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  1. Hi frasca I have PM you the contact, they are responsible , responsive & good handwork. I have done a few with other contractor for my house over the years, they are indeed good. highly encourage to contact them...
  2. Would like to share my experience with you guys. Recently, i have done up a renovation for my parents house. Our 3-rm flat is located at Ang Mo Kio, which our estate is already 40-years old .We have never done renovation or upgrading work since we move in until now. The condition of the house, was like the picture below, uneven walls and ceiling. We would like to revamp it to a bright, modern living, and have all the cabinet build in for living area, kitchen and our bedrooms. We have refer by our friends on this company that specialize in residential/shop/space planning/carpentry/flooring & remodeling to help us out. We are very satisfied with their work or transformation, would like to share we our members here. I have took a shot of our house photo after we have renovated. Costing is very reasonable. I am impressed with their work attitude and responsive response. I would like to give them 5-star rating. Those who want to do a upgrading or just bought a BTO can give a shot for this company!!
  3. I wish to share my experience last few months with my ID/contractor to renovate my new flat in Keat Hong Quad We are being recommended by our friends, they say that this company has relevant renovation experience workmanship. We are glad that the company designer is friendly and responsible. We convey our ideas together to them and they would try to accommodate our ideas into their design to our satisfaction. The best thing was that they would point out those ideas which were not practical and also provided us their opinions and advised us. Furthermore, they bring us to respective warehouse to choose our accessories (tiles, bathtub, door, etc) and even explain the Pros and Cons and the best offer of respective item. All these extra service that they provided made us felt that they were really catered to our needs and made us felt comfortable. Their plus point was that they will advise us not to get standard package as there might be few stuff that we might not need it even though they can profit more. They came out with special package and customize to our needs which made us feel that they are seeking the best for us. The best part is that there was no GST included which helped us to save a few thousand dollars from it. Basically, i love their design. Thumb up! Some example of the design work
  4. Hi Clarieee, Overlay so as to save cost. Anyway for the laminate, it does not add too much height. So i just go along with it. I have moved into my house and are waiting for 2 more items to finish the work. Will post the finalised condition soon.
  5. Floor area 170sqm. Will be posting the finished reno next week. Now whole house should be all white.
  6. Hi Headstomp, your layout is exactly opposite of mine. Isit at woodlands? Anyway, a word of caution, when doing up plastering and painting, do ask your ID to take note of leakages above toilet. I had this issue and HDB is taking ages to get back to us. My unit is still renovating so hopefully everything will be resolved.
  7. I personally know the owners. They are clearly distraught and very bothered that their precious dog suffered. But somehow or rather, pet owners who suffered can only look at forums, facebook to warn others. Anyone care to share any organisation to help. SPCA and AVA are of no help.
  8. Forgot to add, All doors are changed incliding the toilet doors. For master bedroom door, we change to a glass one.
  9. Ok here goes Entrance/Balcony 1. Hacking of existing tiles 2. Laying of homo tiles (china made. $2.60 psf) 3. Hacking of glass wall 4. Erect steps using hollow block Living Room 1. Hacking of existing tiles. 2. Laying of homo tiles (china made. $2.60 psf) Dinning Area 1. Hacking of existing tiles. 2. Laying of homo tiles (china made. $2.60 psf) 3. Hacking of existing sliding door connecting to service balcony 4. Hacking of existing wall connecting to kitchen 5. Erecting wall at sliding door area 6. Do up a 10ft settee 7. Do up a 10ft mirror on top of the settee Kitchen 1. Hack existing cabinet 2. Do up new Acrylic door cabinet. Total 46ft. Top and bottom. 3. Plaster walls Service Balcony 1. Hack tiles 2. Lay new tiles ($2.40 psf) Study Room 1. Hack everything inside 2. Do up white laminate cabinet 3. Hack sliding windows 4. Do up glass panel at windows area 5. Hack sliding doors and walls 6. Do up new sliding doors with wooden frame. Bedrooms 1. Standard for all 3 rooms, overlay with laminate flooring. 2. Walk-in wardrobe for master bedroom. Toilets 1. Common toilet hack off all tiles and 1 of the walls that eat into my masterbedroom. 2. Do up new wall and floor tiles 3. Change toilet bowl for all toilets Misc 1. Painting of whole house 2. Re-wire of the whole house 3. Remove old window grill 3. New Window grill for whole house 4. Remove all cornices and replace with L-box **** area onli. 5. Re-map the water pipes from entrance to kitchen to bathroom. Wheather $48,000 is cheap or not really depends on oneself. Confirm there will be another ID that can give $45,000 based on the same thing but then the quality might be compromised. But as for me, quality is most important. Tats y i never seek 2nd opinion cos i know my ID will give me the best she could and within my budget.