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  1. ^Not a sale per se, a credit card promotion. You can always ring them up and check.
  2. We got it at the Grohe store in Parkmall. It's on the left of the main entrance. I think it's an additional 25% off with American Express cards. Just saw your ceiling mounted rain shower, am very envious! We did not see it while we were there or I might have insisted that we got it too, lol.
  3. Thanks CJ I'm sure you remember exactly how it looked like: Such an eyesore! The weird thing is my future MIL who has a unit here too doesn't have those tiles for the common toilet, theirs is a muted grey which blends in with the rest of the tiles. Feels like they ran out of a certain kind of tile during development and just randomly substituted it with a cheap alternative ~_~ One of the first things that ran through my my mind when I viewed the apartment was "we must renovate the toilets at least"... having lived in a rental for so many years I wanted to have a decent looking toilet for once, lol.
  4. Gorgeous mosaics! But to get back on topic, you should totally check out the shower tubings at Grohe, ours was only $45 if I recall correctly. The traditional ones cost around $20+, so it's a small price to pay if it makes you happy
  5. ^Thanks I'm just happy I didn't have to spend a bomb on them. Update on my showerhead... One of my favourite purchases, a grohe hand shower and shower tubing. It's in a matte finish too, which I love, compared to the traditional chrome shower expandable tubings. Am seriously considering a wall-mounted soap dispenser to tidy up the clutter from all the toiletries.
  6. I love those colours, the blue and green looks really pretty
  7. Not mine, it belongs to our dog. And if you try to tell her otherwise she will cover your face in saliva, lol.
  8. My renovation is over! I wanted the Eubiq system because it looks so cool, but then to be frank with you, I would have little to no use for it since I don't shift my electronics around (or cook often for that matter). It's a very neat idea, but I'm not quite sure I would want to spend so much on a cool gadget like that. Eubiq certainly has very practical usages though, I hope you enjoy yours!
  9. Yeah I wanted to knock down the wall that separates dining from kitchen too, to "open up" the space. But because I was previously living in a studio apartment where all the areas were merged, the smell of food lingering in the air could be really overwhelming. Just take note if you tend to use the kitchen facilities often!
  10. After obsessing about it for weeks, I finally changed my curtains. On the one hand, the ones we had were perfectly serviceable, just grey and very dreary looking. We had quotes from anywhere between 200 - 2000 per set of curtains. But while I didn't want to pay 2 grand for a pair of curtains, neither did I want a pair of 200 dollar curtains made from some hideous cast-off fabric. The solution? My $55 dollar Ikea ready-made curtains. Just iron and hang up. For $55 you can't complain, and they look pleasant enough to me. Brightens up the living area don't you think?
  11. CJ, that's great, it's not a downgrade if you are moving to somewhere with more space! Sometimes I feel a little pang of regret not buying a HDB for my first home. We justified that we don't need the space, but I still long for an EM! I showed your tip to my partner and told him to learn from you, lol. Something needs to be done about the wire management because it's driving me crazy looking at them dangling down like that. We'll see what our contractor says next week first though.
  12. Am very very envious of your Eubiq system, I wanted to put it into the kitchen but our layout wasn't quite suitable. As for the Klippan, do check out the As-is corner at Ikea if you plan to change the covers. They sometimes have great deals on sofa seat covers that are discontinued or used as showroom pieces.
  13. That is the most ingenious tip ever, I will use your idea if other options are too expensive! From the pic you posted your wires look invisible. Yes we live in Bishan, you too? Thanks! We also have a "bird" hiding from our "cat", lol! Someone I know suggested something similar. Get a piece of board and paint it the same colour as the wall. I am not quite keen to do so because then the board would always bug me, thanks though.
  14. A quick update with live-in pics Made a last minute decision to wall mount the telly. Am now regretting not doing a feature wall as it would have concealed the wires. Any suggestions? We are consulting with our contractor for options next week.
  15. I was quoted 320 for 20 boxes and some loose furniture from Shalom. Initially I thought the price was a little bit high, but when the men came, they were friendly and professional. They bubblewrapped everything that was fragile and as I was still in the process of packing, even helped putting kitchenware in boxes and wrapping them up. Boxes and tape were provided. I was uneasy when I saw that the men were Muslim - I have a dog, and would have a hard time keeping her away from the men in the midst of all the mess since their religion dictates that dogs aren't "clean" creatures. Since I needed to move her crate and stuff, and I thought it might pose an additional challenge for the movers. I apologized and kept her out of the way as much as possible and the men were very polite about the whole situation, even saying that they had no problems moving her items. We went over the 20 boxes allotted, and ended up taking an extra 5 boxes from them. No extra charge, no complaints. On top of that they were forced to wait 45 minutes outside of the security post for clearance to redeliver the items. Again, they did it without bearing any grudges, smiling and helping shift furniture where we wanted. In the end I was so impressed with their service that I tipped them 50 dollars for making my moving day less traumatic than it could have been! Needless to say if I ever move again I would do it with this company. I'm sure I could have gotten cheaper deals elsewhere but I'd rather pay a little more and spare myself the headache!