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  1. hello, sorry to reply so late due to work. i had moved in for 1 month plus, whenever there is any choke,lighting issue, angeline had no problem to rectify the problems. with no cost involved. the after sales servince is good and respond within few days for the issue. i spend a hefty amount reaching 65k without furnitures. i believe it is worth it, as all my frezs and relative had praises for the welldone job
  2. hi everyone, apologies for the delay, as i am just done with the house moving, got some spare time to post the pics. Done by angeline from intradesign, not complete yet as still awaiting for the dining table lamp to by here tomorrow. My link
  3. hi there, dont really know why cant posted the rest of the pics. will add in a link for you guys to take a look. My link
  4. main door entrance altar bomb shelter ti-tac door + kitchen (open concept) living room study room
  5. perhaps will try some of the suggestions above. 1. i will check with the NPP one of this days, though i believe wont be much help. 2. also will check with the town council. my only worry will be borrowing from loanshark or with debt collecting company who will not be easy to convice. there should be a rule stating that" one should change their address within 3 months compulsory to safe guard us
  6. Can i check with all, i had already moved into this resale flat for 1 year. Still received the previous owner and tenants(previous owner rent it out) mails occassionally. Is there any way i can do to stop the mailing. i am very pissed off and frustrated to see other ppl name under my mailbox. i had tried returning the mail back and indicating the addressee has moved, but they still send over. call the company up( guess some hk investment etc) and they said they cant do much as i am not the person under the letter.
  7. i had engaged angeline, very efficent and attends to our changes. she will be handing over the house to me by 9 april, will post pics once everything ready.
  8. hi, i am looking for seahorse mattress and sofa, any ppl can recommended and comments on their services? currently, only been to compass point and causway point to take a look on their items, prices affordable and good quality. saw some old negative posting on them, but few years ago
  9. hi, can u send me mr chew contact? tks
  10. guess now FC is gona dropped into my ban list. Saw all are complaints and only you doing promoting on great servinces and quality.
  11. can i have mr chew contact no?? email will be : wudimax@yahoo.com.sg
  12. i had meet up Angeline for discussion. finds her quite ok, and experience. she is not pushy and seems to have knowledge and pride in her work. i had been meeting up ids and considering, in my opinion, quite trutful~
  13. please dont look for Ken Lee, meet me already 5 weeks. we do layout, wait for his quotation. then no response le. no sms, no calls, no emails to check me whether i still interested in his proposal during my 1st meeting with him, everything went smoothly, dont know why sudden so big change. to me, i think only 1 work to descripe, irresponsible.
  14. one of the criteria to apply for renovation loan is have to have *Company Quotation for your rnovation
  15. quite of bit of work. kitchen overhaul. both toilets false ceiling everywhere exclude kitchen alot of capentery work cost around 55k. price doesnt include fixtures as well as re-wiring