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Found 21 results

  1. Dear all, I'd greatly appreciate some advice.. I'm a new BTO homeowner and currently in midst of renovation. However, my contractor pointed out that this is a problem with the already painted walls. For info - my BTO comes painted with flooring. Technical specs for internal walls is skim-coated / plastered and painted white. So my contractor painted 1 portion of the unit, and noticed that the paint was peeling. He highlighted that he is unable to continue to paint because sealant wasn't applied UNDER the top white coat. To do a good and proper job, the top white coat has to be sanded off, plastered to make the surface even, apply sealant, then paint. He had however advised to find out from HDB if the technical specs was as-is, or did they leave out the sealant coat. I did so and the HDB officer confirmed that there is no sealant. It was as per specs- plastered walls, and emulsion paint. Now here are my qns: - is this normal wall painting specs for HDB projects? - shouldn't sealant be applied before any form of paint goes on? - is it Ok to put sealant over current HDB-ready emulsion paint? Will it peel again? Any issues if i did so? Help! Advise, anyone? My renos out on hold until this painting is resolved.
  2. Hi, I am looking for a contractor to refurbish my current 4 room flat that is about 20 years old. Specifically, I need the contractor to: 1) Sand down the current spray paint painting on the wall for the whole house. 2) Fix up hairline cracks around the house (~10 to 15), and a small hole (~10cm diameter). 3) Paint the whole house. Could any one advise me of the likely cost and duration for such works? Could I stay in the house during the refurbish period? Also could anyone recommend a trustworthy contractor that have experience in such job? Thank you very much.
  3. Hi guys, Few years back i painted my bedroom wall a dark red color. Immediately white patches begin to show up. I tried wiping them off but it came back shortly after. I didn't use any primer for that paint job. Now i am sick and tired of these ugly wall and planning to paint them. After reading thru forums, i believe the root cause is the absence of the primer cause the water from the previous paint job to seep into the new paint. My question is, before I prime these walls, do I need to completely remove these white patches first, then prime them or just leave it as it is and paint over them? I am afraid I might make matters worst since i will have to wipe them with water, and prime them after would cause more disaster since the issues is water to begin with. Also I realize that place where my head always lean on the wall when I have hair oil(olive oil) seems to clean of the white patches really well. I thought maybe I should wipe my walls with light coat of olive oil and then start with my paint job (primer included this time). Do you think this would cause any problems? Next what primer do I use? Is water base primers that claim to be have amazing sealant power be sufficient? or is it a must to use oil- base primers? I read it's a huge hassle to use oil-primes, I really am leaning towards water-base primer because of this. I am looking at Benjamin Moore paints which are latex base-paints. Can I use a latex-base paint as a top-coat over a water-base under-coat? same goes for oil-base under-coats, is it advisable to use a latex-based top-coat? and have anyone tried using Benjamin Moore paints? which ones do u recommend for our normal HDB wall. You can see I am truly armature here, I hope anyone who is knowledgeable can shine some light on this. I have also attached the photo of my horrific wall.
  4. I am hoping to "update" my main door with a new paint and vanish. Anyone has good recommendation? Thank you
  5. Picture are usually exceptionally demandable couple of years because of several colors and designs. Women and men in many cases can give you a new look into the retaining wall strategy picture of assorted smoothness which often can’t be manageable having paint job. Assuming online surfers make use of https://www.mahonescommercialwallpaper.com/ site, they are pick up details of corporate office wallpaper.
  6. Hi all I am looking for reliable painters to paint a 5-room DBSS. Prefer to use Dulux wash and wear. Painting can be done early Feb or after CNY. Please do recommend reliable painters to me.
  7. Hi, anyone can tell me where to get cheap chalkboard paint, please? Must buy sealant first before painting with the chalkboard paint, right? TIA!
  8. Hi! Another post seeking opinions. Has anyone used Dulux Ambiance Series in their homes? I am planning to use Dulux Ambiance Velvet to paint my whole house to give it a not so boring flat look. My walls will not be decorated so this is the best i could think of to give my home some character. If you have not seen it before this is what I am talking about: Dulux Ambiance Velvet
  9. I'm overwhelmed by the sheer choice of external paints just based on brand alone, what more the different types under each brand! Does anyone have any recommendations or advice? Thanks!
  10. I have shifted into my flat for more than 1 year now. But the smell of paint is still very strong. Anyone knows of method to remove the smell? I have tried putting baking soda in a bowl to absorb the smell but it doesn't work.
  11. Brand new unopened: Nippon Paint Odourless Premium All-In-One Colour 1119 Mountain Fresh Retail $77 per tin (http://www.horme.com.sg/product.aspx?id=4540) Selling $38 per tin Qty: 3x 5L tins Free delivery Nippon Paint Odourless Premium All-In-One Colour 1180 Treasure Chest and 1186 Gray Mood Retail $21 per tin (http://www.horme.com.sg/product.aspx?id=5462) Selling $10 per tin Qty: 2x1L tin for each colour Deliver to you if you take all Email me at paulgilbertyamaha@gmail.com if interested Nippon Paint Catalog: http://www.nipponpaint.com.sg/wp-content/uploads/uploadedimages/ColourMyWorld2016.pdf
  12. Hi fellows, I'd shifted in for a few months. While shifting furniture around &/or installing other small furnishings, I caused some damages to my walls & ceilings paint job. My ID kept some of my leftover paint around. May I know: Qn1: if it is possible to use a water-colour brush (yes, those small-tipped ones used for art & craft) to directly paint over these areas?: (Exhibit A): around 10-cent coin diameter (Exhibit B): half a palm size Cause from what I see on YouTube most of them tutorials sand off a lot of the area surrounding the damaged spot, then paint a base white, then paint a few more coats of the desired colour paint. But as you can see in my exhibit, my "damaged areas" so small only... Qn2: may I know how to determine if my leftover paint is in a ready-to-use mix, or need to mix with some other chemicals before using?
  13. -5 litres - anti bacterial -odourless -cover hairline crack -washable -near zero voc Color - white 1142 Reason for selling- bought extra 3 bottles for home renovation All are brand new, not open before Retail price 80 plus Selling one at 70sgd, two at 135sgd NON NEGO Self collect at clementi EMAIL neverforgetcnd@gmail.com if interested.
  14. Hi guys, sorry if this has been asked before. I can't find related info on this forum though. My family is looking for new place and we are trying to reduce budget for renovation. New kid in tow! So to cut budget for new place, my husband suggests painting the floor tiles instead of hacking and retiling, just in case we don't like the existing flooring. Also, to paint new colour, we can choose our favourite colour! May I know if it is possible to paint floor tiles? Thanks in advance!
  15. Looking for a Reliable painter? Jus give us a call @ 86945455, we deal with HDB apartments, Condos, Landed property and Commercial property. Reasonable price and local painters only. Call us and make an appointment now, FREE quotation with no obligations. Nippon paints preferred.
  16. Hi fellows, may I know what's wrong with this ceiling? The problem recently aggravated till it's like having light snow in the kitchen daily. May I know approximately how much will it cost to get a contractor to rectify this (as a standalone job; the situation is neither part of, nor due to renovation)?
  17. As I'm planning to do Wall Paint on my apartment. Should I use this odourless wall paint Or may be you guys think it's better to use other Interior paint ? May be you can recommend which is the best to paint on my room. Thanks in advance
  18. Anybody have any idea where to buy cheapest Nippon Momento Paint?
  19. jadens28

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  20. jadens28

    Buddha Poster

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  21. We are new here going to take over the 1st resale flat in our lives, a 3NG flat at AMK. Plan to only change all windows, doors, toilet bowls and perhaps the wall paint. Since im not going to change the rest of the house, is it still advisable to look for a contractor? or just find my own windows supplier etc and ask them to install as well? First timer here so not very sure. Greatly appreciate all advise from everyone here. Concerned with both quality of work and budget here.