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  1. Providing Day/Night Moving Service: - 10ft Box Lorry - Manpower available - Free usage of trolleys for any bookings - Disposal service also available, discarding old bulky furnitures or fittings, do call us for quote! Free delivery for order above 30 carton boxes & delivery charge of S$20 for less than 30 pcs Rental of 35" x 25" wooden trolleys at S$35 for 3 days (above 3 days at S$8 per day) Please note that we are operating for almost 10 years on full time basis unlike part timers who may not appear on the appointed date/time due to whatever reasons which can be very frustrating for the client. Please feel free to contact 9185-4622 for any transport needs regardless day/night. We assure you of our best services at all times. AA FENG TRANSPORT SERVICES CALL HP: 9185-4622 or OFFICE: 3161-2355 FOR NON-OBLIGATORY QUOTATION EMAIL US @ CHRISTTPT@GMAIL.COM #mover #movers #transport #logistics #lorry #van #office #residential #commercial #contract #delivery #quotation #quote #cheap #carton #boxes #piano #fishtanks #housemoving #good #punctual
  2. 2021 Best Selling Digital lock in Singapore, Epic 5G smartphone digital lock Something affordable with all the function you need , comes along with 1+2 years warranty Top 5 function 1. 100 fingerprint 2. Program up to 20 cards, 4 given 3. Password 4. Guest pin , one time pin through mobile app 5. WIFI unlock remotely (WIFI bridge$50) Door + Gate Digital lock Bundle Promotion 1. $550 for Satin Gold Card 2. $799 for Epic 5G space grey 3. $849 for Epic 5G satin gold (Best Seller) 4. $1199 for Epic 5G 24K gold platted Add $50 to upgrade to Epic 6G dual fingerprint gate lock Less $100 with purchase of main door and less $100 with purchase of My President Hotel quality mattress Order Now and get it today 85694889 Jonas (24/7) speak English and Mandarin Call our Mobile Showroom 98440884 and we will drive to show you today www.mydigitallock.com.sg https://mypresidentmattress.com.sg/ Free Delivery worth $150, Deliver within 24 Hours, endorse by most Singapore celebrities Free Taxi Rebate (Twice the amount) with Any Purchase
  3. We are looking for a Partnership to any Interior Designer or Contractor. We offer Competitive price for Aircon equipment and Aircon Installation for Residential and Commercial. We ensure quality and offer competitive prices in the market. We have over 20 years of experience. You can contact us: Call or Whatsapp +65 9175 9943 or email us enquiry@hydroball.net
  4. Are you looking for a medium type grill machine? Even though it is small in size, but its efficiency is tremendous? Then you have come to the right place. Today We are discussing two such grill machines. One is the Broil king baron 420, and the other is the Weber Spirit E-310. Both are grand for you. Broil king baron 420 vs weber Spirit II E-310 are both the best outdoor grills because they cook the meat minutely. However, these are not the largest or fastest heating grills. However, these allow you to retain heat for a long time. They evaporate the drippings for a great barbecue flavor. This grill has a Flavor-R-Wave cooking system that protects your burners and gives your cooking an incredible taste. These are made of stainless steel, which is very easy to clean. You can use their dual-tube burners for cooking evenly from front to back. Broil king baron 420 vs weber Spirit II E-310 are highly efficient grill machines, and users love every moment spent with them. There is a complete explanation about these affordable and reasonable quality grills. If you are interested in this, your journey can end with a good quality durable grill. Is Broil King Baron 420 Better Than Weber Spirit II E – 310? Although the Broil King Baron 420 Vs Weber Spirit II E-310 comes with two almost identical features, some exclusive features of the Baron 420 distinguish between the two. Although it is small to look at, it has come up with an extraordinary performance. There are negligible differences between the two in terms of BTUs, heat supply across the region and operational aspects. But the advanced technology of Broil king Baron 420 is leading us towards this. So most users prefer Weber Spirit E – 310 to Broil King Baron 420. · One of the features of Broil King Baron 420 is that it brings Flav – R – Wave Cook System. Which protects the burners and evaporates any juice very quickly, and gives your cooking a great taste. · It comes with a linear – flow valve – gives you the perfect temperature for whatever you cook and BBQing. · It also brings 180 degrees Sensi – Touch System – which gives you unparalleled control over temperature. · With these features, it has a cast iron grill Great – which is notched, and it helps you hold the juice of a juicer product. · It also has 4 stainless steel dual burners that give you 40,000 BTUs. What Are The Difference Between Broil King Baron 420 Vs Weber Spirit II E – 310? Dimensions Although there are some similarities between broil king baron 420 vs weber spirit e 310 grills, they also have some structural differences. For example, Baron 420 has dimension 57 “L x 24” W x 45.5 “H and Spirit E – 310 has dimension 52” L x 27 “W x 44.5” H. Although they are small in size, their performance is impressive. Flav-R-Wave Cook System You only get this great feature on the Broil King Baron 420 grill. It brings incredible taste to your food. This system protects your burners. Moreover, the juice that falls during the cooking of meat immediately evaporates. And that makes your food more appealing. Linear-flow valve and 160-sense touch system You get Linear-flow valve and 160-sense touch system on the Baron 420 grill, but you don’t get it on the Spirit E – 310 grill. This way, you will basically get the perfect temperature in your cooking and get unparalleled control to keep the temperature. Frequently Asked Questions About Broil King Baron 420 Vs Weber Spirit II E – 310 Q: Can Baron 420 grill cook the front and back equally? A: Of course, because with their burners, you can cook evenly from front to back. You can also get fully cooked food. Q: Does Weber Spirit II E – 310supply heat throughout the region? A: Of course, it has a stainless steel cooking system. Which distributes heat evenly over the entire surface of the grill. Q: Will the grills be durable? A: You will be happy to know that you get a 10-year limited warranty with the grills. They are also made of stainless steel and cast iron grid which helps to keep your grill durable for a long time. Q: Can broil King Baron 420 heat food faster? A: Negotiable though it is not a quick heating grill. However, it gives you the advantage of retaining heat for a long time. Final Thoughts Every user wants a handsome and long lasting product. Both broil King Baron 420 Vs weber Spirit E – 310 give you longer lasting material than the rest. They will give you the best class cooking and impressive temperature control. Through these burners you can cook evenly from front to back so that you can get fully cooked food. Although they are small in size, their efficiency is super severe. Its compact design is enchanting, it saves space and is great for your counter. Their 10 year warranty has made them treasurable. So these may be the best value for your money.
  5. Please share some beautiful outdoor lighting pictures.
  6. Post CNY Bundle Promotion Sale Event 2020 Singapore Missed Our Chinese New Year Promotion? No Worry, We have Post CNY Promotion for you, If you are planning to change your door and gate or digital lock, you should not miss our Post Chinese New Year Promotion to BUY and SAVE BIG Bundle 1: 3x7 Ft Main Door + 3x7 Ft Main Gate (S$ 1180) Bundle 2: Kaiser Digital Door Lock + Kaiser Digital Gate Lock (S$ 788) Bundle 3: Hafele EL7700 Digital Door Lock + Kaiser+ Digital Gate Lock (S$ 1188) Bundle 4: Samsung DP609 Digital Door Lock + Kaiser+ Digital Gate Lock (S$ 1430) ✔ Our Product is Top Notch Quality Made in Singapore ✔ Best Bundle In Town with Affordable Factory Price ✔ Able to Customise Door + Gate Design ✔ Manufactured in Singapore ✔ Installment Plan Available ✔ VISA/MASTER/AMEX Grab them fast before it ends! Don't Forget to Share this sale event with your friends, loved ones and head over to HDDoor! Visit Our Showroom To Modernise Your House!⚠ : 601 MACPHERSON ROAD GRANTRAL MALL,#01-13 GRANTRAL COMPLEX, SG 368242 Opening hours : 10AM - 8PM (Monday toThursday) 10AM - 9PM (Friday To Sunday & PH) Buy From here: http://www.hddoor.com.sg/ Office: 6589 8484 | 9466 6676 (Jess) | 8645 5549 (Niko) | 8766 6971 (Michelle)
  7. Picture are usually exceptionally demandable couple of years because of several colors and designs. Women and men in many cases can give you a new look into the retaining wall strategy picture of assorted smoothness which often can’t be manageable having paint job. Assuming online surfers make use of https://www.mahonescommercialwallpaper.com/ site, they are pick up details of corporate office wallpaper.
  8. Thanks to everyone in the forum, my husband and I managed to find an ID that's pleasant and friendly to deal with. Did scrutinize if it's reliable since they are a new firm, but the lady that followed thru my renovation was very sincere and patient in explaining all the costs incurred. Yes, affordability was very important, and we are happy to have kept it to within our budget. So far so good. has been a enjoyable ride instead of the nightmares that many did face. Will be glad to share. 加油!
  9. Our Smart Home system allow you to remote control through your 4G phones (outside) , or through voice command (at home). Turn Your Space To A Voice Controlled Smart Home. ✔️1. Better retiring lifestyle for your parent. Our system is easy to use. Just uses voice to control. (English/Chinese). This is very helpful for elderly at home, they don't have to move around the house turning on and off switches. Their retiring life style should be sitting there and relax, AI will do the job for them. ✔️2. Safety and convenient of your kids. Your kids climbing up chairs try to turn on switches ? Too dangerous for your kids to accidentally touch switches ? Now they can use voice to turn on/off lights, air-conditional, fan, television etc. ✔️3. Control your home easily outside or inside the house. Forgot to switch off your air-condition and just realise it 10 minutes after you drive out of your house? Too troublesome to manually on/off your home switches, electric appliances ?When you choose to work with us, We listen to your concern/requests, and are fully committed to making your dreams come true.Our goal as an smart home designer is to enhance the way you live by making the most out of your space and bringing its full potential to life. Home Automation Company. Smart Security Package For Kitchen ◼️ Main Smart Alarm Control System (Camera) ◼️ Security Cameras ◼️ Door / Window Sensors ◼️ Motion Detectors ◼️ Curtain Sensors Smart Living Room System ◼️ AI Speaker to control the devices. ◼️ Switches : For fixture such as Lights, Ceiling Fan etc. ◼️ Smart Plugs : For electric appliances such as Standing Fan, Lamp, Humidifier etc. ◼️ IR controller : Can control Air-con, TV etc. Address: Blk 18 #03-10 Sin Ming Lane, Midview City,Singapore - 530681 Website: https://www.singapore-smart-home.com/ Contact: +60189627532
  10. Love the clean, minimalistic, natural look? Benz Design Interior has been at this for many years. Absolute consistency in their workmanship and dealings with people, it is no wonder Benz Design has been receiving a constant flow of good reviews. See one of their latest Scandinavian Home Themes (pictures attached) For more info: https://www.renotalk.com/directory-listing/company/11999/2/benz-design-interior Have a pleasant time browsing! Look up, amazing detail! Lights & branches. Clean & Natural look Plants need good light & that's what you have here Keeping true the theme from start More videos:
  11. Get the beautiful home renovation of your dreams in Singapore. Like Door, Gate, Locksmith Changing or Complete Home Renovation no hesitate whatsapp me any time +65-86067893 otherwise refer here : Laminate Door
  12. Hi everyone I am the real estate guy in Singapore. I do not see myself selling properties to people. Rather, I listen to the needs and wants of my clients. Not everyone has the same need or want. Young couples aspire to get their new homes but are in a dilemma whether they should get BTO, resales HDB or even Executive Condominiums. They are always at a loss because as this is their first home so they will be extremely careful with their choice, yet often than not, they need genuine real estate advice as to what is their best choice given their current situation. I have joined this forum to know the needs of people while they are planning to buy a property.
  13. Your One-Stop Sound Insulation Window Specialist Fortuna Soundproof Windows specialise in Singapore Residential Homes to provide quality premium Soundproof Windows and Doors Solutions. Ranging from double glazing, triple glazing, built in blind system, multiple locking system, tinted and low-e glass. Till date, we have more than 800 households with our premium windows and doors. Our starred window profile: UPVC (Unplasticised PolyVinyl Chloride) is widely used in Europe region because of its excellent soundproofing and heat reduction properties. Our product testing have records to show that our STC rating can attain 41STC and help our customers to reduce noise from 80decibels to an average of 40-50 decibel reading. Our premium product also comes with an extended warranty as compared to Aluminium Windows that are light-weight and less durable. How Soundproof Works? In a nutshell, a good soundproof windows requires UPVC window profile that has 4-6 chambers within ; double - triple glass glazing ; 3 to 5 point locking mechanism to keep the window gasket shut tightly when locked, premium accessories (handle, window arm, screws, gasket) that is more durable in warm and humid countries. Lastly, the team of dedicated installer that has more than 25 years of experience in installing windows and doors. What is uPVC uPVC is an Unplasticised Polyvinvyl Chloride and mainly used in doors and windows. The advantages of uPVC are far more superior to aluminium. What does it mean by having double, triple or more glazed windows? Window can come in number of glazed windows. An increased of panes glass can result in more effective and efficient purpose of removing noise and dispersing loss of heat. Right on time when we were done installing. Here's a video of our soundproof door doing its magic by cancelling the rain noise. Built in Blind Why do people want to soundproof their home? Because they want to get rid of these problems: 1) Unwanted noise 2) Insomnia 3) Sudden & loud noise 4) Bring adverse health issues Decibels (DB) is used to measure the intensity of a sound. Our humans’ ears are incredible sensitive and higher db can harm your ears. If you are staying at this area shown here, we recommend you soundproof your home as to have some peace and enjoyment. Each and every product is customized based on measurement and your personalization. They are all hand made in house that we take full pride for it. We guarantee quality and satisfaction. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can contact us through our: ⓕFB: https://www.facebook.com/FortunaWindow ?Website : http://www.fortunawindow.com/ ?Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fortunawind0w/ ?Email: Sales@fortunawindow.com ☎️Phone: 6453-5555 Or visit our showroom at 10 Kaki Bukit Road 1, KB Industrial Building #03-22 (Level 2). Please contact before coming to avoid disappointment. Example of the Installment done HDB Corridor Casement Open Inwards with Built in Blinds Condominium 3/4 Height UPVC Windows BTO Open Inwards Landed Property- Full Height Soundproof Windows Resale HDB Kitchen UPVC Windows HDB UPVC Double Glazed Casement Window Series
  14. Greetings! Wifey and I applied for a 5RM HDB @ Canberra, which is situated between Yishun and Sembawang. Canberra is a non-matured estate with growing facilities. We hope that things will get better, especially when the new Canberra MRT is operational. So let's start off with our floorplan. As ours is from a SOBF: 1) No flooring is included for living and bedrooms - No issues as we wanted a different tiles design. 2) Kitchen wall is included - We wanted an open & close concept kitchen, so this wall must go. 3) Sanitary fittings are included - After looking at the HDB sanitary fittings (toilet bowls, toilet basins, shower heads), they are acceptable and we will not be changing them to save costs. Here is a video of the "Before" reno: Defects Rectification Fortunately, the number of defects are minimal. We had minor defects. The more notable ones are; hairline cracks on wall, rusty door hinges, low water pressure at service yard. BSC took 2 weeks to do the rectifications. Before planning for renovation, I read through this thread which contains useful knowledge from other home owners. This has helped shaped my plans and is a must read for all first time home owners. https://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/19954-materials-that-u-regret-using-installing/ We wanted to make our home look bright, open and lively. We did not want our home to have a "hotel" feel. Therefore we would be going for a bright woody/scandi feel with shades of white, brown, grey. Below is an example of our moodboard, some of which were obtained from other Renotalkers here.
  15. Introducing Art into Interior Spaces “A chance for you to tell a story about who you are, what you’ve done, the ever-changing things that you love”. At the heart of LayerPlay, is the commitment to bringing fresh, immersive interior experiences that awe & excite, to liven the aesthetics and ambience of any indoor living setting. There are those who would say a dull coat of paint would suffice. But why hide layers of personality that tell your unique tale under common paint? When it comes to your home, settling is never an option – creative expression is. We’re passionate about helping our clients tell their story through our highly customizable and tailored Digital Printerior Solutions. LayerPlay seeks to enable and delight the creative in you! Working together with a multi-disciplinarian team of dedicated consultants, talented artists, designers and industry collaborators. From start to finish, we’ll transform a humble abode to one that’s worth talking about.
  16. Introducing Art into Interior Spaces “A chance for you to tell a story about who you are, what you’ve done, the ever-changing things that you love”. At the heart of LayerPlay, is the commitment to bringing fresh, immersive interior experiences that awe & excite, to liven the aesthetics and ambience of any indoor living setting. There are those who would say a dull coat of paint would suffice. But why hide layers of personality that tell your unique tale under common paint? When it comes to your home, settling is never an option – creative expression is. We’re passionate about helping our clients tell their story through our highly customizable and tailored Digital Printerior Solutions. LayerPlay seeks to enable and delight the creative in you! Working together with a multi-disciplinarian team of dedicated consultants, talented artists, designers and industry collaborators. From start to finish, we’ll transform a humble abode to one that’s worth talking about.
  17. Hi all, I was fond of looking for interior designs and renovation then came across in this website. Started reading some renovation recommendations and I just want to also share my renovation experience with this ID and they have their own contractor as well. I just want to help those who are looking for ID / contractors to transform their house into a home. My friend recommended them and scheduled for an appointment to discuss our reno. They were very open to our suggestions of what kind of design concept we want and they were also great at suggesting alternative concept to make the designs improve more but with a cheaper budget. They were very good at explaining the details and how they update the schedule of the reno. They were very accommodating and all the small issues were settled. Overall, my house turned to be a relaxing and cozy home! Below are the photos of my house. I’m happy to share their contact with you.
  18. HI home owners, This is a long overdue shout out to Mr Ee, who did my home recently in balestier. Like everyone, i went through what was recommended in this forum. Shortlisted 3, but went with Mr Ee instead. He is the second cheapest among all, with 20 years of experience, and very experience in doing high end retail space. Had a good vibe about him la. Super nice uncle. When i was telling him what i want through mood board etc. he gets it. Guys he is not interior designer, so to convey what you want, it will be easier to show him reference or magazine clipping. He knows the trend in home reno now la. i wanted industrial style, mix with a bit of neon, playfulness in it. He is practical, and very easy going. He is not kekao, calculative. I have live i my new home for 1/2 a year, so far everything is good, except the outdoor blind, which was install by his 3rd party installer. He is not internet savvy, and dont do any marketing. thats why abit low profile. Also I am not related to his business in any way, i think this is my first post in renotalk. PM me if you guys are interested. Thanks
  19. Simple Victorian Newly Home 4BR Communicate with the contractor are very simple & precise. Budget is on point & workmanship are good. Can't wait for the end product of the Victorian theme renovation. Let the picture do the works.
  20. Cellini Dining Table for sale: Please quote! Contact me asap! Thanks
  21. Price reduced to $18/pcs for CNY. My loss your gain. Bought too many for new shop reno and selling cheap now. Just received shipment. All new 10pcs. Price negotiable if take all. Take note of the dimensions. Length 14cm by diameter 9cm (pic4).
  22. Simple Victorian Newly Home 4BRCommunicate with the contractor are very simple & precise. Budget is on point & workmanship are good.Can't wait for the end product of the Victorian theme renovation. Finger cross!!Let the picture do the works.
  23. We are in final planning stages of our house and my wife and I are having difficulty deciding where to position the main and secondary sink in our double island kitchen. Option 1: position the main island closest to the cooktop (current design). This leaves the second island clutter free for guests and family to gather. Also, it’s a quick access to the sink when you need to drop dirty skillets and pots. On the other hand, it can create a bottle neck when one person is cooking and the other is washing dishes. Also, opening the dishwasher (we might have 2), will severely limit the space there. Option 2: place the secondary (small) sink closest to cooktop. This provides room for prepping and cooking. Place main sink in the outer island, which frees up space for 2 people to work easily together. But then again, that limits counter space for family and guests to sit there and may be less esthetically pleasing. Any advice will be welcomed!
  24. Selling two used cupboards. Can be negotiated. Condition: 7/10 PM for more details