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  1. Dear Renotalkers, I am looking to buy PVC floor rolls. Does anybody know where I can buy it? Need it urgently since I want to put (overlay) PVC floor roll above the tiles for one of my room. Thanks, Jonatan
  2. Hi All, I want to replace the swing door (the normal door) of my bedroom with accordion door. But I would prefer if the accordion door can use the existing door frame. Does anyone know a recommended contractor who can do that? Thanks, Jonatan
  3. Hi Tim,

    Sorry the Usnooz has been sold.

  4. hey do you still have the usnooz?

  5. I am still do not understand what is the purpose of making police report? The ex-owners of my house already moved overseas permanently (they dont live in Singapore anymore), but there are a lot of letters for them in my mailbox. Do I need to make police report too? I dont think police can make any actions to them.
  6. Hi, Anyone had done the calibration of home theater system (HTS) by AudioHouse? 1. What is HTS calibration? 2. Is the calibration of HTS important? 3. AudioHouse quoted me $80 for calibration of HTS. Is it worth to engage them to calibrate the HTS? Thanks, Jonatan
  7. Hi, I have to many things on study table (modem, router, ONT, NAS, external HD) on study table and they eat alot of space. I am thinking to "stack" them using moveable small shelf. Any idea where I can buy that kind of shelf? Thanks in advance for your info.
  8. Hi, I just received my HTS Philips HTS5540 from Audio House. The person who delivered this HTS5540 asked me who will set up and calibrate this home theater, including mounting the speakers on the walls. I really did not have idea about this. My questions: 1. Do I need to calibrate my HTS5540? 2. How difficult to set up/calibrate it? I am totally newbie about electrical things. 3. Anyone can recommend "an expert" to set up, calibrate and mounts the speakers on the walls? Thanks in advance for your kind reply. Jonatan.
  9. Hi, I bought front load washing machine made in korea less than 2 months ago but it went faulty last week due to its circuit board damage. The technician told me that it will take about 1 week to wait the part to be arrived before he can change the part. Another option is to request exchange 1-to-1. But it will take about 2-3 weeks because must get approval from their management. Which option should I choose considering that I have a baby and we can't wait 2-3 weeks without washing our clothes, specially baby clothes Anybody know if I can request temporary washing machine from them before they deliver the replacement washing machine? Need the washing machine urgently now Thanks, Jonatan
  10. Will there be a warranty for LED lights that we purchase in JB shops? How do we make a "claim" if the lights is damage during warranty period? Thanks, Jonatan
  11. Dear jonatan1312,

    We understand that you wish to shift your air con units.

    In order for us to help you, we would need to do a viewing so as to advise you further.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us at 6841 2212 / 9239 9199 to discuss this further.



  12. Hi, I just bought the house and we found that the aircon in master bedroom is blowing directly to our face. Thus, we want to shift its location a little bit (~30-40cm away from current location). Any recommendation who can shift the aircon for us? The previous owner bought the aircon from Gain City about 3 years ago. Should I contact Gain City to shift the aircon for us even thought it is not under warranty anymore? Thanks, Jonatan
  13. Hi Collins, I am sourcing downlight LED for my living room. How much is the price for Model: IN-PA3S04 (5" and 6") and Model: IN-PA2C? What is the power for 6" one? My designer suggested to install 15 nos of downlight in living room. Based on your experience, what is the power used for living room? Will 12Watt be too bright for the living room or just nice? Thanks, Jonatan
  14. Hi all, I am going to purchase 15 downlights for my living room + 3 downlight for master bedroom, but I am being really confuse whether should I buy LED or PLC. I tried to figure out the pros and cons between LED downlight vs PLC downlight based on what I know: LED Downlight: 1. Cost $90/set (made in China) 2. Power: 12 watt/set (equal to 36 watt of PLC downlight) 3. Not easy to maintain if driver is damage: driver cost $20; transportation cost: $40 4. Total Initial cost: 18 x $90 = $1620 PLC Downlight: 1. Cost $34/set (made in China) 2. Power: 36 watt/set 3. Easy maintain: can replace the bulb by myself without calling electrician/handyman. Unless if the ballast is damage. 4. Total initial cost: 18 x $34 = $612 My questions: 1. Based on your experience, after how many years the LED driver will need to be replaced (for normal usage about 8-12 hours/day and the item is made in China) 2. Anybody know/can share how much do you save the electricity bill after you use/switch to LED downlight? 3. If we lookg at the PLC power is 3 times of LED. Does it mean my electricity bill will be 3 times bigger than the bill if I use LED downlight? 4. Do you find the quote prices are reasonable? 5. Will you recommend me to use LED or PLC downlight? Thanks in advance for your kind advise/sharing. Regards, Jonatan