Interior, Ideas, picture, Stylish, bar and restaurant interior design ideas, simple restaurant interior design, bar interior, bar table design, bar counter design, bar design ideas, 3d interior designers, 3d interior rendering services, 3d interior modeling, restaurant interior design.
  2. Dear home owner, After doing my research online for some time, I noticed that the description is about the same. Things that they provided about the same. Those post online - 4299(all in kitchen package) / 3988(all in package) die die want to close me on the spot. Keep doing hard sales makes me walk away more. Until one day, I walked pass this ID firm at Ubi. The lady designer showed me this package and email me after I left. When I walk in, the drinks was served. I felt like I had returned home. I asked for any package and was presented this, by far this is the cheapest with everything I needed. I dont like the base in concrete, I dont need to do washing at kitchen. i do not cook at all. All i need is a sleek look for my kitchen. When I asked if I could install 15ft bottom / 5ft top to make it 20ft. They are able to provide and at a lower cost They rest die die need 10/10 I am happy with the service face to face. exp - Good! She understand her work very well. Explained the schedule & material used. CS- Superb, very friendly & nice. will definitely recommend to family / friends.
  3. Greetings from Mugen Design, We provides services such as: -Interior Design -3D Visualizing -2D space planning -Renovation Our professional design team to ensure our services on time and with good quality. If there is anything you want to cooperate or interested with us, Feel free to contact us for further information 👍 Contact via: https://wa.me/message/MY2CVWY4PFUJD1 Check us via: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mugendesignjb Portfolio: https://www.rtist.com.my/MugenDesign
  4. Hi!!! Anyone has good recommendations for contractors? I’m planning to do some minor renovations for 4 room bto. Please share with me here cos girl needs some help for the first time 🤗 Thank you!!!
  5. My wife and I visited a long list of ID before we agreed for the renovation of our new home. This could be attributed to not only the quality and affordability offered to us but also the meticulous manner their staff, Ms. Selina, did her work. From the start, She was very professional and very accommodating to our ideas and suggested quality advice to match our ideas to our budget. She kept to her schedules without fail. Everyday updated me with what was taken place. I can say that renovation cannot just simply look at cost comparison because price somehow does dictate the quality of materials and workmanship. She was able to communicate and translate our ideas well to put into the design she had for us. She was ever-ready to advice us on the pros & cons of our ideas instead of outright dismissing our ideas regardless how extreme it might sound. And Selina was always patient to our ever-changing ideas and fickle mindedness in our decisions even to the simplest choice of paint colors. I must say Selina did a great job for our place to make our new haven be a beautiful yet simple abode that we always feel comfortable to come home. Ultimately, we felt safe and assured throughout the whole process. I will engage her services again if I ever need another reno in the future. Thanks Selina & Co. Pm me for her contact or email me at s0165793125@gmail.com
  6. I just bought a hitachi fridge a couple months back and recently the hinges of its inside shelf plastic cover broke off due to an inherent design flaw. While the fridge is under warranty the cover is not covered as it is categorised as an "accessory". I was very frustrated as this was not openly communicated to me before I bought the fridge. And now I have to pay for something that was not badly designed/manufactured, not explicitly communicated to consumers, and no ownership by the principal Hitachi. Utmost disappointing experience from a Japanese big-name manufacturer. Buyers beware. Safe yourself the hassle - shop for other more dependable and customer-centric brands - there are many out there.
  7. Hi, we are from Kwix Solutions! Firstly, I would like to introduce us; we are a company that do natural stone and cementitious Resin Terrazzos right in our very own premises in Singapore! Below are some pictures of our samples from our collection. Do check out our FB and Instagram page for some of our works done! FB: Kwix Solutions Instagram: @kwixsolutions Do follow us on our pages for more latest updates and designs! PM me for any enquiries, thanks!
  8. Would like to share my experience with you guys. Recently, i have done up a renovation for my parents house. Our 3-rm flat is located at Ang Mo Kio, which our estate is already 40-years old .We have never done renovation or upgrading work since we move in until now. The condition of the house, was like the picture below, uneven walls and ceiling. We would like to revamp it to a bright, modern living, and have all the cabinet build in for living area, kitchen and our bedrooms. We have refer by our friends on this company that specialize in residential/shop/space planning/carpentry/flooring & remodeling to help us out. We are very satisfied with their work or transformation, would like to share we our members here. I have took a shot of our house photo after we have renovated. Costing is very reasonable. I am impressed with their work attitude and responsive response. I would like to give them 5-star rating. Those who want to do a upgrading or just bought a BTO can give a shot for this company!!
  9. Hi, We are from Kwix Solutions! We do natural stone and Cementitious Resin Terrazzos. We have various samples/design ideas that we would love to share with your company. I have attached some sample pictures from our collection. We would love to be able to catch up and pass some samples as touch and feel is experimental. When we meet you, we will be able to let you experience the material of our terrazzos too! Do also check out our Facebook & instagram pages for some of our works done! FB: Kwix Solutions Instagram: @KwixSolutions Alternatively, you can contact us at: 8688 3073 (support@kwixsolutions.com) Thank you for your time & hope to hear from you soon. Have a great day ahead!
  10. Have just finished my home reno works recently, mine is a 5room resale. However before tht I have been spending about 3 months looking for ID with lowest quote and all. I happened to came across this ID Belle during a event at gain city. So we had a small discussion and she asked for my number to follow up with me. Infact I have forgotten to reply her for about a week as I was really busy with work. But she was really patience, a few ID that I have met didn't even bother to follow up with me. When I tell her about my requirements, she was v honest, she told me what is necessary to do and what is not. Honestly her quote wasn't the lowest one but during the discussion I felt that she was able to understand what I want, and it allows me to have a better understanding on which area to spent on. And for the v least she is v responsive. I was really comfortable with her and decided to go with her as my ID after doing some research on interior times. Everything went well during the reno, there are some Minor issues but Belle is v efficient with handling and getting back to me with either a solution or alternative, I really appreciate the hard work she have put in. Overall I'm glad that to have her as my ID, as there is no renovation night mare for me hahah.
  11. Dear all, I've got a reasonable quotation from Urban Design House and thinking to engage them. The ID is hdb registered and case-trust. There isn't much review about them. Just wondering anyone here engaged them before and can provide me some feedback please? TIA!
  12. Designing your ultimate kitchen should be a rewarding experience. After you have gathered ideas for your kitchen from a variety of sources, the fun begins when you start to actually incorporate all the different design ideas into a coherent picture of your perfect kitchen. Furniture, interior design, modern residence, modern, house, sofa, table, kitchen, interview, modern home, modern design, 3d interior designers, 3d interior rendering services, offices interior designer, interior design studio, interior design firms, interior design for home, 3d interior modeling, interior concept drawings, architectural design home plans, residential interior design studio.
  13. Hi everyone, we have been following renotalk for a couple of months now, and would like to first of all thank everyone for being so gracious as to share their stories so we first-timers know what to expect. Which is why my hubby and I thought why not share our journey with others too! After reading about the ups and downs many couples face, we are honestly very worried about how this will turn out. We don't have exactly a huge budget also.... So we finally got our keys to our new place at Dawson! Love love love the estate and how the flat actually looks so much like an EC Anyway, back to topic of choosing our id. Think we've read a little bit too much over the past few months until the point where we got confused... so in the end, we decided to go with the safest choice which is with the id who did my bestfriend's house. Their house is so incredibly well-done and we're really hoping ours will turn out just as well! *cross fingers* Plus, it was pretty reasonable considering everything was handled for by our id! During our first consultation with the id, we were asked what kind of look and feel do we like. After doing some research on pinterest/ the internet, we showed our id what we are looking for and specifically told him we want something "artistic yet cosy" you know how some places are really chic looking and stuff but not comfortable? We thought that's not how a house is supposed to be, if it's not cosy, the house is not really a home right? Haha. Here are some of the pics we drew inspiration from! Of course we're not expecting it to come out exactly like that la. Got to work within the budget... People please feel free to share with us some tips ok, we are beginning reno phase v v v soon, so any tips are well appreciated! 10Q!
  14. personally understand the agony of finding a good responsive & responsible renovation contractor. Since I have found a good one so I was thinking to share it here for anyone looking for a reliable contractor. They were very responsive & even took the extra effort to help me managed my aircon guy who was fixing up the new aircon when I got tied up at work. I recommended them to my brother & friend. Have a look at the photos below to see what final outcome. My Living Room My Walkway My Wardrobe cum Partition Master bedroom Toilet Bro's Master bedroom Master bedroom Toilet Common Toilet Bro's Living Room
  15. Small House Floor Plan Design Ideas with Bedroom & Modern hall with Wooden Furniture Blueprint by Yantram Floor Plan Designer. Unique ideas for a small wooden house where each thing is specifically designed and placed keeping in mind space of a house. Architecture 3D, 3D Max, Illustrator, Autocad, house, mansion, apartment, modern house, bungalow, townhouse, ground floor, second floor, restaurant, 3d model, drawing, info-graphic, blueprint, mpa, vector, basement floor, gym floor, office layout, home design, dynamic, measurement, interior layout, small house, tiny house, box house, house plan, floor plan designer, floor Plan design companies, 3d floor plan software, 3d floor plan services, online 3d floor plan, 3d floor design, bedroom, wooden furniture, hall, bedroom, bathroom , modern, design, ideas, concept, balcony, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, closet area, bathtub, vacation house, rendering, designers, provider, developer.
  16. From high-end villas, apartment buildings, townhouses or level 4 homes, there are separate bathroom design designs. The criteria Beautiful - Compact - Convenient to a lot of families interested in the design of the toilet. bathroom. The bathroom layout is reasonable, convenient and aesthetics is not easy. Depending on the space, there are different types of bathrooms that meet your needs. Below, we would like to send you some beautiful shower models. Hope to bring you the idea of choosing bathroom furniture that suits you. Consultation for installation of comfortable bathroom at home Compared to other functional spaces in the home, the bathroom / toilet has a high frequency of use. The design of the bathroom interior requires the ability to ensure functionality and convenience, convenience. The bathroom decoration is reasonable or not also greatly affect the quality of your life and the whole family. Some basic principles in bathroom design that you need to know There is no specific requirement or standard for bath form. It is important to be comfortable with a space that fits in with the overall home and represents the personality of the owner. However, if the space for the bathroom is less than 7.6 square meters, it will be difficult to fully equip the utility. The minimum floor area is 7.6 m2 so that it can be fully furnished Choose the right color scheme The right bathroom color enhances the aesthetics. Also, using your favorite color will make you relax, enjoy more. The most popular color for bathroom furniture is white porcelain, combined with shiny metallic materials create a modern and luxurious look for space. White and soft monochromatic colors give a pleasant feeling. The light color will make the mind and spirit relaxed. Use high-grade flooring material When choosing flooring materials, floor tiles to ensure the safety of users, especially children and the elderly, should choose the type of bricks are lightweight, anti-slip and easy to clean. Brick flooring is high, anti-slippery. (Bathroom model of Glass - Italy) Ensure good technical system Plumbing: Installed permanently in the wall or floor should be installed accurately, scientifically. Choose the standard pipe, quality assurance, special type when you go to wall to avoid leakage later. Piping should ensure slope in case of passing. Electrical equipment: must be absolutely safe. It is necessary to install and dispose electrical appliances in the bathroom carefully, avoiding leakage of electricity. When using a water heater, it must be grounded, aptomat to ensure safety. Interior design bathroom ensures ventilation The special characteristics of the bathroom is high humidity, so the design needs ventilation to overcome this situation. Large windows or ventilation systems are the best option, especially the large window design for the bathroom also provides natural light, limiting the development of mold mild moist conditions. . Ventilation should be placed near the ceiling to ensure ventilation and light (Glass bathroom model - Italy) Choice of sanitary equipment to meet your needs Today, bathroom sanitary ware is not only toilet bowl, sink, shower, mirror, bathtub but also massage bathtub, sauna ... The choice of sanitary ware must be based. on the premises, the need to use, the preferences of the landlord and financial conditions. Selection of furniture for the bathroom Wall Shelves: Storage furniture space is a challenge in bathroom design. Wall cabinets will be an effective solution in this case. A wall mounted cabinet with a mirror mounted on the wing will give the impression of greater space. Mirror: Mirror is always a great choice to widen the space. A large mirror will deceive the viewer to help open the space and provide light to create airy room for the whole. Large glass panels on the sink will double the area of the room. Toilet, hand basin Toilet and wash basin can be used as a highlight for the entire bathroom. The diversity of these two devices makes it easy for users to choose the right one
  17. Execution of outdoor flooring is an extremely hot trend in modern exterior design. It brings the difference with a completely new and eye-catching space. Outdoor flooring will be indispensable material in the architecture. The use of materials in exterior space design is also an art. This requires the architect to carefully select the elements to be harmoniously combined. And outdoor wood flooring is a great choice. It makes a point in a beautiful picture. With outstanding advantages, wooden floor is a creative application in the design of outdoor space and garden landscape. In exterior design, materials such as bricks, granite are too familiar. However, they are very limited in creating the break and novel. With outdoor decking, creativity does not seem to be limited. Outdoor spaces feel softer, cooler and more impressive thanks to the use of wooden flooring. The rest is how we will apply this material in the designs. Wood Flooring - Improving living space my website have speak https://sanngoaitroi.com/san-go-ngoai-troi-tecwood Currently, construction of outdoor wood floor is used a lot in villas, beautiful resort as dream. From materials to colors, wood floors meet the strict requirements of works requiring aesthetic. Outdoor wood floors bring warm, warm space As soon as you set foot in the garden space outdoor flooring application, you will feel completely new. No hardening of brick, stone, concrete. The soft, cool and close to being here. The soft color of the wood floor is harmonious with the grass, flowers and leaves will bring you feel relaxed in the soul. With creative decor, you can create an impressive living space. Application of outdoor flooring in garden landscaping design The garden corridor is designed as well as an art. Entrance to the house is the connection space indoors with garden. It is also one of the important factors that make up the overall beauty of the home. Therefore, the need to select the ingenious design materials here. With many advantages such as excellent resistance to weather, harsh, no warping, not warping, not fading. Using wooden floors for garden walkways is a perfect idea. It not only brings beautiful space but also is very friendly with people and nature around. Garden walkways use wooden floors to create a break Use of outdoor wood flooring in swimming pools creates a modern and luxurious space The pool area is most affected by the environment, especially the water. The requirement for floor design here is to ensure non-slip, waterproof. In addition, the pool at the villa, the resort also requires high aesthetics, especially the luxury and modern. Parquet is a material that fully meets these requirements. With the current production technology, outdoor wood flooring is a durable material, not affected by the weather. Usability is very flexible for us to be creative. Especially the color of the wood bring both the feeling is cool both close and friendly. In addition, the floor is not colorless when exposed to water. Wooden flooring provides modern space Application of wooden floor when designing garden fence Parquet is produced in many different formats. From wood to box or sheet. So you can freely design your living space. It is not only used for flooring but also as a decorative material for garden decoration. You will be fascinated with the fences around the garden made of industrial wood. Unlike concrete fences, iron or steel, fence designs from wooden flooring make it unique from color to space. This is the style of modern design is applied more and more in the exterior space. The advantage of the wooden fence is that it removes rigidity, brings a rustic simplicity but no less luxurious. Especially it creates an open space close to nature, safe with people. Wooden fence with unique impression Applying wood flooring in the garden landscape design The advantage of laminate flooring is that it can be applied flexibly in many cases. You will be surprised to know that this material is also designed by designers to decorate ideas to combine in harmony with the wood flooring, wood flooring walkway. With small garden, wood floors are used to design flower pots, flower trusses, chairs, ... All create impressive space, romantic and attractive. Wooden flooring is used in the design of flower basins, bowls Currently, outdoor wood flooring is the first choice of investors. In addition to decorative purposes, wood flooring is also applied according to Feng Shui principles. It also contributes to g
  18. Recently I went to my friend's house for housewarming and was quite amazed with her newly renovated home. I love the design of the kitchen(took a photo of it) as I am a person who loves to cook. According to her the whole renovation including hacking and renovating the whole house was cheaper compared to big IDs Firms along balestier. As I am getting my keys soon and would like to get the same ID firm as recommendeded by her (she can't remember the designer but she asked me to look for sam the boss) I would like to find out from others who got their house renovated by this ID firm before I approach them for the drawing or quote.
  19. HI home owners, This is a long overdue shout out to Mr Ee, who did my home recently in balestier. Like everyone, i went through what was recommended in this forum. Shortlisted 3, but went with Mr Ee instead. He is the second cheapest among all, with 20 years of experience, and very experience in doing high end retail space. Had a good vibe about him la. Super nice uncle. When i was telling him what i want through mood board etc. he gets it. Guys he is not interior designer, so to convey what you want, it will be easier to show him reference or magazine clipping. He knows the trend in home reno now la. i wanted industrial style, mix with a bit of neon, playfulness in it. He is practical, and very easy going. He is not kekao, calculative. I have live i my new home for 1/2 a year, so far everything is good, except the outdoor blind, which was install by his 3rd party installer. He is not internet savvy, and dont do any marketing. thats why abit low profile. Also I am not related to his business in any way, i think this is my first post in renotalk. PM me if you guys are interested. Thanks
  20. Renovation a room or space in your house? We want to help! Beach House Pictures is offering a very limited offer of Free Interior Design services and Free Labour/Contractors for all works - Potentially saving you thousands of dollars from your renovation. Interested? Email joe@beachhousepictures.com with a brief description of your renovation idea! Good Luck. Joe
  21. We had spend approximately 4 month to complete the entire house renovation. And alot of unpleasant stuff happens and we encounter many of unhappy issue. Hence, we have wrote the email to the management. Below is the email we sent. Problem 1: Delayed handover - Entire projects have been delay due, from first met the ID told us might complete end of the Feb based on the renovation plan. - After CNY,(1st Feb 2017) we was deliberately ask him for the completion date as we need to move in for good date(Some Chinese believe), and the ID told us that’s is a chances to move in without making effort to make it happens(never see his plan or action to expedite it). Only after we double and double confirm with the ID then told us not possible to complete as the carpentry work at least need 2-3weeks. - But at first before we met the carpentry contractor, we already questioning the ID why cant we met before CNY, so that we can speed up the whole process.. but the ID told us can only met after CNY(but there a week before CNY, just wonder why we cant met and discuss first as the meeting confirm more than once) because all the carpenter worker is going Malaysia holidays… - The ID only inform us after we met carpenter that the carpentry can only ready after another 3 weeks….which causing us a lot of problem for this delay as we was planned to move in early of March as we still need to pay the rental fee if we delay until March(at the end we have to paid extra 1.5 month rental fee)… and the good date we choose is also over due to this delay. Problem 2: Poor project management - The ID have never show up onsite frequently to supervise the worker onsite.(but i see your fb is telling everyone that your ID is proactive and will update the progress to the owner very constantly) Maybe less than 10 time onsite for overall projects with 4 month projects. - Not update or feedback to us on the project schedule or progress. We need to chase the ID every day for the update or project progress.Because of that, we have to go onsite to check and see the work quality.(and we catch plenty of problem, just imagine we are not onsite and only check after a week). - Due to lack of supervise, the ID not even know the worker mistake onsite. Like for example….our floor material is wrongly choose, Kitchen wall tiles size is wrong, painting is wrong for many places like our kitchen yard piling, main gate door, door frame color wrong, and so on. - Carpentry worker mistake like our kitchen and shoe cabinet strike light is not install property(very ugly but no choice we have to accept it) due to communication issue. We have no choice but have to accept the mistake as the ID not even supervise and delivery the correct message to them as a designer. (many of time he only deliver the msg via phone...) - One of our bedroom platform have to redo 3 time only match with our design.(the platform is totally different from our requirement, and very big different from the 3D drawing also. Every time we insist to redo the platform, but he trying to smoke us and convince us to avoid the redo troublesome work....) - We have emphasis a few time about the flooring covering to protect our floor from scratch. In fact, we need to cover it by ourselves(at least tell him 5 time from first our meet up until final touch up). Our kitchen and living room floor is scratch and very obvious reflection when we turn on the down light. - Never see any proactive action plan: like for example the gas installation, the ID only notice us when we questioning him. He never ever take his initial to arrange or at least inform us as we are the first time owner who doing the kitchen renovation. Just imagine the carpenter cannot install the kitchen cabinet because of the gas installer haven't come? He only arrange it after we question when is the gas installation come..... Problem 3: Onsite worker behavior - Worker are smoking in the house, common toilet very dirty and smelly, and trash is everywhere in the house not even bother to take down to the dumpster at the end of the day. - Painter Worker are rude to us when we are requesting to cover up the hole on the wall. Never put the painter tools properly and just left at outside of our house, we need to shift the tools and paint ourselves. - Floor washing worker trying to be rude to us when we are standing inside the house, they trying to pour the water to chase us go out. And shout at us for the windows key, and questioning us why we arrange on weekend as they need to rush to finish the work, and work is not completed properly as after they left we need to clean it by ourselves and the all the windows is not even clean properly, wasted our time whole day just to clean it all. - After the washing worker cleaning the floor, and just dump the all the rubbish outside of our house, this causing us a complaint from our neighbour. All of this supposed to well communicate by ID not us. Problem 4: Unsatisfactory workmanship - Our main door is faulty after the floor hacking. Toilet walls is crack and after that become our issue when we request the ID to touch up, he said not their issue as it at toilet outdoor, but obviously it happen only after the toilet hacking. - Master bath room water not as good as before compare to the first installation. - Store room door is keep on popping out, we have to press it there and hold for 20min to make it flat ourselves every 2 days. (We have requested to touch up and door replaced, we only move in less than 2 weeks) - Both common and master bath room lower cabinet is not install with the cover at the back, it seem like a big hole behind the cabinet. (been told its normal, but its very ugly and seem like jerry-build偷工减料。 - The toilet touch up worker is not done properly as we need to double check and stop them back to redo for the touch up. (the supervise or communication not suppose to handle by us, but then we have to handle and face it ourselves..) The both toilet cabinet table top quality is very lousy as we only use water to clean, and it look like pole and white....we only stay less than 2 week.) - Painter are not even bother to taking care our floor, and door frame. After the painter left, we have to clean the floor ourselves and the door frame is so ugly after the final painting. ( we spend money ourself to repaint our bedroom door and doorframe after that.) Problem 5: Hidden cost - Charges us for our 神台 that mirror glass. The glass mirror is FOC at first when he first met us.(We insist to waive it) - Intend to charge us $280 per inch instead of $240 for cabinet. ( initial quotation is offering us $240, but told us material cost increase $280) (We insist to remain the same cost at first quote) - Charges us for our false ceiling curves and telling us its different cost for the design. The initial quotation is not cover all, although the quotation stated 'cover all". - Kitchen and toilet piping cost incurred, the ID told us charge by a piping connection…..but the initial contract is stated including “all water piping”. But still charges us for the hot water piping cost us $500 per piping. (We insist to waive all the additional piping cost, only allow him to charge us $500 for the hot water pipe) - Charges us for the walking wardrobe sliding door. Telling us because of the mirror causing cost. (FOC at first when we ask him, and we insist to waive it.) - Charges us for store room tip-top door about $900 per door instead of per inch. Ended up we cancel as the cost is unreasonable.(He said tip top door is more expensive, but we found out that the actual cost for tip top just a few dollar per piece maybe).. - 3D drawing is chargeable after 10 pieces of design, never ever mentioned this during the meeting.(I think that is the reason why he keep on dragging us for our request 3D drawing, we chase him for 2-3weeks for our cabinet 3D drawing.)
  22. At Explore living we're always up to the task of pushing the limits in design. Here's a job of ours that we hope you'll like! A classy but yet elegant modern design that was done on an apartment renovation. We've incorporated indirect lighting as a great way of lighting up space without directly beaming onto adjacent surfaces. Cabinet installation with custom-made decorative panels and built-in lighting will surely wow your guests! A master bedroom with hanging side table lamps easily controlled by bedside switches. The padded wall has also been carefully designed and installed into place. We've incorporated built-in storage for a wall mounted cabinet but we've also slotted a custom-made marble compartment for the purpose of displaying items or even using it as a built-in table like in the picture. Underglow lighting helps bring out the amount floorspace to help liven up the room atmosphere. A beautiful miniature fountain that makes the balcony a lot different than others. We've decked out this tiny space to fit both built-in storage and a queen size bed. Maximizing space is not a problem if you don't have much! If you're interested in our services, you can contact 6684 4644 or email info@exploreliving.com.sg Alternatively, you can check out our website http://exploreliving.com.sg/ or portfolio here: http://exploreliving.com.sg/portfolio-corporate-offices-retail-outlets-home-renovation/
  23. Hi everybody I know almost all HDB flats have the common features that common toilet/bathroom often shares the same space as the kitchen/dining area. Instead of having the dining table in the living room, I still want to have the table in the kitchen but the thing could be quite awkward especially when you have the toilet right nearby. And it would be even more unpleasant when your Friend uses the toilet and you could hear them calling their natures. So I’m thinking of installing fake movable wall or I don’t know that you don’t even know that there is a toilet or you don’t even feel that the toilet is actually there. Any thoughts?
  24. Dear all, I wpuld appreciate if any good men or womrn share their rxperience with me on the mention company. They seem very sincere and easy to communicate. But I would like to know on your experiencez and how u feel on the quality of work done.
  25. JoeBHP

    Renovating a Room?

    Renovation a room or space in your house? We want to help! Beach House Pictures is offering a very limited offer of Free Interior Design services and Free Labour/Contractors for all works - Potentially saving you thousands of dollars from your renovation. Interested? Email joe@beachhousepictures.com with a brief description of your renovation idea! Good Luck. Joe