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  1. WTS, due to moving house. 1) Sofa, 2) Couch 3) Coffee table 4) Cabinet 5) Ikea study table 6) Ikea Shelve 7) Tempered Glass Round Stand 8) Bench Press Set With Bar & Weight 9) Buddha Poster 10) Laughting Faces Poster 11) Living Poster 12) Dining Table With 6 Chairs 13) Tempered Glass Study Table All condition still quite new rating 8/10.Interested Pls SMS 96661590Price Neg if buy more then 2 items. All must go!!
  2. Hi, For 5 room usually the renovation cost will be around $50k if you plan to hack everything and redo it. But try to get more quote to compare, of cause you must list out the same items for them if not very difficult to compare. Cheers!
  3. Hi, just to share a real life example of my friend. He use bank loan to renovate his house, due to the renovator is his friend husband he straight away pay him the full sum of the loan amount. But after few week of Reno, works seem like had slow down n come to a stop. And the end the renovator run away without complete the job, and cause my friend in deep ****. So even bank loan won't secure the Reno works to be done in order. Always must divid the loan sum into 2 to 3 payment. Hope this does help. Cheers!!
  4. Hi, U might wanna attach your floorplan. Because your quotation didn't state the length n area, it will be difficult for follow bro and sis to comment. Cheers!!
  5. Hi, Scv point range around 90 to 110, so still consider reasonable. Data point I'm not very sure about that, but I believe should be around the range of 110. As for the open net, this is how I do it. I ask my electrician to left a draw wire only without piping since it hinder on top the false ceiling. However I must say they are quite responsible, they make a effort to come back and help up when the open net guy is here. Of course, I try to accommodate with the electrician timing. Due to that there will be some coordination work needed. If u needed I can pm u my electrician contact. Cheers!!
  6. Hi, Are the point conceal? And is it for condo or HDB? If it not conceal point & it for HDB, it consider high for the double socket. Normally should be around $55. Light point will be around $35. Hope it does help. Cheers!
  7. Hi, u got ur quote from contractor or ID company? if it from contractor this quote consider expensive, only the carpentry work still reasonable. In term of overall quote i believe u can get cheaper then this if u r looking for contractor to do the job. If u interested i can give u my contractor contact for u to compare price. No harm getting a few more quote. Cheers!!
  8. Yup agree with that. Must check on the material to be use.
  9. hi, no sure the size of your toilet. But usually the cost of laying new tile HDB toilet flooring include water proofing should be around the range of $450 to $600. And the shower screen a bit expensive, should be around the range of $400 to $600 for 10mm tempered glass. If you intereted i can pm you my contractor contact. Try to get more quote to compare. Cheers!!
  10. Hi, here was the quote which i got from my contractor (highlighted in red). only a slight different. if you are confortable with him, maybe can engage him. Cheers!
  11. I think some of the contractor able to do up the job as well, with coordinating the work with diff sub-con. u might wanna sort for it. And compare the quote. Might save up abit from appointing ID. Cheers!!