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  1. http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/eat-drink-man-woman-16/%5Bgpgt%5D-ants-problem-sic-most-effective-ant-bait-i-ever-used-3508204.html tried and tested. you won't see ants for months. after a few months your neighbours ants may come in though. so effectively i'm like killing ants for my neighbours... o_O"
  2. !!!! ermm i bought mine at 600+ at their singapore sale last yr but i waited for almost 2 months for it to arrive!!! **** angry. lush singapore sale promo is very good. sofa onli 700+ rug carpet 200+. luckily i didnt buy the sofa before the sale... or else it's 1k plus... but the sofa is built to last. sit on it ah.. quite pathetic. haha looks good nia.
  3. geez seems like donkey years since i come back renotalk. got the sofa from lush. custom made. quality eh is so -so. look nice onli. not really nice to sit on it. never mind it's pretty cheap. will change it in 2 -3 yrs time. dun buy any stuffs from lush that they say have to make overseas... my eggchair took like 4.5 months before it arrives. kaoz.
  4. If you are going customize make it locally at Lush there's no problem. The main problem is when you customize the item at their overseas factory. I ordered my egg chair early june and until now they cannot confirm a date! and they said it will take around 6 weeks. when did 6 weeks turn to 3 months ? When i first ordered my sofa, there was also another customer that came in Lush to demand for a confirmed date or a refund. I believe it's probably an order that was customized at their overseas factory. empty delivery dates. empty promises
  5. Rear gold fishes (ranchus) in algae ponds! They grow real fast in them
  6. Limited edition ba... Just collected my Kartell Vase Stool yesterday. I think most ppl will think what's a vase doing beside shoe cabinet. oh the NOVITA Garment Steamer, u better consider man. haa my mother in law bought the lcd version for us. like 400 i think. den when ms vainpot irons she needs to turn on the aircon because it's freakin hot. and i'm not supposed to say anything abt getting an normal iron and ironing board or else ms vainpot will murder me. Ease of Using - 7/10 Chances of getting burnt by the steam - 7/10 Ease of ironing shirts - 6/10 how straight are the shirts - 7/10 bottom line is ... only a long period of training with the iron den can see the straight lines on the shirt. (ms vainpot tells me the salesgirl can iron those plaited skirt!) Kinda disappointed with these steamers products. got another steamer for the floor, it seems the stains dun come out so easily like what the salesman demostrate. in the end i gotta use JIFF. kaoz
  7. haa further additions to the house. The bed and mattress had arrived! bought a furry carpet, mirror side table. Next on the delivery list is the standing light and egg chair.
  8. It's laminate! deceiving huh. Ms Vainpot once commented that if she run her hands on the cabinet, she will have splinters in her hands. exaggerated of course. We were at first not used to the sight of bare wood in our kitchen. After a while, it looks better and better . (at least to me ms Vainpot thinks it's ok onli.) It's one of the wood series in the laminates....
  9. I was quoted 370 IIRC at Life Storey for the Kartell ghost chair. (not the ones that have faces; hear that the ones that have baby face are even more expensive) Space? You must be joking. Their mini model space chair costs 400SGD. just a small display furniture model nia.
  10. Sorry for the long hiatus. Renovation Completed!
  11. didnt pass hdb my contractor number so my id didnt manage to coordinate the hdb screeding. so my id is like kinda telling me it's like dat because the hdb screeding was done properly. abit hard to accept. jialat man.
  12. Hi All, was wondering if this is normal. I turn on the rain shower. it starts to spray water as it would. but when i turn it off. the other body sprayer (dunno what is that called) , mounted on the holder, start to leak with water coming out non stop for at least like 5-6 mins. The rainshower also leaks for 3-5 mins. Is that faulty?
  13. mine is pretty bad. when i walk at the edges. the laminates will show quite a gap between the laminates and the skirting. I'm worried because there's a place in the room i need to place a piano on the laminated flooring and i'm afraid the weight of the piano will make the floor sink in or even more worried the piano may be damaged in the long run. Sigh.
  14. yes i have that now. When cement screeding is done, nothing can be done to even the floor? i'm worried becos the laminates are kinda of floating when i stepped on it.
  15. junye


    I tried the s3000 advance backcare. one word. power! If pocket spring coils are your cup of tea. There is only the original simmons. wife slept beside me. and i twist and turn. She felt nothing other than slight fabric pull. Tried serta alabama. Soft. but when i twist and turn, wife told me she feels the bed is moving. Of cos cannot compare. because 1 simmons s3000 can buy 2 alabama. Looking for KINGSIZE. at Simmons , i was quoted 6.2k. for Serta Alabama is 2999. With BIG MONEY, we have big responsibilities (like buying a good mattress) too bad i dun have big money. Just checked out Robinsons, they have this Dreamscapes Simmons bed , exclusively at Robinsons. Having a sale for various brands of mattresses there. Was quoted 5.5k. plus another 5% robinson card discount it will be 5.2k. now i just need to bring my other half to test out the mattress.