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  1. Hi, Can email me quote for 2 x Panasonic Inverter System 3 2 x Mitsubishi Electric Inverter System 3 I understand that Panasonic coming out with new model for their aircon.. can also provide quote on that if you know anything thanks email to ezhjustin@gmail.com
  2. actually one idea is to move the toilet door if possible vs. moving the toilet bowl.. if you door can relocate from the "center" of the toilet to the "side" then it might not be so unsightly to have the bowl in front of you when you enter the toilet
  3. Hi all, would like to check on some parts of my quote with you guys.. pls advice Debries removal - $500 Haulage of sand service - $1300 is this a usual practice? im hacking quite a few walls and my flat is 1,500 sqft in size thanks!
  4. hi may could you share with me your contractors contact? thanks!
  5. Hi Froggy, Could you PM me Edmunds from Adecor contact? Thanks!
  6. thanks! yeah now to do some hunting liao haha!
  7. Ah ic.. ok so i guess i need the ID or else i'll be doing alot of coordination myself (: understood thanks!
  8. Hi Guys, I need some advice on how i should start my Reno process. Situation : My wife and I have some architecture background. We studied something related to buildings in our uni days. Thus we are able the design to our flat and measurements to everything. A few IDs we met were impressed with our floorplans and 3D drawings that they said their job was pretty much done in the design stage. So my questions are .. 1) what benefits do i get now if i hired an ID? i know i pay a 10-20% premium to him for his design services which i have done already 2) can i just go straight to a main con to help me settle everything and by pass the ID? 3) what other use is the ID besides the design stage? 4) do cons themselves have an in house ID that would help me select tiles and do up the necessary applications for me? hope you guys can advice. thanks
  9. Hey guys, im looking for good quality and reasonable cons for my reno process.. could any recommend? also is an ID really that important? as i already know what i want (have some architecture background) so i kinda m my own ID (: Pls hope you guys can help... im looking to start my reno within the next 2 mths cheers duck
  10. Hi guys, I need some assistance for my reno process.. I'm getting my keys soon and would like to start my reno asap.. Me and my wife know what we want and we've drawn up our own plans already and ideas for what to hack and where to place the cupboards. Shes quite into it and has even gotten down the measurements quite zhun zhun in our floorplan. Now is the question to start our reno process. 1) Should I go straight to a CON now and skip the ID? My idea is i want to save $ on getting the ID cause we know what we want already so don't really need the extra services 2) What is the rough cost difference between hiring a main con yourself vs. having an ID and him doing it all for you? % difference would do thx! 2) Can anyone recommend a contractor in this case as im sourcing for quotes now. Thanks!! cheers Duckzz
  11. xduckx


    neo... been following your t-blog lately.. me and my special one jus got a EA for ourselves and your reno has given us alot of inspiration!! i not sure if you got mention in the t-blog somewhere.. but if you could .. could i ask for your reno costs in total .. a rough figure would do (: it would really help us alot in our planning (: thanks again and congrats on the new home n reno!