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  1. Hi SolutionProvider, Yes, can u kindly send me the pics at his.beloved.child@hotmail.com
  2. Hi SolutionProvider, I had tried many ways to scrub, mop etc.. and i even tried brands like Mr Muscle and some grout cleaners and the black stains still does not go away...
  3. Hi guys, I just had shifted into my new place 6 months ago and the grout between the homogenous tile turned black. Is anyone of you facing similar problems? Any one of you can advise how to clean the grouts between the tiles? Thanks
  4. Hi Guys, Any idea how to do a proper cleaning of the floor strips (in between tiles)? I just stayed into my new place 6 months ago and now the floor strips are BLACK...while are still white.. Any good suggestions of how to maintain the strips? I am using homogenous tiles though and i was told some detergents will remove the shine on the tiles (which i don't want to). My contractor told me that the floor strips will eventually turn black no matter how hard we try to clean it..Is this true? I tried using a brush to brush it off.. and yes, some dirt can be removed and then after 1 week, the strip turned black again and it fustrates me... Can anyone recommend me a good way to clean / prevent blackening of the floor strips? Or if you are also encountering the same problem as I am..do give your comments...Also, any good detergents to use? I was told Walsh is a good brand. Anyone tried and comments? I am using detrol brand.. which is obviously useless to clean the floor...hiaz
  5. Hi Born Again, I found the helping hand by chance. We have never used them before. Are they good? I tried to engaged Shalom, cos heard they were good but they are very ex hence I engaged helping hand.
  6. Hi Lawry, I called Jimmy but he didnt get back to me. Hence, I am using a yellow ribbon project http://www.thehelpinghand.org.sg/contact.php
  7. Hi xherion, Its not a plasma. Its actually a LCD (table top). Its really ex. Hiaz.........
  8. Hi guys, My goodness.. Shalom quoted me $ $475/-. SO EX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And below are the items that I am shifting only...Anyone got others to recommend??? I will be calling Jimmy soon. The cost of your removal service is *$475/- (nett-no GST required) which includes the following: • Removal service of Kitchen: fridge, washer; Spare room: diplomat; Living room; plasma TV, HIFI; Room1: 10 won cartons, clothes trolley; Store room: 9 own cartons; room2: queen bed, clothing inclusive of manpower and transport; • Necessary wrapping of furniture inclusive of labour and materials; • Necessary dismantling/assembling of furniture; • Specialized handling of plasma TV; • Long-push service at old location; • Provision of 20 recycled cartons (20”x16”x16”), 2 wardrobe cartons, ½ roll of bubble pak, and 3 PVC tapes for packing. Exclude: a) Packing / Unpacking b) All other items c) Mounting of plasma TV Optional: If any item cannot enter the lift and has to be carried by stairs is at *$5/- for 1 or 2 men per floor/level
  9. Hi Greenspeace, I am using the original toilet bowls for both master and common toilet. HDB upgraded mine 5 years ago and the previous owner kept it well. The flushing system is ok for both. Hence, hubby and I didnt reno on the 2 toilets. Everything was original. But its up to individual preference. Some say that its unhygenic to use old ones. But we will wash it before using when we shift in.
  10. hi shkeat, pls pm me no to mover 168 as well. I only have the following things to shift. 1 queen sized bed 1 32' TV maybe 30 boxes
  11. I am also looking for some ideas. Anyone can post some pics of the blinds, curtains used would be appreciated.
  12. Hi Leen, Good to hear your thumbs up on Jimmy. I will be calling him to check out :0 We need to check out some kitchen sink fast too.. Now I have some considerations on my reno. Initially, hubby and I told ID that we intend to have a built in oven. Hiaz...now coming to think of it.. my kitchen is rather small because we seperated the kitchen to (wet and dry). If we install the oven, of course it would look nice...it might take up more space. and again how often will we be using...sian... now considering to buy or not to buy...sigh
  13. Hi praisey, Thanks for sharing. Are they good? I went to their website and seems that they have many testimonials. Anything to look out for (i.e: things to take note on)?
  14. Hi Smallboy, yes i heard about them too. How much are they charging you? They are coming to my place on next monday to access the things I gonna shift.